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Thursday, May 29, 2008

The weekend comes early!

This week's update is already up, and it's only Thursday. As usual the standard-def folks will have to wait a few days longer, but they'll still get it sooner than is typical, too. Hope you like it... I sure do :) Snip Surgery with three girls, what's not to like?


Anonymous said...

Nice but a little long. Personally the Snip Surgery is one of my least favorites but it seems like you like them all of a sudden.

Besides the Memory games, which are my favorite, the second would be the Rock Paper Scissor games, but I have not seen you play that with 3 yet. It should work nicely with the rules being if all 3 girls have either the same or 1 of each nothing happens, it is a tie. If 1 has the winner and 2 have the loser then each of the losing girls remove a piece of clothing but if 2 have the winner and 1 has the loser then the losing girl removes 2 pieces of clothing.

One of the things I like about the memory is that the order of clothing removal is random, based on how the cards play out. I wonder if there would be a way to incorporate that into some of the other games.


big1213 said...

i realy think Elizabeth is a litttel hotty i would like to see her in one of the MASTURBATION
or HUMILIATION vidios that would be cool

Anonymous said...

one idea for a forfeit could be to have the loser have a live webcam conversation with a guy, totally naked and perhaps posing in different poses!!!!!! What d u say red?? Anyways ur work is lovely!!!!! Hats off


Anonymous said...

Loved it. Keep up the good work to all.

Red said...

gb: At every shoot I've done since Ashley and Kala, I have filmed exactly one game of Snip Surgery. The reason isn't because I like them all of a sudden (although I do), it's that you like them... or rather, you in the collective. Judging from sales information, a lot of people like the idea of a girl having her clothes cut off her and permanently destroyed, and I aim to give people what they want.

The solution to the "random removal" problem is to use "clothes cards", with a girl having to draw one when she loses a game. That's an idea I can't believe I haven't used before, and you can be sure I'll give it a try soon.

big1213: I don't think that Elizabeth would be willing to put that sort of thing on the line. Despite her brash persona, she's actually a pretty shy girl.

sameerah: I have no idea what sort of logistics would be involved in setting up a camshow, but I know that C4S has recently opened a live video storefront, and I'll look into it.

And thank you very much for the compliment :)

anon: thanks, I appreciate it, and I'll tell the girls.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is...WOW! That was a lot of $, but I must say it was worth it. I loved the relentless taunting between the girls, and the creativity in the "snipping"... My only complaint is that the paddling was pretty weak. I can understand that these models probably would want more money to be subjected to a real "spankin'", but as a fan of the genre, I was disappointed. At least if the loser had to go over the laps of both the winners, that would improve things...love the humiliation factor! Anyway, that's my two cents... Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Loved the new video. I agree with everyone here that Elizabeth is a hottie.

These girls seem shy yet wicked enough to each other that I think a forfeit along the lines of the "pose the loser" contest would go quite well. Of course, I could just be saying that because it is one of my favorite forfeits.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the snip surgery concept!!! Another thought is to write large numbers 1 to 12 on shirts (girls start in ONLY T's and roll the dice, so that the number that comes up gets cut out of the shirt. I look forward to the inevitable end ;) TB

Anonymous said...

I've just found your site and I think it's great :)

I'm saving up the end of this video for later. The first 2/3 are hot enough!

Here's an idea ... you know those battery-powered party games where you have to press the button quickly, and the loser gets an electric shock?

A game with one of those would be pretty cool :-)

Anonymous said...

Just got the high card Flash dare from these three and thought a nice scripted variation would have been when the two girls go outside to check if anyone is present they get locked out and have to strip in order to get back in :)

Red said...


I've said this before and I'll say it again: I respect your anonymity. I do not require that anybody register for a Blogger account to leave a comment, but please, if you choose to remain anonymous, adopt a "handle" to be used here and sign your posts with it. It makes it much easier for me to address you in response.

Anon 6/1 10:27: Believe me, getting good spankings has long been a problem for me. Basically, I'm not really an experienced director, I'm still more or less an amateur at this, and I find it very difficult to call cut and tell the naked/partially-clothed girls in front of me to stop and do the spanking over again, only this time harder. I'm getting a bit better about this and I'm hoping to get some real solid paddlings in the future. Having the loser lie across the winner's lap is also a really good idea.

Anon 6/1 2:42: Yep, I've gotten lots of requests for more "pose the winner" and I'll try to accomodate them.

Trukbutz: I'm going to try that "clip away the losing numbers" idea in the very near future. You'll have to tell me how well it goes.

englishman: Welcome to the site! I'm glad you like what you've seen so far and I hope you like what you see in the future. I think I've heard of the game you mentioned and I'll see if I can find it. Operat... or, I mean, Surgey is a fun game in part because of the way the girls squeal and flinch when they set off the buzzer. Next time I'm shopping for games I'll make a point of looking for it. (Ever try walking through Toys R Us's board games aisle trying to figure out what would make good stripping games? It's a trip.)

lotfw: Good idea, but I really (at the moment at least) am not enthusiastic about doing scripted productions. They're not nearly as much fun for me, and they're definitely not nearly as much fun for the girls, and I much prefer to be shooting "reality", or at least a close approximation. That being said, I almost certainly will be doing scripted productions at one point in the future because the very few scripted and semi-scripted productions I've published have sold very well. And when I do get around to doing some more scripted productions, I'll definitely consider your scenario. Please (and this goes for everyone) if there's something particular you want to see, even if it's scripted and not "real", let me know, and I'll do what I can.

Anonymous said...

I agree entirely about the scripted settings. What makes this site at the moment is the fact the scenarios aren't too different to real life, and your models react very naturally. Making them act, or you direct, would spoil that.

In particular, I think the girls respond to peer pressure much better than they would to pressure from you trying to be Stanley Kubrick.

Speaking of peer pressure. I read you sometimes put the girls on win bonuses. Why not offer an extra bonus to the winners if the forfeit is nice and long?

Anonymous said...

Do you find the girls friendly enough that they could prank each other without bad feelings?
Kind of a surprise forfeit maybe something with more physical contact pants pulled down/stripping

Anonymous said...

Is there any chance you will release the game you shot that was like Sensual Stripteasers?I'd like to see it and it would be a nice change from the usual stuff.

Anonymous said...

I have bought all of the scripted games so far and only one of the others.

Red said...

Englishman: Oh, I don't know if I'd go that far in denigrating scripted productions. You're new, so maybe you haven't heard my most common refrain, and all the regulars can chime in and say it with me now: variety, variety, variety. I've seen too many websites fall into ruts, becoming predictable and therefore boring. So while the scripted productions aren't my favorite things, I'm still gonna do 'em, they just aren't quite as high priority for me.

Rewarding the girls for good forfeits is an excellent idea. I can just see myself bringing in a sound meter to gauge the volume of spank slaps, or some sort of light meter to judge exactly how red a girl's ass has turned. Seriously, it's a good idea, and a great way for me to get the sort of forfeits I'd like to see.

lotfw: Depends on the girls, but most of the girls could probably get away with that sort of pranking. It's a little hard to make something like that happen spontaneously, without scripting, but I can try. Any more ideas for pranks besides pantsing?

George: Don't worry, it'll see the light of day eventually, and since it would bring variety, I'll make the effort to publish it sooner rather than later.

Anon 6/3 5:34: Well, "all" of the scripted games is a grand total of one. Wednesday's Challenge is my only fully scripted production, with its sequel Ashley's Revenge not exactly scripted but not exactly candid. And to be fair to both of those productions, I think they're pretty frickin' hot. Sometimes fantasy does a better job than reality. So yes, there will be more scripted productions. And more non-scripted productions, and more variety in general :)

Anonymous said...

A Prank might be loser has to go outside in a small string bikini and the others pull the strings while she is posing for the camera


Similar would be loser has to wear something revealing (lingerie) without underwear and the others reveal what is underneath :)

Anonymous said...

Red...The Addie and Simon game wasn't scripted...it just worked out that way for you that she was winning and upped the stakes and then lost completely?


Red said...

lotfw: Thanks for the ideas, I'll see what I can do.

gb: Wednesday's Challenge is the only production of mine which has had scripted dialogue. The very vast majority of my other productions are completely candid instances of completely fair games. In a very small number (could be counted on one hand with room left over) the outcome of the game was meddled with for dramatic purposes. I would prefer not to disclose which ones they are publicly, but if you want to know, email me and I'll tell you.

I try very hard to represent my material honestly. I've always been careful to say things like I don't "generally" or "as a rule" interfere with a game's outcome, but I've never denied that it has happened. But as I've said before, I really, really prefer to keep it real.

Anonymous said...

Two things I would like to see please, Red?

Interactive games &

& a subscription site.

What are your thoughts?

Cap'n. :0/

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on both of those Cap'n but unfortunately Red has said many times that won't be happening any time soon. With people spending as much on his clips4sale vids already I don't think he has any incentive to do that. Why would he charge a $30/month fee when people are already spending $50-$100/month on just a few vids?

Red said...

Well, for starters, as I've also said many times, money isn't my main motivator in doing this. For another, maybe more people would buy my clips at $30/month, enough more to make up for the difference, especially if I weren't surrendering 40% of my gross to my service provider.

The issue isn't money, it's time. Right now, I just can't afford to devote the effort it would take to use anything other than a full-service provider like Clips4Sale. That may change, but I couldn't say when.

Every now and then I fire up my development environment and play around with website design and an interactive game framework. By no means have I abandoned either. But don't hold your breath waiting, is all I'm saying.

And whoever you are, please sign your posts. Seriously. Especially if you're going to essentially accuse me of being moneygrubbing and greedy, have the balls to at least put some name to your words.

Anonymous said...

When this clip was first posted, I was a little disappointed to see the length, and therefore the price. I've always thought that $30 for one game was a bit steep. However, on a whim (and at the cost of some other "content" I've been eying) I went with this game anyway, and I'm extremely pleased I did. I had picked up the spin the bottle game a few weeks ago and really liked these three girls and this game was even better. These girls not only enjoyed winning, but enjoyed their friends losing.

As long as the game was, I almost wish the two winners would have challenged each other to finish the game off. As for the spanking, I'm beginning to think that it takes the right person to actually spank their friends as hard as many of us would like. For future spankings, I would like to see either over the knee, or bent over fraternity style (just make sure you get the "good" camera angle). I would also love to see these 3 girls play with/against a couple of guys. With the right guys (that the girls were comfortable with) it could get seriously hot and seriously cut-throat.

Speaking of camera angle, Red, your camera work is showing definite signs of improvement. The zooms and pans were much smoother than in many of the other games I have. I would still love to see a handheld camera for cutaway shots of some of the closeups -- hell, I would love be that cameraman :P~ I know it would involve a lot of extra work, but it would still be worth it.

Pictures of Lily made my life so wonderful... (+5 points for the first to post the reference) This girl is fun to watch in these games. I too think she could be coaxed into betting her bush in a game. I don't know what the other girls would have to offer for their bet, but it could get interesting. Speaking of Lily, I came across the lovely young lady (no, not in real life), on another website. I won't post the site, but I will say that it's the sister site of my other favorite content provider (if you've read enough of my posts you'll know where to look). I've only seen the promo for her stuff there, as it is the "other content" that I mentioned before that I have to put off buying because of this purchase. I have however picked up some of this particular site's work and I think it potentially bodes well for what Ms. Lily would be willing to bet in the future.

As always, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Aah, crosis42, "Pictures of Lily" by The Who, wonderful.

Red, I have to say that I love the snip surgery games, and will be buying this one soon. I would like to see some other types of clothes cutting games, preferably ones that require a skill element rather than just luck.

Keep up the good work!


Red said...

Crosis, send me an email, willya?

Red said...

phaz: I picked Surgery as my standard snipping game because it seemed to go well with the theme of cutting, but I'll be happy to use a different game next time. Which would you suggest?

Anonymous said...

I wasn't accusing you of being greedy just stating the economic facts. As for leaving no name it was an oversight. It's not like I'm afraid to get a beat down over the internet or something.

Red said...

Sorry, Tom. I've listened to so many people whine about my pricing structure that I'm a little touchy about it. I hope no offense was taken.

By the way (speaking of high prices), I told Lily that a lot of her fans would love to see her bet her bush. She laughed and said no way, unless someone were willing to pay her an extra grand. Sorry, gents, but she's quite attached to her hair, and not just literally.

Anonymous said...

Red, I think Lily needs an economic lesson. Yes, she may be attached to her bush, but an extra thousand for something that will grow back is absurd. Hopefully you will be able to find a few ladies who will. Maybe after the summer is over you can get a couple of them to let it grow in so they can bet it. Thanks for asking her anyway.


Red said...

I don't think she was serious, gb (although I don't think she'd say no if somebody fronted the dough), I think that was just her way of saying "not a chance." Fear not, though, for I did manage to persuade a couple of girls to risk shaving on camera, and they're probably not the girls you'd expect. You won't be seeing that for several more weeks though.

Anonymous said...

Red, looking forward to it. I have been thinking and wondering if there was anyway to get a game of limbo involved in the stripping or maybe as a forfeit.


Anonymous said...

I've bought quite a few videos now and enjoy all of them.

There's a few games I'd like to see.

Four girls play a sudden death match. The winner between girl 1 and 2, and the winner between girl 3 and 4 are safe. The other two have one final match. The winner gets to spin the pointer and the losers spend some quality time playing naked twister.

Naked, oily twister as the forfeit.

The first one in the car naked has to get out wherever she loses her last item of clothing and dance on the roof. You could make it so that if there were four girls in the car, three of them would end up doing an 'out of the car' forfeit once naked.

I remember seeing a video years ago where a naked girl stands behind glass covered with horizontal paper strips. Each time she got a question wrong, a strip of paper was torn off, exposing more of her to the audience. You could number the papers and use a spinner to decide which paper to remove, making it truly random. Even have two girls set up like this and run a head to head version.

Keep up the good work.

Anony Mouse.