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Monday, January 18, 2010

Keepin' it real

This post is prompted by the recent controversy over the forfeit for Episode 133, which did not take place on camera, but it's something I've been meaning to write for awhile. Every now and then someone questions whether something that happens on lostbets.com is "real" or "fake". Was a certain game fixed, or fair? Did a certain forfeit really happen as advertised, or was it staged? So I wanted to clear the air a bit and tell you guys about my thoughts on "real" vs. "fake".

For starters, nothing that happens here (or on just about any other porn site) can be truly 100% genuine, because this isn't a truly 100% genuine situation. These girls and guys aren't getting together to play stripping games for their own amusement, they're doing it because I'm paying them to do it. That right there introduces an artificial element and prevents it from being a true reflection of reality.

Now, that being said...

Commenter Charlie said in a blog comment thread "Red seems to take great pains to keep the games genuine", and this is absolutely accurate. While perfect "reality porn" isn't possible, I have a strong bias towards keeping things as real as possible. This means that I strongly prefer letting the games be played fairly, even if both I and the audience would prefer a particular outcome. It means I prefer letting girls speak candidly, letting their natural personalities show, rather than telling them what to say. It means I try to choose forfeits and circumstances that will cause genuine embarrassment to the players, rather than asking them to feign embarrassment.

But those preferences are not absolute, and just as I've aimed for a variety of players, games, and forfeits, my videos also feature varying levels of reality. In the vast majority, everything is exactly as it appears, the games are fair, the forfeits are real, the dialogue is spontaneous. But while reality is important to me, it's even more important that I make great videos, and on occasion, I've decided that fantasy would be better than reality in specific circumstances.

So the answer is: no, not everything you see here is real. I want to emphasize again that the vast majority of it is, but I've never said that everything is. Some of what you see is not as it appears. I prefer not to talk in public about exactly which episodes have fantasy mixed in with the reality, but if you want to know (I suggest that you probably do not), ask me via email.

(P.S. Every time I've specifically emphasized the reality of something, it's been real. I've never lied about anything like that.)

(P.P.S. When I say "ask me via email", I mean ask about particular episodes. Please don't ask me for a list of which episodes contain trickery and which don't... I don't keep such a list. I also wanted to say that a fan once wrote and guessed which episodes weren't genuine, and guessed wrong about most of them. Some of the things you might most strongly suspect are fake would surprise you. As I said, I strongly prefer keeping things as real as possible.)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I prefer, not too know, what is real, and what is not!
I like the series, where you move the forfeits more and more, over too sexuality!
It could be funny, if you make 3 girls, make 3 notes, where the write 3 forfeits of some sex, they never tryed, and the winner will read them up, and use one off them, against the 2 losere! It should be 3 girls, who love too tease under the game!
hello from Kim