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Friday, August 28, 2009

Eight isn't enough

About a month ago, I posted a teaser about a mammoth game of Screw-Your-Neighbor featuring a whopping nine players. I promised it was "coming soon." Longtime fans know that those words, from me, typically mean "soon" on a geological scale, but the day has arrived and our biggest game to date is now available. Six women. Three men. Four losers. Three cameras. Enjoy!

Next week will feature the return of Kimberly and Candle in what I frankly think is one of our best games ever, if you're a fan of great spontaneous banter and truly genuine embarrassment.


Mark said...

yes she lost that was great Red

Anonymous said...

On the note of the return of Candle, let me be one of the many to say I love her. Also, does she have her own site that we should check out in addition to all of your great work Red?


Myself said...

Hi Red,

Really appreciated this week's clip. I was feeling sorry for one of the participants whit that vilain co-player as a neighbour. It sure wasn't helpful ;-)
It is one of the best clips on your website.


Dave said...

at the risk of sounding like a broken record, this site needs member fee. with the price of each clip going from 5-10$ in the begginning of the site to 15-20$ today i rarely purchase clip today.
i bought 30 clip of the first 50 and just 11 since then.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree about a member fee. I think the problem is they have so many high quality videos that the fee would have to be pretty expensive.

As an alternative, I think it would be a good idea for a membership of 20-25$ will give you access to one specific CATEGORY of your choosing. Some people just want to see massage, or spanking, or electric play, ect. If you want more than one category, you pay a higher membership fee, and so fourth.

Anonymous said...

A membership site was promised at the outset.

No sign of it yet! :0/

Cap'n. :0(

Red said...

Hi guys. Sorry I haven't responded in so long... I'm currently out of the country. Internet access is sporadic.

Mark and Myself: Thanks, I'm glad you like this one. It really was an unexpected opportunity, and it worked out well.

BJ: I don't think Candle has her own site (yet), but you can find more of her here or by Googling her name.

Dave, Anon, and Cap'n: Believe me, a membership site is in the cards. Development is happening right now. As Cap'n said, this has been promised since the beginning, but it's really happening. I ain't promising when, but it's going to happen.

Mismanager said...

Surely you will have transition problems. If I think that this will soon be a membership site, why should I buy any more clips when I know that I will have access to all of them if I join? You surely need to consider the interests of those of us who have already "invested" in the site by buying clips - in my case, most of the current ones.

Red said...

Well, the membership site will not feature our entire catalog, but rather a selection of our older material. The current plan is to open the site with about 20 clips and add a clip each week. It'll lag the clip store by a year or more but will still offer a lot of content for a bargain price. (And don't call me Shirley.)

Anonymous said...

If I may offer a suggestion about the membership site since its being discussed. I would suggest a kinda temporary add section and a permanent add section, permanent add could be the older material lagging behind, you could randomly add new material but only lets say leave it up for a week then change it out with a newer\different one.

The reason I say it is this, of the first 90 clips posted I currently own 60-70 I believe, I haven't bought any vids recently because of personal choice, but if you were to lag the videos behind by a year, for me that would mean I wouldn't need a membership for a year or more till the membership site caught up with where i stopped on the clip site. Just something to consider.


Myself said...

Though I think we're going to have to wait for a membership formula of this website, I do have my own suggestion :
What about a membership fee gives you free access to the new weekly published clips. And lets say, for each month you're a member you get credited x amount of LostBetsMinutes (LBM's) to your account. With those LBM's you can choose clips from the back catalog, until all your LBM's are spent (or until the saldo is insufficient - but giving you the option to pay for the unsufficient saldo to be able to purchase the clip of your choice).
eg. If my saldo would be 5 LBM's, and the clip is worth 7 LBM's, I could pay 1.50 $/LBM - in this case for 2 LBM's, totalling 3 $ - to purchase the wanted clip from the backcatalog.
LBM's can be transferred to next month once, as long as you're still a paying member for that next month.
Clips will be available to members with a 30 day sliding mechanism, after those 30 days, they will only be available from the backcatalog.

Red certainly doesn't want members to sign up for just one month only, download the whole backcatalog and leave. This would cost a lot of bandwith - which he has to pay for.

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