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Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Is this thing still on?

Okay, guys. I've been trying to write this for like two weeks, and I keep getting stuck. But there's something I really want to get out there, so I'm just going to cut it short and say what I want to say and publish it. Maybe I'll post more later. Anyway, what I was writing started off with:

To everyone who's been a fan or supporter of lostbets.com.

Over the years, I've tried a number of times on this blog to express the inexpressible gratitude I feel towards you all. I've been taking a trip down Memory Lane lately, and I'm going to try again. Here are the contents of the Shoots folder on my server.

What follows in the current revision is a lengthy recitation of why this list makes me so grateful, but for now I wanted to share something I've been up to lately. By the way, here's another view of my Shoots folder.

24 TB, I can't fucking believe it. Anyway, most of those Shoots folders has a Games subfolder, and each Games folder has a subfolder for each game we shot that day. I've been trying to match each one of those game folders with a published episode number, and here are the results of my work:

LostBets.com catalog of (most) scenes

A few things to note. First, this spreadsheet was mostly generated by an automated script, which attempted to match the scenes with the episodes. It's certainly possible that the script made a mistake, so if you notice an error, please tell me.

Second, one of the main reasons I did this was to find unpublished content, which I knew existed, and it turns out there are about 40 unpublished games. Don't get too excited, though. Many of them had a very good reason for going unpublished. But there are some good ones in there, and I may as well edit and publish them at some point. They're collected in the spreadsheet on a tab labeled Unpublished. Let me know if there any you're particularly excited to see.

(Yes, yes, I know, everybody wants to see Kodak, Bibi, Cody, and Tori. I know.)

And third, after a shoot, I would organize all of the footage from the SD card used in the cameras. All the footage for games I would put in the Games folder, all the footage for POV's I would put in the POV folder, all the footage for promos I would put in the Promos folder, and all of the footage for none of the above went into one of two folders. If it was completely and utterly worthless, it went in the Cutting Room Floor folder. But if it seems like it might possibly have some value, it went in the Outtakes folder. I collected the contents of all of those Outtakes folders on another tab of the spreadsheet. Some of them I didn't even bother to rename from the filenames they had on the camera, so there's no way to tell what's on them without looking at them. Again, let me know if there's anything you're particularly keen on seeing. I'm looking forward to bringing you the best outtakes and BTS footage I can find.

By the way, I've been active on Reddit lately, as u/LostBetsRed. Look me up there; I intend to share some never-seen-before footage, if I can find someplace to host it. (Any recommendations? The various *Tube sites have gotten to be real dicks about letting you upload.)

I won't say that I'm back. I've been gone for too long and broken that promise too frequently in the past to have the credibility to make it again. But at this time, it's my intention to write again, at least if anybody is still listening after so long.


Anonymous said...

Hey Red, good to see you.
Not sure where you could post that, maybe ENF Blog?

I think you’ll be surprised just how many of us stuck around.

Excited to see more!

lostbetslova said...

So good to read your words again Red! That list looks phenomenal I would definitely purchase 100% of the spanking forfeits!

Anonymous said...

Great to hear from you again Red! Any chance 217 will ever be re-released? I missed on buying it before it got pulled!

To be honest I think I'd buy all the unpublished content regardless of quality. No one made them quite like you did!

The Pin

Crosis said...

Good to hear from you again. Hope all is well!!!

dday66 said...

It's great to see you post again and whether you do or do not make a comeback what you have achieved and created as a concept is appreciated by everyone on here. As regards the outtakes section on the spreadsheet is there anyway that viewers could purchase any of the contents? I've always liked the concept of behind the scenes and would be interested in Nos:245-248 involving Cora.

Take care and I wish you all the best in your future endeavours and most of all take care!

Anonymous said...

I would you see all piper, madison and raven videos

Anonymous said...

I would love to see lots of the outtakes videos. Would add some extra sexy texture to the main videos. In particular, anything with Sassy, Julie, Sheri or Zahara.

Red said...

I've added a Promos and Interactives tabs to the spreadsheet. Also, I want to clarify a bit about the outtakes. The ones on the spreadsheet are files that were left on the cameras that I thought might be worth saving. But those certainly aren't the only outtakes that I have: there is plenty of time when the cameras were rolling but again hadn't started yet, or the game had ended but the cameras hadn't been turned off yet. In some pretty hilarious and sexy things happened during these moments, and the latter were far more likely to future nudity. But there's no way to find them without going through all of the game footage, and I'm not up for it at this time. So if you want some outtakes for a girl that isn't on the spreadsheet (

@Excited: Well, I finally was able to publish to Xvideos, only to find that this site is banned on r/happyembarrassedgirls. I'll keep trying. And I'm very gratified by how many people are still paying attention.

@lostbetslova: It's good to be writing my words again, too. I really have the best words, don't I?

@The Pin: Here you go: Episode 217. Link good until 7/15. And thank you for the compliment.

@Crosis: good to see you again too, buddy. I wouldn't say that all is well with me, but it could be a lot worse. Part of my trip down Memory Lane brought me to the footage from my 2009 trip to Atlanta where I met you, Mrs. Crosis (rhymes with banana), and of course Candle, who would go on to be one of my favorite players.

@dday66: Pay me for the outtakes? Don't be silly, take, take! The two unnamed outtakes turned out to have nothing useful and went straight to that Cutting Room Floor. But here is a video of Cora's tale of Strip Spoons, which honestly wasn't all that interesting of a story. The other is a clip of me, Hippo, Aaron, and Cora shooting the shit between shoots. They're naked, for some reason. This one also isn't very interesting, but you do get to hear the story of what happened when my sister asked me the capital of Alaska.

@Anonymous 2:57 (please sign your posts was parent (MAN, does it feel good to write that again) Here is Madison telling Bex, Piper, and Tobi about her experiences on the Sybian.

@Anonymous 3:15 (PSYP): that day in late 2013 was actually the second time I shot Sassy but the first time had been three years earlier, in 2010, when she had been dating Dante and was a mere last of 19. That day, I had wanted to do a game with a masturbation forfeit and she had flat-out refused to participate for a very specific reason. I overheard her telling that story to the other three players so I turned on the camera and asked her to repeat it.

Coda said...

Hey Red, glad to hear you're doing okay. I'd just like to echo everyone else and say thanks to you and the whole lb crew. As for another blast from the past request, do you have any outtakes or additional footage of Elizabeth (or Camilla)? I'd also vote for some of the behind the scenes or unpublished dumps of everything from some of the shoots (unedited is fine!). It might be fun to just see what the shoots are like.

Anonymous said...


so good to see you here again.

thank you for all you have done through the years. your creation was unique among the porn world and you gave me something to look forward to on a regular basis.

i've enjoyed the out takes you put up above. would love to see more of that content.

if you plan on publishing anything of the unpublished work, i vote for the that batch of Fern-Lumen games you've been holding on to. or you could just email me a link and i'll buy them on the side.

where at Xvideos have you uploaded? the only channel i know of is to the membership paysite that you have nothing to do with.

once again, happy to see you are up and moving around...


Red said...

Holy fuck, it's after 3 AM. I'm cutting this reply short. Enjoy the new outtakes. Shredder, you'll have to wait until tomorrow for an answer. It might be a long one.
First of all, I want to apologize to everyone for the numerous typographical errors in my comment above. I type using speech-to-text software now, which usually does a good enough job but does require proofreading, which I didn't do. Sorry.

[Update from the future, 3 AM as Red is going to bed: and I didn't do it again.]

@Coda: Well, I didn't say I was doing okay, but the term is vague enough that sure, it applies. And as for the thanks, you're very welcome. Over the years, a lot of people have expressed their thanks, which used to frankly baffled me until it caused me to have an epiphany about the nature of gratitude. Now I'm just grateful to accept the gratitude, and regard it as one of the many benefits Lost Bets Productions has showered me with.

As for the outtakes, you're in luck! I happen to have some easily-accessible outtakes of both girls. Here is Camilla having a nice stretch between games. Here are Elizabeth and Julie goofing around after a wet-and-messy forfeit. And here are Julie, Lily, and Elizabeth after daring each other to expose their breasts outside during a freak Seattle hailstorm. Now, you can't see much skin. And it could be argued that some of the girls don't live up to conventional standards of beauty. But they're real. The clear nervousness on their faces as they look around to make sure nobody's watching is not feigned. And that means something to me, and hopefully mean something to many of you as well.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you again, i always checked in every week hoping for an update

I would love to see all those clips published, especially the ones in green with pearl and ruby, pearl is amazing i would love to see more of her

Would also love to see the ones with carmen, tessa, mika, cass kate and pearle and as always bibi and kodak

Those outtakes sound awesome would be cool to see behind the scenes and players candid thoughts

Was there any extra footage with sparrow in it aswell?

Hope you stay around
Mark hill

Anonymous said...

I think the sentiment here genuinely expresses how happy everyone is to see you "back", even if you're saying you won't say your back.

The tremendous collection of work you've amassed is incredible and a testament to your craft and vision. Congrats!

Jack Casper

Zopa said...

What a wonderful surprise read you again.

I am curious about "Interactives"

What is it? How is it? Can you publish an example?

RS said...

OMG! I still come back a few times a month. It's great to see some stirrings of life here.

Anonymous said...

Great to hear from you again and happy to see that after such a long time of silence people still come here checking for updates. It's a real testament to your creation.

Are you planning on adding the unpublished POVs to the catalog as well and is there any chance of them getting published?

Anonymous said...

Adding my feelings of gratitude for your work and to have you correspond again. I love your work with the true amateurs at the first and the gradual move to more explicit content. I always liked the random nature of your content. I always liked to choose a model I wanted to loose and hope that she did. Unfortunately, some escaped without that much exposure. But that is the randomness that made (hopefully makes) you work so special. Choosing the girl that looked like she would be most embarrassed by the forfeit and cheering for her to loose. And if she did not in the first game, hopefully the next. Seeing a playoff among those who escaped with their modesty intact return for playoff games where some would have to loose will always be a fantasy of mine. Thanks for making my memories return as well.

Old Man

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Red said...

Two more comments came in when I was about to post this, so I stopped to address them, and while I did, two more comments came in. Sorry, @Judge and @Old Man. I'll get to you in a bit.

@Shredder: Ah, there's that gratitude again. Okay, you twisted my arm, I'll explain my epiphany.

Suppose there are two people, Alice and Bob, and they engage in a transaction. Suppose that as a direct result of this transaction, Alice feels tremendous gratitude towards Bob. She feels lucky to have had the opportunity to transact with Bob, she feels like Bob has given her a huge gift, and she wants to engage in as many such transactions with Bob in the future as she can. (In this hypothetical, the transaction has nothing to do with sex. Get your mind out of the gutter.) Is it realistic that as a direct result of the same transaction, Bob could feel the same sense of intense gratitude towards Alice that she feels towards him?

Clearly not, would have said pre-epiphany me. Clearly the transaction involved Bob doing a favor for Alice, else why would she be so grateful? And gratitude seems like and odd attitude toward someone for whom you've just done a favor. Now I understand the flaw in my reasoning and I see that I was looking at it wrong. Bob hasn't necessarily done Alice a favor, they could have just made a trade in which they both benefited greatly. After all, in a free market both parties to a trade are supposed to benefit. You would rather have that box of Cheerios than your $2.99, that's why you're buying it. The store would rather have $2.99 then that box of Cheerios, that's why they're selling it. Both of you gain by the trade and both of you can feel satisfied with the transaction. It's just that sometimes you value what you get a whole lot more than you value what you give, and then it's natural to feel grateful to the other party for giving you something dear in exchange for something cheap. This is particularly true for creative works, which can have unique value to a buyer, and it's particularly true for digital goods, which have a marginal cost to the seller of zero. So if you feel grateful towards me or the rest of the lostbets crew, you're very welcome. It's a huge compliment to me that you value my creative work so highly. Know that I am just as grateful towards you for making this incredible experience possible. And I'm grateful for your gratitude, since I derive personal satisfaction from contributing to net global happiness. (The thought that I might be indirectly responsible for millions of orgasms makes me swell with pride.)

There, you see why I've had trouble writing this? It's hard to express myself without it sounding like oversentimental hyperbole, and I still haven't said nearly all of what I wanted to say.

Anyway, to get back to you, @Shredder, I'm sorry, but I can't publish any of the content featuring Lumen. She asked me not to, and I told her I wouldn't. Maybe I shouldn't have. Probably I shouldn't have. But I did, and now my hands are tied. I put a little bit of that footage in Episode 500, and my conscience is still berating me about it.

I'm on Xvideos as lostbetsred. Right now, I just have one video up there. It's the forfeit from Episode 052. It's the one where Lily goes through a fast food drive through completely naked, in a car with three giggling friends and one very inexperienced pornographer.

By the way, @Shredder, are you named after the office appliance for destroying documents, or the leader of the Foot Clan? Or neither?

Red said...

@Mark Hill: Here is some extra footage featuring Sparrow. It's not much -- she's fully clothed and talking about her experiences during the shoot that had just finished, briefly -- but it's something. I'm sure I can dig up some more later. In the meantime, guys, anything on the spreadsheet is really low hanging fruit, very easy to make into a shareable outtake. This is an open call for people to pick out ones they want to see.

@Jack Carter: See previous about gratitude. I cannot express how much all of this means to me.

@Zopa: Here is an example of the sort of footage the interactives contain. This software is way beta, so if it doesn't work for you, try reloading. Or try a different browser. I never did do anything with these.

@RS: Good to see you too, friend.

Red said...

If the above interactive game does not work, which it probably does not, watch this video instead.

Anonymous said...

I had a nagging feeling today to check the blog. I'll admit I'd stopped checking years ago. It must have been my spidey sense! Very glad you are back in whatever form you chose or are able. Your work was a gift to many that were looking for something different. I was fortunate to be there at the very beginning. I waited on the first clips to drop. I bought over 140 during those many years. And had fun writing the my "best of" comments for this blog which if you are new and looking for advice on what to get, check them out. I hate to ask but if you must know Zayda was always my favorite. So the unpublished with Xena and the outtake listed on line 68 with her and Franco would be my recommendation after a quick review.


PS And thanks for the outtake of Camilla!

Anonymous said...

Red, I'd like to add my thanks and appreciation for the work you've put out.

One question that hopefully you can answer: Has Avi done other videos outside of Lost Bets? If so, under what name?


Anonymous said...

ok, Red, no more Lumen, thats fine. I just really wanted to see more of Fern. I never got enough of her.

(hmm...maybe you could pixilize Lumen? hey, worth the ask...)

the name 'Shredder' comes from my youthful indiscretions. I had a knack for disappearing/destroying evidence.


magic hands said...

Welcome back, Red! Nice to see you finally remembered that your fan base is *here*, rather than on Reddit (where you've popped up twice since we last saw you hereabouts).

RIP Dave Lambert, inventor of the Sybian.


Red said...

Side note: Blogger sucks, doesn't it? It's almost as if some shmuck arbitrarily chose this platform 14 years ago, and then was too lazy to change it as technology marched forward.

Since you guys keep gushing about me, I'm going to keep gushing about you. I said that looking through that list of Shoots folders made me feel overwhelming gratitude. (By the way, that list has three columns. If Blogger is cutting off the third one for you, you can click it to see the whole thing. I also think Blogger lowered the quality of the picture tube. Is it still legible? I can't really judge.) Every single one of those folders evokes happy memories for me. If I were to put them on a tier list, not a single one would rank below C tier, and I could count the number that would rank even that low on a single hand. A and S tiers would be very crowded. I had so many incredible experiences, saw so many incredible sights, and, most of all, met so many incredible people, and it was all possible thanks to you. I've heard about creatives who disrespect or mistreat their fans, and I really don't understand. How can you not love the people who make it possible for you to do what you do?

@Judge: Whoops, I never answered your message, did I? Sorry about that. We were very lucky to have you helping us, and I'm sorry you never got a chance to visit Seattle before I left.

Good eye, noticing that the POV's aren't on the spreadsheet. I'm working on it. The issue is that a lot of the POV's were filmed by Lily, not me, and that footage is not organized the same way. It's trickier to achieve the concordance like I did with the other videos. But it's coming along, and yes, there are plenty of unpublished POV's, and yes, most of them will probably be published at some point.

By the way, folks, in addition to everything else that's in the spreadsheet, we also filmed a whole lot of unpublished VR stuff, first with a homemade 3D printed really good to hold two panoramic cameras, then with a dedicated 3D VR camera. That will probably also see the light of day at some point.

Red said...

@Old Man: Yes, as I've often said, I think the genuine reactions I got from having the girls play fair games more than made up for the occasional girl who escaped with her charms unseen. I tried to put my thumb on the scale a little bit by playing the games until a naked girl loses, rather than until a girl is naked, raising the odds that even the winners would have to show some skin.

Some of the games (although very few) were rigged, usually because a player absolutely refused to do a forfeit that I really wanted to see done, but even when the outcome was predetermined I tried to keep it real. I would have the girls play the game completely fairly, with a cash bonus paid to the winner. Then if the ending wasn't what we wanted, we'd reshoot the ending, cheating as necessary to force the desired outcome. That way, every player had an incentive to try as hard as possible to win, even knowing the predestined result.

By the way, I'm sorry to do this because you've been such a great fan and a great customer for so many years and I definitely don't want to antagonize you, but you meant to say lose, not loose. Again, sorry. I've been actively trying to be less of a grammar Nazi, but you happened to hit a very sore trigger point for me, which makes me grit my teeth every time I see it.

@Krycek: Wow, that's kind of spooky. But I'm glad you got the intuition to check when you did. Zayda was pretty special. Johnny and I used to talk about maybe doing a Firefly parody, with Zayda as Inara and Lily as River. Here is that outtake of Zayda and Franco. I'm sorry that it's nothing special. It's just six seconds of the two of them on the bed. I'll look for better outtakes of Zayda.

As for the unpublished game, Orgasm Challenge with Zayda and Xena, it's also nothing special, it's just Zayda lying back naked and writhing for 12 minutes trying to resist cumming as Xena goes down on her with her well-practiced tongue. You don't really want to see that, do you?

@Curiosity: I don't think so, no, but I'll check. She put down her stage name on her form as "Avi" with no last name, and she didn't list any other names that she's used. But she came with Julie, who may know if she's done anything else. I'll ask her and get back to you.

@Shredder: Fern is a different story. I'll look for more of her. I'm sure I have some. I'm pretty sure that the interactive footage of her includes a POV BJ.

As for pixellating Lumen, maybe, but that seems like a lot of work. But it has been nearly 10 years. I'll reach out to her and see how she would feel about me publishing her material.

Red said...

Speech-to-text fail again. That should've been "rig" above, not "really good"

dday66 said...

Thanks for posting all the additional information which I'm sure everyone is gratefull for Red do you have anything more involving Claire the girl with the short dark hair from 2009 who appeared with Julie and Elizabeth? Also when the girls first approached the site either directly or via friends were they interviewed as to what they wanted to get out of appearing and if so were any of those interviews filmed? I think the idea of BTS and the interviews would be a great addition. Once again thank you for bringing this entire project to life as the concept is great!

Anonymous said...

Hi Red, Glad to see your post. Just want to make sure you were aware of the passing of one of the models you worked with, Brooklyn (also known as Dakota Skye). Curious if you have any memories you are comfortable sharing.


Red said...

@LSD: Well, maybe randomly appearing on Reddit is what gave me the will to poke my head out of the cave and finally post here. But the number of people who have turned up to offer their support has mades it very clear where the real fans are. I'm seriously touched.

I had not heard about Dave Lambert (nor would I have recognized his name), but yes, may he rest in peace. He left this world a better place than he found it. I meant what I said in that outtake. It got to be a running gag in my head: a Sybian forfeit would end, I would call cut, the girl would topple off the Sybian, and then boom, like clockwork, "I gotta get one of those." Or, "Can I take this home with me please?" One or the other, every goddamn time, or nearly. I've had girls who've claimed to be non-orgasmic get off on the Sybian. I eventually bought to Sybians, so I could hold races, but gave one to a very appreciative Tobi as payment for her help with Episode 500. So yes, rest well, Mr. Lambert. You've earned it.

(Damn, the man lived to 90. Good for him.)

@dday66: I asked Julie about Claire, and apparrently Claire left town and nobody has seen or heard from her since 2010. I did find this short clip of a naked Claire standing up next to young and underwear-clad Julie in the Outtakes folder.

I met Lily through a modeling website (onemodelplace.com, I think, but don't quote me on that), I met Julie and Elizabeth through Lily, and I met Claire through Julie, among many, many others. (I ought to draw a graph.) I never did much prescreening of my players – risky, I know, but I rolled a lot of dice during my porn career and caught a natural 20 every time. I wasn't even particularly picky about what my players looked like, figuring that a girl with a body that didn't measure up to conventional standards of beauty might compensate for it by being extra embarrassed to be forced to strip and exhibit that body for all to see. And everybody is attractive to somebody, and I was always striving to get as much diversity as possible.

Maybe someone could nominate a shoot, and I could go through it looking for BTS footage. Make it an early one, please. I like looking at the earlier ones. As I look back in time, my mobility improves, I lose a fair bit of weight, and I grow a lot more hair.

@Signed_Anonymous: Yes, I did hear about her, the young woman we called Brooklyn but the rest of the world called Dakota Skye. (Some of the news stories about her death chose to posthumously dox her by revealing her legal name, but I will not.). I don't have any particular anecdotes other than to say that she gave no sign at all that she was in any trouble. She looked happy and carefree. And now all of her troubles, whatever they were, are over. May she rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

I'd certainly be interested in seeing those interactives from Fern, Serengeli, Stephanie and Tristen. Especially if one from Fern is a POV blowjob!

As for the out-takes I'm sure many like me are interested in any good ones of Piper, Sheri or Zahara.

I'm well aware that your preference was for games not to be rigged, which I think we all appreciated in terms of it being so natural, but just wondering Red of what games come to mind for you where you wish the result had of gone the other way?

The Pin

Red said...

One last outtake before bed. I present to you the Dick Ninja, from an unforgettable day at Dantes.

dday66 said...

Thanks for that response Red and its really interesting to find out about the logistics about the Lostbets concept and in particular any footage of BTS. Would you have any unseen footage or BTS of Roxy who appeared with Gracie in 2016? As regards Claire thanks for that and it again shows what a great concept you came up with when putting together Lostbets, the girls you introduced were the typical girls next door or the ones you'd see down the bars or in pubs, wondering whether they would or would not strip! They seeing them in the games and you wonder wether they would go all the way and when they do end up naked its a case of " I dont believe I just saw that" or " I cant believe see did that!". Seeing them been open and honest about being nervous makes the entire concept even better so once again thank you for bringing this entertainment concept for all of us to enjoy.

As far as Cora is concerned do you know if she did any other work and how did she come to be introduced to Lostbets? Is there any other footage of her or involving BTS.

Agai its great to see you back and I think you know by now how much you are appreciated by everyone on here.

Anonymous said...

Amazing to have you responding to the blog again Red, and so grateful for all your work over the years. Also fantastic to see such a list of unpublished content! I would love to see more of Stefanie - looks like one unpublished game with Sarah Beth, though not sure what the "uncle Sam" forfeit is.

Also Mary is an old favourite - I guess my priority would be the game with the strap on forfeit.

In terms of outtakes, the ones of James and Madison would be nice, also Heathers and Mia the angel?

Take care

Anonymous said...

Hi red
I'm really glad you're back. Thank you for all your amazing movies over the years. I have bought a lot of them.
Regarding onpubliched movies I would like to buy
20120509 Anastasia Erica Fern
20090522 Ashton Mia Julie Sammy
Hope you will put them up for sale.
Around outtakes I would like to see / buy
20120509 Anastasia Erica Fern / Outtakes / 00002.MTS
20120509 Anastasia Erica Fern / Outtakes / 00003.MTS
20120509 Anastasia Erica Fern / Outtakes / 00006.MTS
Thanks again for your great work

Anonymous said...

I just watched 217 - amazing. Not the loser I was hoping for, but still amazing.

It got me looking - it was part of the 20101212 Megashoot, which seems to have 5 episodes, but only 4 published (1,3,4,5) - so does this mean there is more of Kandie/Kamora/Isis lurking somewhere? Or is that the 3 outtakes from the same shoot?

Anything you can dig up with Isis would be much appreciated!


Anonymous said...

WOW - Lush to hear your still about Red ! Just wanna echo the comments made before in regards to loving your stuff over the years ! I was pushing for a years to get some Wedgies involved in your games and you came good in the end which was amazing !

Loving all the extra bits and bobs your posting up - very nostalgic !
much love --


Red said...

It's kind of funny. Anyone who knew me when I was younger will tell you that I had a massive ego problem. I was utterly convinced of my own awesomeness, and knew that I was just so gifted and so talented and so smart and so quick-witted and oy gevalt I must have been so insufferable. And I loved having that massive ego stroked with applause and accolades and admiration. Absolutely loved it. So you might expect that creating Lost Bets Productions and garnering so much praise would push me over the edge into megalomania, but it's done quite the opposite. It's been a very humbling experience. I mean, I didn't earn this. At least I didn't earn this through any sort of hard work, sweat-of-my-brow, struggle against adversity. This was a labor of love start to finish, almost pure joy throughout. The fact that I could make a living doing it was amazing. The fact that I could give comfortable, well-paying gigs to hundreds of people and bring a little bit of entertainment to millions was incredible. The fact that all of this got me showered with praise and acclaim is… it's a gift that I could not possibly have earned. It could only happen with help, including an insane amount of good luck. Or divine providence, if that's a thing. So when people tell me how much they love my work, I don't think, "yup, that's me, I am so great." I think how lucky I am to have had this chance.

One last thing about this. If you're grateful to me, if you think you've gotten more from me than you've given, if you feel I've done you a solid worthy of repayment, then pay it forward. Do something nice for someone you're not particularly close to who does an expect it. Make someone's day, or at least make them smile. Then we're even.

@The.Pin: Yes, an interactive with Fern featuring a beej. Fern had just gotten to the point where she felt comfortable enough to do that on camera. I don't think I'll publish any interactive though until I can put them in a game engine, and that's pretty low on the priority list.

Did you say you wanted to see outtakes involving Piper, Sheri, and Zahara? Ask and ye shall receive.

As for games I wish had turned out differently, hmm. That's a toughie. I can't tell you how many times I trusted the outcome to fate and it turned out perfectly. Let me think about it and get back to you on that.

@dday66: I have unseen and BTS footage of everything. For every game there was plenty of pre-roll and post-roll, I just need to go through it all to find the awesome moments. Of course I remember Gracie and Roxy. Here they are having a post-shoot chat with me. I'll email Cora and ask her if she's done anything else, and will get back to you.

@TheXX: the Uncle Sam forfeit was my first attempt at doing what eventually became Episode 669: an Independence Day patriotic sing-a-thon. I didn't end up using it because, embarrassingly, for some reason I thought Uncle Sam had a long white beard, and nobody corrected me. I don't know why that game with Lily, Mary, Amber, and the strap-on was never published. I'll take a look.

Red said...

@PFJ: Here are you requested outtakes. I hope you like them. It's just Anastasia and Fern hanging out on the couch between games talking about… well, you'll see.

@Tiger: Whoa, that's weird. That's what I have to: 1, 3, 4, and 5. I'll check the backups to see if there ever was a game 2 that's now missing, or if they were just misnumbered.

@Welsh Guy: Those wedgies worked out great, so thanks for the suggestion. And thanks for being a fan for so many years

dl50000 said...

I loved that Elora interactive. Took me forever to beat her :P Thanks for coming back to chat with us, Red! I've loved your work for years. Nobody else has amateur models being natural like you do

Anonymous said...

i am so disappointed... you had Fern starting to stretch her limits a bit further... and stopped booking her??? were you crazy????

if i didnt already love you, i'd be cursing you.

btw, i loved the outtake featuring Fern... gave me a shiver... thanks for that. if you have more... dare i ask?

for the rest of the audience: you can thank me for pushing/repeatedly suggesting bondage sex (episode 217) and the Greyjoy Cross (which saw a lot of use).
I'm so proud.
you're welcome!


Red said...

@dl50000: Thank you, but I like to think we had the professionals being natural, too. I do want to be clear that many of our players were professional models or actresses of one sort or another. But fetish models and porn starlets are people too. They weren't working from scripts, and the direction I usually gave was to be themselves and let their personalities shine through the camera. I love the amateurs I've been lucky to recruit, and I'm proud that so many people trusted me to be the first to shine a camera on their bare bodies, but some of my best, most popular, and personal favorite players have been experienced professionals who were no strangers to the lens.

@Shredder: It's even worse than that, I'm afraid. I took a look at the aforementioned interactive footage of Fern, and she's actually getting fucked in it. How did I not remember that? How did I not book her again after that? I did reach out to her a couple of times and got no response, but I admit I didn't push it as hard as I could have. Should have. Oh well. Add to the Pile of Regrets.

And thanks for reminding me about a group I need to thank. In this quest to make sure everybody knows how grateful I am for them, there's one group that deserves to be singled out for special acknowledgment: everybody who suggested a game, a forfeit, or a player. You unambiguously made lostbets.com a better place, and what's more, you did it for free. It was my custom to give the contributor a free copy of the first clip using such a suggestion, and without exception the contributors were overjoyed to receive these and extremely grateful. I would listen to their appreciation and their thanks and try to accept them graciously, but inside I be thinking, "You do realize that I took your idea and I turned it into money, right? The free clip I gave you cost me nothing, a fraction of a penny in hosting costs, while the idea you gave me will earn me hundreds or thousands of dollars. So… uh… you're welcome, I guess?" So thank you, everybody who gave me an idea that I used. So many lostbets.com mainstays began as suggestions from fans, too many for me to dare to attempt to list. I'm glad I was able to bring your fantasy to life, I hope I came close, and I hope it was as exciting as it was in your imagination.

Anonymous said...

Red, ok... dammit... i need a copy of that interactive with Fern.


Red said...

Here's another outtake: Kimberly, Lela, and everybody's favorite HEATHER after the game.

Dublinjohn said...

I'm late to the party again, over the years we exchanged a couple of emails (actually had to look it up 2013 Damn!!!!)

My interests then were Aston, Mia, Ashley, Jelly, Julie and Isobel, you actually gave me a myspace for Isobel, thats how long ago, AShley still had her website up.

I think I commented how Jelly must have been a pro model as she looked so comfortable nude, you replied

"Contrary to your assumption, Fern, Jelly, and Anastasia are all amateurs and as far as I know, none has done any work for other sites. They're just a group of 18-year-old friends I met through Lumen. That's pretty much Fern's "story." I met Lumen at a party being thrown by xxxxx's mother (we used to date.) She in turn was a friend of xxxxx's sister. "

I drifted in and out of buying content as funds allowed, buying nothing for months and then spending 300 - 400 in 1 purchase.

I do hope a comeback is possible or even a release or staged release of individual girls with games and outtakes, you could sell via paypal etc and transfer via dropbox, there are some I would purchase.

Thanks for all the work Red

Thedarktemplar said...

Can you show the Elora Pettles outake please? :)

Anonymous said...


One other thing I noticed - you already released YBYA Game 6 tic-tac-toe with Johnny and Kat (and a great episode it was too!).

I'm keen to see the game with Kat and Daisy involving a WAM forfeit.


Red said...

OMG. As promised, I took a look at the footage of Game 4 of the July 2008 shoot featuring Lily, Mary, and Amber playing Strip High Card for a strap-on forfeit. Holy carp. Are we sure I didn't publish this? I can't find it, but I can't for the life of me think of why the hell I wouldn't have published it, because it's gold. Has some great and very real ENF. I'm definitely going to find a way to bring this out. In 2008, I was working alone with a single camera, so the editing should be easy as pie.

@Shredder: Here's a screenshot to whet your appetite.

@Dublinjohn: Better late than never, and I'm glad you made it. I'm pretty sure I've shared the story of how I met Jelly, but to recap, Facebook recommended her as a friend to me. I was a Facebook friend to Lumen and Fern, and Facebook's algorithm decided that I might know Jelly as well. The kicker is that thisday happened on Jelly's 18th birthday. Thanks for all your purchases, and stay tuned.

@Thedarktemplar: Sure, here you go. Not much to it, I'm afraid.

@TheXX: Thanks, good eye. I'll update the spreadsheet.

I'll take a look at the footage from the game you mentioned. But be warned that it wasn't a game between Kat and Daisy, it was a game between all four players. Free-for-all to two losers.

Thedarktemplar said...

Thank you very much :)

Thedarktemplar said...

What about raven and adam. Do you have the bts of the party he goes with her naked?

Thedarktemplar said...

Or have you anything from Stacey (the one who playes with Addie)? I have 1000 question for you. Do you want to shoot new movies? Or anybody gonna continue with this site. Real ENF is very rear today. I hope im not being too much here. I just realy love ENF and you are the best one making it possible

tony p. said...

Great to see all these comments, and great to see you replying.
Can I ask about two of my favourites, Jennie ( episode 350) and others as well as Geneva, any thing not published or BTS. Disappointed they didn't get their hands on a man.

Anonymous said...

Great to see you reappear. You not only made a lot pf people happy, but you set the standard for a whole new kind of porn. It's a standard that no one else has been able to duplicate, either. I look forward to seeing what you come up with in the future.

Anonymous said...

@Shredder: Here's a screenshot to whet your appetite.

you're torturing me...


Anonymous said...

hi red, nice to hear from you!!!!
are there unpublished videos or outtakes with hannah perez, penny barber, sarah gregory or chandle boxxx. are there unpublished videos with spanking forfeits or public nudity (streaking, boratkini,...)?


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to join the chorus of those saying it's great to hear from you!


Paddy said...

Great to hear from you! See there's unpublised WAM- hope these are scenes we get to see in the future.

Red said...

A few people wanted to see the "Mia the angel" and "Ashton the angel" outtakes, so here you go. Enjoy.

@Thedarltemplar: You are very welcome. I don't think I have any outtakes of the party attended by Raven and Alan (not Adam) but I'll check. And here is an outtake featuring Stacey. You're welcome :-) And you are welcome to ask your 1000 questions, I don't mind answering. I loved making movies and would love to make more, but I was pretty convinced that my shooting days were done. My health is not good and it's hard for me to get out and do stuff. But I have been getting a LOT of encouragement to keep going, so never say never. I'm looking into seeing what I might be able to do.

@tony p: I think it's pretty great to see all these comments, too. I'll see what I can find for Jennie, but as for Geneva, here she is trying (and mostly failing) to do the One Finger Selfie Challenge. There is a follow-up to this one if you like it.

@Anonymous 11:22 (please sign your posts): I'm really running out of ways to express how much I appreciate all the effusive praise. "Set the standard?" Wow. Thank you.

@Shredder: I know. Ain't I a stinker?

@gansgug: Thanks, nice to hear from you too. I probably have some outtakes with Hannah and Penny, but I'll have to go digging for them. I have a couple of unpublished games and I'm sure plenty of outtakes featuring a Candle. And here is Sarah (who went by Rachel at lostbets) carefully cleaning her koochie after it was decorated with stickers and googly eyes.

@Zed: Right back atcha, buddy.

@Paddy: There is at least one unpublished game with a WAM, but let's just say not everybody would be pleased with the genders of the losers. (On the other hand, some people surely would be.) But I have to say again that there outtakes for almost every single game, as though they were was usually plenty of time before the game started and after the game finished when the cameras were rolling. I just have to go find it. I imagine that especially for the WAM forfeits, there's lots of post-roll footage of losers standing around drenched in all sorts of sticky glop.

Blue said...


Really curious what your take on the only fans boom. Would it make it easier to get more recruits or would it be harder to get the embarrassed girls that are so popular?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Red! First time, long time. I consider you to be one of the inspirations for me getting up the courage/motivation to pick up a camera and learn how to shoot my own kind of kink videos. Whenever I see behind the scenes footage, be it from you or other producers, it goes a long way to demystify the process and make the ladies even more attractive than they are in the final edited cut. Thanks so much for your contributions over the years and continuing to give us whatever you can.

I feel like you've answered every possible question in this blog but I'm wondering about your recruitment of pure amateurs. Did you have to change your pitch compared to when you recruit experienced models? What, in your experience, would get someone to trust you as their first person to shoot them?

All the best,

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I just came up with another question about business:

I was reading your story on Reddit about how you started Lost Bets back in 2007 and the success you experienced putting those first few videos up on C4S. Do you think the market has changed in any way that might make that kind of success easier or harder to achieve in 2021? With such a proliferation of porn and OnlyFans, I often hear about how hard it is to make your money back these days. Do you think that if you had a completely clean slate today--nobody knew who you were, there was no Lost Bets and you were starting from scratch--it would be as successful as it is now?


Red said...

@Blue: I suppose OnlyFans would be a good place to recruit women who were willing to appear naked on camera, but ENF might be hard to come by there. The same is probably true of strip clubs. I've never recruited at a strip club, but I strongly suspect that some of my amateur players, while they may never before have been naked on film, had been naked on stage before. The real ENF amateurs, the ones who were truly unaccustomed to exposing their bodies in front of strangers and were a little apprehensive about it, all came to me through referrals from other players, amazing good luck, or both.

As for the OnlyFans boom in general, I'm torn. On the one hand, I'm glad that these women are able to easily monetize their good looks and adventurous spirits. On the other, it really does seem like body modesty is on the decline these days and more and more people think nothing of doffing their clothes and flaunting their bits without shame. That's probably a good thing. It probably represents progress towards the further liberation of women. But I can't help but shed a tear and think that something is being lost. Although see my response to @Gary below for reason to hope.

Red said...

@Gary: I've talked on this blog a number of times about the many ways I've been rewarded for doing lostbets.com, but I don't think I've mentioned how rewarding it is to be someone's inspiration. The world needs as much inspiration as it can get, and I'm glad to be able to add to the total. I got a message on Reddit the other day from a guy who told me that mine was the first porn he had ever found, can you imagine? That guy may have a lifelong ENF kink now, thanks to me. A new generation continues. I'm so proud.

Like I told @Blue, most of my true amateurs, with no nude modeling experience, came to me through dumb luck or referrals. I met Lumen at a party being thrown by a woman I used to date, where Lumen was that woman's 17-year-old daughter's friend. I told the story of lostbets.com at that party, and she was interested. Through her, I met Fern and Salem. I met Tobi and Madison because they were friends with Delilah, Johnny's girlfriend at the time. Tobi was a bartender and recruited a lot of her customers, none of whom were "in the industry." The woman I was dating whose daughter was Lumen's friend hed a son who was my intern Casper, whose girlfriend Stella introduced me to Betty and Veronica. They rented the house next to mine, then sublet a room to Jacqueline, who introduced me to Dalia. Let me know if there's anybody else who's "origin story" you want to hear.

I honestly don't think I changed my recruitment pitch when talking to amateurs vs pros. Either way, I would just explain what the shoots were like and what they could expect. And how much they would be paid for a day's work, which was mostly play. As for getting the amateurs to relax and trust us, well, the referrals from their friends went a very long way. On the set, I think that I, Johnny, and Hippo all give off a very friendly, nonthreatening vibe. We also frequently had a woman with us, either one of Johnny's girlfriends or one of mine, helping out with the shoot, and I think that helped put the players at ease too. We kept up a generally pleasant, fun, and safe work environment.

Do I think lostbets.com would be successful if I started it now? Hell, man, I didn't think it would be successful when I started it back then. But yes, I do think it has probably gotten harder. One of the hardest parts of starting a new business is drawing attention (or so I hear; I've never been to B-school) and it's hard to draw attention to yourself amid the ever-growing cacophony. And while there was plenty of free porn in 2007, it's gone up by orders of magnitude. I had the advantage of knowing exactly where to find a lot of people who would probably like my content and who were being underserved. That's not easy to come by.

So you've been making your own content? Is it available to see anywhere?

Red said...

Dahlia, not Dalia. Oops.

Red said...

And "whose", not "who's". Stupid text-to-speech.

dday66 said...

Red what was the origin story of Cora?

Anonymous said...

Would love to see some of the out-takes from Erin, Starli, Scarlett (if any) and Zodiac.


Anonymous said...

@red It used to be available online and on Patreon (it was kink but not sexually explicit). I recently took it down because it wasn't really making enough money for the trouble--it was a niche within a niche that over the course of 7 years only got about 10-20 regular fans. I also got tired of calls to tailor my videos to suit every individual viewer's personal preference. I still shoot from time to time, but now it's just for my personal collection. It opens up the talent pool a little bit and allows me to shoot exactly what I want without the feeling that I'm fleecing paying customers who expected more or different. Actually, that brings me to something else I've wondered:

Have you ever found yourself at odds with what you wanted to shoot for Lost Bets versus what your fans wanted to see from you? Maybe it was a type of girl or a shooting style or a forfeit you really liked but wasn't up your audience's alley? Your latest work seems pretty consistent with your earlier work and you've always ticked a lot of boxes, so I can't imagine you needing to change that much. But have you ever had a stretch where the public was pulling you in a direction you didn't care for? If so, how did you deal with it? And if not...congratulations!


Anonymous said...


Early on I once said that a girl hadn't truly shown everything or had "no secrets left" until she had "shown pink," which became a catchphrase especially in an Ashley/Kandi forfeit. The loser couldn't just spread her legs impressively wide but had to reach down and open up, and "show pink" was used as the description by the girls as the forfeit before the game even started.

We also had a nice back-and-forth on your Python script doing a monte carlo simulation of a girl's possible success at one of your games.

In other words, I'm practically nobody. However, I still wanted to say that it is good to know you're okay. Maybe not as okay as you wish you were and I remember the post about your vision many years ago, coupled with your reliance on text-to-speech. But you're still with us. Better than your life being cut short and nobody knowing.

Doubt you remember me, but the sentiment is all the same,


Anonymous said...


Those of us who have been around for a LONG time know Red had a potential opportunity to record a virgin risking sex. Some of us thpught it was too far and he'd regret it. I think he did the right thing.


Anonymous said...


I'll add my voice to the chorus of: its good to see you back. I've been a fan of this site since its inception - I became aware of it when you were posting on the stripgamescental forum, and its the only site I've every followed for years on end. Even since you went dark, I've continued to check back every week hoping something new would show up. I accepted years ago now that it was probably done, but even if thats true, its still great to see that you are around.

One totally underrated model I became aware of from your site is Idesly Love (e.g. #144), who I find phenomenally gorgeous. As far as I can tell she hasn't gone on to a hugely prolific career, but what she does have out there is fantastic. And I assume you were at the start of that. Any outtakes you have of her would be appreciated.


Red said...

@dday66: Cora answered an ad I placed on Craigslist, titled "Get paid to play games." I think I only use Craigslist to recruit twice, and this was one of them. I had been planning a shoot, had had a cancellation, and was desperate to find somebody quick. Here was her initial email to me:

Hey there!

I'm really curious about this opportunity! I am a fun, sexual woman with a pretty big personality. I tend to get pretty boisterous during games, and am an easily amused/entertained kinda gal. I'm both sheltered and dirty-minded, so that keeps things interesting.. A story I could tell in person is how a particular house party on Christmas Eve party ended with my sister shirtless with a big kitchen knife pointed at me (pantless) at the end of spoons (crazy awesome card game!). Oh, and the cupcake smearing.. Yes. That was a night that has gone into infamy!

I've never been filmed or done this kind of thing in a professional setting, but can be pretty adventurous when I spend time and connect with the people I'm around. I feel like the environment described in your ad would really work for me to explore taking my sexuality to the next level. I am available this weekend to help fill-in for the girl-girl shoot. Holler if you'd like to meet me!


@TB: Sure thing. Here are Belle, Zodiac, and Tessa circling each other kissing. I don't remember why I filmed this but it looks like it was supposed to be a promo of some kind. While we're at it, here's another from the same day, featuring me following Belle around with a cell phone as she helpfully bends over to pick up some tape from the floor for me. Some very explicit views in that one.

@Gary: Would you like to elaborate on your "niche within a niche?" You don't have to, of course, but I am curious.

I was always tried to shoot as much variety as possible, with diverse players and wide-ranging forfeits. Like you said, I ticked a lot of boxes. As such, I frequently shot things that weren't to my personal taste. I frequently shot women that I didn't personally find extremely attractive, and I frequently shot forfeits that I didn't personally find very sexy. But I liked making content that reached as many people as possible, so I didn't mind. In the former case, the women may not all have been my ideal vision of feminine beauty, but there are damn few women I find so unappealing that I wouldn't want to see them naked. In the latter case, my biggest fear was that if I didn't really "get" the kink, I wouldn't be able to make content to properly satisfy those who did.

Red said...

@PN: Oh yes, and near the beginning, I had players who simply would refuse to even risk "showing pink", namely Ashton, Mia, and Julie. I eventually convinced all three to take that risk, and one of them to risk very much more. You know how that turned out.

I remember you and our correspondence. And I'm sorry I made you worry that I was dead. Someday I will be (valar morghulis) but not today.

My thoughts on shooting kinks that could be "too hot to handle" might be controversial, but here goes. I believe that the only sexual acts that are truly "sick" are those involving nonconsenting others, and the only sexual fantasies that are truly "sick" are none of them. Fantasies are fantasies. They're not real. One of the awesome things about being human is that we have imaginations that can take us literally anywhere to do literally anything without consequence or shame. So if you fantasize about getting simultaneous head from 9-year-old triplets while a 300-pound Samoan woman shits in your mouth, you do you. I may not find your fantasy personally appealing, but I won't judge you for having it.

So my main reasons for declining the opportunity to have a girl lose her virginity in front of my camera were practical, rather than ethical. She was an adult and competent to make her own decisions, especially concerning her own body. But I couldn't think of a good way to fit her deflowering into my theme. She plays a game against a guy, and if he wins, he gets her virginity? Then what if she wins? Do I rig the game? Or how about having two guys play against each other, and the winner gets the girl's virginity? That didn't really seem to fit, either. In the end, I just let the opportunity go.

I'll tell you another time I had the chance to shoot something extremely edgy. I once got an email from a guy who said he was a fan, and that his sister was also a fan. He was wondering if the two of them could play together at lostbets.com. Because, he said, they had both talked it over, and after careful consideration of all the relevant factors, they wanted to fuck. And they thought that doing it in front of a lostbets.com camera would be just perfect.

This put me in a bit of a moral quandary, but I tried to remind myself not to judge. They were both adults, I told myself. They were responsible for themselves and their own decisions. They were perfectly competent to judge the risk of permanently shattering a relationship they would absolutely be stuck with for the rest of their lives versus the reward of getting to screw their hot sibling. And they would presumably take steps to prevent any incest babies being spawned from this unholy union. Truly, this was a dilemma of Biblical proportions.

So I reached out to the sister to get her thoughts, and she seemed very nice. And she told me that she and her brother actually had gotten it on in the recent-ish past, but he'd been too drunk to remember. I decided to bow out, partly because my Spidey-sense wouldn't stop tingling and partly for the same reason I declined the virgin. And partly because I didn't want to pay for everybody to travel. Did you know that consensual brother-sister sex is illegal in all but one of the 50 states? You might not be able to guess which one, but I bet you won't be surprised.

Red said...

@Askgulky: Again, I'm sorry I made people worry about me, and I am truly touched by how many people kept checking back here for so long. I'm going to make arrangements so when I do become permanently unable to post, somebody will post about it here so everybody will have some closure.

Ah, Idelsy. I remember her well. I went looking to see if I had any good outtake footage of her, but unfortunately I met her so early in my career that I was only using three cameras and there was very little pre-roll or post-roll. The cameras were started right before the games begans and stopped right after it ended. But if you want to see more of her, here's a reel of Idelsy shooting promos. I hope you like it.

dday66 said...

Cheers for that snippet of info about how Cora first approached LB as it was very informative and shows that many of the participants were probably curious to try stripping on film especially involving some exhibitionism and you and your team were able to channel that energy and desire!

Anonymous said...

@Red, my niche was--and still is!--WAM. The niche-within-the-niche was that it was game-based WAM a lot like Lost Bets but it was almost always fully clothed. I recall a couple of times you reaching out to the WAM community for insights, so I'm sure you're aware of how picky we can be. If your pies aren't sticky enough or if you used shaving cream instead of whipped cream or if your slime isn't the right consistency, you're done. And that doesn't even take into account the people who want a focus on feet, the people who want specific clothes, etc. etc. etc. So a producer who sticks to their guns and shoots only what they like to see likely won't make any real money unless there's bare boobs and all the right parts being featured. That was never up my alley, so I packed up shop. I also wasn't very comfortable with the direction WAM is heading these days. Juxtaposing some of my players (who, like some of yours, were just regular ol' baristas and bartenders) with what some of the other producers in that space are doing started to feel irresponsible, so I privatized my whole library.

By the way, I've always respected what you did with your WAM forfeits. It was always a respectful interpretation of the fetish, especially for someone who might not be a natural WAMmer.

It's cool that you took so much time producing stuff that didn't personally appeal to you so that you could satisfy your audience. But what kind of Lost Bets episode would Red like to see? I'm sure you've done what you liked more often than not, but if the business side of things wouldn't matter and you could be as self-indulgent as you want, what game would you play, who would you cast (keeping it in the realm of past contestants or ladies who might actually sign on), what would the forfeit be?


Anonymous said...

Since everyone is making their requests for outtakes or unpublished works: anything with Sheri, Nicole, or Jennie would be on my wish list.


Anonymous said...


We interacted a bit on Reddit, I'm so glad you came back here and started talking to us again. Like everyone else, I want to thank you for all the inspiration over the years. And yes, orgasms! Probably gave me a few new fetishes too, lol. I'm so sorry to hear that you're not in the best of health, but I'm glad you're still around and still finding ways to communicate with us, which is one of your great talents!

I saw your request for any old stuff we're interested in you digging up, so I'll add my requests. Anything with Keenly, London, or Kala! (Was Kala actually Ashley's sister, by the way? I was always curious).

But mostly, I'm just here to say thanks. Of course we'd all love more content, because that's all an audience ever wants: more. But I'm just glad you seem to be able to feel the appreciate the warmth this community feels for you--because it's real. I mean, look at this blog that hasn't been updated in a year and how many of us all separately found our way back here. It's crazy.


SP (reddit: s-b)

Anonymous said...

That outtake from Idelsy was *great* -- thank you for posting that!

I'm loving all these outtakes. I would have preferred to have had you around for the last few years making new content, but this is a good second choice. Still better then most of whats out there. Really looking forward to this new footage of Fern you have been alluding too. (And, I think it probably goes without saying: any new footage of Julie!)

The origin stories are really good too. I have never paid that much attention to Cora, but with the story you just told, my interest in her stuff has just gone up. It really adds to know something about the models that makes them more real.


Anonymous said...

Joining the chorus of people welcoming you back and appreciating all this unseen footage. I’d love to see the outtakes from the 20101212 megashoot, especially anything you have of Ariel, Amy, and Isis!


Anonymous said...

Any chance you have the footage from the cuts in the strip O’Connell between Bibi, Kodak, tori and Cody? I’ve always wondered what happened in there, what reactions were to game over and if that’s when they learned the forfeit. Also after the game, whether there was any commentary or reaction. And, of course, I think everyone would love a good look over the drive for any promos or other signs of naked Bibi.

Similar for stefanie, especially after getting 3D scanned, or seeing the printed model, or after being posed by Sarabeth.

Also, the Jamie freaking out — was she the Jaime lost a bet Jaime?

Finally, I think Kendall and Becky might have been two that quit before day was done. Any behind the scenes of them when they quit?

We’re there more games with Becky? Or just the two because was at the conference?

please sign your posts

Anonymous said...

I'm very happy that you are well Red.
Been following this site for many years and bought quite a few clips.
Just like others before me have said, I've been continously checking in every week to check for any sign of life.
I am extremely grateful for your content and wish to express that gratitude. Bets and wagers have always been a huge kink of mine and seeing your quality content with girl next door personalities in a relaxed atmosphere, and no feeling of it being scripted by horrible actresses (the feeling that your sister(?) site recently has completely failed at creating despite hot girls) has been absolutely amazing.

I want to thank you for your great job and hot videos and add to the chorus of hoping you come back in any way, form or capacity.
I understand your health issues is a great obstacle. But trying and failing, or just passing on the flag to someone that works under you, to do the stuff you're no longer able to, with you overseeing... would be amazing.

I will also voice my opinion of my favourite type of videos, even if I liked more than just them, the spanking ones always felt really special. Especially if they were a bit rougher. Sometimes the vanilla forfeits didn't really feel like a loss for the loser, but with a hard spanking on the line you know they're gonna try their best to avoid it, especially with your payment structure. One minute or two minutes of hard paddling and any girl always regret their fate of being on the wrong side of the paddle and I always found a true forfeit like that hot. Not over the top (well 3 or 4 minutes would certainly also work ocassionaly if the girls are willing) but still very noticeable. What was lacking in several of those clips even though I've enjoyed them immensely, is often some kind of bondage to better control the loser and add to their feeling of helplessness. Any kind of tying them up and making sure they can't try to evade the punishment, be it 20 whacks or 1 minute of endurance. Several clips have had unsatisfying endings in this regard as they could just jump away after 2-3 swats and dodge the incoming blows and neglecting the winner the chance of delivering full blows. Which has happened, just to throw some examples in, in some of the Dylan forfeits and the Zayda pool one.
The times where bondage is added to a spanking forfeit, like Tomikos and Dereks, you can see the weight of the waiting on the girls while they're getting tied up and immobilized and you can see how they ponder their fate. It might be hard to toe that line with bondage and making them feel helpless without overstepping their boundaries, but if you hopefully continue to make movies, I believe it's something worth trying, the successfull results will probably be worth it. I also enjoyed the solution of the weakest spanker getting spanked themselves to push the issue of weak spankings and giving them some added incentive to perform, like the one at Kandie's home and the Zayda pool one.

And my favourite girls were definitely the 2nd Jasmine and Stefanie, unfortunately they never lost a spanking forfeit!

Thanks a lot Red, I hope you give it another go.

Anonymous said...

If you have any outtake footage of pearl, selina, charlie, kodak or bibi that would be awesome, and do you think the unpublished games with pearl will end up published?
Mark hill

Red said...

@dday66: Cheers right back at you. Anybody else you care to ask about?

@Gary: Well, like I said, when I tried to cater to kinks that I didn't share, my biggest fear was that I wouldn't "get it" and would totally miss the mark. I was very grateful for the WAM help I got from the folks at UMD and I tried to incorporate as many of their tips as I could. And I'm glad to hear that I mostly got it right, at least from your perspective. WAM was a fun one for me, because I was always looking to add variety, and there are just so, so many ways to get a girl (or a guy) wet and messy.

As for my ideal Lost Bets episode, I'm sorry for the copout but I couldn't possibly choose specific players, game, or forfeit. There are just too many from which to choose. But I've always, from the age of 12, been into ENF. My interest in stripping games stems from the thought of blushing losers cringing and trying desperately to cover their naked bodies while gleeful winners and spectators gawk and applaud.
(You know, my friends and family know about this blog. If you're reading this, um… hi, mom!)

Given that, my ideal scenario would involve a game of skill, which both sides would expect to win and would therefore discount the horrible consequences of losing. Both sides would harbor genuine animosity towards the other and would relish the opportunity to humiliate them.

A scenario very like this one, and in fact very close to my ideal strip game scene, unfolds as the climax of the movie H.O.T.S. (1979), I seen the very thought of which would once get me aroused. (Ah, youth.) The only problem with that scene is that it ends, cameras fading out, right when the already-topless losers have to surrender their bottoms, as the also-topless winners and the crowd coming down from the stands begin to surround them. In my fantasies, the scene continues, and includes particularly embarrassing consequences for one of the Pi girls. But perhaps I'll save the details for another time.

@PN: As the 8-bit character encoding standard we used to use would say, ASCII and ye shall receive: Keenly, Sheri, and Tobi hanging out before 447 Ballseye

Red said...

@SP: It's good to be back talking to you guys again. As for my health, it could be a whole lot worse, and I'm grateful that it is not, for now at least. And as for my ability to communicate, the words don't flow from my brain to the screen as easily as they once did, which I admit I find frustrating. In the flow of words in the other direction is even more impeded. But again, it could be a lot worse, and I have a lot of blessings to count.

Keenly was in the promo I posted for @PN, but here's one with London. Sorry it's so brief, but I'll keep my eyes peeled for others. As for Kala, I have a whole unpublished game featuring her and Elizabeth. I'm sure I'll get to it. And yes, Kala was really Ashley's sister. I have some outtake footage of them chatting that leaves no doubt of that. And Luna was really Indigo's sister. While those two pairs are sisters by blood, I believe that Ember and Rainy became sisters by adoption as children. (Am I forgetting another pair of sisters? I feel like I'm forgetting another pair of sisters.) All of this is "as far as I know" and might be wrong, although in the case of Ashley and Kala, I would bet a lot on it.

Like I said earlier in this thread, I'll do my best to accept your thanks graciously, while my instincts are screaming at me that no, no, I should be thanking you. But you're very welcome and I hope you'll accept my gratitude for all your support over the years. And yes, I feel the warmth that so many of you are expressing for me. It surrounds me like a glow and is part of what makes this whole thing still feel like an unreal dream even after all these years.

@Askgulky: If you liked the clip of Idelsy shooting promos, I literally have hundreds of them. Every single "I lost all my clothes" promo I published was cut from a longer reel of promo takes. If there is demand, maybe I'll publish them.

I also wish I'd been around making content for the last year. I really, really don't want to provoke pity, but for a lot of people 2020 was a lousy year, and I was one of them. Thank God the only person close to me we lost to the pandemic was pretty universally disliked and nobody was really sorry to see him go, but I had my own reasons for disliking 2020. Again, not looking to provoke pity, so won't go into details, but suffice it to say that I wasn't in any shape to be making movies. Then, anyway. Now? I don't know. I'll probably have something to say about it in the future.

Julie is amazing, isn't she? I first met her during 20080419 Elizabeth Julie Lily, and 10 years later she was still a fan favorite. I keep my eyes peeled for more footage of her. I'm glad you're liking the origin stories. Any others you curious about? I'll be happy to share them, although I can't promise that they'll all be as well-documented as Cora's.

@GLM: As for the Megashoot, I took a look at the footage in the Outtakes folder and it wasn't all that interesting. It was just 20101212 Megashoot players fully-clothed talking about random crap for 25 minutes. But if you want it, I'll post it. The girls did spontaneously start talking about their girly bits, both above and below. And one of the girls maliciously threw a die at Dante. And I found it kind of amusing to hear Kamdie complain to her husband that she wanted a boob job, and his retort that she didn't need one, knowing that less than a year later, she would get one.

Red said...

@psyp: Oh yes, that's right, I was going to look into that game with Bibi, Kodak, et al. I promise I'll do that to get right back to you.

None of the 3D scans we did, except for the three of us Stefanie against Tobi, are suitable for printing or publication yet. Talk to Info about that.

Yes, the Jaime who freaked out in those outtakes is the same Jaime who had her pussy pumped (with a mask over her face) in Episode 178. She had shown up to play games with Julie, Mika, and Sammy, but had decided midway through the first game that it wasn't for her and bolted from the set. Later she agreed to the Quincy pumping, but only if she could wear a mask. But that's not the end of the story. She was also the target of the Slut Stick mentioned in other outtakes we shot that day. It was later pointed out to her that she didn't have a mask on, and the camera was rolling. She said she didn't care. So look for that someday.

As for Kendall, there isn't much of a story. She was one of the amateur girls Tobi had recruited from the bar where she worked. She played one game, decided to sit the next couple out, played another, and decided it wasn't for her. That's absolutely fine, and there are no hard feelings, and good for her for daring to give it a try, and thanks to her for raising no objection to me publishing the footage she did appear in. And as for Becky, I believe that she was only booked for two hours during what was for us a very, very busy FetishCon. I have no recollection of her walking off the set, nor do I think she would have. I'm sorry if this bursts any bubbles, but she was no amateur. You can see more of her by looking for Becky LeSabre.

Red said...

Please do not add to this thread. It has gotten crazy long. I'm going to create a new post tonight. Hold your comments until then.