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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Oh, to be a magic wand....

Every time I watch this video I kick myself. This video took place in my early days of employment with Red, and I had the opportunity to be on hand as second camera man. Unfortunately I was unable to make it to the festivities. After showing this clip to the Mrs. when I do make it to a shoot, I might be required to wear some variety of chastity device ;)

Danielle (who we've seen once), Aurianna (who we've never seen), and Lily (umm well, there isn't much of Lily we haven't seen) play a classic game of Jester followed by a double ride on the magic-wand. The first to climax must then pleasure herself in front of the window (watch out for the busloads of Church Ladies below (isn't that special). On seocnd thought, I'm not sure that there really were any losers in this game.

Thank you for all of the good suggestions for the Lily/Ashley grudge match. Please keep the ideas coming (see the rules in the previous post). Let's see what we can come up with for these two. Personally, I would like to see each player choose two forfeits that they would like to see the other player do. The final forfeit is then chosen at random from the four possible opitions.


Crosis said...

Red, there is no sobriety clause in my contract. and that's probably a good thing ;)

Anonymous said...

I liked the clip and the double orgasm was excellent.

Other options on this game would have the winner use two vibrators, one on each loser.

As for clothes games. Like others of said mix up the order of clothes:
- one takes top half of body first the other the bottom half first.
- use dice with different meanings per number. Use dice with more than six sides. Once they roll one number it is free for the rest of the game.
- have a male official and they decide what clothes to take off.
- four person game with two winners giving orgasm to two loosers final looser does second forfiet (like running dash outside).

Other games not tried yet like coin toss games. This can be played with two or three players.

Two players one picks heads the other picks tails. Clothes can come off from the head and from the tail as well. Also if odds are normal this should turn out to be an even game.

Three players odd person looses clothing. Heads something from the top, tails something from the bottom.

I think I will stop now. Hope this was of some use.


Anonymous said...

New Random Order game.

Each person wears six clothes, one for each number on the die. If they roll that number they take off that piece of clothing. If they have already rolled that number they get a pass. You can also have the opponet roll for you. Finally for a more interesting game if you roll a die and you already taken off that piece of clothing your opponent must take it off.

Could be FUN!!!

Also I would like to see a boy girl game where the oppenent takes off the clothing.


Anonymous said...

I have a suggestion for some more Skill based games.
It would also make the contestants move around a little more.

The Wii. Wii Sports, like bowling (If the bowler gets a strike, the loser removes a piece.
Tennis, each game one (or each point....)

Red said...


Thanks very much for the suggestion. Believe me, I wish I could. I wish I could shoot girls playing Wii Sports, or Dance Dance Revolution, or even Guitar Hero. Sadly, these games are all copyrighted and I've been advised that a video featuring girls playing them would constitute a "derivative work" for purposes of copyright law, meaning I'd need a license from their owners, which somehow I doubt they'd grant. Sigh.

Sorry. Please keep the ideas coming though.

Anonymous said...

Here's my 2 cents worth.

I like the mention of the sybian. It is a very effective machine. Let the winner control it.

I have an idea but it requires two sybians.
To decide between two losers, let each loser control the others sybian.

I like Krycek's idea of the strip/lap dance. The idea could be 2 girls and one guy watching the game. Loser gives naked laptop dance to the guy.

I like the idea of the winner removing the clothing of the loser instead of the loser removing their own.

Other ideas:

hot wax (candle dripping on nipples or other places) blind folded

blind folded Hot/Cold nipple torture. loser is blind folded, winner can randomly use ice cubes or (the wash cloth idea mentioned before) that is steaming hot! she will not know if the next contact is going to be hot! or ice cold.

I love the video's and I love them even more now that I can view them in my vista media center, complete with a 22" widescreen HDMI monitor.


Anonymous said...

Doubt this one will be received as well as my last one (thank you so much for your nice reply Red) because its not really a game, but it might be something you could incorporate into a game maybe?

I have always loved the idea of two girls ganging up on another one so how about getting three girls together for this...

One by one each girl has to leave the room and the other two get 2 minutes to discuss (or persuade) the other why they should strip and masturbate the absent girl. After each girl has taken their turn out of the room the fun begins.

All three girls are led back into the same room and asked to write down the name of the victim they want to masturbate on a piece of paper. The papers are then folded and placed in a hat. One by one the pieces are drawn and the names are read out. The girl with the most votes then has her hands tied and the other two get to strip her naked and masturbate her. If its a three way tie then the last name revealed becomes the victim. This means the suspense is kept up to the last minute.

The reason I like this idea is you get to film each of the girls talking intimately about why they want to strip the third one. And I love that intimate girly talk. Who knows what you will find out when they are discussing the third girl. It may be revealing in more ways than one! And despite everything you might know about friendships between them, who knows who will betray her friend because she wants her naked and at her mercy. Maybe they will gang up on the bossy one? Or maybe they'll reveal which of their friends they find the hottest!

Anonymous said...

Actually I suppose you could call it a game... Betrayal or Traitor perhaps! LOL

Anonymous said...

is there going to be an update this week?

Red said...

Hey grater, I did indeed use your idea. And it turned out... well, you'll have to be the judge of that when it's edited and published. But I like it.