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Friday, January 5, 2018


Not direct current, not the District of Columbia, not the comic book company, but 600. Wow.

Here's a promo for the milestone episode:

And here's a nifty promo that Crosis made for us:

Thanks, Crosis!

Coming up:

Episode 601 is another game of Earth and Fire, starring Dylan, Sassy, and Geneva. I realize that this makes two Earth and Fire episodes in a row, and also two games in a row with Sassy, but they're both pretty hot. And some cool stuff happened on the day those three came to play, and I want to get to it.

Episode 602 brings back popular trio Cass, Lydia, and Avi. Those of you who've asked for more blowjobs and those of you who've asked for more public forfeits ought to like this one, since it has both. Loser of this game of Torange has to blow Dante while he drives through the streets of Seattle. You'll just have to wait and see if Dante manages not to crash his car.

Episode 603 bring us back to Carmen and Dylan, and man, those two are dangerous when they get together. It was recently pointed out to me that our strap-on forfeits are often more silly than sexy, and this one is definitely more the former than the latter. These two are best friends, and they're not at all used to having sex with each other. And neither one is experienced with a strap-on. There's a lot of laughter as these two crazy girls try to figure out how it's supposed to work.

Episode 604 is the duo from Barerack's Last Day, Chels and Dee. Both have big tits. One's a very large woman, the other is not. The loser has to sit on the couch, spread 'em, and play with herself.

There's another sort-of public forfeit in Episode 605. Roxy and Gracie play a new game, Strip Reacharound. Once we have a naked loser, she has to put in the Lush Bluetooth-controlled vibrator. Then everybody gets in the car and heads to a drive-up coffee stand (they're all over the place in Seattle) with the loser bottomless and the vibrator buzzing away in her pussy.

Dylan, Sassy, and Geneva are back in Episode 606 to play a game we haven't used in quite awhile: Strip Bender, also known as Twister. That's a good game we haven't used in a very long time, and we're going to fix that. There's another Bluetooth vibrator at the end of this one, as the winners attack the loser with Domi, a surprisingly-powerful mini wand massager. And there's a quite unexpected result when it's applied to the loser's pussy. You'll see.

Remember Endza, Leilani, and Nettle? Of course you do. They return in Episode 607 to play a simple game of Strip High Card. We haven't done a wet-and-messy forfeit in awhile, and here's one. And it's very messy and sticky. It made me hungry.

That gets us through February. Enjoy!



Julie Lomar said...


Andrew Breckler said...

Wow, Crosis's promo was cool. I will definitely be buying this episode, three of my favorite girls and your together come on!!! I hope you shot more of them that day. I bet it was a really fun shoot.

Anonymous said...

Will there be any new pov games coming

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,
a couple of months ago I asked you if you would consider bastinado as a forfeit. You mentioned as concerns that it is not your fetish and thus you do not know what exactly to do and that bastinado is "awfully painful".

I did not answer because I did not want to expose what I like because it could be controversial. For me the pain is the point. I would like to see the loosing girl suffer and cry and scream because of the pain. Maybe you would find some girls that would risk that.

About what to do: Put the loser in a lying position with the feet tied up and legs apart, so that she cannot protect her feet with the other. Then give her a certain amount of hard blows with a whip or cane on one foot. The camera should in best case show the punisher and the feet and most important the face of the loser all the time.

I can understand if you would not do that but I thought it is worth a try to ask. If it is too harsh for you to begin with that you could alse consider to put the loser on the cross and to twist her nipples for a while. Or to put icyhot on her armpits nipples and vagina and watch what happens.


OD 99x said...

Congrats on #600 can't wait to see it. I was going to ask if my one of my new favorite girls Dylan was going to ever play Earth and Fire but that was answered by 601. I was a little let down, so to speak, by two of the forfeits she was part of where they never seems to finish. In 596 and 583 they just sort of did the forfeit but never forced and or reached the orgasm. They just sort of played lip service the forfeit. There used to be a whole series of videos of girls masturbating to orgasm shot from just the neck up and those were hot. I'm just saying I like to see happy endings to the forfeits (not faked if possible) and I'm looking forward to 601 and 603 but I bet in 603 there's no gland finally. And Yes all of the previous puns were intentional.

BTW 601 will make 3 Earth and Fire games in a row, but that's a good thing not a bad.

Red said...

JULIE!! Great to see you here, you sexy minx. Thanks for stopping by! (I haven't told them yet about the video you did for me a couple of days ago, so don't spoil it.)

@Andrew: Yup, Crosis did a great job with the promo. Especially since he didn't have access to the episode itself and was going just on the game and the players. Thanks for buying the clip, and let me know what you think. And yes, there are more games coming with those three. Five more, in fact. And heck yeah it was a fun shoot! Just watching these three interact was a blast.

@Anon 7:57 (please sign your posts): The POVs are on hiatus until we work through a few kinks in our production process. The good news is that things are going well and hopefully the POVs will be back soon. The better news is that I have some truly kick-ass POVs filmed and ready for editing.

@Interest: First of all, don't worry at all about your kinks being "controversial". We're all here to talk about porn, and nobody's going to judge anyone else for his fantasies. At least, I sure as hell hope not.

I like to shoot a lot of variety and I don't mind making videos with niche appeal. The potential problem is that in addition to variety, I aim for realism, and by "realism" I don't mean things that appear real, I mean things that are real. So if I want to shoot anything involving serious pain, enough pain to cause screaming and crying, I have to find players willing to endure it. Which would be difficult but probably not impossible. After all, I've had players willing to take welt-inducing spankings. Nipple-twisting should be easy to arrange. And it's been awhile since I've had a loser get iced. Time to do that again.

Technical question: You say feet tied up and legs apart, so you want her lower body in a diamound shape, with knees far apart but feet together?

OD 99x: Thanks! I'm glad you like Earth and Fire. I'm pretty proud of it myself. And I have some good news for you: there's lots and lots more Dylan to come. She's very insistent when she wants to come back. As for the orgasms, yeah, I agree. The problem is my reluctance to intervene in the scenes. I pretty much just them what to do and then let them take it more there. I need to get more comfortable interrupting and telling the players what I want.

Whenever I shoot an episode involving orgasms, I tell the players that we want to see real orgasms and that they shouldn't fake it. I think some of them might fake it anyway, but we have a don't-ask-don't-tell policy on that. And as for 603, yup, no grand finale. Like I said, the forfeit is more funny than sexy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

thanks for your answer. With respect to the bastinado position I meant that the feet should be fixed apart so that the legs form a triangle so that it is not possible that the girl can protect one foot with the other one (and one can see the legs). I am not native english.

And with icyhot I meant this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDtYO9kkBGo
It is supposed to burn.


dday66 said...

Hi Red,

A while ago you made reference to a promo scene involving Cora, do you have an update when that will be published? Also has Cora appeared in any other material as I think she has a cracking personality and she would make an excellent host for some of your future scenes as she would help newcomers feel relaxed

Cheers and keep up the excellent work!!

Anonymous said...

Happy new year guys,

So glad to see Julie back on the site. Hope you don't leave us in suspense too long about this video Red.

Anonymous said...

Hey Red, congratulations on another amazing milestone.
I always appreciate and respect how you keep putting out wonderful content and keep the variety up to appease everyone you can.
I know you're always sad to disappoint, but I have to ask if there's any chance of seeing a few of my favorites back anytime soon; especially considering the game and the favorites in episode 600. I don't think we've really seen them (or at least in a way I really like) in any great girl on girl forfeits. Any chance you'll be having any of the following back in that type of scenario?
Thanks as always.
Jack Casper

Red said...

@Interest: Ah, Icy Hot, now that's a good idea. I'll put it on the list.

@dday66: As far as I know Cora hasn't done anything else, but I haven't seen her in years. She wasn't planning on making a career out of this, though. I do know how to get in touch with her, though, and maybe she'd be interested in an emcee gig. And yup, I do have another ILAMC promo featuring Cora (and Aaron). I'll put it in tomorrow's blog post.

@Anon 12:58 (please sign your posts): Very well, I'll spill the beans. When Amber, Julie, and Sassy got together for Episode 600, they played five games. I wanted them to get in one more, but Julie was feeling sick and didn't want to play. So I let her off the hook but I told her that when she got home, she had to film herself masturbating to make up for it. She agreed, and boy, did she deliver. One of the sexiest masturbation scenes I've seen. Did you know Julie was multi-orgasmic? Watching her coax these cute little orgasms out of herself is a sight to behold.

The logical time to publish this one would be at the same time I publish that sixth game with Amber and Sassy alone. But that won't be for months, and I don't want to wait that long, and neither do you. I'll try to have it out before the end of February.

@Jack Carter: Thanks. As the years go by it's getting harder to find new things to do to expand variety even further, but I'll keep trying my best. Episode 602, actually, has something we've never done before.

And up, I don't like delivering disappointing news, and nope, it's unlikely we'll see them again. At least not any time soon. I can contact some of them and see if there might be an opportunity.

dday66 said...

Cheers and thanks for responding Red, shame about Cora but she would be a natural as an emcee keep up the good work