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Friday, April 25, 2008

Spin the Bottle, anyone?

The first clip featuring new girls Elizabeth, Julie, and Lily has been posted. They play a game that I can't believe I've overlooked until now: spin the bottle. It's about as simple as they get, but the girls are (in my biased opinion) very cute and I hope you like them.

High-definition version is up. Standard version to follow in a few days.


Anonymous said...

CUTE cute is right, and really shy.

I would say it went well, although a few bottle spinning lessons would have helped.


Anonymous said...

Cute girls, how come you stopped after only one of them had lost. You had no final winner. With 3 would be the great to be have some forfeits. The first loser would need to keep playing and have to do forfeits until a second girl had lost. For first timers the forfeits could be easy ones.

Red said...

As always: variety. Some games will be played until one girl is naked, some until all but one girl is naked. (Usually for the first game played by new girls, I don't have a forfeit beyond exposure... it helps to sort of ease them into it.)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the new clip. I know you don't want to do more than one a week, but it might be fun to mix it up and try 2 a week for a few weeks and see how it goes

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, 1 update a week is enough. Given the cost of the clips (which I understand is mostly down to clips4sale's minimum pricing), many people would be loathe to make more than 1 purchase per week, and as such Red could end up losing out on sales in the long run.

Anonymous said...

This is your best clip ever Red. I loved the shyness. 2 clips a week at this price would be nice. But clips of 29 or 34 $ is too much. And those clips are really too big for me too download.

Red said...

Regarding the frequency of updates, believe me I've though about it. I'm not so much worried about hurting sales as I am about running out of material. When I started doing weekly updates nearly two months ago, I said that I wouldn't be able to keep it up for long. I'm amazed I've been able to continue updating weekly for as long as I have, and I want to keep doing it. I'm afraid that if I update more frequently I'll run out of updates sooner.

But I'm still thinking about it. Maybe if I build up a big enough buffer of unpublished material I'll feel comfortable upping the update frequency.

Tom, thanks much for the compliment, and I'm glad you like the video. (It's one of my favorites, too.) It just goes to show what I've said over and over again: variety is the key. A lot of people like the shy girls, and I'm a big fan of them myself, but then again my most popular girl far and away has been Ashley, who's not exactly a bashful loser. For the same reason I'll always try to have a good mix of long clips and short clips... short ones for the people who are watching their budgets, long ones for the people who are willing to splurge for something a little more involved.

By the way, anon 4/28 2:00, just so I'm not giving any wrong impressions, most of my videos are priced above the C4S minimum, although none is priced above the C4S default. There are a couple of reasons for this: one, I like to have the flexibility to have sales and lower prices, which I couldn't do if I were already charging the minimum, and two, I am still paying a significant chunk to C4S and I'd like to be charging enough to make the vids worth the effort and expense.

File size has always been a concern, and it's the biggest reason I still publish standard-definition as well as high-definition versions of my clips. (Well, that and being able to provide a lower-priced if lower-quality version for people looking to save money.) Right now, the standard clips weigh in at about 600 kb/s with the high-definition versions at 2200 kb/s. What do you guys think? I could decrease the bitrates which would lower the filesizes at the cost of lower quality, or increase them for the opposite effect. Or of course I could leave them the way they are. Which would you prefer?

Anonymous said...

I vote for lowering the filesizes. That's an issue that's preventing me from buying numerous clips along with the prices obviously.

Anonymous said...

I've always been a perfectionist when comes to audio and video and think that the current 720p resolution is well worth it. If it wasn't for the increased bandwidth cost, I'd vote for doubling the bitrate to some 4000+kb/s.
It seems like the promos have a lower bitrate, is that true? I haven't done any measures but the pool house one seemed a bit more distorted than regular videos.

I can however understand that this will likely not be the opinion of most customers and their preferences are important as well.

As long as it's economically justifiable I think the most desirable solution would be to keep offering two different resolutions and maybe lower the bitrate on the standard defintion a bit if that's what people prefer.

Red said...

Thanks for the feedback, Judge. The promos are encoded with the same settings as the final videos. The latest promo is "smudgier" because I was shooting handheld. (It was tricky enough sneaking the camera into the pool area, I wasn't about to try to bring in a tripod.) Handheld means more motion, and motion is death to a video codec. The lighting conditions were also pretty crappy. I knew that the video quality I'd get from shooting by the pool would be way lower than my usual standards, but I figured it'd be worth it.

Anonymous said...

I agree it ought to be well worth it for originality alone and pulling off a cunning stunt like that :)

Red said...

Cunning stunts? I see what you did there :)

Anonymous said...

Can Elora come back for nude tickle torture in BONDAGE?...Ummmmm, yummmmmylostbets