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Friday, July 24, 2009


Episode 104 is now up. Featuring a relatively new girl who's already attracting quite a fan base, plus the return of someone we haven't seen in a long time. Brand new game, plus tingling. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

So which one of these girls is the Python programmer :-)

Nice fun clip, although it would have been nice to see the loser's bum post-spanking. Can't win em all.

Have you more of these two in the can? The film can, not the toilet can, although... ;-) I thought they worked well together.


Red said...

That bookcase doesn't belong to either girl, and neither does that copy of the Python book. If either of them can code, I don't know about it. (Although if there's any language suitable for non-techie girlie-girls, Python is it.)

Sorry about not showing off the loser's reddened bum. Honestly, the day of that shoot, I was really out of it... recovering from a nasty cold, tired and groggy, and as a result a lot of things didn't work out the way I'd have done them if I'd had a clearer head.

Speaking of other things that happened that day... if I know my filmmaker slang, "in the can" means "completed, edited, ready to publish", so the answer to your question is "nope", this is the only game with these two in the can. But I've got three more on film, just waiting to be edited. And these two really did have a great dynamic. Plus one of them risked doing something she's never done before... something she really did not want to have to do, something she needed to talk about with her boyfriend before agreeing to risk it. Stay tuned.

Red said...

By the way, while this is the first game of Shockinaw we've published, it's not the first one that we've played. The first one featured Ashton, Mia, and Sammy. I haven't published that one yet and may never, out of concern for my own safety. Poor Mia squealed and cried out so pitifully whenever she got the shock that I'm worried that if I show the footage I may be lynched by hordes of angry Mia fans.

Anonymous said...

A little bit of geek hope just died there, Red :-(

And as a Mia fan, if I can be a fan of Mia at the same time as being a fan of Ashton (in those early clips, it didn't really matter to me which of them lost), can I say that I have no interest in your safety, and want, nay, demand, to see that clip as soon as possible :-)


Mark said...

A gret clip Red you can never go worng with those to thanks

Red said...

Trike, if I find one of my girls is a devotee of Python, I will probably marry her. (If Ruby, mmmmaybe... some of those guys are zealots.) But don't worry, she'll still be welcome in front of my camera.

As for Strip Shockinaw featuring Ashton, Mia, and Sammy... well, we'll see. The pain suffered by Mia is only part of what's wrong with the game. For some insane reason, I called for tickling to be the forfeit. Something as lighthearted as tickling just felt really out of place after a game in which the loser had been repeatedly given painful shocks. And the fact is that there's a lot of great, great, great material in the queue. Including some that I just shot today. And am staying up late to cut a quickie promo together from. Premiere sucks donkey balls, by the way.

Mark: thanks, and I'm glad you like the Kimberly/Candle combo... there's more to come from those two.

Anonymous said...

Call me a Mia fan - her squeals when she got her boobs iced and when cold water was poured on her where fantastic! Her responses to losing were great - not falsely modest or pouty ---- and when she was naked she would stand there for a long time just as if she were clothed.

The shockinaw game is an excellent stripping game b/c of the extra response you get from the players, but you need the right players to get the response you want. I personally would love to see the Ashton/Mia/Sammy game, but if it looks like the Spanish Inquisition then that might be a different story. After all, nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition when they watch a stripping game!


ps: If the Shockinaw made Candle's hair frizz up, what did it do to Ashton's long hair?