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Thursday, June 26, 2008

The weekend comes early again

I've been looking forward to publishing this week's clip for a long time, and I just couldn't wait until Friday, so it's available now. This one... well, let's just say that I really like it, and I've got a feeling you will too.


Anonymous said...

JUST F'IN AWESOME, GREAT STUFF. Bought a lot of your vids and this is one of the if not thee best

-The Philly Drunk

Anonymous said...

Hehe, definitely the hottest game so far. Can see why you were so tempted to post a wee bit earlier than usual.

Btw, you know of a way to spoiler tag parts of comments on blogger without having to change the theme?

Anonymous said...

I did what Red suggested and just downloaded it without peeking at the spoilers. Thing was, I kicked off the download before going to work this morning, and had to wait til I got home again to watch.

Anticipation is the best part, right?

Of course, I had a stinker of a day at work, but when I got home... this was waiting for me. And I love it.

I think this is your best yet, Red. It's difficult to discuss without spoiler tags, but the repartee between the girls, and the loser's determination to spoil the winner's evil plans (and they were evil!) just did it for me.

I don't think every video should have this kind of content, but I would like to see more like this.


PS First time I've been moved to comment. Thanks.

Anonymous said...


Very hot, I can't wait until the loser can get even with the winner. But why did you come up with this game when Rock, Paper, Scissors would work just as well. You have said you love and hate the Strip Memory games, hate them because of the extra editing required after the shoot to add the cards. So what do you do, complicate an existing game that everybody will recognize the winner, and make it so that you need to add cards to explain what each girl has chosen and which one has won. Looking forward to more from these 2 but would like to see some other players first.


Anonymous said...

Very hot and a little evil too. The look on the losers face when she sees what the winner has in mind for her. Only unanswered question is : what will happen next game ...
To be continued ?

ghoti said...

It sounded to me like the loser has a little public nudity fantasy.

I hope you plan to take advantage of that if you already haven't!

Red said...

Philly: Thanks!

Judge: As far as I know, there's no way to spoiler-tag stuff in Blogger comments. Stupid Blogger.

Trike: Welcome, first-time commenter :) I'm glad I was able to make a stinky work day better at the end.

gb: Well, I wanted to try something different than plain old run-of-the-mill rock-paper-scissors. And while it's true that I usually love any opportunity to make my workload easier when it comes to editing and postproduction, this video was an exception... the footage was a joy to work with. Remember, I was there, I got to watch it all happen (and try not to drool all over my equipment.) I'll go back to that happy memory anytime.

But I do have some regular RPS games coming up, including some three-player games.

myself: Oh, yes. To be continued.

dvlman: You think? I took the loser's comments to indicate, not that she had a fetish for public nudity, but that maybe she wasn't entirely honest about not having thought about what she'd do if she'd won. I think all the things she was talking about were the things she was going to make the other girl do. But the teaser I recently gave about the drive-through? The loser of this game was one of the players. Did she lose again? You'll just have to wait and see.

Interesting story about this clip. When I have new players, I usually show them some of my previous work so they have an idea of what they're in for. Last time, this was one of the clips I showed. By the end of it, the new girls were glassy-eyed, lips parted, breathing a little shallow... it clearly had an effect on them. Can't say I blame them.

Anonymous said...

I neve thought thse tow were very preaty but i realy thought it would be good to see what ther were up too so I got the slip and I realy loved it thanks red

Anonymous said...

Now that was an excellent game Red! I was wondering, the cuffs and vibrator that were used in the forfeit - did you have a bag of things like that with you that the girls knew about before the game? Are various toys going to be used more often in the games?

Not to complain, but the shadows half way thru the forfeit did make it a little hard to see all that was going on.

I had an idea for a game pop in my head while watching "Let's make a deal" on tv - where the contestant can take what's in the box or instead take what's behind curtain number 3.

You would have the players roll a die to see who gets the highest number. On a table you would have maybe four pieces of paper, laying face down, that would each have a different forfeit written on them. Some of them would be tame things to do, some more humiliating. The players don't know what's written on the papers, so when they read them they don't know if it's a tamer task or a riskier task. Every player has to do one of the forfeits. The player with the highest number turns over a paper and reads it. She can choose to perform the task, or she can give the paper to the another player, who has to do that task instead. Then the first player chooses another paper, hoping that the next paper she chooses is a milder forfeit, but she has no choice this time, she has to do the task on this paper. Handing a forfeit over to another player might be a risky thing b/c the next forfeit might be worse than the first! More than two players a game like this would be even more interesting!

Does this make sense, or am i rambling late at night?


Crosis said...

Red, you have got to stop posting these f**king hot videos every other week. Sooner or later, I'm going to get in trouble with my wife (right now she just laughs at me for my collection of strip games). Seriously though, as others have said, this is by far the best video I've seen of yours. I truly envy you for being in the same building let alone the same room during this game.

When you first set out to do this, I questioned the ability to truly get embarrassment in a girl vs. girl game. You've more than proven me wrong. This game has everything. I've always liked the idea of the "anything goes" forfeit and these two played it out nicely. The threats during the game were great, and the winner's humiliation of the loser was priceless. Escalation in the wagers is a good thing for us, and a bad thing for the losers. I can't wait to see whats next with these two, and I hope they continue to wager their modesty for our enjoyment.

I have a few suggestions about the game.

First of all, I like the concept of the Mogadishu game. It doesn't change much about the odds of winning or losing each hand, but it does make for fewer tie rounds (mathematically speaking). I think the format would work best for 3 (or more) player games, while RPS is best for 2 players. One suggestion for the game would be for each player to have the 5 different throws printed on oversize playing cards. It might cut down on some of the post production you need to do.

When you provide "toys" for the players to use in the forfeits, it might be a good idea to have them visible during the game (strewn out on the bed or table etc.). It will add to the verbal teasing during the game (not that these two needed any help with that). It also makes for good "teaser shots". A screen cap or two of the game mid-progress with an assortment of toys in the shot (knowing that some of them will be used) would be a fabulous tease of whats to come (and could be posted as a teaser the day after the shoot).

Finally, please tell me that you kept the camera rolling beyond where the clip ended. I would really like to see the next few seconds/minutes of the loser. After all, I don't recall the winner ever telling you that she was done and you could stop filming ;).

Keep up the good work (but please keep the truly hot posts to one per month so I can keep up my collection without getting into too much trouble).

Anonymous said...

Just an interesting question I have to see if anybody out there shares my opinion. This is the second time that some bondage has been used. For those who have not seen the first time it was in Ashley's Revenge. For me the bondage takes away from the loser's humiliation. It feels to me that once she has been bound she is no longer willfully submitting but now has no choice. A girl who is submitting to the forfeit of her own free will because her 'honor' requires her to pay off the bet adds to the sense of the losers loss and humiliation.

Just my opinion but does anybody out there share it?


Anonymous said...


You made the comment that you show the new girls footage to get them in the right frame of mind before they play and so they have an idea of what to expect. What might add a little embarrassment would be when you mix return talent and new talent is to let the new girls view some of the highlights of the returning girls loses before they play. I would think this would add a little spice to the early competitions between the ladies.


Anonymous said...

I personally agree with you gb.

I would much prefer the bondage situations to have the full concept of the consiquences involved, and/or limits agreed beforehand.

For me, this forfeit was far too close to being non-consentual. Although I assume that the girl did agree to that level of sexual activity.


Anonymous said...

I think the bondage increases the humiliation and don't really understand how it couldn't.

Red said...

Whew, lot of comments to reply to.

Tonypail: I do have a "bag of tricks" that I bring along to shoots... the leather paddle in it has been in a few published games. And I add to it whenever I see something that might be fun... I recently added a couple of tickling devices, plus a few pairs of handcuffs. But in this case... no, neither of the implements used by the winner of this game belonged to me. I told the girls ahead of time that they'd be playing games with forfeits for the loser, and to bring whatever they thought might be useful.

Sorry about the shadows... I'm still learning about proper lighting. (The reflection of one of my lights in the painting above the bed pisses me off.) And I'll consider your "Let's Make a Deal" idea... I can probably use it. I'm not going to be doing any shoots for awhile but when I start again I'll see what I can do.

Crosis: What do you mean, every other week? ;-) And here I'm seriously considering going to twice-weekly updates... I'll be sure to mix in a healthy percentage of crap, just for you. Wouldn't want to cause any marital strain.

The post-production on Mogadishu wasn't that bad, once I got it set up, and the same setup can be used in other Moga games too.

gb: As a matter of fact, Amber was present when I was showing this video to the noobs, and she was blushing pretty hard by the end of it. As for the bondage... well, as I always say, variety variety variety. There won't be bondage in all my games or even most of my games, but it will be in some.

As it happens, I agree with cheese... I think that being physically restrained heightens the humiliation rather than reducing it, and as for the nonconsensual aspect, the girl gave her consent when she knowingly and willingly agreed to play a game where she might end up at the mercy of the winner. But it's all a matter of taste... some like it, and some don't, and that's fine. (But if this one was too rough for you, I strongly urge you to stay away from Japanese porn!)

Anonymous said...


This one was not too rough and I understand the whole consent part. Both consented to the terms of the game with the rules that the loser was at the mercy of the winner. I was and am just expressing my opinion that the bondage gives the APPEARANCE of loss of control. As in even if I wanted to stop it by walking away I can't as opposed to I could get up and leave at any time but I am letting you do this to me because I am not going to go back on the terms of the bet. I was just asking to see if anybody else out there sees it in a similar way as I do.

I know you have always said this, variety, variety, variety, we do not want you or us to get bored.

Did you by any chance tape Amber's reaction to others seeing this video, that would be a great clip to see, if not you are again the lucky one for having witnessed it.

Looking forward to the 2 a weeks if you can pull it off.


Anonymous said...

First, i'd like to say that I enjoy the site immensley. I would like to comment on the issue of consent. Agreeing to play a strip game where the loser would be at the winner's mercy does not constitute consent in this case. For instance, the all encompassing "do anything to the loser" could include killing her, and precedent has already established that one cannot consent to their own murder. Furthermore, establishing a premeditated contract for a sexual act to be obligatory is not a correct notion. Up until the forfeit was actually carried out, the loser could have stopped the scene at any time or you would be facing rape charges. The illusion that she was obliged to carry out the forfeit is titillating, but lets try to remember what country we are in here. Im not saying that there is ANYTHING wrong with the game, or the forfeit, which was extremely hot, all im clarifying for the original poster is that consent was given at the time of the forfeit, and not before the game was started. It is a small detail that makes a big diefference in a legal sense. Besides, what happenned to the loser only seems extreme due to the buildup of the game. Actresses in this field do things a million times more degrading and humiliating in even mainstream porn, so obvkously what you are doing a great job of selling is the story, and not the sexual content in and of itself.

Anonymous said...


This has gone way beyond what I had intended when I asked the question. The was not gagged and could have easily said stop at any time and I am sure the winner and Red would have stopped and that would have been the end. Obviously even though she was embarrassed she was consenting through the entire forfeit. She willingly allowed her hands to be bound and she could have kicked all she wanted but didn't. In my previous post I capitalized APPEARANCE to emphasize the point I was trying to originally make. I know Red has said these are not actresses but more like models. The idea being to put them into situations where their own reactions are being depicted rather than them acting and he has done a extremely good job of it. But no matter what these are staged games with the intent to record them and so not completely real life. There is what actually occurred and the APPEARANCE of what has occurred. Originally I was just asking about the appearance of being forced to comply by bondage. Remember everybody these ladies are getting paid to play these games, do the forfeits and have them recorded and distributed. Next time you watch a clip do not fast forward past the legalize part before the clip starts.

I withdraw the question


Crosis said...

I don't think anybody with half a brain would make an open "anything goes" type of bet unless they had a good degree of trust in the person they were playing against. As competitive as these two have become, I think they both know each others limits. If there was anything non-consensual in the video, Red would be looking at hard time in jail. Fantasy is a wonderful thing -- hard time not so much.

In that fantasy land, bondage makes for good embarrassment. For the loser, having her hands bound behind her back didn't really keep her still and wouldn't have kept her on the bed for her "punishment" if she truly wanted out. It did however, make it difficult for her to cover up her naughty bits (too bad). The fantasy carried out to its extreme would have the loser either bound in a more retraining manner for more "violation", or being paraded around town (or through a college dorm) still handcuffed. Either of those would obviously violate several laws, and wouldn't be practical for a video shoot. However, if you had a small group of people in an adjacent room (that the players trusted), you could have the loser "dragged" to that room still handcuffed to be at the "mercy" of the group.

Way back when these two played for a spanking, you were a bit discouraged by the tameness of the spanking. I have a feeling if they play another game where paddling was included as part of a forfeit, you might get a better result (and somebody might have significantly rosier cheeks).

Finally, you might want to institute a "no cell phone" rule in the room where you are sitting. It will get rid of that intermittent buzz noise that happened a few times in the game.

Keep up the good work (I'll do extra housework to stay on the wife's good side when the new material comes out)...

Anonymous said...

Clip was great as promised. Agree with Crosis about the phone buzzing (also is it possible to edit out?), but this is a minor point.

I think I prefer RPS to Mogadishu - the time saved by less draws seems to be taken up by the girls trying to work out what beats what.

There seems to be a tendency towards increasingly elaborate games and forfeits. Particularly if you are thinking of doing more regular updates, a couple of shorter games with simple forfeits would be appreciated just as much. - I don't think anyone expects a strip 5-a-side soccer match with naked parachuting forfeit every week!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that the most recent clip at time of writing is the first clip I have been tempted to buy, and I am glad I did. Anything else of this nature would do as well I am sure!

Anonymous said...

"I don't think anyone expects a strip 5-a-side soccer match with naked parachuting forfeit every week!"

I agree, but once would be good. ;))

Keep it, to games we know and remember the key is the girls loosing and close games. That way the we get to see more of all the players.

My two cents.


Anonymous said...

Boo to asking for close games. Whatever happens happens be it close games or dominating victories.

Anonymous said...

I think the earlier games with Ashley are a good example of "that thing" that makes for a good game to watch. If Ashley lost a round, she would look at the ceiling, mutter a bit about the embarrassment, but then take her clothes off or whatever b/c those were the stake involved in playing the game - she new it and she was a good sport about it. The loser in this game was a good sport about it- yeh, very embarrassing, but it was an embarrassment forfeit much more than a bondage thing, or a girl on girl thing or a masturbation thing.

I think the guy girl games that Red has talked about before will also be along that vein. I doubt that Red is going to film that "let's get a close up on the penis" type of stuff, but just embarrassing situations where the stakes are interesting because they are playing against someone of the opposite sex. Alot of viewers will get a kick out of seeing the girl or girls either muttering under their breath about the embarrassment - or seeing the girls giggle when they win and chanting "I am the wi-nner, I am the wi-nner".
But then a few will bitch about seeing sausage rather than seeing a game.

Interesting stakes and embarrassing situations are they key.


Anonymous said...

Dominating victories are alright I guess, but I would like to see certain players loose at some point.


Anonymous said...

Red, you're never going to please everyone all the time, especially with the forfeits.
- Some will prefer the tame, twirl type forfeit
-Some will like their forfeits at the more extreme level
- and others (probably the majority), will be happy with something inbetween.

my philosophy on this is always to enjoy the stripping game on it's own merits, and if you think the forfeit goes too far then just stop watching before it happens.

Keep up the good work


Anonymous said...

Awesome job, keep up the good work, you lucky bastard.

Forfeits make me feel funny (in my pants). Please keep the forfeits dirty and challenging, thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to say I was really disappointed in this game. My expectations were extremely high due to all of the hype about it. it appeared that mary had to keep getting cues from u to move amber's leg out of the way for the camera several times. Of course we want to see everything but it ruined the fantasy a bit 4 me. Made it seem like they were actors not playing their part correctly and needed instruction from the director. I'd rather you'd have taken the camera off the tripod and gotten different angles of the forfeit anyway. the embarrassment was nonexistant for the stripping too. I know the wednesday's challenge series was completely staged but the embarrassment in that series was excellent and hasn't been close to being matched in any of the other unstaged games i've bought. Guess I'll stick with only staged games from now on if you are to make any more.

Red said...

Hey ng, sorry you were disappointed. I'm always glad to hear criticism but I gotta say that in this case I don't quite get it. There was no pretense of me not being there... both Mary and Amber explicitly acknowledged the presence of me and the camera, and Mary even gave me direction a couple of times.

Anonymous said...

the comments above questioning wether the forfiet was consensual or not are ridiculous. It appeared to me that she absolutley loved that being done to her and was actually laughing almost all of the time I didn't care for it myself because she liked it too much. its better when there is some animosity involved in a "i'm gonna get u back and humiiliate u and make u cum" kind of way and the loser pays her dues and takes it willingly but doesnt like it being done to her.

Anonymous said...

Only just got this game. Very, very nice ;-)

I agree with whoever said that if these two play any more games for spankings, the spanks won't be light playful ones! Whihc would be all the better...

Anonymous said...

I think this whole concept is awesome'. It's all in the anticipation that the players feel and demonstarte about the forfeits. We need to see Amber take revenge on Mary, even if you have to script it that way. How about the same forfeit with Amber teasing Maryby seeing how long she can keep her on the edge of an orgasm 'til she asks for her climax ?