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Friday, January 22, 2010

Fight for her honor

Today's update needs a little explanation. First, here's a teaser:

Sometimes games get published out of chronological order. And sometimes, games don't get published at all, for any of a number of reasons... maybe the game just didn't work out, or the footage is especially poor quality, or a game turns out nearly idenical to an earlier game. So while we've seen Kat (later Naomi) before, we haven't seen her games in order.

(warning: the remainder of this post will contain spoilers for some older material.)

The first time Kat played a game at lostbets.com, it was Bush's Last Day. She won that game. Then she played a game that hasn't been published yet. She won that game too. Then she played Screw Your Neighbor with Johnny, Lily, Jane, and Amberlee. And she won that game as well. In none of these games did she so much as even get topless.

Then she played Beer Pong with Daisy against Johnny and Joe. That one turned out a little better (for those of us who wanted to see what she's got) as she ended up naked, but still won, and got to watch the boys masturbate rather than masturbating in front of them. Then there was another unpublished game... she won that one, too.

Which brings us to this one.

So at the time this game was played, Kat had a record of 5-0. But this time, winning or losing is out of her control. This time, she has to place her hopes in the hands of her man. Did he come through for her and save her modesty, or did he drop the ball and leave her naked and at Daisy's mercy? Tune in tonight at 7:20 Eastern to find out.


Anonymous said...

Hey Red...have been enjoying the latest offerings. Hoping to see more of Candle in the future...she's very camera friendly. I had a feeling I was forgetting something and checked my older posts....see below for details. Since November isn't an option, how about later in 2010?


Someone wanted to know what we left from the Lily, Mary, and Amber series, so here it is in a nutshell. There are 3 games left between the 3, one is hi-lo trivia, one is high card, and I'm not sure what the 3rd game was. The forfeits include 2 losers fingering each other for 5 minutes, one that involves one loser, 2 winners, and a pair of strap-ons, and the final forfeit was inspired by a Monty Python song instructing one where to sit. I won't spoil the games, but each girl wins at least one, and each girl loses at least one

October 20, 2009 4:01 PM

Red said...
Howdy, Anon 4:01, and thanks for the comment. Just a word about the whole anonymous posting thing: I don't require that people log in to comment (obviously) but I do ask that you at least sign your posts. Pick a handle and use it. Makes it much easier to refer to you without calling you "Anon 4:01"

You're right that the best way to get a clip published sooner is to remind me of it. Especially when there's older unpublished material, it's likely to escape my notice. Thanks for reminding me of it.

The problem is that a lot of our most faithful longtime fans groan in disappointment when Lily appears -- especially if she loses, which she did very often that day (and no, the games weren't rigged.) She's appeared in more of our videos (24) than any other player, plus she has a very distinctive look which is not to everybody's tastes. The solution is to publish Lily videos as midweek updates. I'll get on that as soon as I can, you should see at least one by the end of November, that sound good?

October 20, 2009 4:49 PM

Anonymous said...

Hi Red, I think the spoiler statement at Clips for sale is zonked up, it's black but it's showing the spoiler without putting your mouse over it.


Red said...

Shit. You can thank the folks at Clips4Sale who, in their wisdom, decided that store owners had no need of a "preview" function. Truly sorry 'bout that, hope nobody was too offended by the inadvertent spoiler.

MHALLCINCI: Yeah, sorry I didn't get to that as promised. I'll add some clips from that shoot to the queue, but honestly, the queue has gotten pretty long. If I don't make any promises about when they'll be published, I won't have any promises to break.

Anonymous said...

Sometime is fine Red...one of the reasons I stay here is you seem to actually pay attention to your customers. If we're on that much of a delay, can I at least ask for the strap on clip?

Anonymous said...

The Sybian forfeit in "Strip Four-in-a-Row with Addie and Malloy" is great.
In another movie with sybian, it would be great, if there were two loosers (similar to the strip jester with lilly and aurianna having an orgasm race) on the sybian and the girl, who leaves the sybian first looses again and has to perform another forfeit (for example being tied up and lubricated with baby oil by the other girl and then being softly brought to another orgasms by petting.)

A fan of your site.

Mark said...

hi red I love that game but I am stell hopping that you bring back Jane.

Anonymous said...

Just a comment\question\suggestion, if the ques are horribly long, I would assume that would be due to a lot of clips done but not yet released? If that is the case instead of requesting another double up month, how about a double update week every other week or at least once every so often? Just a thought, may help catch up old clips so new materials can be gotten too\ thought of\created.


Anonymous said...

Can you post more out there of Asia? Who is she? Does she have her own clip store? Anything you can say about her besides the fact that she is stunning? I'd love to see a "pornographic" loss with her.

Drachenfeuer77 said...

The new game at lostbetsgames.com ( Mia, Asthon, Ashley, Strip Trivia ), has a wrong description ... there is the discription of a memory-game^^

Red said...

MHALLCINCI: Um... well, sort of. The thing about that shoot (and a few others) is that I suffered a hard drive crash. Fortunately, I shoot on tape and keep the tapes archived so nothing was lost, but I still have to find the tapes and capture them again before I can do anything with them. Sorry, my friend... I know you're impatient and I'll keep that in mind, but the fact is I've got a lot of irons in the fire right now and I'm afraid getting that shoot back into production can't be my highest priority.

P.S. Note that I didn't say what year's November would finally see the publication of more games from that day ;-)

FanOfMySite: Believe me, I am in complete agreement with you that the sybian forfeit was hot as hell. And judging from blog comments and e-mails, we're not alone. Sybian forfeits will definitely return. The only problem is, that wasn't my sybian. I'd need to get one, and those are freakin' expensive. But judging from the results of the last time, the expense will be worth it :)

Mark: You're right, it's past time I got my last game featuring Jane into production. It was affected by the same hard drive crash as the shoot with Lily, Mary, and Amber, but I really ought to dig it up and publish it.

Tank: Actually, I meant that the production queue is awfully long, not the publication queue. I've got enough videos ready for publication to last about three weeks... which is way better than my old system, when I would edit the video to be published the night before publishing it.

I'm not gonna go to 1.5 updates per week just yet, but I had planned a double-header for this wekeend, dipping into my dwindling stock of Ashton & Mia footage. Here's the currently planned publication schedule:

1/29: Ashton, Mia, Julie, and Sammy playing Shockinaw
1/30: Ashton, Mia, Julie, and Sammy playing Win Lose or Take It Off
2/5: Kat and Daisy playing Jester. Loser has to give the other's boyfriend a blowjob
2/12: Something with Kala and Elizabeth... not sure what yet.

The production queue is really more of a pile than a queue. I've gotten requests for: Idelsy and Sienna, Berenika, Iris, Asia, and Tatiana, Faye and Liilii, Amber, Mary, and Lily, Jane and Kat, and... um, anyone, if I've forgotten your request please remind me :) And then, I haven't even gotten started on the games with Franco and Zayda and Dick and Holly.

(oh, I didn't tell you about those four? I will. Stay tuned.)

Anon 7:55: You're welcome to post here anonymously, but please sign your posts. And as a courtesy to those who'd rather not know, I don't talk about other modeling experience my players might have had on the blog. Email me (red@lostbets.com) and I'll be happy to tell you.

Drachenfeuer: Cool name. Is that German for "dragonfire"?

As for the mislabeled clip: good catch, but lostbetsgames.com ain't my site, I just provide them with content. The quickest way to get them to fix them is to email the administrators directly. But I'll pass this one along myself.

I'm providing content to lostbetsgames.com basically as an interim solution until I get my own site, which will hopefully be sometime before pigs fly and hell freezes over. When it opens, it'll sell my newest and best material, like the clip store does now. In the meantime, lostbetsgames.com is a good way for people who are new to lostbets.com to get a whole lot of clips for their collections.

Big thank-you to everyone who's taken the time to post a comment or send an email.

Drachenfeuer77 said...

Yes, Drachenfeuer is German and means dragonfire.
And that with the clip at lostbetsgames.com isn't fatal, I just say it ...^^