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Monday, August 23, 2021

You're ALL welcome

Okay, this is getting ridiculous. I've been working on this post on and off for more than a week, and I keep deleting and rewriting, and screw it. I'm just going to go through this once more and then post it. It does get a little rambling and a little weird, but so be it.

By the way, answers to all previous blog post will appear here. 

My last post was dedicated to thanking everybody who's paid money for my work. I said at the time that I was deeply grateful to every fan, whether or not they've paid me, and that I'd explain why later. Now is later, and the best explanation can be found, believe it or not, in a song by VeggieTales. If you know what VeggieTales is, stifle your gasps, I can explain. (I did say that this gets weird.) If you're not aware, VeggieTales is a series of animated cartoons for children starting a cast of anthropomorphic vegetables. The makers of the show are evangelical Christians, and the tales usually have a biblical theme and/or moral. (I am not a Christian, but some parts of Christianity really appeal to me, especially the parts about loving thy neighbor, judging not, and doing unto others.) I first became aware of VeggieTales when I spotted the VHS at Blockbuster and figured that an animated children's cartoon about Christian vegetables would be a fine thing to enjoy stoned, and I was right.

The song in question was the climax to a retelling of the parable of the good Samaritan with vegetables, and it included these lyrics:

If you see someone who's hurt or in need,
Maybe it's time to perform a good deed,
And when you're finished, you'll find that it's true,
When you make them feel better, you'll feel better too!

It's that last line that gets to me and really rings true. Making people feel good feels good, and that's not even limited to only those who are "hurt or in need." I like it when I can help make somebody's day just a little bit better than it otherwise would have been. I especially like thinking that because I've made somebody's day a little better, maybe they'll go on to treat the other people they deal with later in the day a little better than they otherwise might have, and all those people will in turn go on to have marginally better days, and so on. 

Imagine that Earth has a global happiness score, consisting of the sum of every human being's individual happiness, quantified somehow. One's net effect on this global score is, I think, a good measure of the value of one's life. It's not the only measure, to be sure, and maybe not the best one, but a good one. 

That is why I am so deeply grateful to every single fan of my work. Merely by deriving some quantity of enjoyment from my work, you make my life more worthwhile. Maybe that's a lot of philosophical baggage to put on some dirty movies, but this whole thing started in 2007 when a major life event impelled me to a more philosophical outlook in the first place. And I derive a great deal of personal satisfaction from knowing that I'm contributing to total global happiness.

EDIT: I lied, I'm answering earlier blog comments in the posts in which they were made. If you are waiting on an answer to an earlier comment, look for it there. Just don't add anything new, please


DB said...

Hey Red! Glad to see you posting again. Long time fan (of both you and VeggieTales actually, though I’d never connected the two until now). Just wanted to say thanks for everything. Also, as someone who first discovered you through that Mia interactive RPS game, if you ever did release more of those I’d be thrilled

Chill7509 said...

So i have an idea for a game. Im brand new to the membership site so whats the best way to share it? Also iv been a member for 10 minutes and its absolutely great.

dday66 said...

Thanks for that response about Cora and if you are still in touch with her just let her know she had and has many fans on here as she was /is a true all rounder!

Anonymous said...

Hi Red.
Just a little curiosity, what was your policy at lb about the use of condom? I noticed often the players wear them but not always, was it a personal choice? Some people, like Dante, used it in some scenes but not in others, did it depend on different partners or what else? Also, about the forfaits that ended with a creampie, was it something discussed and decided beforehand or just came up during the sex?
Do you have something more with Amber Chase?


Red said...

@DB: thanks, and thanks for being a fan (of my work, that is, although I'm sure Phil Vischer appreciates it too.) I do have some other sets of footage for interactive games like that game with Mia that doesn't work anymore now that Flash is kaput, and I do have a kind-of sort-of half-finished engine to run them, and I probably will publish them eventually at some point.

@Chill7509: I actually have nothing at all to do with the membership site lostbetsgames.com anymore, except they have the right to publish my old content. They're not even pay me for referrals anymore. I'd love to hear your idea for a game, but at this point I have no plans to make any new content and I may never. Lostbetsgames.com probably has some sort of contact email address you can use if you want to see if you can get them to make your game.

@dday66: If I get in touch with her, I'll definitely let her know!

@mnb: When people engage in unsafe sexual practices at lostbets.com, it's generally either because they know each other and do that sort of thing regularly off-camera, or because all parties have presented a recent clean bill-of-health. I don't remember how many cream pies we did, but I do know that know that for at least a couple of them it was discussed ahead of time. There may have been a time or two when it happened when it hadn't been explicitly discussed but nobody ever complained about it.

Yes, I do have some more with Amber Chase, and yes, it will be seen in its time.

dday66 said...

Red can I ask how you came into Cierra and whether you have any BTS of her

Red said...

@dday66: I met Cierra at FetishCon 2015 and never saw her again. She might've been a model, or she might have just been a kinky girl attending a kinky con who thought that Lost Bets sounded fun. She was local to the state where the convention was held. And she gave her full stage name as "Cierra Sade" on her paperwork, which is returning no useful results. That's all I've got. And yes, of course there is BTS, but like I said earlier I'm placing a moratorium on requests for now until I have some way of keeping track of them.

Diablo777 said...

Hey Red, Duncan here! Long time fan and follower of Lostbets. Hope you have been able to enjoy all the love on the blog here recently!

My first encounter with Lostbets was through the MIA Pov game and ever since I have loved all pov and interactive shoots you have put out. Is there any chance you can share a bit of Mia's other pov/interactive shoots you have done (it was in the excel sheet) as well as the interactive done by Stephanie (the Tristen Stephanie)? Would love to see that footage (here or by email)!
Or is it really impossible to get the footage from the interactives without the interactive part?

Also, who and how is it decided which games are put on Lostbetsgames?

Thanks in advance and take care!

Kind regards,

Chill7509 said...

Dang that kinda sucks. Lost Bets videos really are/were the best. Hopefully you decide to try again even though it sounds like your getting a raw deal and getting shut out. Is Lost bets even still alive without the mastermind behind it? Anyways ill post my idea as a separate reply because its very detailed.

Chill7509 said...

Its a long one cuz i got as detailed as as could when i 1st typed it out so sorry about the length
The Number of players can be 2+(works with just 2 or however many players though more than 2 or 3 would make for a long affair if played to full effect)
Essentially a multi round game of Uno in which a player must win 2 rounds in a row and the loser is at the complete  mercy of the winner. 
Play 1 round normally under house rules or official ether one, all players fully clothed. But if they wanted they can agree on special rules as long as any actual punishments is saved for in-between the rounds or during the special punishment round. 
The Winner stays fully clothed while the loser/s must strip to bra and panties and must do a single Dare/Penalty of the winners choosing or it could be done in more rounds so instead they can lose a single piece of clothing at a time. Its all personal preference and pretty flexible  as a core concept 
Once a player has won 2 (or the agreed on number of) consecutive rounds  they are declared the  winner but a special 3rd(or agreed upon number) round is still played. This time the loser/s is merely playing for a "mercy pass" to be used in the after game punishment/dare. During this round the winner can impose any special stipulation on play they want so long as gameplay is still fair.  (example. Winner can set a card to trigger whatever punishment they want such as the severity or occurrence of a mid game punishment. But winner cant use this to ask what cards they have or any other action that would be cheating such as fixing the deck). Also The winner can at any point pause gameplay to punish the loser/s. 
The Mercy Pass is a free "no not that". By default i say 1 but if you want to add a potential for more id say 3 at maximum for the full fun of it. It can only be used 1 time on one dare, but it only works that 1 time and does not protect or extend beyond the round, in case of multiple passes it can not be used on the same thing any pass coves you that one time and only for the round.  Once the mercy pass(only active if the losing player won the special round otherwise they are out of luck) is invoked that punishment cannot be used for the rest  of the turn. Example( Dare is a ripping piledriver wedgie. Use of mercy pass protects them from  any variation of Piledriver wedgie, again ONLY that turn)
After the strip rounds the losing person is at the mercy of the winner until the winner frees them. During this time barring the use of the mercy pass whatever dare/punishment the winner orders no matter what, unless its physically impossible of course the loser must comply no how humiliating. Also during the Ultimate punishment round the Mercy pass only works by the dare. So say for example a poor loser stockpiled Mercy Passes and  has 3 of them  , as soon as they do whatever alternate they  can still be made to do it later.  So basically during the Ultimate Punishment round the Mercy pass can only put off a punishment not fully prevent it. Best part is its all very much flexible. You can fix the rules to be restricted to certain forfeits or let them lose and see what devious ideas the winner has. And at the end theres still room for the basic betting of the ass, just a lot of room for the winner to have their own type of fun too. You can even fix the number of rounds. At least one time id love to see my little vision played out but hey you can probably use the idea better then i ever will.

Red said...

@Duncan: I don't think "enjoy" is quite the right word to describe how I feel about the outpouring of love from this community, but I do appreciate it, very much.

I shot an awful lot of footage for interactive games during my early shoots, because as Ashton pointed out during my first shoot ever, there was really no reason not to shoot interactives every time. They were fairly quick and easy to shoot, and I only ever stopped shooting them because I was never actually doing anything with them. Here it is a decade and a half later and I'm still only halfheartedly worked on them. I suppose I could just release the footage as raw video, but that's really quite a bit less satisfying than seeing those videos the way they were intended.

When I first started licensing my content to lostbetsgames.com and I had hundreds of episodes that hadn't yet been published there, I used sales figures from the clip store to choose which clips I sent to themto publish. That is, the more a clip was still selling on the clip store, the less likely it was to make it over to the membership site. But as the years went by, the membership site started to catch up to the clip store (I'm still not sure how that happened) until by the end, clips were making it to the membership site as fast as they were making it to the clip store.

@Chill7509: Oh, I definitely did not get a raw deal from the lostbetsgames.com folks. We had a cordial and mutually-beneficial relationship for years. No hard feelings on either side. They're still making content, but I have nothing to do with it, creatively nor financially.

I'll tell you what I think of your game tomorrow. Going to bed.

PV said...

Hey Red - two quick questions:

1. Someone in the last thread asked if you had more BTS footage of (or info on) Angela and Jasmine from E400 and you said you did. Just seconding that request.

2. I think I speak for many when I say I was very pleasantly surprised to hear you some footage of Fern getting fucked. I'd love to see that get published.

(I appreciate all of the free footage the past few weeks, but would also gladly pay for any of this.)

lostbetslova said...

Hey Red just throwing this out there for fun...I'd pay any amount of $ for the unreleased game with Erica, Fern and Anastasia those 3 had mind blowing chemistry! hope to see it released in the future

Cheers bud

Anonymous said...

You're the man, Red. Thanks, again, for everything.


Anonymous said...

Eh, fuck it l'll bite. You did good work. The performers seemed happy to do the job. l paid for it; l got my money's worth. Fuck Capitalism but that's about as un-raw a deal as you'll ever see within it... Red...

l'll admit some curiosity about Taylor (of the Taylor, Camille, and Nicole shoot) for a couple of reasons. 1: The scenes she was in were some of the hottest pornography l've seen, at least for me. And 2: as popular as she was, had she done any other scenes it would have come up in the comments around here. So yeah, what's the story? Was it a one time "fuck it why not?" Are there scenes that no one found? Inquiring minds want to know.

--A Not-Mouse
(yeah, kind of a cop out on not doing anonymous but ¯\_ツ_/¯)

Piti said...

Its nice to read you again Red, but we will want is see games. With all the love:

less speech------- more games

Anonymous said...

we got any info on anya? that chick is fire

Red said...

@Chill7509: Your ideas could make for a great fantasy or work of fiction, but there would be a few problems with using them in real life or as part of a lostbets.com game. One of the biggest, I think, is the extremely open-ended nature of the forfeits. "Loser has to do whatever the winners says" sounds great on paper, but in real life most people just aren't that mean and wouldn't choose to inflict anything overly humiliating on somebody they have no real reason to dislike. And even if a winner has a sadistic streak, she knows that she might be on the receiving end after the next game and worries about future retaliation. If you want to have a game with a lot of forfeits like that, I find that it works better to pick the forfeits myself ahead of time and then have the players choose them at random at game time.

@PV: Well, you can pretty much assume that I've got BTS and outtakes of just about everyone and everything. There are literally weeks of footage that didn't make the final cut. It's just a matter of going on a long and detailed treasure hunt to find the gold. As for Angela and Jasmine, I don't know much about them other than that they were friends of Dante. He was a social butterfly and had a lot of friends, and his silver-tongued easy-going charm gave him a knack for talking them into things.

And I'm well aware of the demand to see Fern fucked. I need to get organized and get a good production pipeline going. I know that you and many others would happily pay for this content, and I appreciate that. And I probably will end up charging for the hotter stuff I find. But the prospect of making money just isn't that much of a motivator for me. I've expressed that sentiment before on this blog, and while I wouldn't blame anybody for taking that with a grain of salt, it's the truth. I like money as much as the next Jew, but it's never been my motivation for doing this. I'm not exactly rich but I don't need much and I've got everything I need. I'm a lot more likely to be motivated by the knowledge that every day I delay releasing that footage, I'm disappointing fans. I'll get it out there.

(Watch me contradict this noble sentiment in the very next paragraph.)

@lostbetslova: Really?? You'd pay any amount of dollars? Well, if you really mean that, you (or anyone) can pay me six figures and I will immediately drop everything I'm doing and get right on producing the video of your choice. Hell, maybe I'd be willing to dicker down to five figures. Or you can just wait and get it for much cheaper, although I can't say when.

@AB: You're very welcome, my friend, and I hope it was worth the wait. I love your shows on the Food Network, unless you're a different AB than the one I'm thinking of.

@A Not-Mouse: Taylor, like Angela and Jasmine, was a friend of Dante, and I don't know much about her. I'm sorry I don't have better news. You're also far from the first to ask about her.

Don't sweat it about your handle. I've heard worse. All I ask is that you please pick something and stick to it.

@Piti: I know. Patience.

@Anon 6:23 (please sign your posts): Um... Anya? Who's Anya?

Anonymous said...

Red any girls that you found difficulty in working with? Whether that be creatively or you just didn't click with?

The Pin

dday66 said...

Red can you say how you came into contact with Roxy and whether the shoot involving her all took place in one days shoot

Red said...

@The Pin: That's a really good question, and one would think I'd have a really good answer. One would think that after working for so many years with so many different models I'd have at least a handful of great horror stories involving insane players doing insane things. But I don't, not really. There was one time at FetishCon when I scheduled a morning shoot and the players showed up still staggeringly drunk from partying the night before. After a valiant but futile effort to make the game happen anyway, I sent them home, and learned a lesson about scheduling morning shoots during FetishCon. But that's really about as bad as it got. On two occasions I've had girls bail out after a shoot had started when they decided that lostbets.com wasn't for them, but both times it was handled professionally and cordially, with no hard feelings on either side.

Oh, and then there was Cocoa. She was something else. She appeared in the shoot 20170602 Cocoa Nina and she only did POVs. I don't think I ever publish any of them, but if I ever do, I'm going to make it very clear that they should be viewed as comedy rather than eroticism. She was ansolutely terrible, a lousy recruit from sexyjobs.com that soured me on the site for awhile afterward. The photos in her ad were, to put it mildly, misleading. She described her body type as "athletic", which works as long as you use a broad definition of "athlete". And her eyebrows, you would not believe her eyebrows. Worse, she didn't follow instructions. I always told players to bring an assortment of several outfits, about one per hour of schedule shooting, each consisting of at least four pieces of clothing. Cocoa showed up wearing one outfit consisting of three garments, and carrying nothing else. So Caitlin took her shopping, and… you know what, I don't want to talk about her anymore. It feels like punching downward.

Speaking of that complete list of shoots I published a few of weeks ago, there is one shoot on that list that I am surprised that nobody has asked me about yet.

@dday66: Roxy, on the other hand, was a successful recruit from sexyjobs.com. If memory serves, she was modeling her lush body to earn money for graduate school. And yes, I only shot her on the one day, in 20161016 Gracie Roxy.

Anonymous said...

Been a huge fan of your work since the beginning, looking through the unpublished list what about the earth and fire game with Avi Cass Dante Lydia Thomas?


Chill7509 said...

Really the best part is how easily its fixed, like you could realistically make the winner choose certain only forfeits. I think the flexibility of it it is actually the most appealing part, because as long as there is some forfeits between rounds and the final being a winner gets their fun kinda deal,the core concept stays intact. My main thing about the idea us the flexibility itself because you can bend it to whatever shape you want it to be, a real game a rigged one. A foot fest a strip teas it can do it all.( But of course i like my own idea and will say that lol) and im glad it wasn't a "forced outta the picture" situation with you and them. If both sides are cool and happy its as close to perfect deal as you can get so thats awesome

MJ said...

Hey Red, do you know if Mouna Leesa is doing other work actively still? Loved the few episodes she was in

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

What was the back-story with Stefanie? You mention she was recruited by Tobi, was it just a chance meeting in a bar or what? And the second time, how come she was so embarrassed after what Tobi inflicted the first time?!

I had a couple of ideas for games, if you do ever go back to production - here is one of them:
- Setup: Two teams of 2 girls. All the girls wear bikinis with string fastenings.
-Materials: Laminated sheets of paper with holes punched in the corners (maybe 15-20 per team) and zip ties (maybe 30-40 per team plus 4-6 specials in a different colour)
- Toss a coin to decide which girl in each team is the 'victim' and which is the 'player'. - The teams have 5 to 10 minutes to construct a costume on the victim in each team out of the materials provided. Then the victims bikinis are removed from underneath the costume and the game begins. The victims have to stand completely still, arms by their side, legs slightly apart (maybe some extra forfeit if they move too much).
- It's a simple game of dice between the players (we're at least 10 minutes in by now so it needs to be!). The number thrown is the number of zip ties that they get to cut from the opposing teams victim costume (1-6). Depending on the costume design they might end up with the whole outfit falling apart at once, or various other indignities (just the crotch comes visible, one boob out etc).
- The first costume to give way completely is the loser (give way = whole costume is below the knee)
- The losing victims player also has to strip (because clearly they helped with the desib/construction), and they have to do a forfeit (pose however the winners like for 5-10 mins / get messy would be my preference)

Note on the special zip ties - these either cannot be cut, or they require the player to roll a 6 (and choose between 6 normal zip ties or 1 special)

There is some tactics in how to design the costume (do you try to build underwear as well, or just some kind of crude maxi dress) and where to place the special ties / double up key joints etc), and how do you prevent the whole thing falling off if the shoulders get cut to keep it interesting. And the ENF of the victim having their body gradually (or not) exposed and being powerless to prevent it.

Keen to hear what you think


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info on Maia in the other blog post Red! Wild that she wouldn't do hardcore but rimjobs were fine!

What was the background behind Sarabeth?


dday66 said...

Red if I can ask about BTS, on a typical shoot how many people would have been present who were not on camera? Was it a closed set?

Red said...

@JGW: Good eye. It was getting late in the day and everybody was getting pretty tired and lethargic. Earth and Fire in particular doesn't work very well if the players aren't into it, so we abandoned the game.

Thanks very much for being such a longtime fan, and let me know if you have any other questions.

@Chill509: Well, if I ever do any more shooting, I'll keep your ideas in mind. I've never really been concerned about how easy it would be to rig a game or a forfeit, however.

@MJ: I think I remember hearing somewhere that Mouna retired from modeling because of a health issue, but I don't really know and couldn't say for sure.

@TheXX: Tobi was a bartender, and a very personable person. She would frequently get to chatting with the customers, and sometimes she would mention her friend who made porn. And some of them were intrigued and/or inebriated enough to express interest, and she would refer them to me. I think that's how she met Stefanie, although I'm not sure. As for why Stefanie seemed more embarrassed her second time, your guess is as good as mine. Perhaps it's because she had met and chatted with Tobi, while SarahBeth was a complete stranger to her.

As for your idea, I like the concept of a paper dress held together with zip ties. It reminds me of a similar concept: a dress made out of balloons, and an antagonist armed with a pin. Keep in mind that you're worried about length, all 10 minutes of dress fabrication doesn't need to be in the final video. In any case, it's another thing I'll definitely keep in mind if I ever start shooting again. (I feel the need to emphasize that this remains unlikely, though.)

@Guild: Well, there been a few occasions when players have surprise me with what they considered off-limits and what they considered fair game. For example, there was Ember and Rainy…

SarahBeth was another recruit from sexyjobs.com. I know it must seem like I got a lot of players from that site, but I really didn't.

@dday66: I was always there, of course, and after the first couple of years, Johnny and Hippo were both at almost every shoot, too. We usually had a fourth crewperson there to act as an extra pair of hands. Frequently, that was one of my girlfriends (Prudella, Lauribelle, or Morgan) or Johnny's (Delilah, Eva, or Caitlin). We've also had my cousin Homer as our fourth crew nenbe, and Hippo's friend Ferret, and Quarry, about whom the less said, the better. And as for it being a "closed set", hardly. The shoots weren't exactly open to the public (they all took place in private residences or hotel rooms) but spectators weren't uncommon. I invited my brother and sister-in-law to a shoot once, and my friend/ex L and her husband J, and Hippo invited his wife, and Johnny invited some friends from the bar where he hung out. And the players themselves were welcome to bring along whomever they want as well, and sometimes they did.

Anonymous said...

Alright found a new favorite episode and player from way back I really love. Though hate she never ever took off her damn converse �� anyone have any links or know the pro acting name for Raquel? Would be much appreciated. Would love to hear opinions on episodes with the best forced orgasms. When I find a new really good one it's like a whole new thrill and rush all over again tbh haha


Red said...

@tbone67: That would be Raquel Roper, and she is an experienced professional, and there is quite a lot of her out there. Enjoy.

justinpe730 said...

Hey Red, any chance I could get the unpublished vid of SarahBeth and Stefanie? The game was Boomsticks.

Red said...

@tbone67: As for my personal favorite forced orgasms, there are a few that stand out for me. I'll never forget Episode 038, the first time a winner forced an orgasm from a loser, and it was hot as hell. I was still very new at this and I was still working alone, just me, two girls, and the camera, and my throat was dry and my heart was pounding as I watched the scene unfold. And watching that scene later on turned Lily on enough to want to risk it herself in Episode 043. Then there was Episode 253, which involved two players trying to competitively vibrate orgasms out of two other players. The girl who succumbed didn't think she could have a legit orgasm even voluntarily, and it was so sexy watching the flush and gradually spread down her chest as the sensations overpowered her resistance. And of course, Episode 606, when the loser surprised the hell out of everybody including herself at her climax by squirting.

@justinpe730: The issue with that one was the forfeit. It was my first attempt to do what eventually became Episode 669, and it just didn't work out very well, so I decided to pass on it. But there has been a lot of love for both Stefanie and SarahBeth and this one does need to be published. But absolutely no promises as to when.

RS said...

I love that you invited friends and family to watch sometimes. If I were playing a stripping game, having non-playing spectators would really heighten the nervousness, which is part of the fun. Or better yet, a public game with strangers watching….!

Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

any chance you can publish the outtakes with Stacey or add the unpublished episode to the list? Or know if theres anywhere else I can find her?


StripPokerKing said...

Wow - bit bored this evening so logged in on the off chance that anything had changed on Lost Bets. What a brilliant couple of hours reading through the recent blog post.

No questions or requests from me Red - just a thanks !

Red said...

@RS: I was always happy to share lostbets.com with friends and family, because I was very proud of it and loved showing off. And you'd be surprised how many people will happily accept an invitation to a porn shoot. (Or maybe you wouldn't be. I don't know.) And while playing a stripping game in front of spectators or in public might be extra-embarrassing, don't forget that every one of our games had thousands of "spectators". They weren't physically present but the cameras were, and I would remind the players that thousands of people were watching through them.

@tt51: I already did publish the outtake with Stacey; here's the link. The unpublished game (Group, which was the game Set, which I never used again) will get published eventually, but as always, no guarantees as to when. And unfortunately, I don't know if Stacey has done anything other than lostbets.

@StripPokerKing: I was really touched by how many fans had stuck around and kept checking the blog while I'd ghosted for years, but it was tinged with sadness at the thought of how many fans who would have loved the material I was posting must have given up and gone away long ago. I'm glad you found your way back and I hope others do too.

RS said...

"And you'd be surprised how many people will happily accept an invitation to a porn shoot. (Or maybe you wouldn't be. I don't know.)"

Haha, I know! I'm in San Francisco and was able to be present off-camera for several Kink.com shoots. My housemates and I also rented out our entire house for a week to a major porn studio. Got to watch quite a lot of the filming and even had a fully dressed cameo with screen credit for it. (A few years later, a porn blog did a top 10 list of "little known porn locations in San Francisco" and my home was number one!)

Still, knowing people will see it is a little removed from seeing and hearing their reactions as you're getting exposed.

Anonymous said...

Does have anyone have no sound on there video

Anonymous said...

howdy red! longtime fan, thanks for all the content, you will always be the mvp to me! you eer hear if avi did any more work? she ruled!

-pip x

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the content over the years. Do you know if Julie's presently doing any content or is she retired?


Red said...

@RS: That sounds awesome. Wish I'd known about it while I was still shooting; I might have made a trip to San Francisco.

@Anon 9:33 (please sign your posts): I guess not. Did you get it to work?

@pip: Avi did indeed rule. She came up from Oregon with Julie, Kyle, and Hope. She was initially scheduled for just the first of two consecutive days I was planning to shoot at Dante's new apartment, but Dante was so taken with her that he wanted her back the next day, when he would be playing. He even volunteered to pay her modeling fee. Unfortunately, I don't know if she's done anything else, and I've looked. You're not the first to ask.

@Grieg: After many years of sharing her beautiful body with a grateful world, Julie has retired. And we all wish her the very best.

Anonymous said...

She is the one that did the paint with Lexie