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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ten! ... Nine! ... Eight! ... Seven! ...


As 2008 draws to a close and 2009 dawns, please join us in ringing in the New Year. To celebrate, Lost Bets Productions will be offering a special bonus clip, published at midnight tonight. The high-def version will be published at 12:00 AM Eastern (UTC-5), while the standard version will follow at 12:00 AM Pacific (UTC-8). Not only that, but for the first 24 hours each clip is available (i.e. all of New Year's Day), the clips will be on sale, with $5 off the high-def version and $3 off the standard version.

And I think it's a pretty good clip, too. It's the first in a new series, with four (count 'em) girls, including the return of a controversial regular, the return of a girl everybody likes, the return of a girl we've hardly seen enough of, and the debut of a brand-new girl. This will be a bonus update and won't interfere with the regular weekend update. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Crosis has a life and therefore can't immediately make one of his killer promos, so I tried my own hand at it. The result... well, it's not as good as his, but hopefully it will serve until he has time to make something better.


Crosis said...

HAPPY NUDE REAR!!!! due to personal festivities, I'll have a promo up in a few days... Enjoy the new clip.

Anonymous said...

Very good clip. New Year's discount a great idea. Double camera an excellent idea. Still needs work, but am confident with experience there will be improvement.

Regarding the forfeit: I thought it was too short, especially with four girls. There were a lot more possibilities for posing the losers. Suggestion to consider for next time. Losers are posed and subjected to body writing.

Good mix of participants. Experienced and new. Definitely want to see more of all of them.

Suggestion for higher level forfeit. I understand that you have to stay within the girls' comfort zones, but if you can find willing to take it to the next level here is a forfeit.

A double forced orgasm. Each winner gets to the magic wand on one of the losers. (Forced orgams are always better with the loser hands bound behind her back) The loser who comes first has to endure another forfeit. My game suggestion that follows explains how this could be done.

New game: a version of Hi-Lo, but requiring more skill. Card is turned face up. Girl has to choose whether NEXT card is higher or lower. If she guesses wrong she loses some clothes. If the card is equal in value she also loses. This means she can also lose on a two or ace.

This requires the players to try to remember what cards have already been played. If the game uses the entire deck, reshuffle and continue.

The game can be played with two to four. Any forfeit can be used.

Addition to double forced orgasm. The loser of the first round (who came first) now gets an OTK spanking from the winner who got her off.

Cards are reshuffled. The loser can choose. 1) Ten swats OTK. 2) Risk the cards. Two to ten, she gets that number of swats. This gives a good chance to reduce the forfeit. However, a jack is worth 11, queen 12, king 13, ace 14.

If she chooses to take the ten the card she would have gotten is turned over. Imagine her frustration if she realizes she could have gotten only two, or her relief if she sees an ace.

Using the two cameras, film her spanking from front and read. This lets the viewer see the spanking as well as the reaction on her face.

To increase the level just a little, the other girls could count the spanks. In my experience it always seems a little more embarrassing for the spankee to hear the count. Spanker can also add a little by mixing it up. Three quick spanks, followed by a long pause, then a moderately hard swat.

I realize this will take daring girls, but I think Amber and Lily might consider. Plus Mary probably would lover to take revenge on Amber for the last forfeit.

You have an excellent site. The unscripted aspect makes viewing exciting, even if I read the spoilers before buying.

I congratulate you to going to two cameras. I don't know if you are familiar with Kink.com in San Francisco. It may surprise you that most of their shoots are done with a single camera. Of course, their models are all over the web on other sites and, except for one site, everything they do is scripted. They also have budgets several hundred times larger than you. That is why I congratulate you for your work in making each shoot better than the last.

Anonymous said...

Very good clip.

Newcomer Stacy is a keeper for me.

Very sassy!

All the girls were first class in this one IMO.

Shame there wasn't more full frontal nudity. I think that should be part of the forfeit to be filmed with arms & legs spread.

Excellent clip though & the price break was appreciated. ;0)

When are you going for the paysite BTW?

Cap'n :0)

Anonymous said...

YAY! We need to see more of Addie.

A lot more.


Anonymous said...

Look like very nice girls - one of these clips will be my next buy after finishing my Sasha and Vivian collection.

Very impressed as always especialy with this being a bonus update - more frequent updates are always much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. I had thought you missed video 66 and went to 67 by mistake, but now I see you saved the best one for the bonus. Keep up the good work. Jack.

Red said...

To any who are wondering: it's Saturday, where's the update?

I had a video ready to go on Friday. But... it's not entirely to my liking. I'd rather publish late than publish something I consider sub-par, so I'm publishing late. Still shooting for end-of-day Saturday, most definitely by end-of-day Sunday.

Anonymous said...

I love the game but lilly always loose and Marry never dose that ckind of sucks and I agree with a better forit I stell thin the loosre having to have a orgazm with a shower head

Anonymous said...

Question Red. Have you had any girls that never lost? What do you do? a.) Let them walk out. b.) keep playing till all members loose at least once. c.)let the loosers gang up on the winer and strip them, as has been done. Comments?

Anonymous said...

great video, and always nice to see addie!