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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We need your help!


As you all know, many of the games played here at lostbets.com are sold under trademarked names, and to avoid any possibility of confusion that the owners of these marks are in any way associated with us, we assign the games different names. Like Jester and Surgery and Jingo.

Recently, I bought a whole crapload of new games to try out. You've already seen Shockinaw. And then there's... this one. Check out the promo below. The problem is, we haven't thought of the perfect name for this game. And that's what we want you guys to do. Think it over, post your suggestions in the comment thread, and we'll hold a poll to choose the winner. Hurry. We can't publish any clips featuring this game until we have a name for it, and there have already been several very interesting games played.

UPDATE 28 Aug 09: So far, the list of suggestions is:

Strip Slip
Slip 'n' Slide
Puck You
Risk Disk

Let's hear some more suggestions! I'll keep nominations open until mid-September.


Stefan said...


Anonymous said...

strip 'n slide


Joe B said...

I've never seen that game before; I'm curious as to its real name.

TheSilentOne said...

I second JoeB's comment - never seen the game before and I think Paul has already won the naming game :(

Anonymous said...

How about...

Puck you.

Cap'n :0)

Anonymous said...

Joe B,

Try googling "arch discs game". It'll come up.

Anonymous said...

Borrowing Cap'ns idea, when you finally get around to strip air hockey, I say you name it Strip Puck Off.

...you will, one day, have strip air hockey, yes? :)

As far as this game goes, I'm just not clever enough. Also, I'd never even seen the game in question before. Looks fun.


Red said...

Oddly enough, "Strip 'n Slide" was the name I originally had in mind for this one before deciding to pose the question to you guys and see what you thought.

I don't think there's any harm in naming the game here, where there's no possibility of confusion. It's called Hyper Slide, and it is very fun. We've played it a few times and the players always enjoy it.

Onlyamemory: Actually, I had planned an air hockey game. As well as a foosball game. The venue I'd booked to do these things in canceled the day before it was supposed to happen. Sorry. But when we finally do air hockey, we'll probably call it Strip Air Hockey. That's not a trademark, after all.

Zero said...

Risk Disk

Anonymous said...

I think strip-slip should involve a slip in slide
which would be a good task for a loser to do. Slide on a slip in slide naked

I think this could be hyper strip

i love what you do.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Red
May I ask you how many of your clips are downloaded each month? I Also would like to know Which are you top five selling clips. Are they all Mia N Ashton? Those two our my fav by the way lets see more of them. MJ

Red said...

Jamie: Thanks! For the name suggestion, and for the compliment.

MJ: Dude, c'mon, I can't tell you what our sales figures are, that's confidential. As for the top 5, they are:

1. 024, Paris and Ashley, Rock-Paper-Scissors
2. 022, Paris, Ashley, and Addie, High Card
3. 003, Ashton and Mia, Memory
4. 038, Mary and Amber, Mogadishu
5. 026, Ashley and Kala, High Card (Sudden Death)

The lesson to be learned here, I guess, is that Ashley is very, very popular. but I already knew that :)

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, dude, but... we do still have some games featuring Ashton and Mia which we haven't published yet (Shockinaw, anyone?), but after those, that's probably it. They're retiring :(

Anonymous said...

Strip hockey?

I emailed you and no reply?

Red said...

Eric, I've responded to every email I've gotten lately. When did you send it?

I'd like to use "Strip Hockey" for an actual hockey game. I bought a push-rod hockey game but it broke in the middle of the first time I tried to use it. (It was originally going to be the episode #100 Americans vs. Canadians game.)

Anonymous said...

Hock Strip Puck


Joe B said...

> 4. 038, Mary and Amber, Mogadishu
This is BY FAR the best video of the twenty or so I've purchased.

Red said...

Joe: It's one of my favorites, too. And thanks for buying so many!

So I wanted to ask you guys something. There's this girl I dated awhile ago... she recently contacted me in a state of financial desperation. She knows what I do, and asked if she could play in some games to earn some money. Now, she's about my age, which means she's pushing 40, and in all honesty (I hope she doesn't read this), she's not the same as the tight-bodied twentysomethings who usually play here. On the other hand, she really, really, really would not want to lose. She's never taken off her clothes for a camera before, and she's awfully shy about her naked body. (She trembled nervously whenever I undressed her, and that was without hordes of Internet dudes leering at her.) What do y'all think? Should I take her up on it?

Anonymous said...

without a doubt just for the fact the she is so shy and nervious about it.


Mark said...

yes that makes for the hotest clips

BB said...

Why not give it a whirl, especially if the game pits her against another woman/women close to her age. Could open a whole new branch of Lost Bets, and I gotta put in a pitch for her to do a promo a la "I lost my clothes at Lost Bets dot com!"

Anonymous said...


I would like to see mature ladies featured.

Especially if thy are 'well preserved' ;0) LOL


Myself said...

My game name suggestion(s) :


Regarding your dilemma about your female friend : if she's absolutely sure she wants to take the risk of losing (or winning) : why not ?

Anonymous said...

NAKED ELECTRIC SLIDE is what i would call it if i win something i can be reached at hedgesound@aol.com

MFSBDB said...

Strip 'n' Slide