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Sunday, April 20, 2008

When promos go wrong

Things don't always work out the way I plan them to. Especially when we're in a public place, like a hotel's hot tub. Here's what happened when I tried to do a promo for my newest girls, Elizabeth and Lily. (Julie was also there, but she was acting as a lookout after our first close call. And a good thing, too.) Oh well.

High-definition version available for download here.


Anonymous said...

I really like the idea here!

Red said...

Only one comment? I thought for sure this one would provoke a lot of interest.

Yeah, I liked the idea too :) Took a little bit of doing to convince the girls, but it was worth it. We ended up having quite a few close calls (and some that went beyond "close")... the girls played a game where the loser had to go outside wearing nothing but a robe, then open the robe for the camera. While she was doing that, we saw a guy in a window directly across from us staring right at her. I thought it was great. She was a little less happy about it.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That looks fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Haha! That sounds awesome! Can't wait to see it!

Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying your videos - I have seven so far, but a couple of suggestions. (1) opening music needs to be turned down - is too loud for the dialog that follows, (2) loser(s) need to do a slow turn automatically - in several of the videos we never get a complete view of the loser(s) and that's a big part of why I like this type of video.

Great job - keep it up!

Red said...

Thanks for the tip on the music, I'll turn it down a notch. As for the twirl... yeah, I know, I'm sorry. I keep forgetting to remind the girls that they need to do that. I'll have it tattooed on the inside of my eyelids so I don't forget.

And thanks very much for buying my videos. That goes for everyone.

Anonymous said...

please don't have them twirl everytime! only if the view was obstructed during the game by a table or something. otherwise it's monotonous and ruins the fantasy and reminds me i'm on cookie cutter porn site

Anonymous said...

Twirl does not have to be a Twirl.

I do not think all loosing contestants have to twirl, but they do need to come up with a way to show their wears to us. ;)

Red said...

Anon 2:42: Fair enough. Well, let me say a few things that will hopefully ease your worries.

First of all, there is nothing, be it twirling or anything else, that the girls will do every time, or even nearly all of the time. I've said before and I'll say again: variety is a huge priority for me. I never want to fall into a rut, I never want to get formulaic, and I never, never want to be a "cookie cutter porn site." Ugh. That's about the worst thing I can think of. I'll always strive to do as many different things as I can... the way I see it, if anybody likes all my videos I'm doing something wrong.

Second of all, when the girls twirl, it won't be in the sense of "whee, look at me, I'm naked, tee hee hee." It'll be more like "you lost, so not only do you have to strip naked, you have to do a nice slow twirl so everybody can get a good look at your body."

Anonymous said...

I hope this one is up next, it looks awesome. Also, you know there's nothing wrong with more than one update a week :)

Red said...

It's not the next one, sorry, but it'll be published soon... by the end of May, probably. And believe me, I've been really tempted to update more than once a week... some of the games I've got on tape are so exciting I've been dying to share them with everybody. But I'm trying to be restrained. I'd rather be able to guarantee I can do at least one update a week than publish my stuff too quickly and end up running out.

ghoti said...

When will you be in a position to have your own site?

You certainly have enough material to support it now, and you have to be getting to the point where it's killing you to hand over all that cash to Clips4Sale.

Anonymous said...

I've been waiting for you to get your own site to buy the games because I refuse to patronize clips4sale.

Red said...

dvlman: That's a very good question. I'm sorry that you probably won't like the answer :(

Yes, Clips4Sale is taking a big chunk out of my sales, and yes, I wish it were less, but I don't feel quite as ripped off by them as I used to be. I've come to appreciate that they do a lot to earn their slice of the pie. I do still have a "real" job, and not having to deal with things like customer service, billing issues, and technical problems is a huge help for me. Right now, it's a big load off my mind to know that if other things in my life get particularly hectic, I can walk away from lostbets.com for a bit, and the only consequence will be less frequent updates and lower sales. If I were doing it myself, I'd be undertaking a real commitment to support my customers, a commitment I might not always be able to keep.

There are also marketing concerns to consider. A lot of my traffic (and presumably sales) comes from people who were linked from the Clips4Sale front page. That's a big benefit I'd have to make up some other way if I weren't with C4S.

Which isn't to say that I'm completely satisfied. I hate their interface, both for customers and for store owners. I wish it were possible to group multiple versions of the same clip together rather than having to treat them all as completely separate clips. I really wish that customers could leave comments, ratings, and tags on my videos, so people who haven't bought a video could see what other people think of it and buying videos would become less of a crapshoot. I wish Clips4Sale allowed me to offer more flexible pricing (especially discounts for buying multiple videos.) And I can't sell interactive games through Clips4Sale.

Every now and then I dig out the software I'd been working on for my own site and play with it a little, bring it a little closer to completion. Eventually, if I keep doing this, I'll get my own thing up and running. But it just doesn't feel as urgent as it used to. Don't hold your breath waiting.

Again, I know this is not the answer you were hoping for, and I apologize.

Anon 6:13: Sorry to hear it. Hope you change your mind.

Anonymous said...

Okay not back to the games.

The hot tub gave me some ideas and questions. Are you going to be doing any outdoor games?

Changing the scenery, leaving the living room, would be a good. Outside, beach, pool, hot tub, games would be nice. Card games outdoors on a beach towel might be good. Maybe horse shoes, or some other outdoor game.

Also bring back the strip memory games. Not knowing what the girls will be taking off next is good. Hint, use cards where it is easy to tell what is what and for who.

How about bringing back some previous players, Tristen and Stephanie, or Pettles and Elora? I thought Tristen and Stephanie, had more games to play. Any change you could bring these out of the vault of unseen games.

Thanks, Jack.

Anonymous said...

red...when you say there is nothing that will happen in every game I hope you are not including the ladies stripping, at least one every game.

Great games red, please keep up the good work.

Red said...

Well... not necessarily, actually. I have received a lot of requests for more male players. Since I don't in general fix the games, male players means there may be male losers. Don't worry... I'll put spoiler tags before each clip that might contain male nudity so you can avoid it if you'd prefer.

mhallcinci said...

In your vote pole for favorit model, I don't see Amber listed. Is she still with the company?

Anonymous said...

red got a great idea for your next strip trivia game
maybe the girls could use thier clothes as the tokens. if the opponent gets it right they lose that piece, if not they keep it.
just an idea but it's open for suggestion.