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Friday, May 8, 2009


Sorry for the brief announcement, folks, but Midweek May continues with our third update of this very young month. The idea for this one was based on a request from a fan... if you have any requests of your own, be sure to let us know, and maybe you'll see them made into a video!


Anonymous said...

EEgads, no spoiler?

Red said...

Whoopsie. Fixed.

Dave35 said...

Hi there any news on when a new POV game will be done ?

Red said...

By the way, those of you who are buying this, please let me know what you think of it... because honestly, it's not one of my favorites, I didn't really care for the whole all-or-nothing thing, at least not with a game of this length. So if you bought it and liked it and want to see more of it, make sure I know about it, or otherwise it's unlikely to happen.

Anonymous said...

For me, this clip suffered from not having the players having to play whilst partly clothed. Quite often the players will become more embarrassed as they lose and will try to cover up, which in turn leads to more embarrassment.

Having said that, it was miles better than, say, the Ashley/Kala Sudden Death Strip High Card, in that the game was longer and so there was more opportunity for banter between the girls.

I didn't particularly mind this time, because I've seen a lot of both of the players (double entendre totally intentional!), but I'd have been more annoyed if you had two new players do this.

Would this clip have been hotter if the loser had been washed by a winner wearing nothing but panties? Hell, yeah.

Would this clip have been better if the winner had thought she might end up washing the loser wearing almost as little? Definitely.

In summary - I didn't dislike this clip, I just think it would have been better with both players having the potential for losing their clothes.

It would be interesting to see what the person who originally suggested it thought of the finished clip.

- Trike

PS this forfeit would absolutely work in a mixed game :-)

Anonymous said...

Red...If you want to try to decrease the number of "games" within a game without going the sudden death route you could do either a best 2 out of 3 or better best 3 out of 5. What I mean is for the first game you lose you strip completely and then the second game you lose you have to do the forfeit. This is the best 2 of 3 version. Both of the players could end up nude this way. The other version would be the best 3 of 5 scenario. First loss, strip down to your undies, second loss strip nude, third loss is for the forfeit. In this way both could end up nude or the winner may be in their underwear. You could also change this up to be first loss strip topless then second lose bottoms and so on. You could add another piece of chance and have the tops or bottoms be random some how. The player could lose their bottoms first. This would only work if their tops were short, no hiding behind long shirts. Just some suggestions.


Anonymous said...

Red...Game wise, how about a strip musical chairs game? This would work best with multiple players. You have had up to 5. For each time a player does not get a chair when the music stops, they strip, until they are nude or have to do a forfeit. This would also be nice to get the players up and moving around instead of hiding in a sitting position or behind something. We would also get a good front and back view.

I am still waiting on another game of strip memory, I know it is more editing but isn't that what you have Crosis for. Just kidding Crosis, thanks for getting involved with this site. I am sure if you were not helping we would not be getting 2 updates per week for now. Just some ideas.


Apollo said...

Red, I just thought of a really great game that wouldn't be too hard to pull of. As unlikely as it may be, the inspiration comes from the Saw movie franchise, lol. The idea is that two people are playing a game against eachother, possibly from a remote location. At the start of the game, both players are naked from at least the waste down, and have to sit in their chair such that their "areas" are exposed. However, when shooting the game, the camera will be above waist so that the viewers can't see anything, and the players will presumably know this so they wont be initially embarassed. Now, the idea is that the game will be on a timer, and a camera will be positioned in a prime position to grab a snapshot of a place neither player wants photographed, should the timer run out before the puzle type game is completed. Thus, it isn't exactly a stripping game, but the girls would squirm more and more as time runs out knowing that should they fail the other player will get a picture of their most private areas emailed to them immediately. There are several ways to set this up, either one girl playing alone, playing against some kind of prize or for whatever motivation you can come up with, or two people playign against eachother with the winner claiming the "spoils." It could be either a still shot or video, and you wouldn't actually have to rig this up as the actual forfeit could be simulated by having a flash bulb go off, or just have a camera person under the table the game is being played on who no one knows is there. The main idea for the game is knowing what will happen beforehand and having to be under a time constraint. Hopefully in the end the girl fails, and then the game would be edited to show the claimed footage, and the girl watching it go out to the world horrified at losing. Camera stills or video could work here, I think it would be really hot due to the ticking time bomb motif. Sorry for the long post, I hope I have explained this adequately.

Anonymous said...

Red and Crosis...just a suggestion for Strip Battlestrip to help speed up the game. If I remember correctly there are 5 pieces and they range in size from either 2 or 5 pegs to "sink". How about you ignore this part and it just takes 1 hit per piece to lose an item. The largest is the easiest to find and represents shoes and socks. The smallest is the hardest and represents panties. The other pieces are in between and represent blouse, skirt and bra. The ship that gets hit means you must remove that piece. If you also shrink the board I believe this should speed up the game.

Also, if you do this game with 3 again I would suggest getting a third board so that all 3 are playing for themselves. When a player takes a shot it is at both of the other players. This way for each time around the circle you get shot at twice while taking one shot at each of the other players. Either the person uses the same call for both or makes 2 separate calls, 1 for each. It turns into a game of Cut Throat Battle Strip and the clothes that come off will be in a random order and determined by the play of the game. Could lead to another one of my favorite outcomes. The winner ends up just in her socks. One of your first games, between Ashley, Mia and Ashton ended this way. It was a game of Strip Memory.