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Friday, July 16, 2021

You're welcome

[I will reply to comments on the last blog post and the one before it here.]

One of the reasons I've found these so hard to write is that I don't want to sound insincere, but every time I try to express my honest gratitude towards the fans, it comes out so syrupy and effusive that it reads like it must be overblown hyperbole, yet it still doesn't go far enough. Here I try again.

There are many ways to see my content on the Internet for free. Some of them are perfectly legitimate, others are less so. So if you've only ever seen my content through free resources, if you've enjoyed my work without paying me a single thin dime, I want to make one thing perfectly clear: I love you. I am deeply grateful to you and to every single one of my fans, whether or not they've paid me, and I'll tell you why. But not right now. This post is a special thank-you to the people who have financially supported my work. This is for the thousands of people (I still can't believe it) over the years who have either bought a clip from one of the clip store or subscribed to the sister site lostbetsgames.com. In the next post, I'll talk about why I'm grateful to all the fans, but these words are just for the paying ones

(But everyone is welcome to say whatever they want to say or ask whatever they want to ask in the comments, paid or not.)

You. I owe it all to you. Everything, all through this whole unbelievable journey, it's all been thanks to you. Every one of the awesome experiences I've had, I've had because of you. Every one of the amazing sights I've seen, I've seen because of you. Every one of the incredible people I've met, I've met because of you. Because of you, I could bring my entire family to Las Vegas to celebrate my parents's wedding anniversary. I was able to make my sister smile more brightly than I'd seen her smile since her divorce by surprising her with front-row tickets to her favorite musical, because of you. There is no way, by word nor deed nor skywrating, that I could ever be able to adequately express how grateful I feel to all of you. No matter how much you think it is, you're wrong; it's more.

So I hope you understand why I got weirded out when you thanked me. From my perspective, you were showering me with amazing gifts, and thanking me for it. "Here, have some money, and thank you!" "Here, have some more money, and thank you so much!" "Here, take your family on a vacation they'll remember for the rest of their lives, and you're doing such a great job, keep it up!" "Here, here's the down payment for a house, and you are so great! We are so lucky to have you!" 

You can maybe see why it's taken a mental adjustment for me to get comfortable with this, and all I can do is say, um, you're welcome. You're welcome for all the gifts you have given me, of which I haven't enumerated half. You're welcome for all the money, and the house, and the car, and the other car, for my ex-wife. You're welcome for giving me the opportunity to hobnob with porn stars and see hundreds of young women naked. You're welcome for all the applause and acclaim and admiration and appreciation and adulation, and those are just the ones that start with "A". You're welcome for bringing me into contact with so many people who had such a profound impact on me.

You're welcome for changing my life. All of you, every single one. Every time somebody bought a clip or a subscription, I regarded it as a huge compliment. So many people try to sell their creative output, so many would-be singers and musicians and authors and artists and actors and filmmakers. Very few succeed, and I was one of the lucky ones. I've heard that some of the other few lucky successful creatives actually don't like their fans, and I don't understand it at all. How can you feel anything but deep gratitude and love towards the people who make it possible for you to do what you do? I guess some of them must have fan bases that are much more toxic than I, a pornographer, have, but still…

Okay. It's getting late and I guess that's enough for now, but one last thing. Some people have asked about my future plans, whether I was going to do any more shooting. If you had asked me a couple of weeks ago, I would have said, "Absolutely not. I'm disabled and retired. It's out of the question." Now, after receiving so much support and encouragement, I've gone from "absolutely not" to "probably not." There are still some good reasons it's unlikely to happen. But I won't say never.


Anonymous said...

Holy shit, that last paragraph!

We’ll let me be the first to ask you, Red, if you can think of any ways the community can make it easier for ya, I hope you’ll share it, because yeah we want more of your awesome content.


Qaz said...


Anonymous said...

That was an awesome heartfelt message. It's amazing to see the positive effect Lost Bets has had on your life.

But what I appreciate most is that you own the fact that this love, this joy, this positivity stems from a porn site. Even with the proliferation of "tube" sites and Onlyfans, there's still a deep sense of social shame when it comes to porn. We know the internet is for porn yet hate ourselves for watching it. Fans try not to think much of it or dismiss it as "jerkoff material" that isn't worth the dignity of appreciation--or even payment sometimes. The social avoidance makes porn feel more seedy than bare genitals and filmed sex ever could.

It's cool that you never run away from what you do and indeed embrace it as a thing you love. That's probably a huge reason why Lost Bets succeeded the way it did. You owned what you were doing, loved it and it showed. You don't see that a lot.

So to keep on the positivity theme: What players seemed the happiest to be part of Lost Bets? I'm sure the money enticed everyone and most of them had fun shooting, but were there any girls who stand out as having a genuine blast playing your games? If there are any more fun outtakes along that vein, I'd love to see it.


dday66 said...

That’s actually a good point there as the models who took part , on the whole, seemed to want to be there and I’ve often wondered whether a lot of them would have done it regardless of the money. Linked in with this I’ve often wondered what the pay rates were was there a sliding scale as to the daring nature of the forfeit?

Red said...

All right, let's do this, starting with a couple of replies left over from Is this thing still on?

@Anon 5:00 (please sign your posts): I tried to explain in the next post how overwhelming it is when people like you express your obviously sincere gratitude toward me. But you're welcome. It was my pleasure, my honor, and my privilege.

I'll probably have something to say in the future about what the exact relationship is (or was) between lostbets.com and lostbetsgames.com. But I agree that a lot of their post-Red content doesn't quite hit the mark for me, although hopefully a lot of people are enjoying it.

I also like the forfeits that the girls really wanted to avoid and were thus motivated to play their hardest, and also show the greatest relief/dread as they win/lose. Spanking was a good forfeit for this, although the big problem I frequently had with it is that most of the players, like most human beings, are generally nice people and don't enjoy inflicting pain. A lot of the spankings I got were extremely weak and/or brief, and it didn't really punish the loser. Sometimes when that would happen I would intervene and tell the winner that she wasn't done and should keep going, but usually I didn't and I'm sorry that you found these unsatisfying. There are some notable exceptions, like Gina's vicious pummeling of Derek in 074, which almost had me intervening to stop it. But thank you for the tips. If I ever find myself with the opportunity to direct a spanking forfeit again, I'll keep it them mind.

@Mark Hill: Here are some outtakes with Charlie and Cyndi. They showed up at their shoot with a bottle of champagne, which they want to consume, which I allowed as long as they recorded a disclaimer absolving me of any responsibility. Then, after we filmed the very hot Episode 114, something happened. I won't spoil it, but we were on the 12th or 14th floor, I think.

Now for the comments from the next post, Placeholder.

@TheXX: Here is Stefanie's promo reel from her first shoot with Tobi. Hope you like it.

As for my specific thoughts on the "ones who got away":

Julie: I also was disappointed that she didn't get fucked, but considering how much we got from her during the decade she was an active player, especially considering where she started, I'm not going to complain. Julie was just so wonderful that I can't feel any bitterness about not getting to see her take that last step.

As for Addie, we did get to see a lot from her, and I'm not going to begrudge her being lucky and/or skillful, and playing to win. Plus, she introduced me to Candle, for which I will be forever grateful.

Isis and Jasmine I only met for one shoot each. I'm sorry that we didn't get to see more of them, but I'm still convinced that the benefits of running fair games far outweighed the occasional disappointment.

Thanks for posting the list of other sites. You also might want to try Girls Will Be Girls Club.. They've got some decent ENF/strip game content.

And no need to apologize for the long comment.

Red said...

@PSYP: The order in which games appear in the spreadsheet is almost always the order in which they were played. I usually tried to publish the games in order, but sometimes there was a good reason to publish out of order.
I'm sorry, I looked, and I don't seem to have any footage of the first time Stefanie met her plastic doppelgänger. And there isn't much post-role after their first game. SaraBeth asks if that was good and Stefanie complains about being hot (which it was) before we shoot a few IL AMC promos while Stefanie was naked. And I have to disappoint you about the public nudity forfeits you asked about too. The Kala/Ashley pizza forfeit was the first time I ever attempted one, and at the time, I would intercept the pizza driver on his way to the door, tell him we were shooting a movie that had a scene where a naked woman answered the door for the pizza guy, and asked if he would mind being in it. Later, I found it easier to just surprise them and get permission after the fact. Got better reactions from the pizza guy that way. But in this case, the pizza driver absolutely refused to let me film. For the Stefanie POV, we didn't film much more than you saw. And for Raven at the party, cameras really were strictly forbidden at the party.

I like the N-i-P games that I saw, but I have no idea why they stopped doing them. Nor do I know if any of their games are missing. Have you asked them?

@Anon 7:39 (please sign your posts) I actually wasn't disappointed at all by the ending of H.O.T.S. the first time I saw it. My heart was pounding ad the strip football plot unfolded, but I was sure that the movie would find some way to cut it off before much was shown. I was amazed and delighted that they took it as far as they did. And my imagination was able to fill in what happened after the fade-to-black with scenarios that would never have been allowed on TV, not even on Cinemax. As for Raven and Alan, you could do the same thing. Let your imagination fill in the details of what happened after Raven walked into that party, naked and handcuffed.

I wasn't very clear. I wasn't talking about selling additional promo reels, I was just saying that I have a hundred of those or more, which I could publish if people wanted to see them. There's another one in this post, about Stefanie. I wouldn't charge for those. Although I have been thinking that maybe I'll set up a Patreon. Even then, I'd still publish the outtakes for free, but patrons would get early access. And their requests would take priority. What do you guys think?

I met Lily on a modeling website, I think it was onemodelplace.com. I think she had done some modeling before, including nude modeling, but nothing remotely like what she would eventually do on lostbets.com. Zahara's story isn't very interesting, I'm afraid. She and Sheri walked into Tobi's bar while she was working, drinks were consumed, a conversation was struck up, an opportunity was mentioned, and soon, two very fine girls were recruited.

As for Toby, pretty sure she did go on to do other adult work after lostbets.com and she might have an onlyfans. I'll ask her.

And no, Blogger doesn't let you edit comments. Blogger really sucks. I really should move this community to one of these cool social sites the millennials have built.

Red said...

@dday66: I really didn't do much prescreening of the players, and I certainly didn't have a standard questionnaire (which is a great idea and I wish I had done that), but one thing I always ascertained before a shoot was a player's limits. Where was her comfort zone, what was she willing (if hopefully a bit embarrassed) to do in front of a camera. I would use that information to schedule them with other players who had similar limits. Cora is a bit of a special case, since she was an emergency recruit, so we had said in our ad that we were looking for girls who were willing to have sex with other girls, and Cora and I didn't have a discussion about her limits before her first shoot. Here's another peek behind the curtain: my reply to her initial email:


Wow. Awesome. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Jackpot. You definitely seem like our kind of gal. We love shooting people who are exploring their kinky sides, especially when they're doing things they've never done before. We love filming people taking their first steps down that road, a little nervous and a lot excited. I think you'll fit right in.

So let's get you booked. We still have openings on both Saturday and Sunday, so let me know which works better for you. I'm really looking forward to meeting you!

Red Diamante
Lost Bets Productions
If I sound giddy, it's because this email exchange happened on Friday, and like it says, I had shoots scheduled for Saturday and Sunday. Multiple cancellations had left me critically short of players, when Cora appeared like an angel from heaven to save me.

I didn't generally film the players arriving, which is another great idea I wish I'd thought of. I did film the arrival of the freaking charter bus with 15 circus folk for the June 2012 megashoot. Pretty sure I publish that. I also have some scattered footage of a few interviews I've done over the years, which I generally didn't publish because it turns out I am a very, very bad interviewer.

@Anon 1:01 (please sign your posts): actually, it appears that I have two unpublished games featuring Nancy, Carmen, and Dylan. One is a game of Strip Dice with the loser having to do the One Finger Selfie Challenge. I think I didn't publish it since the forfeit didn't turn out to be a punishment at all; both winners wanted to give it a try after the loser finished. The other is a game of I'll Show You Mine with the loser being tied down to the bed and having her face set upon. I really don't know why this was never published.

@Qaz: Tyler was recruited by Tobi at the bar, along with Kendall and Dylan. Angela and Keenly (and CJ, Dragon, Eric, and Jasmine) were all friends of Dante. That shoot, and many others, took place in Dante's sweet Belltown condo. I met Heather at FetishCon, I think at the Meet and Greet party. I usually try to leave space on the schedule for players I recruited at the con, usually at that party.
As for having the courage to quit my day job, I didn't. From when I started lostbets.com in 2007, I kept right on working until my condition had progressed to the point where I couldn't. This led to an interesting moment in 2008 when I realized that I had triggered my employer's policy pertaining to outside employment, so I called a meeting with my manager. Pursuant to the employee handbook, I told him, I was informing him that I had an outside business that had significant revenue. In compliance with that policy, I said, the business produced no products or services that competed with my employer in any way, nor did it consume enough time to interfere with my work for my employer. And beyond that, I said, I would prefer not to talk about it. To my vast relief, this worked, and I didn't have to tell him that my hobby producing naughty movies was actually making money.

Red said...

@Waz (do you know Qaz? You're just one key apart.): That story of Belle's wasn't about us, no, sorry. But we did have a few players who didn't show up at the shoot expecting to be in front of the camera. An example is Jessie, who was just there to drive Amani, Serena, Alicia, and Tianna to the shoot but ended up joining the games and adding a little vanilla to all the chocolate.

All right. Next, I'll get to the actual comments on this post.

Red said...

@SP: Believe me, this spirit is willing, but the flesh is kaput. It's actually a little bittersweet going through this old footage, because I see Young Red and he's balancing just fine on two legs, without using a walker, without even using a cane, lucky bastard. And he has a lot more hair than I do.

But you've got me thinking seriously about what I might actually be able to do. I don't want to say anymore, because I don't want to raise false hopes. Please keep in mind these five words: Probably. Not. Going. To. Happen. But "probably not" is a hell of a lot more than "never".

@Qaz: Thank you. I meant every word, and more that I couldn't find.

@Greg: Well, I like to think that Lost Bets has had a positive impact on a lot more lives than just mine. But I don't want to take credit for being something I'm not, which is some sort of civil rights pioneer for pornography, standing out-and-proud, telling the world, "Look at me, everybody! I'm here, I'm a pornographer, get used to it!" No. As far as the community in general knows, I'm a retired software engineer. I don't particularly try to hide it. All of my family members know about Lost Bets. And all of my friends as well. And because I didn't tell my family or my friends to keep it quiet, a lot of friends-of-friends and friends-of-family know as well. (My father, in particular, loved bragging about his son the pornographer even more than he loved bragging about his son the hotshot software engineer.) But my neighbors, no, at least I sure hope not. I'm proud of what I've built, very proud, but not proud enough to actually tell anybody about it that I'm not already close to.

I do think that the reputation of pornography and the porn industry is improving, but slowly. And to be fair, to a large extent the reputation of the porn industry as sleazy is deserved.

As for your question, I told most of my players to do their best to get into the games and have fun, it's hard to think of a player who took that more to heart than Dylan. If you were looking for ENF, she wasn't your girl, but if you wanted to see a girl through her whole spirit into the shoots, you need look no further. (It helps if you like tiny tits, too.)

@dday66: Would some of the players have played the games even if they weren't paid? Maybe. Would they have done it under lights and in front of cameras, signing away forever all rights to the images of their naked bodies? Probably not, and even if they would, I would insist on paying them. They earn it.

The pay scale varied, but was typically around $800 for a day of shooting. It was more important to me to send the talent home happy that it was to maximize profit. It happened a few times, especially early on when I was paying with cash, that I would hand a model her payment and then ask, "Is that enough? Do you want more?" I am not a good businessman.

Anonymous said...

I started watching lostbets as an undergrad. I've since earned my phd and even had a career in academia and left it to join industry. Someone else could surely beat me for "longest fan" but in terms of formative years and most dynamic life changes? I'm probably somewhere in the head of the pack.

My most sincere, heartfelt "advice" that I could give you, Red, based on the allusions to your current health and everything I've witnessed for 14-15 YEARS; as a fan of this site who used to spend work-study money to buy a clip when I could and am now in a place where I spent $400 in the past week to repurchase vids I'd lost over the years...

Dude, relax. Sure I'd love new content as much as the next and I'd never get bored of Nicole, Sheri, or Jennie bonus footage but that's not what's important. Don't you realize this is the most genuine conversation you've had with the following you've cultivated from more than a decade? Every post used to be "I'll catch up, I swear." Now, we're hanging out. You have 670 videos + the secondary sites for a production legacy. Just relax and chat with us, man. If you have stuff you want to throw out as aws links go for it but otherwise, the great effort could legitimately be over and now you can reminisce and have the full interaction with the fans of your work you always overpromised.

Now that I'm in exile from being a professor and have a software engineering job, it'd be interesting someday to know what sorts of stuff you worked on at [your previous job]. That's maybe something for an e-mail exchange (I remember you said there were things all of us would know). It's also something that can still be completely none of my business of course!

It's good to see this side of you, Red.


Anonymous said...

Love reading your responses and getting to know the behind the scenes. No, I do not know Waz.

Is it safe to say Tobi's bar recruits and/or Dante's friends are complete amateurs? Never naked on camera before, but looking for a thrill/cash? Because that wouldn't be such a boring background at all!

Qaz said...

Sorry, the above post was me (Qaz)

GMPolaroid said...

Hey Red,

Just joining in on the praise. I've been a long time fan going back to 2008. Thank you for the work you did, getting some of the best looking women on the planet naked and having fun.

There's a few girls I'm curious about, what do you remember about Asia, Iris, and Lavender (would like to see the outtake of her and I have high hopes for the unpublished game)? Most importantly I'd like to know more about Aubrey, I love her two pov shoots and 278 is one of your best games.

dday66 said...

Thanks for responding Red as it’s really interesting to find out what went and goes on behind the scenes of a LB episode and how the models interact with you and LB. Also interesting to find out that Cora was a day before contact and fortunately she wasn’t one that got away as that would have been a shame as it is seems she was really nervous before the first game! Are you allowed to say what her response was to your email to her?

Anonymous said...

Hi Red, good to have you back mate. I've been around here since 2010 under different names but i think i used PQ the most.

I just wondered if the Stella game can't be released for understandable reasons what what went down and how did the forfeit go, i've been curious since the 2012 preview.

Also I'd buy the Amber, Mary & Lily strapon game for sure if your ever able to publish.

Health wise I can't say anything other than best of luck, I've seen first hand how difficult it is when the mind is willing but the body struggles. I really hope you can make the best of it.


Anonymous said...

Sorry for the bad spelling.


ukprincess69 said...

Without getting yucky and personal I just wanted to say thank you for making this depressed under confident woman get her confidence back thanks again from the other side of the Atlantic 🇬🇧

Red said...

@PN: The first thing that leapt out at me as I read your message was: Dude! You're repurchasing loss clips?? Don't do that! Drop me an email at red@lostbets.com and I'll be happy to replace any lost clips, and that goes for all of you. It would be helpful if you'd include a copy of your receipt from Clips4Sale, but if you can't find it, we'll figure it out. If you really want to give me money, PayPal me 75% of what you would've paid C4S and we'll both come out ahead.

Thanks for the good advice. I actually think that I am fairly relaxed, though, although I certainly could be relaxed-er. I admit that the overwhelming gratitude I feel does carry with it a certain sense of obligation. But while making those 670+ videos might have sometimes taken "great effort", it was always a labor of love. And so is finding and publishing outtakes and BTS. It's not stressful.

I don't know that this conversation is more nor less "genuine" than any other (I've pretty much just been myself throughout, since being someone else takes a lot of work and is very tiring) but I'm glad you're enjoying it. I am too, although I wish it was taking place on a better platform than Blogger. Seriously, anyone have any suggestions?

I'd be happy to talk to you about software engineering by email if you want, but yeah, even before my amazing career as a pornographer I had a pretty damn amazing career as a programmer. Drop me an email and we'll discuss it. My experience in the industry is that former academics usually do very well. Good luck, Dr. PN.

@Qaz: No, I don't think it's safe to make such a blanket statement, that every single one of Tobi's and Dante's recruits were complete amateurs. Most of them, surely, but I wouldn't say all of them, because I don't know. It also depends what you mean by "complete amateur". I never recruited in a strip club, but some of my players have worked as strippers. Maybe they'd never been naked on camera before, but they were accustomed to exposing their naked bodies to strangers.

@GMPolaroid: Thanks! The funny thing is that good looks weren't a high priority for me when recruiting, but through luck, fate, or divine providence, I happened to get some incredibly good-looking players.

I met Iris and Asia at FetishCon 2009, a very long time ago. Unfortunately their paperwork was never digitized, meaning it's buried in a dusty box somewhere, meaning I can't look to see if they put down last names for their stage names so I could look and see if they'd done any other work. Lavender was Indigo's best friend and I met Indigo through Jelly. As far as I know, all three are complete amateurs. I'm afraid I don't know much about Aubrey, but I believe she worked for the same circus as the rest of the crew from 278, and they all lived in Portland. Lily, who went from being a lostbets.com player to being a photographer, shot Aubrey's POVs, and may also have shot her for Yanks.com.

@dday66: Here was Cora's response.
Hey there!
What a great response!! Cool! Sunday would work better for me. What time, and where is the location?
She ended up coming both Saturday and Sunday. And bringing her husband on Sunday.

Red said...

@PQ: Ah, Stella. For those not in the know, Stella was my intern Casper's girlfriend, who introduced me to her best friend Veronica and Veronica's girlfriend Betty. Betty and Veronica did a shoot for lostbets.com, and Stella was talked into joining the last game. Later, she asked me not to publish that footage and I agreed. To be honest, Stella was a great girl and I enjoyed hanging out with her, but she would not be considered a great beauty by conventional standards and she was self-conscious and had second thoughts about exposing her naked body for the Internet, which isn't surprising considering what she exposed. The game ended with straight Stella stripped completely naked by her gay best friend, then taken by her from behind with a strap-on while locked in the stockade. Hey, you wanted to know.

Again, I have no idea why that Lily, Mary, Amber game was never published. It's pretty good, and a worthy sequel to 043. I'll find a way to get it out there.

Thanks for the good wishes concerning my health. As for making the best of it, well, that's all anybody can do, isn't it?

@ukprincess69: I'm very glad that I helped restore your confidence, but I'm really curious to know how I did that. "Restored a British princess's confidence" would be yet another achievement for me to be proud of. You don't have to get yucky and personal if you don't want to, but feel free to get as yucky and personal as you want. Or reach out to me by email.

Anonymous said...

Were there any stories or outtakes from pearl or carmen, both seemed really nervous and shy in their first clips, awesome to watch. I know pearl has done other stuff not sure if it was before or after her clips with you, had carmen done anything before you?

Were there any models you feel responsible for launching their porn careers, like tobi and sassy maybe?

Mark hill

ukprincess69 said...

Send me your email I’ll reply

ukprincess69 said...

Mines this princess6969691@outlook.com

Anonymous said...

Hey Red's back! What's going on, glad to hear from ya again you awesome dude!

Guy Who Knows Stuff

dday66 said...

Thats again for that insight in relation to Cora. Its really interesting to find out the actual background of the models and how they come into contact with LB. Do you have anything further about Cora? I think she woud have made a great fully clothed presenter on LB introducing the girls and couples and then telling the loser what their forfeit is!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Red. Would you ever consider publishing the two games with Nancy? i liked her and would love to see more of her.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Charlie and Cyndi was the first Lost Bets video I ever bought. Thanks, whoever requested those outtakes!

Do you still keep in touch with any of the ladies you shot, either in person or online? I'm living for all these behind-the-scenes stories and some kind of podcast or series where you and old players reflect on Lost Bets would be pretty cool--at least to me. I know that models in porn/erotica tend to burn hot, flame out fast and retreat to "regular life" almost immediately, but hopefully there are still a few who keep in touch.


dday66 said...

That’s actually a good idea, not that I’m implying that you don’t have any good ideas!!! But getting some of the girls back to relive their time with LB and to how they got involved and how nervous they were etc

Red said...

This is for @PSYP, but I'm sure other people will be interested in it. I'll probably do a top-level post about this, but for now, it'll remain a secret just for the dedicated fans who read the comments.

@PSYP noticed that in Episode 237, starring everybody's favorite foursome, Kodak, Cody, Tori, and Bibi, had a weird cut between the game and the forfeit. He wondered what the cut was covering, and I promised I would look at the raw footage and get back to him. Well, I looked at the raw footage, and it wasn't anything too exciting. We just cut so we could move furniture to make room for the exercising, so we could put fresh batteries in cameras that were running low, and so Tori could go pee. But lots of you have asked to see some BTS footage, so here's 10 minutes of it: 20110726 During the break between game and forfeit for 237.

@Mark hill: To be honest, I don't know much about Pearl, but it would not surprise me if she'd done other modeling before me. I'm pretty sure I was Carmen's first, and possibly only. She was definitely nervous about people finding out who she was. She got really pissed at me when I told people what country she was from.

To whatever extent Tobi or Sassy has a "porn career", I suppose I do get the credit/blame for launching it. Plenty of my players, male and female, first appeared nude in front of my cameras, but if any went on to have a porn career, I either don't know about it or have forgotten it.

@GWKS: Good to see you again, too. As for what's going on, not much. Life has gotten pretty glacial.

@dday66: There were many times when I wished I had somebody to act as as an emcee or referee. Sometimes Johnny or Dante would fill the role. I wish I had thought of asking Cora. She probably would've loved to do it, and I agree, she would have been great in the role.

@Anon 11:07 (oh, come on. Please sign your posts with a different name.) Of course I'd consider publishing them. If I get the clip production process rolling again, which I expect I will at some point, they'll be in the queue.

@Gary: That was a memorable trip, especially the time the fire alarm went off and the whole nighttime FetishCon crowd poured onto the streets of Tampa, many in kinky costumes. And drunk. We had just finished shooting Episode 114, which was hot as hell, as you might have gathered from Charlie's comment about Niagara Falls in the outtake. I was talking to Charlie on the sidewalk outside the hotel, and I was saying what a shame it was that we had been interrupted, because the shoot had been so hot so far and I wanted to get more, she and Cyndi were so sexy, and I went on and on. A fellow FetishCon attendee overheard me and said, "Excuse me. I couldn't help overhearing, and I was wondering, what were you doing at this incredibly hot shoot?" I answered, "Well, we shoot people playing stripping games, games where the loser of each round has to take off a piece of clothing, and…" That's as far as I got before the guy interrupted to say, "WOW, YOU'RE LOSTBETS?? I LOVE YOUR STUFF!" Made me feel pretty good.

I should write a book. Do people still write books?

I'm not in touch with any of my former players in person, since I've moved away, and I wouldn't describe myself as being in regular contact with any of them. But I do hear from a few now and then and I still know how to reach quite a few. Some of them might love to participate in a lostbets.com retrospective. I like the idea. The only problem is that, as I have said, I am a terrible interviewer. I would definitely need some help coming up with discussion topics.

Red said...

Oh, about that BTS footage. Three times, the video cuts out for a few seconds. Hippo was in the frame, and I was too lazy to obscure him so I just cut out the video.

Anonymous said...

@red You should definitely write a book. I'm writing a book about the videos I did (not just about that, but in the context of my greater life story). Shooting porn almost always makes for a good story. And if you think it had any greater impact on your life beyond the boobies, I bet people other than us pervs would like to read it.

Interviewing is tough but doable. Just think of it like a conversation, because that's all it is. Prepare questions, listen closely, think about follow-ups. Judging from what little of you "appears" in the outtakes, you've got good people skills. No pressure, but I bet it would be great.


Anonymous said...

@red: Yes, if you are offering to make your promo real footage available, I would love that! I assumed you were talking about selling it because -- mostly, I think you deserve to make money off the product you spent time and money on. So I wouldn't blame you in the least if you wanted to charge for it. But if you were willing to make it freely available...so much the better for me!

Other models I'd be particularly interested in seeing more footage of or hearing origin stories for: Leilani (e.g. 551), Malloy (e.g. 110), Chanel (e.g. 517), and Ashlyn (e.g. 479). Also: if you have anything relating to your Earth-And-Fire games -- that would be fantastic. Those games were amazing, and I've never seen anything like that anywhere else.

I also want to pick your brain on something, if you are willing to take the time to answer. (And I certainly understand if you don't feel answering this is worth the effort.) But as someone who was in the business, do you have any insight on how to determine if porn is (for lack of a better term) "ethically sourced". I live in fear that I'm going to watch something where the actress was coerced, or under-age, or tricked, or drugged, or in some way not fully cognizant of and understanding what they were doing when they allowed themselves to be filmed. I would feel horrible if I ever found out that I had. Your site was clearly free of any risk of that. (At least, as far as I can tell -- I suppose you could have been lying your ass off all those years on the blog, but I really don't think so.) In general, content creators are not so interactive, and I have no idea how to vet a site to determine if its safe from this. Do you have any educated thoughts on this?


Anonymous said...

Some of the receipts are still around and none of them have survived from before 2010 :(

So I only have a record of 124 of the clips I've bought, plus the two I won for a couple of your little contests. I really don't think you want to see over 90 C4S receipts.

I'll send you an e-mail tonight with the list and other follow-up.

Dr. PN

ukprincess69 said...

Sent you an email

Anonymous said...

hi again, do you have outtakes from gina and derek after the great spanking forfeit? this is an all time favorite of mine. also the bound spanking for julie was great! my favorite enf public nudity was with kimberly, catherine and caroline. again i'm happy that you are well!


Anonymous said...

Red I just saw you had a video of Fern getting fucked and yet you never released it?? Wow that's one I'd like to see for sure.

So you moved across the country?

Guy Who Knows Stuff

asdf said...

Do you have any outtakes with maya or yesenia? thanks

Anonymous said...

What would you say were the videos with the most truly, extremely embarrassed women in them, especially the hardcore forfeit ones?

Like if a woman signed up to be ok with getting fucked but was positive it wouldn't happen, then they lost and they were embarrassed out of their minds about it.

- ENF lover

Red said...

Oy. Sorry I haven't responded for a couple of days. If you're waiting for an email from me, I know, I know.

@Gary: Oh, I've got plenty of stories. Many of them have been relayed on this blog over the years, many more I've kept to myself.

Thanks for the advice on interviewing, but I'm afraid it comes a little late. That ship has sailed. But I'll look at the interview footage I have and see if any of it is worthwhile.

@Askgulky: A couple of people have told me that I should be charging for this stuff. Maybe someday, but for now, it's free.

I met Leilani through Julie. She's now a pro who goes by the name Nikko Jordan, but I believe when I first worked with her, she was at or near the very beginning of her career and hadn't started using that name yet. Malloy was a friend of Candle who was a friend of Addie who I met through Ashley, I think. Addie and Candle lived in the Atlanta area, as did superfan Crosis, so I flew out there to do a shoot with them all, and Candle brought along Malloy. I met Chanel and Ashlynn at FetishCon. I'm pretty sure that Chanel is a pro, and Ashlynn definitely is. You can see a whole lot more of her by searching for Ashlynn Taylor.

I've invented a few games for Lost Bets, but the two I am most proud of are Mogadishu and Earth and Fire. I really wanted to have a game where the object was to force somebody to orgasm while resisting orgasm yourself, and it worked out better than I'd hoped, after a few rules tweaks.

Your question about "ethically sourced" porn is a very good one. I wonder if there is any sort of certifying body for that sort of thing. There ought to be. My experience has been that most porn is made, not by human traffickers, but by douchebags. Pros loved working with us, not just because our shoots were fun, but because we treated them with, you know, the basic dignity and respect that any human being owes to any other human being. That alone put Lost Bets among their favorite places to work.

@Dr. PN: To you and to everybody else who responded to my offer to replace missing clips: yeah, I kind of made that offer without really considering the fact that it would create work for me. I'll replace those clips, all of you. Just give me a little while.

@gansgug: I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news. That awesome spanking forfeit, the one where Gina inflicted major damage on poor Derek's ass, was in the very early days of Lost Bets. I was working alone, with a single camera, and I turned that camera off as soon as the forfeit was over. I didn't even record myself saying "cut", I had hit the Stop button on the camera first.

@GWKS: Yikes. I just had another look at that footage, and, um, yeah. The good news is that this is definitely getting published sooner rather than later. The bad news is that I'm definitely going to monetize it. How has this just been sitting on my server for almost a decade??

@asdf: I took a quick look for outtakes with either Maya or Yesenia, and didn't find anything for either. I'll look more closely later.

Red said...

@ENF lover: That was always my dilemma when doing the hardcore stuff. In general, a girl who is willing to suck a dick on camera isn't very shy about it. And a girl who is too embarrassed to suck a dick on camera won't generally become willing if you point out that she has a very good chance of avoiding the fate. A game with two players who would both be genuinely embarrassed to suck a dick (or any other forfeit) on camera, but are nevertheless both willing to risk it, because both are certain of victory in a game, yet neither is so reluctant to suck a dick on camera that she'd renege if the unthinkable happens and she lost? I can't imagine finding that in real life, and I wouldn't fake it.

I did occasionally find ways to embarrass my professional models. Doing stuff in public was always a good way, like the antics in the carwash and in Dante's car. Also, embarrassment is all about context. I've told this story before, but I'm very proud of the time that Paris Kennedy, experience fetish model, looked up at me almost shyly after masturbating herself to orgasm in front of gleeful winners Alan and Ashley and said, "Wow… that was actually… embarrassing."

Anonymous said...

Anything on Maia? We only saw her the once against Catherine, but I thought she was good value!


Anonymous said...

Would love to see any unseen footage or games of Ashton & Mia the original lostbets girls and still the best

Scottish lad

Anonymous said...

Hi red,

I know that you're getting tons of questions and requests, but I still want to get queued and ask:

Are the unpublished POVs coming eventually? I loved those, especially the ones with multiple endings :)


Anonymous said...

Red, yes, please, publish everything you have with Fern.

Thank you,


Anonymous said...

Seconding that. I'd buy it immediately.


RS said...

Since folks are asking about their favorites, I'd like to ask about Eric (of the Angela CJ Dante Dragon Eric Jasmine Keenly Sassy games like Strip on Spades). There are two outtakes listed with that group.

20140222 Angela CJ Dante Dragon Eric Jasmine Keenly Sassy/Outtakes/Dick Ninja 2.MTS
20140222 Angela CJ Dante Dragon Eric Jasmine Keenly Sassy/Outtakes/Dick Ninja.MTS

Is he included in the outtakes, and are they available? I don't suppose he's gone on to do work with anyone else?

Only3Inches said...

Hey there Red, I have been watching your stuff for years and I have bought many, many videos over that span. I appreciate all that you did and possible might still do. Thanks for it all. hope to see whatever you have still under your belt and what's left in store. So essentially, you will be releasing anything you have left of what you didn't release, or are you still figuring it all out? regardless, I'll still support! :)

Will there be, or have you found anymore POV videos?

Thanks for everything again,


dday66 said...

Red once again thanks for answering everyones questions. As far as Cora was concerned it seems her first game was Rock paper scissors with Angie Jo and Jennie when Cora lost her underwear almost imediately, did she realise that she sould be semi naked so quick? Also one of he last scenes involved her performing oral on a man, was this discussed with her on the first day and how much persuading did she need to do what she did as she ended up naked in first game, then masturbating and performing oral. Thanks again.

asdf said...

Thanks. Any unreleased with Jennie or Desiree in it?

Anonymous said...

just curious... when you were recruiting Fern and Lumen, the friends of your girlfriend's daughter, was your girlfriend concerned or supportive or upset that you might also recruit her daughter as well?

another question...
did you ever date any of the players who ended up before your camera, or try to recruit someone you were dating?


Anonymous said...

No questions just a comment that I had the privilege of watching a shoot. It was a blast and I cannot answer if Red ever tried to recruit someone he was dating but he definitely tried to recruit someone he once dated. And I was super flattered :-) ~ L

dday66 said...

Can we ask which shoot you had the chance of watching?

Red said...

@L: You're an attractive yoga-toned Gen-X MILF with big breasts and a Ph.D who'd be nervously risking exposing her naked body to the whole world for the first time ever. I guarantee that you would be a hit, extremely popular with a lot of the fans.

@dday66: L and her husband attended part of 20170325 Avi Cass Dante Lydia Thomas. They came in right in the middle of a great fucking scene, and I don't mean that metaphorically.

@Everybody else: I'll answer you in the next blog post, which will be coming soon, I promise.

Red said...

[Please do not add new comments to this topic. Add new comments to new blog xs

@Guild: Ah, Maia. I met her at FetishCon 2010 and never saw her again. Early at every FetishCon there was a meet 'n' greet party, and I would save a few slots for girls I met at that party, and I believe that's where I met Maia. She was great. I'll always remember her insisting that she wouldn't do hardcore, but rimjobs were fine.

@Scottish lad: I, the fans, and the world in general all lucked out in a big way when I met Ashton and Mia on March 8, 2007, and I do have more footage of them, both from that day and from later days. It's definitely on my list of things to share.

@Zed: I'm still working on compiling the list of raw POV footage. Part of the problem is that all the footage that was shot by Lily is organized differently and need some work before I can properly track it's been used and what hasn't been.

@Shredder: Well, I can't publish the stuff I have of her with Lumen, but everything else with her, yes, count on it.

@RS: I already published the Dick Ninja outtake; you can see it here. And as you fear, I have no idea what became of Eric. Sorry.

@Only3: All I'm saying about future production is that I'm not ruling it out. But I very much appreciate your support.

@dday66: I can't claim to remember much specific about Cora's state of mind on November 14, 2015, but while she may have been surprised to find herself exposing so much skin so quickly, she surely knew the rules and knew the possibility. And as for doing everything she did on camera, I think she found a little scary but also a little exciting. Or may be a lot exciting. I know that Cora herself would love to know if she turned you on.

@asdf: I don't believe I have any unreleased games featuring either, but I'll keep my eyes peeled for outtakes.

Anonymous said...

You have Zahara's artistic name outside Lost Bets Games I would like to know if she has done more things apart from the videos she did here like Amber Zaida or Lily among other girls did.