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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

These are the Daves I know I know

Please enjoy our second consecutive midweek bonus update (don't get used to it) as well as our second excerpt from our long-awaited and highly-controversial game show You Bet Your Ass, featuring hostess Kat in a pie-eating contest against Dave. Who's Dave? Well, Dave's just this guy, y'know? He was in the audience for YBYA when we called for volunteers, and he was lucky enough to be chosen. Come on down, Dave!


Anonymous said...

Do I get a prize for spotting the Hitchhiker's reference?

Anonymous said...

The penalty for loosing/winning at pie eating should be eating more pie, or blow job. Not sure who should pay the penatly the winner or the looser. Either way the audience wins. Jack.

Red said...

Trike: Negatory, good buddy. You'd have had to have mentioned the Kids in the Hall reference as well, and possibly the Price is Right reference too.

Jack: I've been pushing limits (my own and my players') for awhile now, and I know there's a demand for more hardcore forfeits, and we're working in that direction. But Dave was a complete stranger. Really. He'd just shown up to be a part of the audience. There's just no way I would allow one of my players to perform oral sex on a random stranger at a live sex show. Uh uh. Sorry. Not gonna do it. Wouldn't be prudent at any juncture.

Big Ninja Jim said...

Is it just me or does Dave kinda look like Bruce Campbell? It's not meant as an insult to Dave. Just that he kinda looks like a bloated Campbell.

Mark said...

I just like to say Kat has a very nice butt