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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Meet the new girls

Mary and Amber have made their debut appearance in a clip just published to the store. (The high-definition version is published, the standard one will follow in a couple of days.)

This video is just a taste of what's to come. I've been reviewing my footage of Mary and Amber, and oh man, this is some of the hottest stuff I've ever been privileged to witness. You're gonna love it.

Sharp-eyed viewers will notice a cut in this video, during which the contents of the board mysteriously vanish. Sorry about that. Y'all know I do my best to keep it real, but there was a bit of an emergency that necessitated that I cut, and one of the girls cleared the board during that time.


Anonymous said...

Nice movie.

And "presented in lifechanging 1280x720" too ;D

Anonymous said...

Great movie.

Are they twins, sisters, or just look alikes.

Any chance we will get to see the other one loose so we can be sure?

I like the twin theme, please keep up the good work.


Red said...

Judge: I'm starting to run out of adjectives to describe the high-definition clips. Also starting to run out of creative ways of describing the dire consequences of opting for the standard versions.

Jack: Amber and Mary are not related, at least as far as I know. So far, Ashley and Kala are the only sisters I've featured. I'd love to get twins, but finding a hot young set of female twins willing to play stripping games on camera might be tricky.

As far as getting to see the other one lose: I don't in general interfere with the games, so whoever wins, wins. But I don't think it'd be giving too much away to say that yes, you'll probably see the other girl lose at some point :)

Anonymous said...

How about "your head will self combust" or "may strangely deformed objects starting to grow out of your body openings"..?

Although not twins, they definitely seem to be good friends.

Bringing up something a bit off-topic in response to "hot young set". Are you focusing on young players only or would you consider women in the thirty something range as well? I assume that might be even trickier to find but I think variety has proved to be a good selling points so far hasn't it?

Red said...

Judge, as always variety is one of my top priorities. I certainly wouldn't say no to more mature players... in fact, at least one of the girls who's already appeared on my site is thirtysomething. (My gentlemanly code of honor forbids me to divulge a woman's age, so I can't tell you which one.) Point is, I'm definitely not restricting myself to young players.

I'm also not restricting myself to blonde and brunette Caucasians, but that seems to be how it's worked out. Arrgh. I'm ripping my hair out trying to find a redhead or a non-Cauc willing to play. Still working on it.