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Friday, July 10, 2009

Once upon a time, long long ago,

While combing through the video that Red left with me last month, I found this this little gem. Remember the time when Lily, Mary and Amber played basketball??? Shortly thereafter Lily began to get a bit over-exposed here at LostBets, and for fear of being stoned by our fans, the footage of the rest of that series was placed in the vault. This week's update breaks the lock on that series.

In my promos, I usually show the beginning of the video. Today, I'm going to show you the last 9 seconds of the video (with a well placed logo to keep it safe for "family viewing"). If you want to know how they end up in the shower, you'll just have to watch the video (or read the clip description at the store).


Mark said...

not a big fan of lilly if should would have won I would have got the clip it like she wonted to loose

Red said...

Yeah, we're aware that a lot of people aren't big fans of Lily. On the other hand a lot of people do like her... including, by the way, both Crosis and myself. Which is why we've been trying to keep the frequency of clips with Lily low but not zero. We recognize that a lot of people won't buy these clips (and sales figures reflect this) but that's one of the advantages of having an a la carte (rather than subscription) sales model... if you don't like a clip, don't buy it. I hope you like next week's update better.

Now as for whether Lily wanted to lose... no, she didn't. It's frickin' Rock-Paper-Scissors anyway, it's not like it's a game it's easy to throw if you want to lose. And trust me, she did not want to be the subject of this forfeit. And was not at all happy about it.

Anonymous said...

Now that the cat's out of the bag about who lost...

I actually did have the same comment about Lily - it's like she was deliberately losing. Not at this game so much (like Red says, it would be difficult). But she just keeps losing and losing...

I must admit that I like Lily - she's game. She seems to be willing to push her own limits and agree to dare to do things she doesn't really want to do, and she has done some fantastic forfeits (drive thru, anyone?).

I think I may have had a point when I started this post, but I'm not sure anymore :(


Anonymous said...

I definitely believe the same about Lilly and the clip that Red is using as an example is a perfect example of that (I wanted to ask for my money back for a long time since I paid to watch a game and the loser doing the forfeit and a better title for it would be Lilly wants to go for the Vibrator or something like that - can not remember the proper name of the machine).

An idea could be, since you shoot many games a time with the same players, if you want in three weeks time to, say upload a game with Mary, Amber and Lilly, give us a list of the games you filmed along with the forfeits - and possibly the losers if I am not already asking for too much here:). Then have the audience vote for the sequence in which they want the games to be published.

Also, can you give us an update on You Bet Your Ass? You didn't want to talk at the time, but now maybe you changed your mind.

What do you think?


Red said...

First things first: apologies to those who've been waiting for the SD version. It's up now.

Gentlemen, as always I am very happy to have your feedback. Thank you.

Guys, all I can say is that Lily did not want to lose this game and take the forfeit, and she would have avoided it had she been luckier. It's not my fault that Lily lost (again), it's the fault of my extreme preference for shooting fair games over rigged ones. Should I abandon that preference?

LondonFan: Your idea for a poll sounds like a good one and I thank you for it. Next...

There's not much I dislike more than making a fan unhappy... and "I thought about asking for my money back" is an insult that cuts really, really deep. I'm so sorry you felt that way. As Crosis has hinted, there's more footage to come from that shoot, so let me tell you a few things about that day.

Lily, up until the day in question, was one of our lower-limit players, basically willing to risk exposure and that's about it. (At least she did open-leg, unlike some.) No boy-girl, no girl-girl, she was adamant. For more of the story, we'll have to step back a couple of months, to the day Lily was there with Sean, Elise, and Amber. Both Lily and Amber were veterans, but Elise and Sean were new, and I usually show newbies some of our vids so they get an idea of what they're in for. I chose to show them a video I'd very recently edited and published, episode 038 (Amber and Mary play Strip Mogadishu.)

Anyway, it was interesting to watch both Lily and Elise as the winner of that game had her way with the loser of the game. I could see their eyes losing focus and their breathing getting shallower... I recognize female arousal when I see it. And afterward, while Elise was fanning herself off while tingling in anticipation of the games ahead, Lily whispered in my ear, "I could do that."

And so there was a lot of experimentation that day, much of it completely new to Lily. And she won some and she lost some that day and others. And if she's got a losing record, it's because we shoot mostly fair games.

Oh, by the way, I believe "the machine" that you're referring to is called a sybian, but Lily's never had to risk riding one on lostbets.com. Some other girls, on the other hand, have... but you'll have to wait a bit to see that one.

For those of you who've made it this far, yes, you deserve an answer to YBYA, and I've owed it to you for too long. Here's the deal, guys: of the ten people on stage, two of them had extremely offensive tattoos. Yes, it's as bad as you think. At first I was planning to carefully edit (read: have Crosis carefully edit) to avoid showing the objectionable content, but after catching a glimpse of one of those tattoos in a promo Crosis did for YBYA episode 2, I pulled back and reconsidered. And that is why despite promoting it, I'm sitting on YBYA. This means I'm stting on hours of footage, which it took several times as many hours to produce, and a lot of money down the drain for our most expensive shoot to date. By a lot. So believe me, I'm not any happier about it than you are. Especially since, with the exception of that one little problem, YBYA was pretty fuckin' hot.

As I believe I've said, it's not outside the realm of possibility that some parts of YBYA will see the light of day. Some of the game involved only the ladies, whose tattoos were delightful rather than disgusting. But I prefer to look forward rather than back, and rather than put a lot of effort into salvaging what we can out of YBYA, I'd just as soon move ahead with plans for YBYA 2.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to book Zayda in any future shoots?

Also, I was wondering if a costume oriented game would work - I was thinking along the lines of the contestants dressed up Daisy Duke style (obviously an all girl game, of course).


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

Thanks very much for the prompt reply - my point was that we were not watching much of a game, but an excuse for Lilly to use the vibrator in the end. I felt it would be more rightly called Lilly uses the vibrator as you have another clip called Lilly shaves her bush or something along these lines. Let the game be competitive and the outcome does not matter.

Anyway, you mentioned you have some footage of Kat coming along - any way we could place it in a more concrete timefrmae?


Red said...

Gord: Yes, it's certainly possible to get Zayda... in fact, I may be working with her very soon. Will let you know.

I actually have a couple of costume games in the Vault; I should dig them out and publish them.

Red said...

LF, I gotta say I don't know which video you're referring to. I thought you meant Episode 043, Lily, Mary, and Amber play Strip Basketball, because you said "the clip Red is using as an example." I assumed you meant the high-definition sample clip at the store, which is a promo of Lily talking about that game. Is that the one?

Don't have an ETA on more Kat (she goes by Naomi now, btw) but now that we know you want to see her we'll see about bumping up the priority.

Anonymous said...

This is the clip I was referring to - do you not get the impression that the other two girls are simply there to facilitate Lilly losing the game? I don't know if it is just me, but I could tell the outcome after the first second of the game. This is what I disliked plus the fact that we were getting so much footage of Lilly that it got us to a point that we didn't want to see even a picture of her again:)

Anyway, sorry for going on about it that long, just wanted to clear up the story. Personally, I would like to see more of Mary, Ashton, Mia and Kat if possible.


Red said...

LF: Absolutely do not apologize for "going on about it." I want to know and understand what people like or dislike our productions. In fact, if I have any gripe at all with the fanbase, it's that you guys don't criticize enough. Praise is great, but criticism leads to improvement. Surely there are any number of things we could be doing better. Make sure we know about them.

As for the girls you want more of, LF: Kat (who is using Naomi as a stage name) is a definite possibility, in fact she may be showing up next weekend... along with Zayda... and maybe two or three other girls, and one or two guys. In a new setting. With really cool new games. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Hasn't happened yet.

Ashton and Mia... well, they played some more games that day with Julie and Sammy. Beyond that, there may be a game or two in the Vault. But for certain reasons which are none of your beeswax, it's unlikely we'll be working together again. Certainly not in the near future. (Who knows... if this keeps going on maybe I'll host a reunion around year 5.) Just so you know, there is absolutely no bad blood between us, I love them both and always will, and I wish them well.

Mary... well, she'd probably be happy to do it again, although it's a long trip for her, too. She might even have some friends. I'll ask her. In the meantime, we do still have some footage of Mary left. But it's all in games with Addie, Stacey, and you-know-who.

Anonymous said...

two of them had extremely offensive tattoos. Yes, it's as bad as you think

offensive as in logo's of sort? or words? or am i off base here.

Red said...

Anon, I'd kind of prefer not to talk about it. That doesn't mean I won't talk about it, but I definitely wouldn't talk about it without knowing whom I'm talking to. Please sign your posts, like LondonFan and Gordon did. Thanks.

And Jeesus, I need my own site with a frickin' messaged board. Having this sort of discussion in a blog comment thread sucks donkey balls. Crosis is going to handle most of the editing for the next little while, and I'm gonna finally develop (i.e. have developed) a proper site.

[ X ] And this time, I mean it.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, well-placed Futurama reference! I like.


Crosis said...

Someone wanted to know what we left from the Lily, Mary, and Amber series, so here it is in a nutshell. There are 3 games left between the 3, one is hi-lo trivia, one is high card, and I'm not sure what the 3rd game was. The forfeits include 2 losers fingering each other for 5 minutes, one that involves one loser, 2 winners, and a pair of strap-ons, and the final forfeit was inspired by a Monty Python song instructing one where to sit. I won't spoil the games, but each girl wins at least one, and each girl loses at least one.

As for more with Mary, we still have 2 games left from her series with Addie, Stacey, and Lily. Both games will require some detailed post production work (and one of them might be best left as an outtake as the forfeit was good, but the game is a bit iffy).

This week, something a little twisted ;).... details soon....

mhallcinci said...

Newbie here, I felt the need to defend Lily.....I gotta say she is on of the reasons I keep checking back on the new vides here. She has an interesting vibe about her and is pretty cute to boot.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see those last three games between Mary, Amber, and Lily - particularly because of the forfeits that Crosis describes! We haven't seen those forfeits used before, I'm sure - and I'm very sure that we haven't seen a loser have to 'moralize between someone else's thighs!' I'm generally more inclined towards the naughtier forfeits rather than something like singing a song, etc.


Red said...

itsonlyamemory: Thanks, I was wondering if anyone would notice that. The title of this week's game is purely a coincidence I assure you.

mhallcinci: Welcome, newbie! Thanks for your input, and it's good to hear from a fellow Lily fan :)

mhallcinci said...

So far the one's I've enjoyed the most are the vibrator\bondage combo deals. Speaking of which, Amber is fun to watch. Any more of her coming up in the near future?