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Saturday, March 8, 2008

What, so soon?

Yep, that's right, just one week since the last new clip went up, and there's another one up already. The lovely and stacked Paris makes her debut appearance, along with Addie and Ashley. Hope you like it.

I'm going to try to keep the weekly update schedule going for as long as I can, which won't be long. Next week's update is something pretty special.


Unknown said...

You have to start to pie the losers in the face!!!!

Red said...

Not a bad idea, but how about covering the loser from shoulder to knees in chocolate sauce and whipped cream?

Like I said, stay tuned for next week's update...

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I like the pie in the face idea also. Not too sure about the next week's update but I guess I'll have to wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Are the prices now in Euros?

Red said...

Uhhh... no?

At least, I don't think so. I haven't seen what Clips4Sale looks like from Europe, but I've got no reason to think that sales are in anything but U.S. dollars.

Anonymous said...

Well on your website the price mentionded is € 5,99 EURO. If you check out a clip the price mentioned is € 5,99 USD. That is why I get confused.

€ is the EURO symbol and not the dollar symbol ($). That's what I see on the computerscreen. So $ 5,99 USD is a huge difference with € 5,99 EURO.

So what is right?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for getting the next vid up so fast. I've enjoyed every vid since I found your website last year. Can you give us a little hint about the next one that's so special?

Red said...

Anon 11:29 AM: Yes yes, I know the difference between dollars and euros. And I know the difference between the dollar sign and the euro sign. (I even know the difference between both of those and the British pound, although I'm baffled by "€ 5,99 USD", which appeared in your post) But it's not really "my site"... the clip store is entirely administered by a company called Clips4Sale. All I do s make the vids and upload them. And set the prices... in dollars. When I visit the store, I see the clips prices in dollars. And they're certainly not paying me based on prices in euros... when someone buys a clip, I get an email, and every single one of them has included the price I set in dollars.

I don't know why it's showing you prices in euros, but it certainly shouldn't. I suspect that it's a bug and they really mean dollars, but I don't have the ability to issue refunds so please buy at your own risk. All I can say is that I keep 60% of the gross, and when somebody buys a clip that I've priced at $5.99, I get $3.59, whether they bought it from the United States, Europe, Asia, or anywhere else.

Anon 5:13: Thanks for the compliment... I'm really glad you like my clips and hope you like the ones to come. As for a hint, I've already given one. Check out the second comment in this thread.

Anonymous said...

The High Card Game goes very fast which lessens the suspense of the game. Otherwise it is a great clip. One suggestion, especially with the 3 lady games, instead of the first one naked being out of the game I think she should continue and if she loses again she would have to do a forfeit in addition to the loser forfeit. Maybe this can also be added to the 2 lady games with a max number of available forfeits to be done and the game stops when either both are nude or when the forfeits have all been done by the loser. The additional forfeits could be either disclosed at start of round or after a lose. Of all the games the Strip Memory ones are my preferred game

Red said...

Thanks for the feedback, Anon 8:11. I realize that High Card goes by quickly, but some people like it that way... and I can charge less for shorter clips. I try to have a good variety, something for everyone, so I have a mix of short games and long, drawn-out games. The Memory games are my favorite, too, but they're kind of a pain to edit, thanks to all the postprocessing. But even so, you can definitely expect to see more of them. At least, when I find the time to do another shoot, that is.

Anonymous said...

Red, Thank you for your explanation about the prices. I now understand that is not your intention to show or sell in euro. I thought that you didn't understand my first comment.

I like your clips very much. So keep going on.

Anonymous said...

I purchased the HD version, but it did not say HD (116,786,527 bytes).

Can you assure me this is the right one?

As for the video, I think all loosers should have to stand up. I felt cheated when one of the losers did not stand up (and do a twirl).

Otherwise good video. Keep up the
mix of short and long videos.


Anonymous said...

Well I hate the twirl so I'm glad it wasn't included but I wouldn't cry about it if it was in the game. I don't think Red is gonna follow a set formula of having them do a predictable twirl everytime as that goes against his philosophy of variety.

Red said...

Jack: You're fine, you've got the high-definition version. (You can compare the file sizes at the clip store... it's displayed alongside the other clip information.) And link ng said... variety :) Some people like the loser's twirl, some people don't, so sometimes it'll happen and sometimes it won't. The one thing I really want to avoid is falling into a rut and becoming formulaic and predictable.

The Strip Game Fan said...

But...but...if there's no "twirl", how will we know that we're watching a stripping game? :-) Very pleased with this one, and with the Connect-4 vid as well.

Anonymous said...

To twirl or not to twirl

What I would like is to see the loosers in full view.

I think we can invent new ways for loosers to show themselves.

Even if the looser has lost in previous games I would still like to see the full view.

Players who do not stand up to remove clothes are hiding, and maybe this is natural but I would like at least once in the game the ladies allow us to see what we can see.

- maybe the ladies could part their legs and give us a good view.
- maybe they could switch crossed legs, etc.

Just some thoughts.


bert said...

I think continue to play one more round even when they are naked. That way, they lose only the round after, when they have nothing more to take off. After undressing the first time they will probably try to cover themselves, but when they lose the second time they will have to do the forfeit, such as twirl or whatever we come up with. I would like the idea of seeing one or more girls trying to cover up knowing that soon one of them will not be able to keep the modesty.

Anonymous said...

I feel that if they are to expose themselves by doing a twirl or spreading their legs it should be a preset condition of the game. Red is doing a fantastic job with his videos giving us alot of variety.

tagtoo said...

Lots of good ideas here. I think Red has the right idea: variety, variety, variety. In a quick and easy game like high card, you might add some "winner participation"; for example, if the winning card is a number, the loser chooses and removes an item; if the winning card is a picture, the loser chooses the item, but the winner poses the loser and removes the item of clothing; and if the winning card is an ace, the winner chooses the item, poses the loser and removes the item of clothing. Speaking of "posing," how about having the winner of a game or a forfeit pose the loser. Might be interesting to see whether they would be nice or nasty to each other.