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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A pic to go with the current clip

I didn't get this to Red in time for publication...


Anonymous said...

Is the high definition a secret or just a slip? ;) Jack.

Anonymous said...

Are there any more clips from the danielle, penny, and samantha series that could be coming?

Crosis said...

Jack, I'm pretty sure it was just an oversight, on the title. The clip description lists it as HD, and the file on the store is the HD file. The SD file should be released soon.

anon, I believe there are more videos of those 3 in the queue. As stated Red has been very busy lately, so we'll also have some games featuring new players along with some returning LostBets veterans matched against players they've never played against before.

Anonymous said...

How near are you to a membership site?

Cap'n. :0/

joep said...

Hello red,

I found a very, VERY, interesting promo, from lostbets.com: stripgames ultimate. It was an interactive stripping game.

Let me repeat that.. I LOVED IT!!!!
When can we play it?
I would be willing to pay good money for this game, and I think so will a lot more people...

Here's the link for everybody to check it out:

use images.google.com and search for lostbets. The girl is wearing a red blouse.

Greatings Joep

Anonymous said...

That is one of the important features I would like to see on the membership site.

Cap'n. :0)

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if we are going to get a reg def for this clip since the pc I use will not play high def clips :(

Anonymous said...

Cap'n. :0/

You want the site to go members only? What would be the difference from now? Some of us that can occasionally buy a clip won't be able to if a membership fee is added. Again, why are you wanting a membership added? What would be the advantage other than another cost?

Crosis said...

Joep, that promo was shot a long time ago. I even stumbled across it once and was surprised. Red does have the footage for several interactive games on tape, and hopefully we will have an interactive game or two when we do have our own site. Right now, it is difficult to properly market such content under our current model.

When our site launches and the full details of the price structure are still very much up in the air. Rest assured, there ARE designers working on it. We're not trying to be evasive about this, the truth is that we do not have a definite timetable right now. We don't want to promise something we can't deliver, so most likely, you find out about changes when they happen (possibly a bit before, but not much).

Anon, fear not. No matter what the final price structure ends up looking like, we still plan to offer the ability to purchase clips a la carte from the vault. The membership option will be for those who want to spend a certain amount each month, they will be able to get our new updates, and discounts on clips from the vault all for less than the price of the videos would be purchased separately. It will also allow us to offer special discounts and promotions for our members that we can't currently do.

Iain, I'm not sure why the SD clip hasn't been added yet, but I'll check on that for you.

BTW, the new clip is up at the store, I suppose I should make another post....