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Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Pi Day!

Yes, today is 3.14, and in honor of Pi Day... we've got pie. Or rather, the girls have pie. A pie-eating contest, that is. Check it out at the clip store. Wet-and-messy fans, this one's for you. Bon apetit!


Anonymous said...


Sadly my net access is very limited right now but you can bet (ha) I will download next month.

You might want to post a plug to the umd.net forums. People deserve to know ;)


Anonymous said...

Pie looks good.

How about updating your survey board to include the new girls.


Anonymous said...

Hey red, looks good, i'll probably be buying the last 2 vids, my computer busted a hard drive and is getting fixed.....using my work laptop for internet usage, don't think that will work, lmao, but love your vids and i'll definately be buying some. Last thing, i know you've heard this a million times but get off clips 4 sale, lol, expensive...

Anonymous said...

You promised it would be messy with the girls, and so they are. I bet they had to clean up for at least an hour after the video was filmed ;-)
Only thing I disliked where the glitches in the clip (image freezing).

Red said...

em: Thanks for the suggestion, I'll do that.

Jack: I actually went one better and replaced the poll with a multiple choice... rather than asking which girl's your favorite, I ask which girls you'd like to see more of. I'll see what I can do to get the most popular ones back.

Myself: There are glitches? Where? Can you give me the times when they occur? (And tell me whether you've got the HD or SD version.) I'll look into it right away.

Anonymous said...

It's Myself again. I've now downloaded the FFDShow package you recommend on C4S, and the glitches : they are gone.
Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

what is umd.net?

Anonymous said...

UMD.net is the ultimate wet and messy directory. The mecca for Wet and Messy on the web.

Anonymous said...

You going to be able to keep up the 1 a week schedule red?

Anonymous said...

I downloaded the HD version of this & it's fantastic (heard about this site on the UMD but will now keep checking for new messy forfeit vids).

On the subject of mess... Have had an idea for a messy challenge/forfeit combination...
2 or 3 girls have are blindfolded & have to identify the contents of buckets (eg baked beans, custard & spaghetti etc) by dipping their bare feet into the buckets... every wrong bucket & they lose an item of clothing, forfeit is that the first girl stripped naked has to sit in a bath & have the contents of all the buckets poured over her... this could be further made nastier by chilling all the buckets or to really up the ante, insist that the girl must masturbate to orgasm whilst covered in slime.

Red said...

Anon 12:36: I'm gonna try, for at least the next couple of weeks. After that, we'll see. I'm still awfully busy with my real life, but not as much as I used to be. I'm starting to think about doing another shoot. This site needs a redhead.

Anon 5:13: Thanks for buying the vid, and I'm glad you liked it. Thanks also for the suggestion, it's an interesting one. It's a bit more involved than my usual schemes, but maybe I could work it in. I keep on saying that my goal is to achieve variety, and that'd certainly be different :)

ponytail said...

The Dare Ring Website has been commented about before here. One interesting thing they have in the game they play is that the game escalates as it goes along.
Maybe an idea for a game on lost bets would be to play a simple game like high card. Beside the players would be a stack of large "activity cards" that are propped up so the camera can see them. Each time a player loses a round they have to flip over the next card and do the activity written on it - they can't see what they have to do until they lost the round. The activities start off being fairly mild, but as more rounds are lost and more activities are performed they get hotter. The activities can involve both stripping and doing forfeits. The activities can also be custom made so that the players will only have to do things that they are willing to do in front of the camera.
As an example: The second card might read "Take off your blouse and bra". A card later on might read "If your aren't playing topless, take off your blouse and/or bra. Then rub an ice cube on your nipples." Another card later might read "If you still have your blouse or bra on, remove them now. Then, the person with the highest card will give your breasts a little squeeze". And so on.