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Monday, October 20, 2008

what a sticky prediciment....

Dessert time!!! The new clip is up at the store. We last saw these four going for dinner at a local drive-through and possibly violating local ordinances (or at the very least good taste). Now it's time for dessert LostBets style. The last time we had a pie eating contest, there were serious rules violations. this time, I'm happy to say that all 4 players adhered to the ISGF Pie Eating rules. With hands behind their backs Amber, Lily, Sean, and Elise went face first into the pie. From watching the clip and(and grabbing screen caps), I realized that one who lost didn't get too much of a face full of whipped cream. Too bad for the loser because those bottles of whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and maple syrup on the table more than make up for the loser's clean face. You may never look at your pancakes or waffles the same way after this one. If you listen closely, you can hear one player threaten a maple syrup enema.

We're also treated to the after forfeit clean up, shower, and inspection of the loser. Enjoy..


Anonymous said...

Lily is such a hoot! In the games she's played, she starts out very shy. When she loses, she gets that "uh-oh" look; and when she wins she gets that big grin that's just like a little kid eating ice cream for the first time!

By the way Red, did you make a logo for your website? The picture up top has a red diamond with what looks like a silhouette of a nude woman.

Tina Fey would call it a whozeewhatsit!


Crosis said...

Gordon, I completely agree with you, Lily is a riot. The fact that she's willing to risk so much makes it that much more fun.

The logo is a prototype for what may be our eventual logo. I was playing around with photoshop for the screen grab and decided to add it. I'm glad someone noticed.

Apologies for any delays, but Red has been busy. The upside to that is Red being busy means more games being played! Stay tuned...

Anonymous said...

I really hope the next clip has the series that Danielle premiered in. We only got to see one clip with those 3 women, and I really want more

Red said...

Yeah, I have been busy... sorry guys, I've been seriously distracted lately. Kinda pissed at myself, too. But as Crosis said, the good news is that I've got a bunch more games on tape. Did a session featuring Addie (remember her? lots of people asking to see more of her), Mary (ditto), Lily, and a new girl, Stacy. Coming soon.

Anon, assuming you mean the game that had Danielle, Aurianna, and Lily, sadly that was the only game featuring those three girls. I do have some other games featuring those players, but none with all three together.