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Friday, December 18, 2009

Hardcore weekend

Lately, I've published a lot of material catering to those who prefer softer, less raunchy forfeits. This weekend, it's time to switch things up and offer some clips for people who like their forfeits explicit.

First up, today we have the conclusion of Ashley and Tiana's series, with the loser having to perform a very personal service for Kenny. Then tomorrow, a long-awaited game with a long-awaited forfeit: the infamous sybian game. The loser has to ride the sybian until she comes to a shattering orgasm that literally leaves her twitching uncontrollably on the floor.

7:20 PM Eastern time. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Red said...

Hi, sorry. I deleted the above (anonymous) comment because it contained a spoiler for the outcome of this game. I'd prefer that people not post spoilers, at least not until the game's at least a week old.

Chip said...

WOW - another amazing vid RED !

so funny checking out the face of the winner at the end of the vid!


Unknown said...

I contacted lostbets support, but seems that they decided to do some sever maintenance right as I tried to order clip before. They billed me but no page loaded to give me download link and didn't get autogenerated e-mail either.

Not sure if you can help with this at all or not.

Red said...

Thanks, Chris! Glad you liked it. Only... which one? There were two updates this weekend :)

Brent: In general, Clips4Sale support (support@clips4sale.com) should be your first point of contact, as they're in the best position to re-enable a failed download. If for whatever reason they can't or won't fix it, please contact me (red@lostbets.com) and I'll do what I can.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

The last Raven (with the tickle forfeit) was great. Did not thank u for that one.

For sure the last close up of the face of Raven is great.

SOOOOOOO Cute !!!!!

Keep on the good work, boy,


Unknown said...

Thanks Red,
the emails I could find on the site were failing on me as well. Maybe this one will work.

Mindworm said...

I've been looking forward to the sybian-game ever since I first heard it mentioned, and it was just as good... no, even better, than I thought it would be. I have enjoyed many of your games a lot, but none as much as this one, and that says a lot! Both these girls are extremely hot and sexy, and watching the loser ride the sybian, was just awesome! I would really love to see more games featuring this kind of forfeit; how about a rematch between these two?

Speaking of hardcore vs softcore games, I'm just curious; what kind of games sell the most? Do you have a list telling the top-10 most sold games, or something like that?

Anonymous said...

Hi Red
isn's it posibel, that you could talk Raven into one more? Like others in here, i am currios, how she would have treated Allan, if she won the game! She is hot, and aperrently, not afreid about the hardcore forfeits!
You talked abot a 69 forfeit, when do we see it?
Hello from Kim

Red said...

Mindworm: Thanks, that's high praise indeed! I'm really glad this clip exceeded your high expectations. Sorry it took so long to get to it.

As for your question, it's not even close: the hardcore clips sell much better than the softer ones do. A standard "top 10" list doesn't really say much though... it's biased towards older clips which have been published longer and have had longer to sell. But you got me curious, so I played around with my database, and submitted for your approval:

Top 10 lostbets.com clips by number of copies sold after 30 days of publication

076 Five-Player Screw Your Neighbor
114 Strip No-Name with Charlie and Cyndi
107 You Bet Your Ass - Johnny vs Kat
038 Mary and Amber play Strip Mogadishu
043 Lily Mary and Amber play Strip Basketball
053 Danielle Aurianna and Lily play Strip Jester
034 Elizabeth Lily and Julie play Snip Surgery
120 Shockinaw with Raven and Alan
071 Bush's Last Day
112 Strip Screw Your Neighbor with 6 girls and 3 guys

Kim: Unfortunately it's not a matter of talking her into it... she's signed a contract promising exclusive rights to her naked body. But there are other girls (and guys) who might be interested in a similar forfeit and I'll see what I can do. And I'll also try to get the 69 forfeit into production ASAP.

Anonymous said...

Hey I have noticed that the other shotty competetor "win loose strip" has now gone full on intercourse with some of its games. Although the produciton quality does not compare to yours, just wondering if lost bets will get there. Jack.

Red said...

Probably at some point, Jack. From the day I first started this site (with forfeits like baby-oil breasts and jumping jacks) it's grown progressively racier, and most likely it's only a matter of time.

Duke said...

Hi Red,

You seem to sometimes refer to older games by serial number. The thing is, when I go to the clip store to try to see which one you meant, there's no mention of the game's serial number anywhere that I can see (unless I'm missing something). It makes it harder to identify a particular clip that you refer to. Is there another way to quickly pin-point and find a specific clip?

Trev said...

Hey Red, love the videos. I'm a big fan. But way back when I seem to remember you were working on an interactive game as well. Is that still in the works or has it fallen by the wayside? In any case, keep up the good work!

Ray said...


Having read Brent's post earlier, it finally dawned on me that I think he is talking about LostBetsGames, not your site.

And if so, may I point out some problems I had with the site. On the site it has a compliment from someone about their "daily" updates. Another time it was stated the updates are "regular".

With one day to go before my membership expired, I e-mailed to the address listed and asked what was a "regular" update, since even the dates show from 4 to 8 days (one was posted mere minutes before it became an 8th day) and it was never answered. Almost a month later, it still is a mystery what they believe a "regular" update is. I did not renew with this clown nor will I.

I will purchase only from your store and tell everyone I can what a poor excuse their support is. I believe Brent will agree they are pitiful. Anyone using their site is taking a chance.

Red, IMHO you need to re-emphasiae it is not your site, just your games.

You have a great site, and great games. The amateur running the other site is pathetic.

Red said...

Duke: Um, good point. There wasn't a good way to match episode numbers to episodes until about three minutes ago, when I created this cheesy barebones HTML episode guide. Hope it's useful, and I'll try to keep it up to date.

Trev: The plans for more interactive games haven't exactly fallen by the wayside but they're definitely on the back burner. Believe me, I really want to get some interactives out there, but I've got other fish to fry first.

Ray: Crap. Sorry to hear it. I have to have a chat with the guy who runs that site... don't wanna say anything more until after I have that chat. But yes, to anyone who reads this, I don't run lostbetsgames.com and have very little to do with it other than as a provider of content.

Unknown said...

I was talking about clips for sale actually. Still trying to get stuff remedied, least got one response, but they needed more info which sent and now waiting for another response.

Chris said...

Any chance Troy will ever appear as a competitor?

Anonymous said...

The Sybian forfeit is great.
In another movie with sybian, it would be great, if there were two loosers (similar to the strip jester with lilly and aurianna having an orgasm race) on the sybian and the girl, who leaves the sybian first looses again and has to perform another forfeit (for example being tied up and lubricated with baby oil by the other girl and then being softly brought to another orgasms by petting.)

A fan of your site.