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Sunday, October 26, 2008

How many Polish girls does it take to screw in a light bulb?

None; a light bulb is way too small for Polish girls to screw in.

As part of my quest to get more exotic girls playing stripping games, presenting Yola, who hails from, you guessed it, Poland. She's a cutie. So's her opponent, Kris. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

If Yola loses it might be a nice long forfeit - most national anthems from Eastern Europe seem to play as long as a soccer game!

Say Red, you've had a few forfeits where the loser has to do something in the hotel hallway. Would skipping rope in the hallway be an idea? It's a little noisy so there is the fear of drawing attention. The "bounce" factor is an obvious plus for the viewers. You just need a high enough ceiling.


Anonymous said...

I'm amazed at the number of different shoots that you are publishing updates from - I am guessing at least 3 games per shoot and there appear to be about 5 shoots you have only posted one or two updates from - are you building up a backlog intentionally? I'm thinking that if Crosis is able to edit the movies - perhaps 2 updates a week is achievable?

Game suggestion - I would prefer more Memory, less Pie Eating. I'm sure some people will disagree though.

As always, keep up the good work.

Crosis said...

I don't know Gordon, the Star Spangled Banner is not the easiest national anthem in the world to sing. I believe that one girl even refused to play for that forfeit as it was too embarrassing. I still want to see Ashton or Mia sing O' Canada-- acapella and acouture (if that's a word). How about a forfeit of 4 naked girls doing the We're Off to See the Wizard walk.

Silentone, most of my editing duties will be to create promos, teasers, and trailers. We have also talked about going through some of the older clips (especially the longer ones) and re-editing/repackaging. We would like to give more frequent updates, and most likely will in the very near future. However, our first goal is to get a few weeks ahead in our editing to allow for me to cut promos, and more importantly to allow Red some cushion so he doesn't have to give up an entire weekend to get a clip up at the store.

Keep the comments coming, we love the discussion...

Red said...

Just for the record, I had a girl sing the Star Spangled Banner as a forfeit in a future clip (which will not disappoint). She flubbed it badly. Tsk tsk.