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Friday, October 30, 2009

More fan requests

So in the previous post, announcing the publication of episode 120, I teased what was to come in episode 121. Well, a few of you asked for a teaser trailer. Your wish is my command, so here it is. To be published at 7:20 PM Eastern time today, October 30. Enjoy!

P.S. Wait until you see episode 122!!


Ozgreg said...

Nice Tease Red :-)

Anonymous said...

Well now you're just teasing to tease, or is 122 even better? If so, spill the beans!


Red said...

BJ, I have to be honest... I was sorta kidding, just echoing what I said when I published 120. I wouldn't say that 122 is bad (if I thought so, I wouldn't publish it) but both 120 and 121 are really something special.

Now, believe it or not, I do have some material in the pipeline that tops these. I'm hopeful that one of them will be ready in time to be 123. It's really really hot.

Anonymous said...

A very good post for sure, although Sammy was blocking some of the better advantage points at times. I don't know who this fella is that keeps showing up to these games, but I must admit I'm in deep envy. He's gotta be a boyfriend or something to keep getting invited back.

Looking forward to next week.

BB said...

Every time I think the clips can't get any better, they do - and no. 121, while not the hardest core forfeit, certainly worked in this case. She truly did not want to give in to the vib after she lost.

Keep giving her more and more challenging forfeits - I like to see her lose (in a good way - she's definitely my favorite)

Red said...

Sab: Yeah, I know that Sammy's head was blocking a lot of the good stuff, and it pissed me off. Like I said, I wasn't even in the room, or I would have noticed the poor camera placement and done something about it. After looking at the footage, I told Julie that next time she'd just have to bite the bullet and accept me in the room. In fact, before 9-player Screw Your Neighbor, I told Julie that if she lost, I would personally take a camera right up her pussy. Sadly, she didn't.

BB: Thank you, that's one of the nicest compliments I've gotten. Sometimes I have the same thought... after publishing a video I think is especially hot, I find myself wondering how I'll ever be able to top it. I don't ever want to let this site get stale. It's one of the reasons I'm so eager to get new ideas for games, forfeits, and players.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red
Great shoots you giving us, and yes he one with Raven, you should have put then in Games, ore something like that.
I was thinking, you have tryed a lot, how about a game off fingering, maybe with more players. you could have 2 loosers, and they have too finger hiother, until one come, then you could have a second forfeit, maybe licking the winner, ore something like that!

Anonymous said...

Here is a forfeit idea. SInce most of your games seem to be shot in hotel rooms, you could have the winner lock the loser out of the room and make the loser get a key from the front desk clerk.


Dave35 said...

Red said 'm so eager to get new ideas for games, forfeits, and players" put me on the list of players haha.

Red said...

Anon 1:58 (please sign your posts!!), that's a good idea. We already have one game featuring an "orgasm race", where the two losers simultaneously ride a massager until one of them comes, and I've got another one of those on tape. I've also got one where the losers had to 69 to orgasm; that'll be coming (hah) sometime in the future. But fingering, now... there's a good idea. I'll see about making it happen.

Robbie: That sounds hot. Unfortunately, it's just a little bit too likely to result in a call to the police, and I really don't want that. So probably not, but I'll think about it.

Dave35, and to all other male fans who have offered their services as a game player: thanks, guys, but I don't invite male strangers to these games. Give me a good reason to let you play (like, say, you're bringing along your hot female friends), I'll consider it, otherwise: in your dreams, guys.

If you're a female fan who's interested in playing, on the other hand, we should definitely talk.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Crosis, i would have loved to see Raven win this one! Would of been somethin way different, and i definately would of enjoyed seeing it (dont get me wrong, i loved the BJ).

Hopefully if those 2 play again in the future, she will plan on doing the same thing to Alan if she wins.

By the way, this is my first post on here... so let me just say, i love your site and the work you do for us.

Sorry, was referring to the 120 is published post... but didnt know if that was being looked at anymore.


Red said...

No worries, Phinz. I saw your post in the earlier thread and was gonna reply but did it over email. Did you get it?

Either way, thanks again for the compliment. Sorry the game didn't turn out the way you'd have preferred, but that's one of the drawbacks of running fair games and not rigging the outcome :(

Anonymous said...

Hey not a problem Red. Still great outcome if i do say so myself.

And no i didnt get the email :(

Try again if possible? Phinzofmiami@hotmail.com