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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ooh, Barracuda

By popular demand, Kala and Elizabeth return this week playing a new game. Here's a promo:

Also, Heidi returns and so does Samantha, to face each other for the first time, in a game of Estonian Roulette. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Hi, as fan of losbets.com I am happy to see membership paysite, because from my country perspective it is to expensive to buy clips on constant basis, well I am still waiting for same specific clips to subscribe, but that not the point. The point is that I would like to suggest a game, or rather how one should be played.
There should be two teams, at least three people each. Whether they play different team games or just rounds of one game doesn`t matter. What matter is that for each game/round lost a member of the losing team has to strip naked. How the team chose this member should be up to them. Naked members will still have to compete in next games/rounds, and team loses when all members are naked or when they are naked and lose again, depending how long each turn will take I think. Whether there will be forfeit or not is not so important.
As for the game that would nicely fit, and I would like to see on lostbets.com are charades. I don`t know what rules you use in USA, but I don`t think they are much different from those we use in Poland.

And keep the good work in this new year.

Anonymous said...

Question: Is there going to be a HD version for Strip Barracuda with Elizabeth and Kala? Jack.

Red said...

Oops. Sorry about that. It was actually published on schedule, but I forgot to fill in the "display order" field, so it was showing up on the last page. Fixed now. Hope you like it.

Anonymous said...

how about some Iris, Asia, Berenika, and Tatiana in the queue please?


Mindworm said...

I enjoyed the game between Heidi and Samantha. The winner also did a very sexy thing to the loser (besides using the massager), making the game even hotter!

One thing though, I don’t like to know who wins and who loses before having seen the video. I know you black out the name, not to reveal this, so that everybody can decide for themselves if they want to know this or not. When the length of the two players’ names differs a lot, there’s no use in the black field though, as the result can be seen because of the length of it! Hope you can do something about this!

Anonymous said...

Question, maybe way off-topic. Would more Sasha and Vivian games be possible? I miss them! :-)


Red said...

e-male: You got it, although the queue is a bit long at the moment. But I'll try to get some more with those four published.

Mindworm: Thanks for the feedback. Usually when the two players have different name lengths I make the spoiler more than just the name, like The winner was X. Guess I forgot to do that this time, sorry.

Tom: Don't worry, it's not off-topic at all to make requests in a comment thread. But I have some bad news: I've published all the games I have with those two, and I've lost touch with them. I can try to track them down, but don't get your hopes up too high.

Anonymous said...

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