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Monday, April 7, 2008

Two new girls, coming soon

You know, I love every girl who's risked her clothes on lostbets.com. Tall or short, blonde or brunette, slender or curvy, they've all had their charms. So I hope they understand that I don't mean any disrespect to them when I say that there's really something about Mary, seen here after losing a bet to determine who'd have to read my latest promo:

(If your computer can't handle the high-definition video, download the low-res version here.)

That silky hair, those pale eyes, that slightly nerdy demeanor, those light pink nipples... ah, if only she weren't young enough to be my daughter. I dunno about you guys, but she's destined to be one of my favorites.

In one of the comment threads on this blog, when I was asking for ideas for forfeits, somebody suggested that the loser of a game take a pie in the face. At the risk of giving away spoilers, meet Amber:

(low-res version here.)

She's very sweet, and not just because she's covered in whipped cream and chocolate cream pie filling. Of course, after getting smeared with all that goop, she had to shower it off... fortunately my camera was ready and warmed up.

Coming soon. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Seems like two nice girls mate. Hope you enjoyed the shoot, looks like you might have ;)

Anonymous said...

I like em both...

They are both cute! ;0)


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more Cap.

Also, although appearances can be deceiving they do seem a bit girl next door type and not professional style models, which usually is a great thing.

Red said...

I did indeed enjoy the shoot, Judge. You know, I was very sad when Ashley moved away (I miss you, Ash!) but it was probably a very good thing for this site, because it impelled me to get off my ass, grab my camera, and go shooting. And that in turn reminded me that this is fun. I get to videotape hot girls playing stripping games, how cool is that? Gave me a much brighter outlook on the site.

Anonymous said...

Love all the work Red. Thanks for getting new footage and also re-examining the unpublished older stuff. I hope this means we can get some of the footage with guys playing a role sometime too

Anonymous said...

That was the best promo ever by far! Only thing I didn't like was the dorky guy talking in the background.

Anonymous said...

That was the best promo ever by far! Only thing I didn't like was the dorky guy talking in the background.