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Friday, May 2, 2008

Snip, snip again

This week's update has been posted. Mary and Amber are back for their third game and our second game of Snip Surgery. The forfeit was suggested by a poster to this blog... see, I really do listen. Of course, if you've been reading the blog, there's already been a bit of a spoiler, so you might know who wins, but it's still fun to watch it happen.

For once both the high-definition and standard versions have been published simultaneously. Thank you all for an awesome April. I hope you like what's on tap for May.


Anonymous said...

So someone actually bought the shredded clothes from the other game??? Did they pay for the shipping too? This is just too funny.

Red said...

Nope, nobody bought 'em, I've still got 'em. Nobody even made an offer :( Not that I mind that much, they're a nice souvenir.

Anonymous said...

As a forfeit, how about the loser(s) being hosed down with cold water by the winner?

Red said...

Sounds like a good one, I'll see what I can do. (Keep in mind that most of my shooting is done indoors, where hoses aren't easy to find... but again, I'll see what I can do.)

Which do people prefer? Games where the forfeit is agreed upon before the game starts, or games where the winner picks the forfeit after the game is over?

Anonymous said...

How about both? I mean, if there's a "good" forfeit and the stakes are high, that adds to the suspence and excitement of the game. It gets you thinking: "man, if she loses the next turn, she'll have to do this and that", which is a lot of fun. On the other hand, if you have a game where you may or may not get a forfeit (such as getting a forfeit card in mindfield or getting a forfeit if you draw a "2" in high-card), it could be fun to not know ahead of time what this "extra" forfeit may be. However, I do think that having at least one known forfeit is good.

Anonymous said...

I agree, a mix seems fine, sometimes the forfeits are agreed on beforehand and sometimes they're made up later to spice up the game a bit.

Personal preference has always been the more explicit ones.

Anonymous said...

I know this idea won't be popular with anyone but I've always wanted to see a game where the loser ends up in just a white tee shirt and panties and gets drenched with cold water.

Red said...

Judge: If you like the more explicit forfeits, stay tuned, and in particular pay close attention to the Mary/Amber series. Let's just say they started to get pretty competitive as they played more games.

Freddy: Don't worry about suggesting something you think wouldn't be very popular. I'm sure all the regulars are rolling their eyes and saying, "here he goes again", but I always strive to have a lot of variety, rather than trying to please everybody with every video. (One thing I was thinking of doing, which isn't exactly what you suggested but similar, is having the girls dress for a game in togas made of toilet paper, with the winner of each round getting a few shots at the loser with a squirt gun.)

Anonymous said...

Can you give us a hint as to what's upcoming from mary and amber? Also, since you've got a fair amount of vids set up for publication it might be nice to put up a schedule of what vids are coming

Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to chime in on the discussion for about a week... I went ahead and purchased Mary and Amber's dart game (I killed a kitten and got the SD version, but more on that in a bit). I love these two girl's and I'm thinking about getting the surgery game, but I might wait for the next round (the "creampie" forfeit is something I prefer to experience rather than see). In any case, I'm looking forward to their further adventures.

Let me start be saying thank you for the "paddling" forfeit (one of my favorites). You said you weren't thrilled with the paddling, but I thought it was pulled off nicely. That paddle you provided is capable of leaving some serious bruises if used hard enough. As for when the forfeit is revealed will very form game to game, but the terms of the game should come out either before or during the game. In the dart game, it was unclear as to whether it was a "winner's choice" or if the paddling was determined ahead of time. It seemed as though Mary wasn't quite sure of what they were playing for. Had she won, would she have needed some off camera prompting??? Personally, I would have liked to see them play the game knowing about the paddling. It would have played nicely with the competitive banter they had.

On the technical side, I went with the SD for a number of reasons. Cost benefit, hard drive space and personal computer limitations all led to this decision. First of all, I get to view these videos on a small screen for my own personal pleasure. If this was something I wanted to watch on my big screen, I might consider the HD. Second, enough of my hard drive is already dedicated to my porn collection (thankfully my wife approves of it) and the HD files are too big. Finally, even with the recommended codecs installed, my computer has difficulty syncing up the audio and video with the HD promos. Please keep producing and releasing both versions as I enjoy the choice, and someday I might have a computer capable of making the most of the HD vids.

The one thing the dart game is really screaming for is a second camera angle. I know that this would be a major capital expense plus an additional time and effort in the editing, but I think you will eventually find the results worth it. As you stated, movement kills video codecs. Too much zoom and pan is all bad on good video production. Instead of zooming into the close up of the girls' reaction or clothing removal, having the "cutaway" angle will look a lot better and save on the codec problem. A second angle also would have given us some better views of Mary and Amber in all their glory. A front angle of them clutching their chests and trying to play would have been priceless.

Finally, I'm still waiting for some co-ed games. I don't care if the audio is quality is off, and I don't care if the guys end up losing (it's all about the girls' reactions either way). I understand the need for spoilers, but if you are going include the nature of the forfeit in the spoiler, please separate that from the spoiler of who wins and loses.

Sorry for the long rant, but like I said, I've been "digesting" the Mary/Amber dart game for a bit and had a lot to say, and no time to write it all down. As always, keep up the good work. Three pages of clips on C4S ain't too shabby...

Anonymous said...

Good progress on quality & content...

How about a few interactive games?

Cap'n. :0)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting that Crosis. I agree with everything you said.

Red said...

Crosis, you've got no need to apologize for the "long rant." I'm always glad to hear from the fans, especially detailed feedback like yours. It's how I improve.

But I hope you don't mind if I answer the short ones first :)

Cap'n, I'd love to do interactive games, but a couple of things are stopping me. First of all, they're a lot more work than the static videos I publish... a lot more. That in itself wouldn't be enough to deter me, except for the other thing: I don't have any good way to monetize them. I can't sell them on C4S... they only accept videos. Pretty much the only way I'd be able to make and sell interactives was if I got my own store set up, and that's probably not going to happen for awhile.

Sorry. But "awhile" isn't "forever." I try to record footage for an interactive game or two every time I break out the camera. By now I'm sitting on quite a lot, and eventually I'll decide that it'll be worth my while to do something with it.

Anon 4/5 12:12: Well, I don't want to give away any spoilers, but Mary and Amber challenged each other to more and more daring forfeits as they played more games. By the end... wow. This probably falls more in the category of TMI rather than spoiler, but... in general I don't really get turned on by my own material. Something about being there when it happens takes some of the excitement away. But Mary and Amber's last couple of games are an exception. Seriously hot stuff.

I don't really have a schedule planned out in advance (and these days, I'm doing even less planning than usual, since I'm spending most of my free time on the streets of Liberty City) but next week will see Elizabeth, Julie, and Lily back to play a game where the forfeit involves public nudity. Then back to Mary and Amber... I'll probably be alternating between those two sets of girls for the next few weeks, although I'm trying to arrange another shoot featuring the return of some old favorites we haven't seen in quite awhile.

Crosis: Glad you liked the paddling... that paddle saw some use by Elizabeth, Julie and/or Lily as well :) My biggest complaint about it is that I would've liked to see the spanking delivered with a little more gusto, if you know what I mean. Part of it's my fault... I hate cutting and redoing things, since I strive to keep things as real as possible.

I'll keep on producing both SD and HD versions of my clips for the foreseeable future, although don't count on them being simultaneously released very often. The way Clips4Sale works, it's to my advantage to stagger publication. Being on the "recently updated stores" list always brings in traffic, and it's better for me if I can get on that list more than one day a week.

A second camera is a really good idea. I was actually thinking of using one for Memory, but Darts would be even better for it. As far as the capital investment... well, I still have the ol' standard definition camera I was using before I bought the HD model, and I'm sure it's lonely, not having been taken out of the bag for months now. SD shouldn't be a big deal for occasional close-in cuts. And I can swap it out for the HD cam when I finally talk myself into buying the Canon XH A1 I've been lusting over. I'll give a two-camera shoot a test run next time I have the chance.

Believe me, I want to do more coed games. It's harder than it sounds. A surprising number of girls get a lot more reluctant to play if there are guys involved. I'm going to keep trying, though, and it's a priority for me.

Thanks again for the feedback, and don't ever hesitate to provide it, no matter how long or ranty it might be :)

Anonymous said...

1. Interactive games could be zipped up and sold on another site that is willing to sell zips. I would think there would be a site that would allow you to sell zips. A little bit of cross advertising here would bring them to the other site.

2. Water games are good. Outdoor games would be good too. I am sure you could find a secluded beach or outdoors area to play some outdoor games. How about strip beach volleyball.

3. Another suggestion would a take on a Chinese game where if they answer a question wrong they loose a strip of paper covering them. This would be interesting as it could only involve one player.

4. Also I like bringing back some of the previous players, both in new games or older ones yet to be released.

5. As for indoor games and you bring back memory and like another said add a forfeit card or two.

Thanks, and keep up the good work.


Red said...

1. If you find a place that will let me sell ZIPs the way I sell videos, let me know. C4S used to allow ZIPs. They don't anymore.

2. Believe me, I'm working on getting more outdoor games going. The weather hasn't been very conducive lately (the day we did our outdoor shooting there was a frickin' hailstorm, if you can believe that), but it'll happen.

3. The problem with trivia games is that trivia questions which are available commercially (in things like Trivial Pursuit) are copyrighted. I'd have to come up with my own questions. Which I can and will do, so don't worry. By the way, the paper strip game you mention was invented by the Japanese, not the Chinese. God bless the Japanese; they're real innovators in the stripping game genre.

4. You'll see both. Sooner or later I'll publish an older game that hasn't been published yet. And the old players who will be returning for new games just might be talked into risking exposing something they've never exposed before on camera. I talked about it on the blog awhile ago, now it looks like it might actually happen.

5. Memory will be returning, trust me.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to add my voice to a couple of points crosis made. My computer is too slow to play the HD versions properly. I actually bought one of the vids in HD, because of being too impatient to wait for the SD version. I hoped it would be OK, but the playback was very choppy. Kind of put a damper on my experience. It's not a matter of price, it's a matter of technology. It's a real tease to have to wait out a few days to be able to get a vid that was already published, but only in HD.

I would also love to see more co-ed games. I especially remember a mention of a co-ed game involving Paris, which I would love to see released, camera noises and all. Red, I know that you said it's not up to your usual standards, but maybe you'll consider publishing it anyways to please your loyal fans :).

Anonymous said...

How about, as a forfeit, instead of being hit with a pie, the naked loser has to sit on a pie.

Anonymous said...

wow, red. you're certainly building a fan base here. but, please put a spoiler alert before comment containing spoilers.

i've just seen the mary/amber surgery game and i really like the new girls. another great video.
i've seen your post on the ASN board and i was wondering if read "cheryl's story". the story contain a great forfeit in which the heroine gives an anatomy lesson using herself as a model.

finally, another idea for an easy and fast stripping game, checkers. the players start with either 5 or 6 items of clothing and each time they loses two pieces they strip.

Anonymous said...

As I said, the paddle that you provided them with can leave some serious bruises if used hard enough. I would suggest switching to wooden "fraternity" style paddles. They'll provide a better visual on the spanking (more wind up), and won't be as intimidating as the leather "strop". Further, you can paint a couple of paddles to say "LostBet" on one side and ".com" on the other for good use in covering the naughty bits during promos.

Also, the nature of a "spanking forfeit" is best when there is a lot of build up. A little pre-shoot direction to "play up" the threat of a paddling during the game might have given a spanking with more "gusto". Also, it might be the type of forfeit best done after the girls have a history of embarrassing each other in other games.

A second camera should be used for every game. It will allow much better close-ups with less zooms and pans. Also, it will make sure you can capture the facial reactions during the stripping, and allow for additional back-up video/audio source. You don't want to have the "perfect" stripping game moment lost because you don't have the right camera angle, or (worse yet) the tape gets corrupted. I would recommend keeping the main camera on a tripod with limited movement, and the cut-away camera being used for close-ups staying hand held (or on a small tripod for stability). I can help give you some additional video tips if you'd like.

I understand the difficulty in getting the girls to do a co-ed game. Having guys involved takes the shoot from a modeling/stripping shoot to more of a pornographic shoot (depending on the forfeit). I just know you're sitting on some co-ed material and I personally would like to see it.

p.s. I tried to post this a couple days ago and my post never showed up.

Red said...

Okay, okay, guys, I'll dig up my old footage and see what I can do. Sheesh :)

Duke: Sorry about your disappointment with the HD clips. But as computers get faster and cheaper, hopefully this won't be much of an issue for long. The quality really is much better (with four times the pixels) and I hope everybody is able to take advantage of them soon.

Liam: It's a possibility, and I'll think about it. It's a little risky, though... I've had a few girls refuse to have food get anywhere near their special places for fear of getting an infection.

Dave: I'll try to be more careful about spoilers, sorry. I've read a little bit of Chery's Story (I read P&H when she was first publishing it), can you give me a link to the particular episode you're talking about? (Depending on how derivative my production would be, I'd feel better if I could get her permission, too.)

Crosis: Oh... when you said my paddle could cause serious bruising, I thought you meant that as a positive ;) Believe it or not, a fraternity-style wooden paddle was my first choice, but none of the sex shops around here sells one. I visited two and called two others. Does nobody have any respect for tradition anymore? I even tried sporting goods stores for cricket bats... no dice. I've looked at a few places for ordering paddles like that online... and having them customized with my site name did occur to me, too :)

Using a full-fledged second camera would be a problem if it required a second cameraman, but I could maybe get by with the primary camera on a tripod unattended. (The camera actually shoots in anamorphic 1440x1080, and I sometimes take advantage of the lower resolution of the clips I publish to do zooming and panning in post.) And I'd appreciate video tips. The other problem is that the more invovled things get, the more work they are for me, and I'm a lazy, lazy man.

I've occasionally had posting problems myself, where I was pretty sure I hit "publish your comment" and nothing showed up. Not sure what's up with that.

Anonymous said...

One variation on the strip surgery game is to have the girls wear just long tanktops with numbers written all over them and play snip bingo...the number is cut out of the tanktop as it comes up. Variety is the spice of life...

Anonymous said...

red, see part cheryl stroy 5

you've to go back a few page from the mian page.
the idea in short is the "model" describe her body from feat to head. shr switches poses so that various body part can be seen in various state. see can give her measuremnts (or she can measure them live). the idea is that it's more humilating to exhibit yourdself and talk about your body than to be force into postion by someone else.

Anonymous said...

I personally don't have a problem with serious backside bruising, but I can see how the girls might be a bit apprehensive about hurting their friends. For a wooden paddle, I would suggest a college bookstore. While fraternities and sororities don't paddle like they used to, the wooden paddle is still used in their decorations at the houses. Most college bookstores or stores that sell shirts with greek letters should have the paddles you're looking for.

I'd volunteer to be the second camera man just to be in the same room as the game... (if I could get my wife's permission) ;)

Red said...

Well, what I was thinking at the time (other than "why the hell can I not find a wooden paddle anywhere?") was that the leather strap was flexible and would bend, so the girls could theoretically at least really swing from the shoulder and follow through, while with a rigid wooden paddle, they'd pretty much have to arrest their swing just before impact. I mean, sure the leather strap could bruise, but it seems like a wooden paddle swung with full force could break bones, couldn't it?

Trukbutz: Intriguing. Can you be a little more specific about what you had in mind?

Dave, I like the idea and I'll see what I can do. Although I didn't see quite what you described in Cheryl's Story, are you sure it was in Part 5? Maybe I just didn't look closely enough.

Okay, I've got to concentrate, step away from GTA IV, and focus on editing a video, or I'll never have one ready by the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Red, for strip bingo, the girls would wear a (plain white?)tank top long enough to cover to just below the hips. Numbers would be written all over the tanktop (numbers themselves would be 1" or 2"). Then, each girl draws a number and gets to cut that number out of her opponents tanktop. Sooner or later, strategic areas would be exposed, and inevitably one of the garments would lose its battle with gravity.

Unknown said...

You need to have more snip games.