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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oh! To Be a Banana...

to be banana today... (at least until the 18:07 mark of the video).

The next Midweek Madness Month of May update is available and it features four fairly fine females performing fellatio on fruit (or would you rather I said a bevy of buxom beauties gobbled balls and blew a banana?) Stacey, Addie, Lily, and Mary are back playing a game we've never done before, but I'm sure you will all recognize. This is another fun clip from these girls. If you liked their game of Strip Awesomeness you'll like this game. This one is so much fun, we decided to give away the first 8 minutes for free. I hope you enjoy.

Folks, I've seen the future, and the future is good. In the very near future, we see more of Julie, Elizabeth, and Claire (and a lot more of 2 of them), as well as a game with a forfeit that easily ranks up in the top 5 of lostbets history. Beyond that, Ashton and Mia are scheduled to come back very soon, as well as a very special shoot featuring Addie and some of her friends. There are also whispered rumors floating around about our next attempt at a live gameshow... good times.. good times...


Red said...

By the way, to those who've asked when I would make an appearance in these videos, you can see the back of my head in a couple of shots of this one. And all I can say is... holy crap! I had no idea I was that balding in back! :(

MC_Sadist said...

Hey Red, I have some ideas for forfeits. Some of them seem realistic while others are possible but you'd have to find the right people.

1. When a girl loses she has to do a sexy strip tease/dance for the winner.

2. The losers has to give the winner a lapdance.

3. Combine #1 and #2 together in one forfeit.

4. Loser has to ride a sybian (don't know how expensive they are so this may be a problem).

5. Loser must do a personal tour of her body, making sure to show EVERYTHING, doing some spreading, talking about what she likes/dislikes about her body and special areas, would make some interesting banter. :-)

6. Two losers have to wrestle in an inflatible pool fool of baby oil for specific ammount of time.

7. This would be the hardest one I think. Have the contestants bring in either a father or brother and if they lose they have to strip in front of them. Nothing sexual or incestious but just pure ENF.

8. Loser must put panties in mouth and say/sing something with panties in mouth.

9. Loser has to get naked, then get dressed and go to a sex shop and buy the weirdest most embarrassing thing there. Not to use just to be embarassed. Winner comes with to laugh at the losers expense.

10. Loser must put legs behind head or do some yoga stuff nude.

11. Loser spanks her self certain number of times while winner films everything. More interesting banter. ;-)

12. Naked handstand/headstand. Either indoors or outdoors.

13. Loser must go to strip club (clothed) and get a lapdance from a stripper.

14. Loser has to slide down a "slip n' slide" in the buff.

15. Loser gets lead around on a leash by winner while crawling and barking.

16. Loser must give winner a ride on her back like a horse.

17. Loser must strip at a strip club's amateur night, either just topless or the full monty.

Hope you can use some of these or`at least get some inspiriation from them.

MC_Sadist said...

I forgot one more.

Buy a whole buncha sexy and kinky lingerie and do a fashion show.

Anonymous said...

Wont anyone think of the banana!!!!!! LOL I have no idea what it is about these 4 but they have a great dynamic I have loved every single video released with them in it thus far. Very good video!!! Any hopes for more of them?

Crosis said...

MC_Sadist, there are some great ideas in there. I'll have to add them to the forfeit file. The first two you mention are actually something that came up in a brainstorm session for the last shoot with Julie, Elizabeth, and Claire (if their friend Troy only knew the lengths we went to to get him some action that day). Some of your ideas are good and we will probably use. Some of them are quite good but might be difficult to pull off (anything involving going out to a strip club or sex shop is time that could be spent doing another game). All of you, keep the ideas coming, if we see something we like (and can feasibly pull off) we'll probably use it).

Tank, I couldn't agree with you more. These 4 girls had a LOT of fun during the whole shoot, and it shows in the games. Anyone who shies away from games with certain players should definitely give this series a look. They may not be the hottest games we have from a sexual standpoint, but they are some of the most hilarious series we have.

I have good news and bad news about this series. The good news is that there are still 2 more games featuring this group (I held off on these games til the end as they will both require some tedious post production work). The bad news is that the external hard drive that held my copies of the footage has died a painful death (when I turn it on, it sounds like a small rodent is scratching at the inside of the computer). Red has the back up copy, so the last 2 games will be slightly delayed.

sean said...

How about some strip wrestling?

J.C said...

As far as a game suggestion for Miss Juniper and her gal pals, may I suggest a "Halloween themed" superheroine costume game with the loser being "tortured" by the winner in whatever way legally allowed for x amount of time. This could be tickling, forced orgasm, the sky is the limit. You could also choose to make this a mixed game with one guy dressed up either as superhero (i.e. a certain "man of steel") or as a villain (i.e. Heath Ledger's Man of Jokes).

Not to typecast Miss Juniper but I have enjoyed her superheroine work for other sites, which is why I think it would be a good idea to showcase that aspect on this site.

Anonymous said...

This preview seems to have been removed from YouTube.

Crosis said...

Yup... Apparently the youtube board of unstandards and malpractices decided that something in my promo was offensive. Fortunately I have spare in my pocket for just such an occasion...

Hopefully you're all able to view the DailyMotion player.

Auberon said...

Really enjoyed seing Claire forfeit...Was especially pleased to see she was self-conscious about having her shoes off!

Now that we know her weakness, how about humiliating her by forcing her to take them off slowly, then laughing at her and making her wiggle her toes for the camera?