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Friday, May 23, 2008

Whoomp! There it is

As promised, Ashton and Mia face off again. Only one will emerge with her modesty (reasonably) intact. The other has to open wide and show what she's never shown before. High-definition version now, standard in a couple of days.

Hope you like it. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to send an email to a certain girl to tell her that the entire Internet now has a chance to see everything she's got.


Anonymous said...

Nice game nice forfeit. I am not usually one for the pure chance games but this was one of the better ones and as you have said having the ladies play a game that requires skill that they do not have is not fun to watch.

Based on your comments I take it that you have been trying to get these 2 to agree to this type of forfeit for awhile and you finally succeeded, congrats. I can only imagine what the rest of the games they played the day of the shoot consisted of, looking forward to seeing them

With Ashley gone any chance to see her sister Kala team up with these 2 lovelies for future games. The Ashley, Ashton and Mia are some of your best.


Anonymous said...

Just an idea but it could turn into an amazing opportunity for you if you could pull it off. If you could arrange a "site anniversary" type party for the girls where they get to meet each other, as many as can make it, This way they get to meet each other and maybe you can even have them playing stripping games during the party. For each game there is only 1 loser who then has to stay nude for the rest of the party. The non-losers get to get completely dressed until the next game. Once you have multiple ladies nude they can play in their own game for forfeits. The final result would be 1 ultimate winner.

I am sure it would take a lot of coordination to get this done but it would also result in some great footage and the day itself wouldn't be too bad. Just an idea.

Thanks for the clips and keep them coming.


Anonymous said...

I have an idea for strip high-card taken to a 'the next level'... hopefully it works for you.

The game requires a minimum of three girls to be exciting. The game is as normal, girls pick cards and lowest card drawn loses an article. For each round that a girl has no clothes left and loses, she received a spanking from the girl with the highest card for the number on the card. Face cards are 10, Ace is 11. When all but one girl has lost everything, the winner's pile is added up and each of the losing girls receives that many from the winner (adding insult to injury).

Red said...

gb, it might be possible to get Ashton, Mia, and Kala together. It's a little tough to get Ashton and Mia, they happen to live kind of far away, but I can certainly try to get the three of them if that's what people want.

Your party idea is interesting but poses some serious logistical challenges. For one thing, finding a day when everyone could make it, for another thing, finding a venue big enough for everyone. But I have noticed that the site anniversary is coming up, and I was planning on doing something to commemorate it... so maybe :)

anon: while I always welcome ideas and I don't want to deter anyone from posting them, I think maybe you haven't thought this one through. Let's say I did that with just three girls, and each girl was wearing just four pieces of clothing. The winning girl would have a minimum of eight cards in her stack, but probably more. The average value of a card in your scheme is about 6, but one would expect the average value of a card in the winner's stack to be higher. We'd probably be talking about 70-80 smacks for each of the losers. That's not adding insult to injury, that's adding extremely painful injury to injury. The poor winner's arm would get tired.

But I do like the idea of having a multi-girl game where naked girls keep playing and get a forfeit for each loss.

ghoti said...

I absolutely LOVE the forfeit of the winner posing the loser in as many humiliating and explicit poses as possible!!

If the winner mentions all the people she will be giving the link to while the loser begs her not to, well that's so much the better. (!!)

Anonymous said...

I like and appreciate the previews being added but is it only supposed to be part of the title and none of the video? It says 10 seconds and cuts off after their names.

Great work on the games!

Red said...

Um... wow. That's a new one on me, at first I had no idea what you were talking about. I didn't add the previews... apparently Clips4Sale added previews to all stores without telling anyone about it. Cool. Looking at the admin interface I don't see any way to specify the start position and length of a preview, but I'll ask them about it.

Red said...

Frankly, if I had to pick one feature for Clips4Sale to add to their software, automatic previews would not have been it, but I'll take what I can get.

Anonymous said...

I must say this was my fav ending to any game. I hope we have more games end like this

Anonymous said...

this was great and i can't wait to see what's next. I believe you've said you have another pizza guy forfeit and the hot tub left to show us.

Red said...

Oh yes, the pizza guy forfeit is still yet to come, and so are the games that were played in the public hot tub. And in mid-June, I've got two new girls ready to play some games for us along with a returning girl. Life is good.