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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Turn of the century

First things first: video 095 has been published, and that is the very last of the Midweek May midweek updates. Pardon me while I breathe a sigh of exhaustion. Won't be doing that again any time soon. Still to come in May is the debut (and final) appearance of a couple of hot lesbians who I didn't really think got the spirit of lostbets.com, but hey, hot lesbians. Following that up on Friday as usual will be a long-lost clip found in an excavation of the Lost Bets Vault... a prequel to Danielle vs. Aurianna vs. Lily.

Doing four extra updates these last four weeks has brought closer a big milestone for lostbets.com. When I started doing this, I decided to use a three-digit number for each clip, despite thinking it really unlikely that I'd be doing this long enough to make a hundred videos. Well, here it is nearly two years later and video 100 is nearly upon us. Unbelievable.

Gonna have to do something special for this video, I think. But what? Well, for starters, a new logo. Something that'll look nice on our new website (in progress, I swear!!) Look for the new logo in this promo:

Oh, and maybe we'll have some hot chicks.


MC_Sadist said...

Ashton looks super hot as a brunette. Can't wait for that vid.

Mark said...

I no why you did not think it work It was not that sexual they were haiving fun but to me it was not that hot.but I love see ether woney of them Naked

profhackney said...

I agree with Mark. The update is mislabeled. It should not be "female domination." It should be "tickling." There was too much laughing. Amber didn't seem to know how to dominate. I was hoping she would use the hatachi and Ashley would get off. All Ashley did for the 20 minutes was squirm, laugh, and saying "I can't believe you. That is probably why you were disappointed after you filmed. it. I know I was.

Anonymous said...

Wish Julie had been on the receiving end of that paddle, butt still very well done on the promo...


Red said...

Prof, I'm so sorry you were disappointed. I've moved the clip into category TICKLING and also added a short disclaimer at the end of the description so people know what they're getting. I never want anyone to be disappointed with a purchase. Hope the future's more to your liking.

Anonymous said...

how to open it.
when i click on this clip i have:
this is private video.....
so what i have to do to open it ?

BB said...

Red, this clip has to be one of, if not the best, yet! And that's before the forfeits at the end. Great job - camera was in the right place with the best shots all the way through.

Red said...

Anon: It should be fixed now, albeit at Blogger's crappy video quality. I had a video pulled from YouTube for violating their community standards, along with a note that future violations could cause loss of account. I decided that the better part of valor was to pull this one from YouTube while I wondered if "shave your vagina" was over the line. (Hope not, or at least another of you YouTube promos is in jeopardy.)

BB: Thank you! I'm glad you think so, and if there's anything I could be doing to make these videos even better be sure to let me know.

BB said...

Red. I do have to say how much I like the vids where the game doesn't end when someone loses all but continues giving us more girls who have lost their clothes and a longer view of the losers.

Perhaps a game where they have to keep playing until the undressed one(s) win two in a row with a different forfeit for each loss.