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Thursday, December 24, 2009

What did Santa Claus say to the three hookers?

Did I use that same joke last year? Yeah, probably.

'Tis the season to be charitable, and this weekend I'm going to be off on a mission to contribute a chunk of the money you good folks have paid for these clips to the suffering, destitute, impoverished casino owners of Las Vegas. Since I won't be at my computer, and very likely won't be coherent or even conscious, I figured it'd be best to get this blog post out of the way early.

When I first announced Double December, I got a bunch of requests for specific clips to be published, and I accepted most of them. This weekend, two of the last remaining three requests that I remember will be honored: something with Ashton and Mia, and something with Zayda.

The other request (that I remember) was for more of Kala, and that too I can honor, in sort of a cheap way:

To the guy who made the request, I do have some actual games featuring Kala coming up, but they'll have to wait 'til the first week in January, I've run out of December updates. Sorry.

Here's another interview:


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
And you et an account on Twitter?

Anonymous said...

great site as always Red. Just a few questions/comments
1- I like how some of the new games have the girls picking the cards that tell them which piece of clothing to take off. makes it more random which I like.
2- I was wondering, I noticed that in some games the girls keep playing even after they're naked and some games as soon as you're naked you lose. Any reason for this or is it just kinda random.

anyway. keep up the great work and I'll keep buying.


Red said...

Good news, guys. I returned home from my Vegas trip $466 in the black, and I pledge to spend all the money (and then some of course) on the mid-January shoot I'm planning with Zayda. Suggestions welcome. Sky's the limit.

To both anons: please sign your posts.

To anon 9:51: yes, that is correct.

To anon 3:14: who are you, what is your blog, and are you a spambot?

To E-Male:
1. We have my friend and propmaster Hippo to thank for those cards, and the now-infamous LostBets.com paddles.
2. No rhyme or reason, just whatever feels right. Sometimes I leave it up to the players. And variety is the spice of life.

I personally prefer having the girls keep playing when naked because it adds to the loser's exposure (and often exposes the winner as well) so I'm tending to direct the girls to use that rule more often lately.

Thanks for the comments, the feedback, and the moolah. I realize that next weekend is technically not in December, but I'm going to do two updates anyway. First on Friday, the long-awaited return of Kala and Elizabeth. Can't tell you more about the game because I haven't decided which one to use yet... all three are pretty good.

Another DD request I didn't get to was for more mature players. Well, Heidi is one of the most well-ripened ladies we've seen here, and on Saturday, she's paired up with another sophomore, Samantha. Multiple forced orgasms, anyone?

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,
Great month of vids. I was a bit surprised when Malloy got "bucked off" the sybian, but I've been told that happens sometimes. Wouldn't be surprised if either Malloy or Addie asked Santa for a sybian this year! In the first game, some time ago, that Malloy was introduced I thought she was quite reserved, but I really liked her in strip 4 in a row and would like to see her again.
Ashley was great again with her competitive spirit, she seams to have a high winning percentage when there's a more hardcore forfeit involved. That's not a conspiratorial statement, it's just that I was hoping for her to lose in strip noname! Also, is it Tia or Tiana, they kept calling her Tia during the games.
As for suggestions for any games involving Zayda, how about setting up the pong table, we haven't seen a strip pong game for some time.


ps: If the Russian ladies were calling you "Krazny" they weren't insulting you, that's just "Red" in Russian! Slava Krazny!

Red said...


Thanks for the feedback, and I'm glad you liked December's updates.

Sorry you didn't get to see Ashley lose Noname... I know you didn't mean to sound conspiratorial, but to the conspiracy-minded I swear that all three of the games played by Ashley and Tia were completely square and on the level. Ashley's lost a couple of games with hardcore forfeits to Amber in the past.

BTW, her full name is Tiana but she goes by Tia for short.

I can see about doing beer pong, but the problem is that a) the beer pong table has my old logo on it, and b) beer pong takes a special venue, one big enough to hold the 8' table and still have room for the players and the cameras.

P.S. Yep, I knew that krasny means "red", as in Krasny Oktyabr.

Crosis said...

I don't know what it is, but quite often just hearing a girl tell a story about a strip game she played can be almost as hot (and in some cases hotter) than playing in one yourself. Even though Elizabeth's story was about her winning a game, I thought it was incredibly hot. Of course, now I want to see her and a friend (i.e. Julie), play a game against a couple of guys. Red, anything you can do to make it happen???

Anonymous said...

New video shows up on last page. Also new video is in SD. I will wait for HD. Jack.

Red said...

Whoops. That was an accident. Thanks for pointing it out.

Dave35 said...

Could i request another strip 8 ball i loved that and how about an update to what's happening with the website ?

Red said...

Dave, 8-ball (or pool in general) is tricky because of the need to find a location with a pool table. Most of 'em look at you funny if you ask to use their place to play stripping games. But I'll do what I can. I still would love to rent out a bar, with pool, air hockey, foosball...

Jim said...

I have to second one of the anon's: Definitely keep the Sybian going. I'm sure the gal's will enjoy it!

Jim said...

Oh, and now that I just thought of it, make sure the rider doesn't have control of the "nob"!