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Friday, January 29, 2010

Please don't kill me

Today's update (to be published at 7:20 PM Eastern) is a game I talked about a long time ago, but never got around to publishing. A few people have asked me when it'll show up, so here it is. It's Shockinaw, with Ashley, Mia, Julie, and Sammy.

So why am I asking you not to kill me? Because when I watched this video, my thought was, "Man, I'd like to kill the son-of-a-bitch who made these poor girls play this game." In case any of you have the same thought... um... you'd better not try it, I'm armed?

Anyway. This is gonna be a double-update weekend, with another (less cruel) game featuring these four girls to follow on Saturday.

UPDATE: the second update is now up. It involves a lot less pain.


Anonymous said...

Hello there,

Video is looking good, is something i would want to buy, but what does it show up as in the bill?

Is the loser tickled handcufeed hnds or held down?

Red said...

I believe that anything purchase from Clips4Sale shows up on your credit card statement as "Tropical Productions" but I'm not certain. Can anyone confirm?

In this one, the loser isn't restrained (although with three girls tickling her she's not exactly free to move about). I have other games featuring tickling where restraints are used on the victim.

Crosis said...

Red is correct. All purchases from clips4sale appear on your bill as "Tropical Productions".

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think that the description on your credit card statement rotates, depending on which server handles your requests. I've seen "Han Management Corp" and "Sleepy Hollow Investment", but I'm on the East Coast, and the servers appear to be located in Florida. I have seen "Tropical Productions" on my statements, but it's been at least a year since that particular identifier has popped up.

--- Mycroft

peach said...

Hey red, the word BLOG is missing on the stores page...

Red said...

Thanks Peach. Every now and then C4S decides that certain words are not to be spoken on their site, and just removes them from any pages that have them. Apparently "blog" is now on the chopping block. I couldn't begin to guess why, but the problem should be fixed.

Viredae said...

Thanks Red, now all I have to dream for is to see Ashton and Mia risk a masturbation forfeit, then I could die happy.

LBF said...

Great vids Red.

And yes, you should behave. Hurting those cute lovely girls ;-) (but what a fun, lol).

Keep on the good work.

Missed my fav in your list of "girls to come" from last week. But sure you remember and doing your best to get her again. Looking forward!

Lost bet fan

Red said...

Viredae: Sorry, my friend, but I'm afraid you're going to die unfulfilled. Believe me, I tried. They wouldn't even hear of it. It was hard enough getting them to risk open-leg... and you may have noticed in this most recent series, with Julie and Sammy, they haven't even done that. And now they've retired... one of them got a job where it would not be taken kindly if it were found out that she appeared on lostbets.com, so all I have left of them (one more game, I think) is all we'll ever have :-(

LBF: If you see any of the girls glaring off-camera, they're glaring at me, with my hands clasped mouthing the words "I'm sorry" at them. As for your request... Isobel, right? Like I said before, I'll do what I can but please don't hold your breath.