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Thursday, September 9, 2021

More outtakes

 Got a few more outtakes for you guys. Hope you like them.

The first one was shot in the dressing room after Episode 446. Catherine regales Lizzie and Tara with the story of the forfeit she was forced to do in Episode 332.

LBOuttakes 20140805 Catherine tells Tara and Lizzy about an embarrassing forfeit

The next clip, a brief one, came right after we stopped filming Episode 180, one of the first POV's I ever shot. Kandie had to masturbate at the end, and before we started filming, she asked me how long she should masturbate for. I told her to just do it until she came. She warned me that she doubted she could actually get turned on and make herself cum doing it for a camera. I told her to just do her best, and if it started going on for too long, I'd interrupt and we'd talk about having her fake it.

It didn't go on for too long.

She had only been at it for a couple of minutes when certain loud slurping sounds, clearly audible from where I stood behind the camera, made it obvious that she could indeed get turned on masturbating for a camera. Not long after that she brought herself to an orgasm so massive that it left her spasming and embarrassed. This clip is just a few seconds of her staggering off afterword, still blushing and glowing.

LBOuttakes 20100515 Kandie embarrassed after masturbating to orgasm

The last one is a gift for the many, many fans who have asked over many years to see more of Kodak. In Episode 237, she and Cody had to do some naked exercises, including jumping jacks. You could see them in the episode, but we had several cameras running and caught the action from several different angles. And here they all are. 


Magmamucho said...

Thanks! I enjoy reading your insights into LostBets.

Anonymous said...

Any more Fern outtakes?


Red said...

@Magmamucho: It's my pleasure to share, my friend. Let me know if you have any questions.

@Shredder: Here you go. I think you'll like this one. LBOuttakes 20120606 Fern can't stop giggling while shooting promos

Anonymous said...

Are there any julie outtakes?

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing those.

Still hoping for anything you have got on Jasmine and Angela!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Red, that was awesome.


justinpe730 said...

Hey Red,

Glad to see more outtakes :D Any chance we'll be seeing more of Kandie soon?

Anonymous said...

just curious... when you were recruiting Fern and Lumen, the friends of your girlfriend's daughter, was your girlfriend concerned or supportive or upset that you might also recruit her daughter as well?

another question...
did you ever date any of the players who ended up before your camera, or try to recruit someone you were dating?


Red said...

@Anon 1:02: Yeah, probably, but not for somebody who doesn't sign their posts. Sign your posts.

@justinpe730: Dude, I just posted an outtake with Kandie, but I'll look for others.

@Askgulky: I very well might have something with them in. Stay tuned.

@Shredder: Yeah, that video of Fern was pretty awesome, wasn't it? I'm having a blast looking through old material and finding gems like that.

Lumen's friend's mother was no longer my girlfriend at the time I recruited her, if indeed she ever was. We only dated for a few weeks and never used the title. But we remained friends, and as we were both avid fans of George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire she invited me over to her place to watch the premiere of Game of Thrones. That's where I met Lumen.

But Lumen's friend's mother, to whom I have just assigned the pseudonym Candace, was supportive of me recruiting her daughter's friends, as she was supportive of her son Casper becoming my intern. I don't think she would have objected had I recruited her daughter Peggy as well, which I certainly would have had there been any hope, which there was not. Peggy was a very striking 18-year-old brunette who actually ended up living in my house for a few months because… it's complicated, all right? It's always complicated.

In general the women I've dated have been supportive of my vocation, with most of them working for (and providing invaluable help to) Lost Bets Productions. The one woman who cited Lost Bets as a reason for a breakup was L, who posted in the last blog thread, and whom I hope will pick a full pseudonym for herself if she posts again. L was also the only one of my paramours or exes I've tried to recruit for a role in front of the camera. (I think.) Unsuccessfully, I still regret.

Except for once, I've never even made a pass at one of my players, always keeping relations friendly but professional. I was genuinely distressed by how many experienced models found this novel, but I'm pretty sure I've ranted about that in the past.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red. Were there any outtakes or even unpublished games with Aimee?

Unknown said...

Have known of this material for a long time but just now have become a subscriber. You truly did a marvelous job of capturing innovative adult content that brought fun back into porn. Thank you, and keep this new files coming!

dday66 said...

Red do you have any further content and footage of Cora either nude or clothed?

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

Loving these outtakes and stories.

How did you find/meet Mary and Amber? They both seemed pretty shy at first, but later went on to do other adult work - was lostbets the first stuff they did? And did you ever ask Mary to do hardcore?

I am so glad you shot lots of scenes of Mary, as her porn career was pretty short-lived (at least AFAIK). And Amber started in 2008 and still shooting in 2017 - what a stalwart (although I preferred her body pre boob-job personally).


Anonymous said...

Back in May of 2015 you released a Lost Bets Promo pack including all the "I lost all my clothes" Promos. Any chance of releasing a promo pack including the "I Lost all my clothes" promos that you posted since releasing the initial promo pack?


Red said...

@JW: Yeah, probably. I'll have a look.

@Unknown: I "brought the fun back into porn?" You're much too kind. But thank you. By the way, while I hope you're enjoying your subscription, I don't really have anything to do with the membership site anymore. Any content they've made in the last year or so has been all them.

@dday66: Yup, sure do. I've been saying this for months, but I really need to set up a system for tracking these requests.

@TheXX: Amber was referred to me by Ashley. Here's the first email I got from her, dated March 29, 2008:

Hi there,
Ashely told me about your projects and I wanted to let you know that I am interested in working with you and think that Ash and I could have a lot of fun. I took a look at your clip, playful, neat, cute. I'd totally do stuff like that. Let me know if you are intersted in having me join Ashley for a video shoot.
Hope to hear from you soon

I'm pretty sure I found Mary on Model Mayhem. That site tightened its anti-porn policies and blocked my account, so I can't see my past communications with her or anyone else; the first email I sent her was a briefing on the upcoming shoot. But I believe she was already an experienced fetish model at the time. For those not in the know, Mary has done other work (including hardcore) under the names Ashley Haven and Anna Stevens, but even at that early stage in my career I already had players named both Ashley and Anna so I asked her to choose something else.

I also preferred Amber's factory-original body, but she had good reasons for getting the mods, both personal and professional. I'll let her explain in this outtake footage I found: LBOuttakes 20171208 Amber talks about her new boobs. They mention Kandie, my other small-chested player who got a boob job.,

(I have no idea how the story that Amber was telling at the start of this clip began.)

@K: Well, I'm certainly much too lazy to go through the promos to find out which ones are newer than the old promo pack, but I will update the promo pack to include all of the new ones. Here you go.

Red said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting that promo pack -- those are fantastic!

Flipping through it reminded me of Candle Box -- another on of my favorites on your site. Do you know what happened to her? Does she still model?


Anonymous said...

Hi, Red! Thanks as always for your tenacious activity on this blog and these comment sections. Amber and the other model didn't seem very happy with Kandie. Do you know what their problem with her was? I know not everybody can like everybody but I really noticed their apparent distaste. Just curious, thanks for everything!


dday66 said...

Red thanks for confirming that there may be other material involving some of the models that may need to be put in order in order for it to be checked through. I’m sure everybody on here has their favourite girl/model and will look forward to whatever further information and footage you can publish in the future. Again I’m sure that you can see that your site has a lot of fans and that you yourself have a lot of people who appreciate what you have done and it’s fingers crossed to see if in the future any of this material can be published.

Again take care

Red said...

@Askgulky: I haven't heard from Candle in several years and have no idea what she's up to these days. I should drop her a note to say hi.

@Eric: I have no idea! That was Julie, and as you could hear in the clip, I reacted with surprise when I heard it. Julie and Kandie did play together in 2011 but if there was any bad blood between them, I was oblivious to it. Maybe they had a feud some time after that.

@dday65: Well, like I've said, there's more material of just about everybody. For almost all the games there was more than one camera running, so there are other angles for just about everything. And there's preroll/postroll for most of the games, and some of it is pretty good. And I have promo reels for most of the players, although not Aimee. There's plenty of good stuff out there, it's just a matter of finding it.

S said...

What was your interactions with yesenia like? On one of the videos you mentioned in the description she had a rough journey through life and it showing.

Jack said...

Hi Red! Any chances that there will be a new video with Jelly? I love that girl.

Mismanager said...

I’d agree with Jack about Jelly, and would also support those wanting more of Fern. Two others of my favourites are Anastasia and Heather. Lots more of those too, please.

Rob said...

Since the other guy didn't sign his post I'll ask in their place, any outtakes with Julie in it? I bought two of her videos(one that became free a couple weeks after which sucked but oh well) and love any new content with her.

dday66 said...

Thats great news Red and that there is a veritable feast of material of the work that you have built up over the years. I like the BTS material and especially if it shows the models clothed before the recording starts as then they can be seen truly nervous before tempting their fate in the game, fingers crossed theres some hidden material of Cora and that perhaps one day the material you are refering to can be published

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the promos. I don't think the Mina one was ever posted to the blog.


Red said...

@S: I met Yesenia at FetishCon 2015. It's not my place to divulge details of her personal life (and, to be frank, I don't trust my memory to report them accurately anyway; it was a long time ago) but she had scars on her body that spoke of her troubled history. A few of my players, mostly professional models, have had social problems of varying severity, both past and ongoing. Over the years I had debates with myself about the ethics of hiring troubled and/or damaged women to work in pornography, but I eventually decided that I was offering them work that was safe, legal, well-paid, usually fine, and (in my eyes if not in societt's at large) not at all shameful. I concluded that I wasn't doing anything ethically wrong and might have been doing something ethically laudable.

@Jack: Sure, here is LBOuttakes 20120606 Jelly shoots promos. I've told the story of how I met Jelly, right?

@Mismanager: Okay, fine, here's Anastasia's promo reel too: LBOuttakes 20120509 Anastasia shoots promos

@Rob: There will be more of Julie to come, I can pretty well guarantee that. And I'm sorry that you paid for a clip I later gave away for free, but look at it this way: probably a lot more people were happy that the clip was free than were unhappy.

Pindawg said...

Hey red

Hope all's going well I've been reading all the post since you've come back it's been rather pleasant to hear back stories of shoots

I was wondering besides everyone else wanting more Julie she really was well loved

What can u say about Zahara did u have more of her did she ever do anything under a different name maybe

Mismanager said...

Many thank. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I want to add to the list of well-wishers for the stuff you created. You created positive fun material. This was the first porn that my GF and I purchased to watch together. We loved watching the videos where the 'mean spirited' winners from one game (making fun of the losers) were losers and get a comeuppance in another. Loved Sheri, Fern (of course), Zahara, Mouna, ... Loved the games. Seeing the BTS helps keep it fun.

Thanks man!

Anonymous said...

Hello Red- do you do customs? If so, is there a good email address to reach you?

Brianandvinny56 said...

Hey Red do you remember how you found Zoe or if she ever did anything outside of lostbets? Any outtakes?

Brianandvinny56 said...

Oo also meant to ask the same question about Jane too

Gbfan said...

Kodak, Bibi, and Cody have been in other videos elsewhere together and with others. Bibi goes by Lil Kelly and Cody goes by Cute Tabby. Kodak has been in some of the videos I’ve found online but I can’t get an alternative name for her. In case anyone is looking for a fix…

Red said...

Sorry for the long delay, folks. Please no more comments in this thread; I'll have a new top-level post up later today.

@dday66: I'll keep my eye out. I'm sure I'll find some good stuff. Stay tuned.

@K: I actually think that I have a good half-dozen or so unpublished promos from one of the FetishCons somewhere. I'll look for them too.

@Pindawg: I'm glad you been enjoying these posts. Let me know if you have any questions.

Julie would probably win a poll for fan favorite, and it's not hard to see why. I'm sure I've got plenty of worthwhile outtakes of her. I'll be saying some stuff about Zahara in the top-level post I'll be making later today, but the short of it is that I wouldn't be surprised if she's done other modeling work, but if she did, I have no idea for whom nor where it could be found.

@Robbo: I've heard lots of things from fans that made me swell with pride, but that's a new one. First porn you bought to watch with your GF? Wow. I'm very glad if I was able to help enhance your sex life; that's definitely a mitzvah. Thank you for being a fan, and please thank your GF for me as well.

@Anon 6:55 (please sign your posts): At this time, I'm not doing any filming at all, and haven't for almost two years. When I was filming, I got several requests for customs, and I always gave the same answer. Tell me your idea, I said, and if I like it and it's on-point for my site, I'll film it. I'll do it for free, and I'll even give you a free copy of the first finished episode using your idea. If I didn't like your idea, I probably wasn't the best choice to film it anyway.

Over the years I did take many ideas from fans, and I did give out free clips to the fans who gave me those ideas, and these were universally received with gratitude, sometimes very effusive. I know I've said this before on this blog, but I always wanted to grab these people by the shoulders, shake them, and say: You do realize that I took your idea and I turned it into money, right? Your idea will bring me hundreds or potentially thousands of dollars, and what do I give you in return? A free clip, which it is worth 20 bucks or less to you and cost me a fraction of a penny. I'm the one who should be thanking you, I wanted to shout. But I've already posted about how this whole experience caused me to have an epiphany about the nature of gratitude.

tl;dr: No, I don't do customs.

@Brianandvinny56: Zoe? You picked one of the players I know very little about. I think that both she and Tessa were referred by Belle and came up from Portland with her, but I don't trust my memory enough to swear to it.

Jane, on the other hand, is a professional porn actress who went by the name Violet Blue until she was successfully sued for trademark infringement by an author who also used that name, so she changed to Noname Jane. You can find plenty more of her under that name. Plenty.

@Gbfan: Thanks for finding more of Cody and Bibi. I'm sure that a lot of there are many fans will be grateful. If you can find more of Kodak, please post it. But it must be fairly old material, since I'm pretty sure that she stopped modeling shortly after she worked with us and is now is a professional in the aviation industry.

Red said...

@Brianandvinny56: Oops, you said Zoe, not Zodiac. Sorry. Same answer, except my memory is even shakier. She might have come with Amber, or might not have.