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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Double dose of delicious dames during December

Seven months ago, I declared Midweek May, and instead of updating once a week on Fridays as usual, I tossed in an additional midweek update on Tuesdays. I believe that by the end of May I was exhausted and vowing never to do such a thing again. But I've got a short memory, so what the hell. Presenting Double December, featuring twice-weekly updates. High-def on Fridays and Tuesdays, standard-def to follow on Sunday and Thursday respectively. Here's what's on tap:

12/4: Strip Jester with Alan and Raven
12/8: Ice Race with Ashley and Tiana
12/11: Strip Spin-the-Bottle with Iris, Asia, Berenika, and Tatiana
12/15: Strip Blackjack with Faye and Liilii
12/18: Strip Noname with Ashley and Tiana

Rest of the month is to be determined. Hope y'all like. Let me know what you think of the new girls.


Anonymous said...

Red...don't want to sound greedy here but just want to point out that you have already missed a posting for December, what happened to Tuesday December 1st. Just kidding, you do a great job, I assume you have gotten slightly ahead in your editing and the wife has got the shopping bug around the holiday season. Again great job and we will keep coming back for more. I AM JUST KIDDING, hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving and are enjoying the holiday season so far. Best wishes to all.


Mark said...

I stell would love to see Jane ok guystake a look at lost bets #76 she is so hot so help and tell Red you like to see more of her

Anonymous said...

GREAT!!!! Looking forward. For sure for the new girls. Did you already get some news on Isobel?



Troosevelt said...


Very excited (let's consider all these early Christmas gifts), but I noticed that Mia & Ashton's final shoot was not on the schedule. Given its a twice a month schedule, I (for one) wouldn't mind if you decided to dust off some unreleased footage from shoots that happened a ways back (if any of it is good). Maybe one look back through the library -- some of my favorite vids you've released have come with a description including the phrase "I forgot I had this" or "I didn't think I got good footage"....

Red said...

gb: Oh shit you're right, I can't actually double my updates in December, having missed the 1st. Well, never mind then, no point in going on, guess I'll just stick to the normal update schedule for December. I'll do double updates some other month instead. Just kidding.

Mark: I'd publish the last bit of footage I've got of Jane if I could find the damned tapes :( They're around here somewhere.

LBF: I will let you know when I have news of Isobel, trust me.

Troosevelt: Don't worry, I haven't forgotten that last series, and more is on the way. Really. I promise.

And I have been pawing through old stuff lately and have found some gems. Expect to see some of them shortly.

Jeremie said...

Hi Red,
First post here by a long time fan...
I really like your site, not all the vids but I really appreciate that you're trying to listen to your fans.
I just want to know if there more of Zayda (screw your neighbours with 8 people) to come? I think I see her in the footage of the banned video. What I saw make me think that she could be a great player!
Another question: is the project of a membership site on the way? In fact, the other one is not so good: we can see what happened in the video and that's really boring!!
Regards from France,

Red said...

Hi Jaremie, welcome, always good to hear from a fan. To answer the second part of your post first: yes, the subscription site is still in the works. It hit a snag due to a dispute with the programmer I hired but that's getting worked out and hopefully progress will resume soon. (As for lostbetsgames.com, what can I say? I've told the guy who runs it that showing spoilers isn't good, but the site is his to run as he sees fit.)

As for the first part of your post, I have good news, and I have better news. First, a clip with Zayda in it is very near the end of the editing queue and will be posted in December. (It's a game of cutthroat pool vs. Franco and Julie.)

But second: the banned video will not be banned for much longer. Heroic editing efforts have produced very positive results, and YBYA will appear as soon as I figure out how to distribute it. It's been more than a year in coming, but the end is finally in sight, and Zayda looks great in it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

big fan! I would love to see more of Kala! Keep up the good work!

Red said...

More Kala, Anon, you got it. I think I can squeeze that in for December as well. But please sign your posts.