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Monday, July 26, 2021


 Folks, I'm going to be out of town for the next two weeks. I will do my best to be able to post on this blog and/or publish more outtakes/BTS, but no promises. That goes for everybody own email too.


Dublinjohn said...

Have a safe and enjoyable trip

Unknown said...

Happy to see you active. Have been enjoying the content and wondered what what was in store for the future of this site. Looks like there will be LOTS to cover before I run out of material to view and enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Hey Red, I got here super late so I don't know if you'll see this, but I want to drop by and say thank you for your amazing work. (Hopefully you're not tired of hearing that by now.) I'm sorry the past year's been rough, and I hope the one to come is better.

If you ever do get back to outtakes/unpublished, do you ever plan to re-release episode 217? I missed it back when it was available and I've regretted it ever since. I'd gladly buy it from you if only there were a way to do. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Hi Red, not sure if you will see this, but were there anymore games with Bibi, Kodak,Cody and Tori. I know theres 3 on the site but i was curious on whether there was another unreleased game.

Anonymous said...

Lumen was one of my favourites, so I'm a bit sad that there exists video that will never be released but looking forward to more of Fern


Anonymous said...

I'd like to see more of Jasmine and Angela (the loser of ep. 400). Do you have any BTS on either of them, or info on other work they have done?

Anonymous said...

Figures as I stop checking the blog Red finallyyyy comes back and there are updates xD the back reading has been amazing, truly.

To keep it short and not too redundant of a post or reply here just thank you Red. From the bottom of my heart. You and your work and warm tight knit community literally raised me from a boy to a man today. Been nearly 15 years, I can't believe it. I originally hopped on your new creative venture bandwagon all these years ago after following your first entrepreneurally moves talking of the concept of LB on the stripgamecentral/A measure of curiosity forums. Rhyming ironically, you and Mr. Ed of those cherished sites taught me everything I know. Of my own interests and values and kinks and free spirit. How I view and cherish the human reaction and beautiful female form and how it should be respected and loved. Seriously, thank you, thank you, thank you sir. From a lifelong fan from Western NY. Certainly as I get older I'm quickly learning the fragility and finite lease our mortal flesh has in this life. Though you're not quite as spunky and able as you once were I agree with the sentiment of all here thankful you're still with us. I suddenly lost my father this year and know full well how im a mere instant life is here one second and just simply gone the next. Like you much of my younger years involved a huge war raged around my ego and myself as well as the apparent importance I thought of legacy and accomplishment. But I must say I will always be envious of your ability to create something wonderful that will outlive us all for years and years. It is that outlet and creation that will allow any of us to live for eternity. I hope before my number is called I can find my own method of creating and leaving behind something wonderfully positive for this world(:

My only quick questions I have I suppose for you or anyone that may know in the blog perhaps. Anymore footage or knowledge of any more work from Geneva mostly? Her background story? Did save the lovely failed one finger challenge of her you uploaded �� Interested as well in only two game managed to get topless at least Jasmin. But I assume that is more of a dead end if I recall.

No clips provided me with more joy and wonder than the strip screw your neighbor 210 of Zayda? and the squirting twister game with Geneva. Any alternate angles or footage of that game I would loveee. Maybe amateur, maybe semi pro or not Geneva just had the perfect amateur "real" look to her. I was smitten immediately, more than any girl in the whole catalog I'd ever seen. Thanks for coming back for an update and nostalgic comradery(sp) trip down memory lane. After all the work and creation all these years Red, again just thank you. Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Hi Red.

Hope you enjoyed your trip. Thanks for the promo reel of Stefanie, that was great. I keep going back to her videos time after time.

A couple of questions since the initial flurry seems to have abated a little:
- Do you have any timescales on when you might start to release the unpublished episodes? Will you keep using c4s or are you thinking of using different platform? I am so looking forward to Amber or Mary getting fucked with a strap-on..
- in terms of outtakes I'd love to see the Julie ones and anything from Fetishcon 2015 - so many great scenes. Also the ones from the 2012 megashoot with the spinner game. And any with aurora..(too much?!)
- Of course Lost Bets is something you have created, built-up and put huge effort into, and you have every right to take it to the grave with you (though of course I hope that is a long time away!). But I wonder if you have considered a transition to some sort of employee ownership/partnership model that will see it continue in the same style, with some of your experienced and long-standing crew taking on greater responsibility for recruiting/shooting/editing etc, even if your health does not allow you to do as much as you might like.


Red said...

If you are waiting for a reply on the last topic, I've answered. Don't add any comments there. Don't add any comments here either. Add new comments to the next post. I'll be responding to the responses here.

Red said...

@Dublinjohn: Well, the journey there was fine and the visit was great. It was the return trip that was a miserable 39-hour Journey of the Damned that I wouldn't have wished on my bitterest foe. But I'm back and I appear to be none the worse for wear. Thank you for your good wishes.

@Unknown: Well, I do have a lot of unused material, and I do hope to bring a lot of it to everybody. But while I am listening to request for specifics, I'm not making any promises about when any of this stuff will see the light of day, and as a wise person once told me: a pessimist cannot be disappointed. Keep your expectations low, and you'll never know the sting of unmet expectations.

@AB: Better late than never, and yes, I did read what you wrote. And as for Episode 217, no, you absolutely cannot buy it from me, because I'm giving it away for free at this link, my gift to everybody who's waited years to see this all because of that cute little dog.

@JW: Yes, only three of the four games that were played between Kodak, Cody, Bibi, and Tori were ever published, and no matter how many times I've insisted that the missing game really wasn't very good, people have been asking for it for 10 years now. I probably will publish it at some point so everybody can look at it and say, "Gee, that wasn't very good. That was definitely not worth the wait." But that will mark the end of this decade-long saga, and I'm not ready to let it go just yet. Until then, I published this BTS footage from that day, if you missed it.

@tel: Ah, Lumen. I am getting a lot of pressure to open her kimono a little.

@Anon 2:41 (please sign your posts): I'm sure I have plenty of BTS footage of both. I should make a list and start doing orderly searches. Stay tuned for that.

@tbone67 and @TheXX: I'll get back to you guys tomorrow.

Red said...

@tbone67: I'm glad you found your way back and I'm glad you're enjoying the updates. I'm enjoying writing them.

Whenever I think I couldn't possibly be blown over with surprise by any future gifts from the Lost Bets community, someone like you comes along to prove me wrong. I'm always happy to share and promote my interests and kinks, and if you've been inspired by my values and free spirit, I am deeply proud and honored. And I'm sorry to hear about your father, and I hope that you and all who knew him are coping well with the loss. And I hope his life was a good one, because there's so much more to the quality of a life than the banal fact of its duration. I wrote a lot of rambling crap here about the nature of legacy and what we leave behind before deleting it because it was boring af. Moving on.

I met Geneva when I saw her advertise at sexyjobs.com, a site I occasionally used to find recruits, and she was great. A lot of the girls from that site were, actually, because a lot of them were just amateurs looking to explore their sexuality and earn some extra cash, not to make a career out of it. (Roxy is another example of a girl of this type I met at sexyjobs.com.) I'm pretty sure I said this at the time, but when I first saw Geneva, I thought that she was foxy, and I didn't just mean that she was sexy but that she had a vulpine sense about her. And that squirting scene, yeah, I don't really have anything to add to what I've already said other than to affirm once again that yep, every single person in that room, behind the cameras and in front of them, both wielding the vibrator and receiving it, was taken completely by surprise by what happened. It was amazing. It helped restore my faith that in some rare women, squirting is an involuntary surprise reflexive reaction to a powerful orgasm, not just a deliberate powerful voiding of the bladder. And yes, I'm sure I have multiple angles of the shot. I really need to start making a list. And a Patreon.

210 was one of my favorites too. I've always liked forced orgasms, which is why I'm proud of inventing the game of Earth and Fire.

It's been my pleasure to come back and share camaraderie and to stroll down Memory Lane with you all. Let me know if there any questions I can answer or stories I can tell.

@TheXX: See previous about my trip. The visit itself was great, the journey was at least 50% not agonizing torture, so on the whole it could've been much worse. And yep, I totally agree, Stefanie was a great player and a lucky catch. One of many reasons I owe Tobi so much.

As for timelines for future publications, hell no. No idea. As for outtakes you'd like to see, I think I'm going to stop taking requests for now until I come up with a systemized way of keeping track of them stay tuned. As for the future of Lost Bets, I don't know, I really don't. And as for taking Lost Bets to the grave with me, I've been thinking about bequeathing my content to the public domain in my will, which will hopefully not be executed anytime soon.

Red said...

I do believe that's everything. Please leave additional comments in later post