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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

About today's update


Today's update was originally intended to be the long-awaited first round of You Bet Your Ass!, our game show filmed in front of a live studio audience. Sadly, that project has been put on hold... there's a bit of a problem, about which I may go into more detail later, but for now I've got some pondering to do. In its place, here's a clip I've been holding for awhile. I expect that probably many of you will not care for it... if so, suck it up, it's a bonus update anyway. The update coming this Friday is pretty good, and the update for the Friday after that is awesome.


Anonymous said...

Red, I hope the problem that has come up with the "you bet your ass" series isn't similar to the situation at Dare Ring that caused the original game nine to be pulled!

Earlier, you were asking for comments on the strip darts game and forfeit. Would it be an idea to combine elements of game 47 -the wet t-shirt rock paper scissors game- and the bathing/shower location of game 90? The two players play rock/paper/scissors in the shower dressed in cotton t-shirt and panties. They use the shower head instead of cups of water to get the clothing wet in a predetermined order. The loser eventually strips naked and then gets a forfeit something like getting splattered with whip cream pies - or whatever just so that they actually get dirty. Then the winner washes the loser clean. One plus with this is that the winner has clothing on that is suitable for getting in a shower with the naked loser for the forfeit.

By the way, that was a nice big shower to use for filming in, and I was surprised how well the audio worked with the water running.


Anonymous said...

The DareRing game 9 was the first thing I thought of when I red that post! Man I hope not...

Red said...

Gentlemen, if you know the reason Dare Ring 9 was pulled, you're better informed than I am. As for YBYA's shift into limbo, it may be the same cause... I suspect it might be.

Red said...

By the way, I have another bit of good news... while desperately scrambling through the archives to find material to fill two weekly updates without the help of YBYA, I stumbled upon a real jewel. You know how a lot of times I come away from a game thinking it didn't go well? This is one of those... but I can't for the life of me think why I was disappointed with this awesome clip. Probably on tap for May 26 or 29, stay tuned.

Oh: it's Ashley and Amber. The game is Jester but that's not really important. What's important is the forfeit, which is... well, maybe I'll tell you later :)

Anonymous said...

The scuttlebut on the original dare ring 9 was that one player had signed consent forms but had second thoughts about it after the game was posted.
I hope my first post didn't give the impression that I was cheezed off at anyone who would have second thoughts about appearing in a game. Alot of people ragged on the alleged person (on another blog) who had cold feet in Dare Ring 9, and that wasn't fair.


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

Your comment at the top of todays post about not everyones conventional beauty, well i say yay for bbw more normal looking women on the site i say. Too many model sites out there claim to be wife's or girlfriends one of the things i like about your site is that the girls do look real and not all 36/28/32 "perfect" women.

More bbw's or just older participants, i say. Anyway great job, keep em coming.


Anonymous said...

Red...I can understand a person saying to themselves, oops maybe I should not have done that, but you and your assistants did a lot of work to put everything together, not to mention the other contestants involved, so saying so sorry you know that consent form I signed, I don't care that you have it, I don't want you using the stuff is a bit much to ask. From everything I have seen and read you have always been straight forward with everybody involved and as adults people should live up to their word and you do so it should go both ways. I don't know if this is what happened, but from my understanding that is what happened with the original DR #9.


Red said...

MagicTouchMax, thank you for the kind words, and I'm glad you liked the video. As I expected, it's not going to be setting any sales records, but that's never been my point in doing this. There will be more of these two in the future, and perhaps some other models who showcase the diversity of the female form as well. (And to everybody out there who has different tastes: settle down, there will be plenty of that, too.)

As for the other thing... guys, sorry, I'm not prepared to talk about it at this time. Perhaps in the future.

Anonymous said...

Red...I understand and I am sure most, if not all do as well, if and when you are ready to write about what happened I (we) are here to read. Also, what gets published is your decision to make and only yours. The only issue I have is that you hyped the game so much and announced a publish date. My suggestion would be not to hype games in the future until after they are published so that we do not have a repeat of you having to say that it is not going to happen and then getting pestered with questions.


Anonymous said...


You might want to consider putting a spoiler on "Heidi and Alexiel play Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors". Whether I'd buy this clip depends on how naked one of the contestants gets; the other I really don't care about one way or the other.

-- Mycroft

Anonymous said...

I can't bring myself to even give this clip a try, even at the low price. It looks down right scary
from the spoiler clip, no thanks.
I won't comment further.

Red said...

Gaah, that's two clips in a row I forgot to post spoilers for. Sorry sorry, I don't know what's gotten into me. Fixed now.

gb, I know we hyped YBYA a lot, and believe me, I really hate disappointing everybody. Believe me I wouldn't do it if I didn't think it were necessary. I'll probably give a fuller explanation of the circumstances later. For now, I'll say that this was entirely my decision and not the result of pressure from anybody else. If you happen to like sleuthing, I believe that there's enough information out there, albeit scattered around a bit, to deduce exactly what happened.

Anon 7:28AM: That's fine, and again, I don't expect anybody to like all of our videos. And there will be another update later today that might be more to your liking. But... please keep in mind that the people who are playing this game are not robots, they are real human beings with real human feelings, and some of them read this blog. Calling them "scary" is kind of a dick move.

Anonymous said...

There seemed to be a genuine connection between Heidi and Alexiel, and they seemed to have fun playing the game and doing the forfeit.

I'd be happier with the forfeit if it were more embarrassing/limit-pushing than fun, but willingness to get naked on camera is sexy in itself.

- Trike

Anonymous said...

Look, if you don't wany honest opinions then don't ask for them, but since you have chosen to refer to me as a dick, then fine, I won't be buying anymore of your videos. You got alot to learn about how to treat your customers, which is what I thought I was, but no more, there are lots of other sites out there "Stripgamecentral"
among them that post videos and they don't call their customers names for doing what they aasked for, honestly posting their thoughts on the product being offered.

Brucem said...

Hello Red
Sorry but I gotta go along with the guy you called a "dick". You make this forum available, and unless you just want positive comments, or are prepared to censor the comments or get rid of this forum all together then you can't be critical of people who respond to what you put out there.
When these girls perform on this site with a potiential audience bigger than any prime time tv show, they leave behind the right to always have their feelings spared, they are now in the public eye and as such are going to have to deal with such things. You and they have to be prepared for it, and the guy is right about one other thing, even if he is a "dick"
he is part of your and the girls audience, and if are going to call them names then you might not be in business long. The facts are no
one can take any moral high ground here. like you did with him. You do this to make money and work with naked girls. The girls do this to make money and possibly get off on it sexually. We, your customers spend money here to watch nude girls in embarassing situations. This site is fun and
entertaining, and no crimes are being committed here, but we are not curing cancer here, this is not actually the high road for any of us. I have tons of fun here and nothing wrong with that, but its not actaully something I brag about. The guy is also right about
"StripgameCentral". I have been there and they actually allow you to rate the girls, the lowest rate actually says "UGH", and some girls get that rating, and I don't see the voters being attacked for saying their peace. Sorry for the length of this, but I believe you were really wrong here Red, and while this guy might have overreacted a bit, you were more wrong in calling him names on a forum designed for money paying customers to make comment on what you are trying to sell them. Ok I guess you can call me names now for saying what I think.

MC_Sadist said...

I have a couple comments.

1. I know of another adult series called "You Bet Your Ass" with a tiny bit of similarity, I don't know if they threatened you with legal action or some shit but I hope that wasn't the case.

2. I don't think Red did anything wrong. He said basically calling these girls "scary" was a dick move. He didn't say you were a dick mate, all he was saying was insulting these girls who are willing to expose them selves for people's entertainment is kind of a douche bag thing to do. And I agree with him. I'm not into BBW so I won't buy the clip, but I still thank Red for taking the time to make it and release it. It's a shame to see someone boycott the site for something that silly, especially when you were going on about how you were just giving him an honest responce. He didn't censor anyone, he just gave an honest response back and I respect him for it.

And a big LOL to the person who says these girls will get seen more than prime time TV. Yeah, more people watch Lost Bets than say, Lost, or Heroes. If that was the case then Red would be super rich and have a super fancy website. I doubt many people see this, and the girls just want to have a bit of fun. Like I said, if you don't like it, don't watch it, but you insulted the girls first so don't hide behind the whole "I'm a customer" bullshit. If you went up to someone in a department store and said they were scary or fat or what ever, do you think they're just going to smile and tell you to have a nice day? Do you live in the real world?

Anonymous said...

I don't have a dog in this fight, but I agree with "Bruce" in that "Red" was out of line. You are suppose to be able to make free and open comments here. If they don't want negative comments or if certain things are off limits
then they should say so. A healthy argument could be made that the only "dick" here is Red. If the girls are worried about their feelings then don't be taking your clothes off on the world wide web. That may not be make them bad people but it don't make them nuns either and hardly off limits. Red is a pornographer plain and simple, we are buying his pornography plain and simple, these
girls are performing pornography plain and simple. Lecturing anyone
about their comments here seems pretty stupid especially if it is a paying customer. I usually don't make comment about anything here, I buy some of the clips, some I wouldn't watch if they gave them to me for free, but anyone pretending any kind of ground high enough to preach to anyone else here, well I believe that ship sailed along time ago. So I suggest "Red", "Bruce", "Sadist" all the girls who peform here and even the guy who got called a dick and myself included. get over themselves. Everyone recognize that they are either creating, performing or buying porn, and hardly makes any of us qualified to be critical of anyone else here.

Brucem said...

Well, Mr Sadist missed every point
that I was trying to make but I guess it dosen't matter. I will say to him that I realize that this site is not watched as much as
major tv shows, but my point is that the internet is out there for anyone in any country. I travel around the world in my job, and in many other countries shows like "Lost" have never even been heard of. Sites like this are available everywhere in every country. The potiential for these sites is actually greater, I know they don't really get watched as much. Like I said you missed the point entirely. Ultimately, I just was stating that we all have our likes and dislikes, this blog invites people to state them, this one guy did, was apprently very frank about it and Red gave him shit for it, and then he honestly expects him to spend more money at this site. If you go into a store and a clerk calls you names or gives you shit about something are doing are you going back to that store, I doubt it. Especially, when there are lots of other stores out there. There is a old saying "the customer is always right". And maybe this guy was being insenitive, but like the other guy said these girls are stripping nude and sometimes pertorming sex acts on the world wide web and getting paid for it. What are they excepting sainthoods, congressional medals what. I guess you can make comment here as long as you gentile and certain subjects are off limits.

Anonymous said...

Red...for those that have a part of You Bet Your Ass what to you suggest we do with it...You know the extended promo that was attached to the end of the Beer Pong game?


Red said...

Whoa. I sure didn't mean to provoke this sort of a reaction. Let's see what I can do about clearing it up.

First of all, let me note for the record that there's a real and significant difference between calling somebody a dick and saying that something somebody did is a "dick move". Calling somebody a dick is attacking him personally; saying that something was a dick move is attacking a particular action. Nobody's perfect, and even people who are not dicks occasionally do dick moves.

I'll always be happy to receive candid and honest feedback. All I ask is that you do consider the fact that the girls may read what you write and that you think about what you say. It's a common tendency on the Internet to forget that there are real people on the other side of the series of tubes, which means it's easy to forget that words can hurt.

What I was most dismayed to read here was the suggestion that I don't care about my customers, because I very much do. In fact, I don't even think of "customers", I think of "fans", and I care about the fans a lot more than I care about working with naked girls (which isn't without its charms, I admit) or especially the money. I'm not going to set off anybody's bullshit detector by saying that the money isn't nice... it is, and I thank you all for the new motorcycle and for sending my whole family to Vegas for a vacation. But it's never been my reason for doing this, not from day one. Honest.

Bruce: You said that I "might not be in business long." Perhaps. I hope that's not correct. But the truth is, I've never really considered myself "in business". I have a job, a good one, which would afford me the lifestyle I want even without the income from lostbets.com. I've never had an eye towards maximizing revenue, as a true businessman would. In fact I was explicitly called a "bad businessman" by somebody who did some work for me, for my question after writing the check, "Is that enough? Would you like more?"

As you and Anon both noted, I have competitors, one of which is StripGameCentral.com, run by a British gentleman who goes by "Ed Cetera." I highly recommend it for its incredible value... a single month's subscription gets you access to an archive of several years' weekly updates. They're still-photo updates, though... if Ed had sooner reached the same conclusion that pornographers everywhere reached, which is that Acacia is full of shit, I probably never would have started lostbets.com.

But with respect to my competition, I believe that my content is the best there is, and keeps getting better. And I think a big part of the reason for this is that I'm doing this as a labor of love rather than a business. The fans are the reason I do this, and I'd never deliberately alientate them.

MC: As I've said elsewhere, the YBYA-limbo status has nothing to do with any external pressure applied to me by anybody. One of the other consequences of not running this thing like a business is that I'm very much concerned about doing the right, ethical thing even at the expense of the bottom line, which sometimes involves pressure from within rather than without. As you might imagine it's also somewhat personal, which is why I'm reluctant to talk much more about it for now.

Finally, Anon #2 (and Anon #1): I allow you to post on this blog without signing up for a Blogger account, but please, I do ask that you pick an identity and sign your posts with it. As for what you had to say, Anon #2 yes, I am a pornographer in the sense that I make and sell pornography. But more generally I'm a person who makes creative media and sells it to the public, and I reject the artifical distinction between pornography and other such media. An amateur rock band records a few tracks and sells them on iTunes. An independent filmmaker puts something on YouTube and collects thousands in AdSense revenue share. Crosis, Prudie, and I make a clip of girls playing a stripping game and sell it on clips4sale. Dick Wolf shits out another Law and Order series and sells it to NBC. It's all the same. We're all creative artists and the notion that porn is somehow of lower stature is both misogynistic and misandristic. Misogynistic because it assumes that women are not rational actors capable of making intelligent choices, and misandristic because it suggests that porn is bad because it gets men off. (And some women, too, judging from my email.)

So I especially reject the suggestion that I'm doing anything sinful for my part in the making, selling, and watching of porn... or that I've forfeited any moral ground by doing so. Why? What am I doing that's so wrong? I unfailingly treat those I work with respectfully, it's a point of honor to me that none of my players regrets posing for me, and I pay generously. I'm not ashamed of any of it. I'm also not ashamed that I make videos that people enjoy, that people consider worth the price, and yes, that sometimes get people off.

This turned out to be way more long-winded and heavy-handed than I originally intended. To sum up: lighten up, people, it's just teh intarwebz. Nothing worth getting worked up about.

Crosis said...

GB, I suggest you enjoy every second of that promo. I worked hard on it (as well as that game), and you bought it... Enjoy it!

MC_Sadist said...

Also Red, it's hard for him to insult you as a pornographer when he watches the pornography. The phrase "the pot calling the kettle black" springs to mind.

The only reason why pornography is considered bad is because of religious bullshit that sexuality is something to be ashamed of. To me Red is just a director who makes short films on a subject he likes, ENF, and does a damn fine job at it. The fact that there's nudity and sexuality, or that it appeals to the "prurient interest", doesn't even matter, it's not like once you get naked in front of a camera doesn't mean you aren't allowed to have feelings anymore.

There are plenty of glamour models who pose nude who would have been offended by having been called scary. I'm pretty sure those girls aren't pornstars, and that they're doing this on their free time for fun and for money, like Red is doing.

Red, you had a nice reply, it showed a lot more reasoning and rationality than any of these other clowns grasping at straws to paint you out as some sort of tyrant.

GB said...

You know there are two things in life I never do. One of them is responding to on-line arguments. Not because sometimes I don't get annoyed by them, but simply because it just fans the flames and nobody ever wins. However for the first (and hopefully last) time I am breaking my own rules.

Let's recap what happened here.

An anonymous poster comes on-line and gives his honest opinion that the video looks "down right scary". The site owner comes back and says that making a comment like that was a "dick move". And then all hell breaks loose.

Now I can understand the original poster getting the hump because he feels insulted but you can't expect to be able to view your honest opinion unless you can take someone else's honest opinion in return. You gave your honest opinion about the video, Red gave honest opinion about your honest opinion. All fair in love, war and honest opinions right? All done and dusted and everyone has had their say.

Sadly no - the original poster is annoyed because the site owner commented on his comment. Where is the logic in that? You had your say so why can't Red have his? When you make a posting on a forum on the internet you get to air your views but you have to accept someone else may not agree with them and may say it. Its fair for one - then its fair for the other. You are entitled to say its "down right scary" and he is entitled to say its a "dick move". Get over it for God's sake and let's get back to watching some strip action.


P.S. One last thing I think everyone here should ALWAYS bear in mind when commenting on any video. Red MEETS these girls. Red talks to these girls. Red may have to do business with them again. To him they aren't just pictures on a page, they are real people. So for God's sake give the man some leeway if he defends them from time to time. Even if you feel personally upset by it. Because to be honest I wouldn't want to do business with him if he didn't feel protective towards the girls he films. All it says is that he cares about them and their feelings - and if he has to upset a few customers to look after the girls who make this site great, then I say good on him.

Red mate - you are doing a hell of a job. And the day you put the customer or your own interest above those of the girls you film will be a very sad day. I for one applaud you for protecting them, be it their feelings, or their right to change their mind. Might not make you the world's best businessman - but it does make you a good guy.

GB said...

Just for his sake (sorry mate didn't realise you were using the same name), I would like to point out I am not the same "gb" who posted earlier in this thread.

In future I will change my name.

Sorry gb.

GB Number 2! LOL

Anonymous said...

No problem, I am not registered that way and you are so go ahead and keep using it. I will come up with something else.

The poster formerly known as gb

Now I am dating myself.

GB said...

Nah its not registered to me. I just used the "name/url" option to enter it when I made the post. Its the third option down under "choose your identity" and you can select any name you like. I just used GB for "google/blogger" cos it was the first thing that popped into my mind!

Nice of you to be so nice about it though. Just goes to show these comment threads can be used for love as well as hate. Not girly love of course... manly love. Actually that sounds even worse... erm lets say its the sort of love a man has for a fine cigar. But then thinking about what Mr Clinton does with his fine cigars...

...think I'll quit while I'm behind! LOL

P.S. Apologies for taking the comments off thread. But given the original thread maybe thats not such a bad thing. BACK TO PERVING!