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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

That's "X" as in "an unknown quantity"...

...and "spurt" as in "a drip under pressure."

Ashton takes on The Expert in a very special midweek update. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

You should tell Ashton that even a red-blooded American like me knows that it's John Macdonald or Alexander Mackenzie who have been PMs of her country.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking about getting one or more of this Ashton/Mia series in the next week or so. Using a Bible verse to tease the spoiler for a strip game is soooo wrong in all the right ways. I love it. One question about the game, is there an added forfeit, or is it just clothes vs. money??

Secondly, you said you had to scramble to get the camera set up while Mia was washing the magic marker off of her body. My question about that is why the hell weren't you filming her washing?!?!?! That would have made another great mid-week update.

Have you considered doing strip "beer-pong"? I missed that craze in college by a few years, but I've seen enough pictures floating around of girls in various states of undress while trying to toss a pingpong ball into a plastic cup. In addition to just playing each shot for an article of clothing, you could have different cups mean different things. It could be what article they have to remove (which would give the random order of removal similar to the strip memory), or they could each have a different forfeit written on them. Each time someone hits the cup, they not only get an article of clothing from the loser, but at the end, they get to choose from the cups they hit which forfeit the loser has to do. Either way, it's a good simple game of skill that gets the players up and moving about.

As always, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Best spoiler ever - surely the first of a series of Biblical spoilers!? I could even forgive you for not threatening to kill kittens anymore if we do not buy the high res version. If you've run out of ideas how about if you buy the standard version:

the processing power you save will be used to develop nuclear weapons
Michael Moore will make a film exposing your stupidity
I will have to earn the extra money by clubbing seals
..etc - to be honest, you generally have better ideas!

Red said...

crosis: Yes, there is a forfeit... a small one, but a forfeit just the same. I'll see about doing beer pong at some point.

thesilentone: Thanks for the suggestions. I was going to use Lamentations 6:9 for the next spoiler: "And lo, she did spread open her legs, and verily it was good."

I have not one but two shoots coming up this weekend... featuring, by popular demand, representatives of both major genders.

Anonymous said...

Nice one to add for the week. What has gotten into Ashton? Ever since she showed pink she has gotten very brazen. Reclining back showing everything. Playing most of the last game with her legs spread wide. What have you done to such a sweet innocent girl?


PS I like it by the way so keep it up