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Friday, August 14, 2009

8 ball, corner pocket

Greetings from the past! I'm writing this on Wednesday August 12 for publication on Friday... the reason being that I'm going to be very, very, very busy on Friday, busy with some old friends and some new ones, and won't have time to post.

Can you believe we've gotten this far without strip pool? A tragic oversight, now rectified. Enjoy.


Crosis said...

Greetings from the present!!! Red is still busy... I just left him in a hotel room in the company of an extremely cute and very naked young lady who had just been hogtied and fingered to orgasm by her friend (but that's a story for another time). I'm not exactly at liberty to discuss everything I've seen in the last 2 days (and I'm sure Red will have even more to share when he leaves the hotel room).

While I won't spoil it all, I can tell you that Raven and Alan came by for a few games (and Alan even managed to get through at least one game with his pants still on!!!). I can also tell you that we saw some other familiar faces in some new combinations. Finally, I conveyed a message to Derek (of Derek and Gina fame) that some of our fans were upset that she kept curling into a ball to hide her rack (and what a rack it is). She promised me that she'd be a bit less modest next time (and since there's no time like the present, she's going to be playing some games,with potentially risqué forfeits very soon.

Good times indeed!!!

Red said...

Hee hee hee... Crosis, my good friend, you left too soon. You didn't get to meet Mariah and Liliana. When you see what I just saw, prepare to do a major facepalm.

Mark said...

Ok it time to fix a game so kat will loose no just kidding I love it win the outcome is who every is luckyest and i for one love bush so keep up the good luck Red and Crosis

UKfan said...

Really enjoyed this one, thanks Red - I like the extra dimension of having an audience watching.

Kept meaning to comment and say I love what you guys do, have bought loads of your clips. It just gets better and better. Especially LOVE the Strip Memory games (or really anything where they take off clothes in a random order) - that early clip of Ashley Mia and Ashton is just so great!

(PS you mentioned a while ago you had a hot game involving Candle and a sybian forfeit...any chance you'll get to publish that soon?)

Thanks again guys...

Red said...

Mark: Thanks :) Sorry if the outcome wasn't exactly what you wanted, but you know how much I hate to rig the games or make them unfair. Don't worry... while Kat/Naomi has had incredibly good fortune, it can't hold out forever.

UKFan: "It keeps getting better and better" is an awesome compliment! I've seen good sites fall into the trap of becoming formulaic and repetitive and therefore stale, and we try hard to stay fresh and exciting. And I've got good news about games where the clothes come off in random order. Hippo, the friend of mine who manufactured our super-cool LostBets.com paddles, has made a few other props for us as well, including a deck of "clothing cards" with icons representing pieces of clothing in various colors. During the event that Crosis mentioned above, we used them several times both to play Memory and to play other games where the loser, rather than choosing a piece to remove, draws a card from a clothing deck and removes that article. Stay tuned for those.

(One word of warning, though. I don't remember exactly what we said about the sybian, but I'm pretty sure we didn't say who had to ride it. Not saying it wasn't Candle, not saying it was, just cautioning you not to get your heart set on seeing a particular outcome, which may or may not be how it turned out.)

Anonymous said...

re: the sybian, I think what you said was that Candle non-challantly said "oh, we have a sybian - would that work for a forfeit in a game?"

Good game with the strip pool, having an audience was a great touch. Having the audience off to the side seems better than always in the shot. I say that b/c in the YBYA game with Johnny and Kat the other ladies were always in the shot at the end - and it's a real situation, not acting - but the ladies looked bored in the background when the forfeit was being performed on Johnny. Plus, according to the clock behind the pool table, it looked like the actual game took about 40 minutes to play, and an audience might not always be into the game for 40 minutes.
Would it have been possible to assign articles of clothing to each ball?
Is there a possibility of seeing a preview pic of Mariah or Liliana? Just asking since you gave their names out.


Red said...

Hi Gordon,

Whoops... I hadn't realized that there was a clock in the shot. I should've added a disclaimer, "portions of this game not affecting the outcome have been edited for length."

I have good news for you: we used the game of "Russian roulette" that you suggested (although we called it "Estonian roulette", since Russian roulette involves firearms) and it works well. I think it'll become one of our standard pure-chance games.

As for Mariah and Liliana (and several other coming-soon new girls), I'll get promos up ASAP, but I have a lot of video footage to capture and it will take some time.

Crosis said...

Gordon, I think you misunderstand the purpose of our videos. There are 2 gorgeous girls playing pool and getting naked, and you're looking at the fuckin' clock?!?! ;)

TheSilentOne said...

I second pretty much everything UKFan said: memory good, clothes coming off in random orders good. Also like the "old girls in new combinations".

Any chance of Tristen and/or Stephanie back for old times sake? I was looking back at some old videos and got nostalgic....

Sasha and Vivian deserve more videos too.

Anonymous said...

About the clock, when I was a kid they filmed part of a big name movie in our eedie beedie town. They made some continuity goofs in the movie that only a "local" would catch. So I guess I've always been a continuity watcher since then.
But there was alot of interesting items to see in the clip, esp. when Red had the opportunity to pan down when the ladies were taking a shot in front of him! Maybe that's why they missed so often, they were self conscious of a camera aimed at their butt! ;]


Unknown said...

Glad to hear Derek will be back. Her games were nice even if she did hide a bit too much.

Red said...

Well then, TSO, I'll repeat my gratitude for the compliment. And repeat that with the new clothing cards, you've got much to look forward to.

As for "old players in new combinations"... got a few of those. And I hope you like Kimberly vs. Candle. And Ashley vs. Tiana. Oops, you don't know Tiana yet. You will.

Anonymous said...

maybe you could pass another message to Derek and get her to rematch Gina after that ass busting (literally) she took in there last meeting. I'm sure she'd like to redden Gina's cheeks.