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Friday, September 4, 2009


This week's update is up. While we don't have the name finalized for this game, that doesn't stop it from being a fun game to watch. As promised, Candle is back to take on Kimberly, with the loser having to mimic poses that Prudella found in some hard core porno magazines. Trust us on this one, Kimberly did NOT want to have to do any of these poses, and was really playing to win.


Anonymous said...

Love the banter in this one. We've not had one with really good banter for a while, and I've missed it. Welcome back, banter :-)

I don't know how you manage to talk these girls into pushing their limits like that, time after time. Without spoiling the outcome, the fact that Kimberley was even willing to play was amazing, since she was clearly embarrassed before the game even got started.


Anonymous said...

Hi Red

Got a suggestion for the name of your latest game, how about calling it "Sliders". Simple, I guess but just a suggestion.

Anonymous said...

Strip Puckey.

Or just stick with Strip-whatchamacallit. That works too. Though it does get the jingle from the candy bar commercial stuck in my head.


Mark said...

Kimberley is just so hot I did care who lose but Kimberley fell unconferable mande it so hot

Anonymous said...

I've noticed that the polls indicate that the forfeit is the most important thing, and with this great site, the nudity, embarrassment, and quality of gals is a given. Also, I have noticed that the forfeits have been getting increasingly daring. Have you ever polled what everyone would like to see in a forfeit? Darering featured BJ's but the participants were too willing to make interesting. I may be in the minority, but the more hardcore the forfeit, the better, IMO. I also never understood the allure of the girl-girl game. I believe they are embarrassed by the forfeit or the camera, but not being naked with another girl. You know better than I do. I think the girl games are as good as they can be, and better than anyone has ever done. However, the more participants or audience the better. I also never understood the complete aversion to having guys play (by some)...it's like if I see a dick I'll turn gay.

Mindworm said...

I’m a newcomer to this site, and if my English isn’t perfect here, it’s because it’s not my native language.

I’ve been a member of several sites featuring adult material (mostly solo-girls and girl-girl), but began to get tired of the scripted porn, that gave none or little possibilities for the models to show some spontaneity. I started looking for something else, and was delighted when I found Darering some time ago, but when I found out that they didn’t update the site any longer, there wasn’t much use staying as a member there. I then found Stripgamecentral, but as the forfeits there seemed a bit lame, I quickly lost interest. Finally I found LostBets, and I’m happy that this site features many of those things I’ve been looking for!

So far I’ve only bought a few games, choosing the type of games that appeal most to me. I know that you need a variety of types of games to have something that will interest ‘everybody’, but as a newbie, I would like to make some input on what I like, and what I don’t like that much.
I must admit I enjoy games featuring the most daring forfeits the most. I’ve seen some of the games that shows masturbation, orgasms and shaving, and I hope that more games will feature such things in the future. Games with forfeits like tickling and spanking, do not do much for me. I would also love to see some more oral sex. So far I’ve only seen it in one game, featuring Lily and Aurianna, and that’s easily one of my favorite games so far. (Are there any more?). It would also be great to se a game with 3 girls, where two losers have to 69 each other, while the winner films. Some more variety of sex-toys would also be nice. I’ve seen a sybian have been mentioned here, and if you can get some of your girls risk using this, that would be really great. I’m not sure how many of your girls who are willing to risk doing forfeits like those I’ve mentioned though!

I mentioned Darering, and how much I loved most of the videos made there. Would it be possible to do something like that, as a side-project maybe, as I know these kind of games don’t exactly fit with what you otherwise do? I also know that games like that, would probably be quite long, and that brings me up to the next point. I really wish some of the games would last a bit longer. Not only would I love to see the forfeits last longer, but I also feel that in some of the games, the girl(s) gets nude too fast. To me it makes the games more exciting if this process takes some time (as it did in Darering). I loved the 8-ball game with Naomi and Lieza, as I found it highly arousing watching the girls getting more and more naked, bending over the pool-table, trying to play 8-ball. I know that the problem with longer games, is the price of the videos, and as several others have mentioned, I really hope the videos will be featured in your own site soon in the future!

As for what Anonymous said about male players, I really have to disagree. Surely, I don’t think I’ll turn gay if there’s a nude man there (and don’t get me wrong, I have no problems with gays), but it’s just that it doesn’t turn me on watching nude men, it’s more the opposite actually! I know you probably have to have some games of this type around also, as I know there are different opinions on this matter, but I will probably not buy many videos of this category. This was also the only ‘problem’ I had with some of the games at Darering.

John D said...

The forfeit is usually the biggest determination of whether I purchase a video, along with who's in the video. I especially like forfeits that are embarrassing to the losers. Especially streaking and other forms of public nudity. I would love to see one where the loser(s) are filmed walking home naked, or at least going some distance in public down the street, etc., maybe to get to their car or maybe running to a mailbox and back or something like that.

I also like it when there are multiple losers.

I'm probably in a minority here, but I actually like it when there are male players. I think the losers seem more embarrassed when it's a co-ed game. Also, it helps me imagine that I was actually part of the game, rather than just watching.

Finally, I really appreciate Red's insistance on keeping things fair, unscripted, and subject to uncertainty. That's what sets this apart from almost everything else out there.

Red said...

Hi guys. Sorry I haven't responded in awhile... I've been traveling outside the country and just got back.

Trike: I honestly don't know how I manage to talk these girls into pushing their limits either, but it does appear that I've got a knack for it. I promise to use this power only for good.

Anon 9/6 3:04 (please sign your posts!): Believe me, you're not in the minority as far as preferring the more hardcore forfeits, and there are more of those coming. Including at least one BJ forfeit. As for the girl-girl games, you're right that a girl doesn't have much reason to be embarrassed losing her clothes in front of another girl, but in front of an audience of dozens of people on the Internet... that's a different story. That's why I tell the girls to be aware of the camera and the audience behind it, and to feel free to address the audience directly through the camera. Some do a better job of it than others.

Mindworm: Welcome! I'm always happy to see new fans. And to hear feedback, input, and ideas. Good news: we've already played a three-girl game where the two losers had to 69; it hasn't been published yet but we'll see if we can get it ready soon. And yes, there's a sybian forfeit coming up, too. (As you guessed, the main trouble with such forfeits is finding girls willing to risk doing them.) We've thought about doing Darering-style games, and will probably do them at some point. I emailed the webmaster of Darering to ask his opinion (if I'm using ideas that he originally came up with, I feel like I owe it to him to at least tell him about it first) but haven't heard back yet. And by the way, as near as I can tell, your English is flawless.

Billy said...

Great site Red. Is Julie going to be back in the near future, and is there any chance of her doing any hardcore forfeits? Masturbation? Blowjobs?

UKfan said...

Another great clip, thanks guys (you spoil us...!)

Guess I'm in a minority but I always prefer the less hardcore forfeits - the public nudity, the spanking, rubbing baby oil into each other's breasts, etc - when it's BJs and similar stuff it seems like just another porn video - but that's just me. So long as you keep a good mix like you have so far, I'm happy...

(Oh, and I second John D's walking home idea - if you can get anyone to do it!)

Crosis said...

With all of the various tastes in "turn-ons" I doubt there truly is a "minority", but just a bunch of perverts ;)

I always find it quite interesting that one persons fantasy can be quite a turn off to others. What some people see as kinky, others consider tame, and yet others consider gross. Some of this depends on how you view the material. Whether you merely watch, or try to put yourself in the situation is a part of it.

For what it's worth, out of the 112 videos we've released, only 8 contain male nudity. Of those 8, only 1 does NOT contain at least one naked female. I personally wouldn't mind see the amount of guy-girl games increase, but it is not always easy to do. Most girls will not work with guys, and those that will, usually have stricter limits with guys. Getting a girl to suck off a guy she's never met before (on camera, no less) is not that easy.

That being said, in addition to the 69 game, and the sybian, I believe we have a game or 2 with girl on guy oral sex, several with streaking forfeits, a few more spankings, some handcuffed tickling, as well as some forced orgasms and masturbation. I think we'll have all tastes covered in the near future.

Billy, yes you will see some of Julie in the near future. In fact, perhaps very soon. Not quite a hard-core forfeit, but a fun one none the less. She has played for some slightly harder forfeits for our cameras (which you'll see eventually), but not quite as hard as you want.

Anonymous said...

Remembering older posts, there are alot of options for the next games to be posted. Ashley and a newbie, a few more with Mia and Ashton, Addie Candle and the gang from the east coast shoot (the Georgia shoot?), the guy/girl eleven contestant shoot. One that I'd really like to see in the near future is another Kala vs. Elizabeth game. Or the Mia Shockinawe game.


Red said...

Guy/girl 11-contestant shoot?? What's this??

Anonymous said...

Oops, I meant the NINE player guy/girl shoot. I shouldn't watch tv while I type.


Anonymous said...

We have seen some BJs. Now what about the chances of a guy getting a girl off? Vibrator, finger, or tongue. Thanks, Jack.