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Sunday, December 6, 2009


Episode 127 is titled "Ice Race with Ashley and Tiana." What's an ice race? This is an ice race:


Anonymous said...

Now that's gonna be an interesting game! One suggestion already b4 even seeing the game, how about white underwear or white cut-short t-shirts next time - assuming body parts get cold and wet! And I betcha people will like to see more players play that one!

If you're taking more requests for this run of games in December, how about the game involving the sybian forfeit with Addie, Candle and the gang? Assuming the guys didn't play in the game (possible ick on the forfeit).


Red said...

Yeah, white bra and panties would probably have been better... lesson learned for next time. As for getting other players to do it, I'll try, but it's tough to find girls willing to do stuff like this in public.

And sure, I'll add the game with the sybian forfeit to the December queue. (It's a two-player game between Addie and Malloy.)

Anonymous said...

Have any more of Danielle? Haven't seen her in awhile.


Red said...

I'm afraid not, Pareto... you've seen all I have of her :( I can try to track her down and see if she'd be interested in coming back.

BB said...

Any chance of some older girls playing and risking all? Also, just curious if the ex - gf has decided to appear in some games.

P.S. Don't forget about those of us that like butts, legs, and head to toe views (front and back). I watched an old one several weeks ago (for the ? time) and had no idea if the loser shaved, trimmed or went natural - never got a clear view. To see her in all her glory is part of the fun and for her embarrassment/humiliation.

I know some don't like always having the loser(s) do a slow turn so maybe more full - length (head to toe) shots.


Anonymous said...


A bit off topic, but just wondered if you know of any other work that Kat, Ashton and Mia have done for other websites (goes without saying, if you have any more of them please queue it as soon as possible).


Red said...

BB: Older girls, check. I've got some stuff coming up with Heidi (with a different opponent than usual), is she old enough? As for the other girl, I don't think I called her my ex-gf... she isn't, although we did date a few times. She's got a standing invite to pose but at this point I don't think she's likely to accept.

LondonFan: Please ask questions about other work that a player may have done via private email... I prefer not to disclose that information on the blog, for the benefit of those who'd rather not know. BTW, some of the material I found while browsing old footage included London. I'll try to get it into production.

Anonymous said...

I would have prefered the loser to strip first before getting the penalty. Jack.

Red said...

Jack, so would I, but the fact is, this wasn't some fake, closed set, this was a real public hotel, really open to the public, with a real small crowd of curious onlookers who gathered as the race went on. I was worried enough about getting thrown out of the hotel as it was. And if I had, it would've been a shame, because we all would have missed out on what came after.

Anonymous said...

Tia has a very spankable rump will she be doing anymore videos like this in the future. -chris

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,
I really liked the concept of the public forfeit, getting spanked in the doorway, for a publicly played game. Looking forward to the game on the 18th.
I found a clip of a game on a Usenet gleaning site called Whipped Cream Contest. It's grainy, done in a home by amateurs, no copyright. They play a variation of your pie eating contest games, but instead of eating a pie they have a pie plate filled with whipped cream and they had to find 5 strawberries hidden in the cream - using only their mouths. Messy fun, but only part of the game is shown. Just thought it might be a nice variation/option for any pie eating games in the future.

You had asked me in an email about candy kissing games involving large numbers of players, whether to play as teams or just go in a circle. Maybe the best way to choose which way to go in a game like that would be based on the forfeit planned for the game, whether you'd have a winning team "picking on" the losing team or however. Actually, in a large group it would be hard to have just one person left if you went in a circle - eventually you'd have two players playing and then where do you go from there, you know what I mean?
Anyway, if you want to see that clip give me a shout, it's 16 meg long.