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Friday, March 28, 2008

Snip, snip

New this week, Ashley and Kala play a game of Surgery. Appropriate to the whole operation theme, the loser gets a piece of clothing cut off of her body by the winner. Nice.

The high definition version is available now, the standard version will be published tomorrow. I figure I ought to reward the big spenders with an earlier release. (Because of the length of this clip, even the high-def version is priced at a bit of a discount from the usual per-minute rate.)

Speaking of big spenders: I still have the shredded clothes from this game. I was planning to keep them, as a memento of a great time, but Ashley suggested that a fan might be willing to pay big money for them. If that's you, post a reply in the comment thread. If there's enough interest, I'll hold an auction.


Anonymous said...

Haha. Can't wait to see how much they go for.

Anonymous said...

red, first of all i'd like to say how much i love this site and your videos. the sound can improve but for some reason it make the video more "real". i really like the sibling rivaly in the kala- ashely videos.

here some ideas for future videos
1) random forfeits. various forfeits are drawn by the loser/s at the end of the game. the forfeitss can be written by you, by us (the varios surfers, approved by you of course) or by the girls themselves.
2) playing for forfeits. the games end when all the girls are naked (yay for us). if a girl loses while naked she has to do one forfeits. if she loses twice while naked she has to do two forfeits, etc, etc. the forfeits parts can filmed separatly.
3) and finally i miss mia, any chance of seeing her soon?

Red said...

Thanks for the thanks, Dave. And I had the same thought re. the sound and other production values... while I will always strive to make my videos as high quality as possible, the fact remains that these are essentially amateur videos. And honestly, I don't think that's a bad thing.

Okay, as for forfeits: tell me some. I have rather a long list of forfeits that I plan to use, some of which I've used before, some of which not. But if you want to suggest specifics, speak up.

My next shoot is coming up next weekend, guys, and I have every reason to believe it's going to be a great one. Thank you all for making March 2008 my best month to date.

Anonymous said...

Keep putting out great videos and I dare say April will be an even better month. No fooling.


Anonymous said...

A suggestion for a forfeit... The losing player has a choice of either a hard spanking (I'm thinking fraternity style paddling), or standing up and reading a Dr Seuess book. Obviously for copyright reasons you may need to re-write some verses. (Think green eggs and ham... Will you eat them along with grits,
will you eat them off my tits.
Would you eat them with a duck,
could you eat them while we f***.
No no no, not with your grits, or with a duck,
not off your tits nor while we f***.
I do not like big glops of c**, I do no like them yum yum yum.)

Another suggestion would be for more spectators. I was going to suggest it right before you posted the last video. A lot of the thrill of a strip game is in the reactions of the winners. Having spectators adds to the voyeuristic/exhibitionist aspect of the game. (Some of the best strip games are often at parties).

Finally, please post the guy-girl games you have. I do not care about the audio. I would guess that your personal strip game collection contains many videos with questionable audio and/or video quality (not to mention being in 4 or 5 languages other than English).

Anonymous said...

An Idea for a forfeit might be to have the loser tied down and tickled?

Anonymous said...

The more hardcore type of forfeits have been great! The losers don't hide and they are quite exposed to the camera. But not every player, I assume, would be willing to play that explicitly. And,if there was an audience, then there are alot of possibilities for embarrassing forfeits. But I assume that's not easy to set up either.
Wet and messy forfeits are great to watch. But you have to film them where you can clean up- and not hit the camera. And how do you film them - a bathtub scene is hard to film and running water makes for bad audio. Doing things outside - unless you have a large secluded yard - can get you in trouble. Inside a garage can have lighting and audio problems and can be cold. Maybe you could move to a second room where you're filming to do a forfeit.
Enough rambling. How about a forfeit where the loser has to put on swimming goggles and a shower cap - then the winners spray the loser down with a pop bottle that gets shook up - like the winners locker room in the World Series? Yep, that would make a mess!
Some other ideas are: the losers clothes are put in a bag and a string is tied to the end. The bag hangs outside an open window, and the loser stands on the end of the string to keep the bag from falling. The winners tickle the loser, and if she lifts her foot off the string, she has to go outside to get her clothes.
Or, if you have a large house fan, lay it on it's side. The loser has to stand straddling over it. Then turn the fan on high. Or, if possible, do the same thing outside with a lawn sprinkler.

Red said...

Crosis: The Seuss thing is very creative, thanks. I'll see what I can do :)

Regarding my less-than-great footage: yeah, I know that people want to see it, and I'm thinking about it. I might do it, but for now there's no need, since I've got plenty of good stuff to publish (and will be getting more shortly.) The problem is that I'm selling this stuff, and I really am reluctant to sell material I'm not all that proud of. I could charge less, but the lesser videos don't take any less time and effort to edit, in fact often they take more. Plus, it's happened many times in the past that a customer has bought one of my videos then come back a few hours or days later and bought several more. I love it when this happens... it says to me that somebody was "tasting" my videos, then decided that they were worth it. What happens if I publish clips that aren't as good, and that's what people who aren't familiar with my work choose to download?

Again, I still may go ahead and publish some of that material... but it'll probably be as a last resort, if I don't have anything else.

Anon 4/1 9:25: Yeah, ticking is a really good idea for a forfeit. Would work better with several girls, I think, so they can all gang-tackle the unlucky loser.

Ponytail: Thanks much for the ideas. I'll use the ones I can... so far I've yet to find a really good place for outdoor shooting (I don't want to expose myself or my girls to arrest for public indecency) but I'm still looking.

Regarding how explicit the forfeits are: well, as always I'm striving for variety, so some forfeits will feature a greater level of exposure than others. It turns out that the more explicit forfeits also have been way more popular, so I'm definitely leaning in that direction, assuming I can talk the girls into making such big wagers.

Anonymous said...

As always, great job Red. Looking forward to the next one, whatever it may be

Red said...

Thanks! I hope you like the next video. I know you'll like the videos that will come out of the shoot I've got scheduled for Sunday, I've got a really good feeling about this one.