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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Play with a friend. Or, play with yourself.

New update is posted. Popular Paris returns with perennial fan favorite Ashley, along with spectator Alan. The loser has to perform a pretty major forfeit, as hinted at by the title of this post. Hope you like it.


Anonymous said...

Red, this was amazingly hot. Good job and keep it up. Can you give us a clue about what you have planned for an encore next?

Red said...

Thanks! I'm so glad you liked it.

Sure, I can give a clue about what's coming up. This weekend will feature another game with Ashley and Kala, only things will be a little different. The loser won't take off a piece of clothing. Instead, the winner will pick a piece of the loser's clothing and remove it for her. With a pair of scissors. Snip, snip.

After that, I'm not sure. I've still got footage of a couple more Ashley and Kala games. There are also a few more games featuring Ashley, Addie, and Paris, and Simon and Alan as well, including games where Simon and Alan participate rather than just watching. But there are those darned microphone issues, they really bug me. I tend to be a perfectionist about my work and I just don't know if the rest of the material is good enough to publish. We'll see.

What I really need to do is schedule another shoot or two. And I will. I'm trying to recruit some new girls. Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

To begin: love your videos, I've five in my collection so far. Keep up the great work.

Microphone suggestions: (1) a little WD-40 (emphasize "little") on the tripod where it turns or alternatively grease, not oil (2) loosen the tripod so it has virtually no resistance (3) use an external mic - cameras tend to have AG (or automatic gain) which "balances" all sound, from a cough to a stick of dynamite.

My day job for years was making commercials for local cable channels. The trouble appears to be with the tripod, and could be as simple as not using the tripod but setting the camera on a table and limit the camera's movements.

Red said...

Hey, first off: thanks for the compliment. I know I say that every time somebody pays me a compliment, but I mean it just as sincerely each time. Seriously. The appreciation of the fans means very, very much to me, and I'm really glad that you like my vids.

Thanks also for the advice. I'm always happy to hear tips from a professional, and I sure as hell can use them :) You're quite right that the problem was the tripod... I diagnosed that as soon as I listened to the footage for the first time, and then I smacked myself in the face several times for being such a chowderhead. Now I always bring a pair of headphones to monitor the audio while I shoot.

I had gotten tired of the crap audio I was getting out of the camera's built-in mic, so I'd just bought a new shotgun mic. Turns out the mic mount transmits vibrations from the tripod something fierce. (And yes, it probably wouldn't have been so bad if I'd lubricated the tripod a bit, and I also probably had the tripod adjustment set too tightly.) I fixed the problem in the next shoot by not mounting the mic to the camera and instead putting it on a stand next to the tripod. That worked, but I'm still not really thrilled with my audio quality. The real solution will be to buy a nice boom to mount the mic to, and that'll probably be my next equipment purchase.

I'd rather not set the camera on a fixed surface like a table though, because I do like to do a little panning and zooming during a shoot. This has occasionally backfired on me... I've got some footage that's pretty much unusable because during key dramatic moments the camera is pointing off at a wall or the floor because the cameraman was too busy staring at the amazing spectacle in front of him with a shiteating grin to pay attention to the videography :)

Anonymous said...

Red, the next game sounds hot, and I'm sure all the rest of what you have is more than good enough to publish. Games where the guys participate are a nice change of pace, too. Having bought basically all of your vids, I appreciate your eye for detail and perfectionism, but the mic thing doesn't bother me at all and the quality of your work is outstanding, so I say bring on all the rest. If you think it truly is inferior, just sell if for slightly cheaper, but sell it so those of us who love and collect all your work can have it

Red said...

Thanks for the feedback. I really would prefer to publish clips I'm happy with (and I'm sure you would too) but if I run out of material before I get some new and better stuff, I'll consider publishing some of the material I think isn't quite up to my standards. (If I do that, I'll probably end up creating a separate clip store specifically for material I think isn't good enough for the main store.)

Anonymous said...

Publish all you got. Do not hold anything back. Afterall, the sound is not the first thing that attracted me. If the sound is real bad you could add subtitles. I do not think you need to create a seperate store as long as you tell us what is up sound wise and price it appropriately. So feel free to mix in previously unviewed material with new material and keep us hopping.

Keep us the good work.


Anonymous said...

come on red, give use a free sample vid!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i realy like wht u r doing ,but the vidio whatcher in my comp has got spoilt so atleast 1or 2 vidios should be allowed ot watch on the net ...........
"if it will be mia, asley stip memory "
i would be glad thx