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Friday, April 23, 2010

152 Pickup

Episode 152 is up. Those of you who've asked for the return of Cory, Britney, and Renna should be pleased. There's also a promo on our YouTube channel.

BTW, I'm aware that I owe some responses in the last comment thread. I'm about to go out of town though and will get to them ASAP.


Anonymous said...

Hi, can you tell us whats up next week? Thanks

Anonymous said...

i didn't notice it with the last update, but i am pretty sure that is renna ryan, the pornstar, are the other two girls in this update also in porn?

Anonymous said...

Can you post the non-HD version as well? HD doesn't work on everyone's computer...

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 6:42: If you read the description for the clip, it says "The standard version is available (after 25 Apr 2010) for a buck less." You just have to wait a day or so.

-- Mycroft

Anonymous said...

{quote]i didn't notice it with the last update, but i am pretty sure that is renna ryan[/qote]

Heis right. And Britney is Britney Brooks and she in the business too. Don't know who Cory is.

This takes away a lot of the fun of the two videos, knowing that the shyness is just a big act because they are so used to doing these kind of things. A big part of the thrill is that the girls cross some borders. And in this case the girls the border was passed a long time ago.

Hope that hte Cat/Noami thing works out now.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'ts offtopic of course, but can You add alternative billing processor to Your site. This bloody ccbill had'nt never fit to my bank, so I can't come a member:(

Revalcher Zeitung said...

The las anon was me.

I want to add that I was LOL about Estonian roulette, because I'm Estonian myself:) It was really funny thing to me, as estonian, to discover that there is something like Estonian roulette in the world and I've heard nothing about it before:D

Red said...

Hi, folks. I'm back in town.

@MGS: I'd be glad to, but I'm not sure yet. I'v got a few things I'm considering publishing next week, and when I've decided which it'll be, I'll let you know.

@Anon 6:13 (please sign your posts): As I've said before, some of my players are more "pro" than others. I prefer not to discuss which ones on this blog (and would rather that other people don't either) for the benefit of fans who don't want to know. If you have any questions about a particular player's experience, feel free to ask me in private email.

@Anon 6:42 (sign your posts!): The SD version is now posted. Each week, the high-def version is published on Friday at 7:20 PM Eastern time, with the SD version published at the same time on the following Sunday.

@Peter: Don't be so quick to assume that just because a player has done adult work for other producers, her embarrassment is all an act. The circumstances where these games are played are not the same as most other porn, and performing an act as part of a scripted scene is not the same as performing that same act because you lost a game, with the winner gloating. I've seen some pretty experienced hardcore actresses be surprised by their own embarrassed reactions.

@Revalcher Zeitung: As for the CCBill thing, if you're talking about lostbetsgames.com, it's sort of out of my hands. I don't run that site, I just supply them with content, and their billing practices are up to them. You'll have to talk to them about it.

As for Estonian Roulette, you probably haven't seen anything about it anywhere else because I made it up... the name, anyway. The game itself was suggested by commenter Gordon on this blog, with the name Russian Roulette. But Russian Roulette is normally played with a revolver, and I didn't want to cause any confusion, so I picked a neighboring Eastern European country for the title.

Not that I'd ever confuse an Estonian with a Russian. I like Estonia, and the Baltics in general. I even briefly considered emigrating, before deciding that I just couldn't live in a country where the native words for "two" and "six" were "cocks" and "cooze" respectively ;-)

The Strip Game Fan said...

For this update, I'm just glad we're finally getting to see 'Briney' for the first time. Oh Briney - I recall those glorious days when we spent hours singing sea shanties and scrubbing the poopdeck.

PS: Red - in case you can't tell what the hell I'm going on about, check the thumbnail graphic for this video (#152).

PPS: As of Tues. AM, neither of the video previews are working for me. Just FYI.

Revalcher Zeitung said...

Hi Again.

Sry Red, but I can't find Your email adress. Can You post it here?

I hope that all forfeits will not turn to SM in the future. I do not think, that forfeits must be only pure fun. In fact I'm in favour of more sex, but less violence:) I personally want to see more games, where loser must for example just caress winner or other players and everything goes on in peace and harmony, like somewhere in hippy colony:D

So please, let for me and for people like me some games, where forfeit is not SM or violent or seriously humiliating. Because there is alternative - it can be fun and pure sexual pleasure:)

And also as a convinced WAM fan I'm looking for more WAM games and forfeits. Asking for more syrup, whip cream, ketchup, apple souce, etc. etc. etc.:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Red

I just wanna say that I think that Cory might be the sexiest girl on here since Candle. I love these new girls but if any of the vets want to come back I for one won't complain. As for the comments
by Pete, maybe some of the girls are in the biz professionally. I, myself have seen Amber, Ashton and Lilly on other sites, and maybe the greatest of them all Ashley has her own site. It would be great to think all of this is genuine and sure alot of it is, but this all just about fantasy and fun anyway so what's the diff. For all any of us on this side of the videos knows these girls are otherwise married mothers of four, works as at the library and is a memeber of the PTA. Wow, you know that's a pretty sexy thought too. Oh, well thanks again for the chance to spout off.

Anonymous said...

hey Red, I have a question about a player, what is the email address I should send it to?



Anonymous said...

Great vid Red. Like you promised!

The look of Cory with her hand on her mouth as they start with massage! And the words they start yelling to stop the orgasm! GREAT!!!

Please, please, please as fast as possible as much as possible of these cute three (and make sure Cory looses!) ;-)

Keep on the good work


Red said...

Consarn it, I wrote a response to all of you except one. I decided to leave the reply in the editor and write the last bit when I woke up. Anyone know how to tell Windows 7 not to reboot to install updates without asking me first?


@MGS: Two new girls. Good girls. One new forfeit. A good forfeit. The final version is rendering now, hope you like it.

@SGF: Yup, that's famous porn star Briney Deep, a very salty customer. Sigh. Well, if that's my biggest fuckup of the year I'll count myself lucky.

@Revalcher & BK: my email address is red@lostbets.com. Sorry about that.

@Revalcher: I too have some concerns about the direction the forfeits have been going lately... when I started off, jumping jacks and baby oil were the norm. But what can I say? The harder forfeits are definitely more popular... they're the ones that people send me email about and post about on this blog (and btw: thanks, guys, I appreciate it.) I want to give people what they want, so that's the direction things are going. (And to be honest, I find the harder ones kinda hot myself... both the watching and the filming.) But this site has always been about variety, and softcore won't be left out.

And yikes, WAM! I haven't done WAM in far too long. Time for another, I think. Thanks for the reminder.

Anon 6:44 (sign your posts! seriously!) I'll pass along your compliment to Cory, but come on... what did I just say about please don't discuss on this blog which players have what experience? Show some consideration for those who'd rather not know. Keep the spoilers to yourself, please.

But as long as we're talking about "real", two of the three you listed deserve mention. Both Ashton and Lily have had their limits stretched on lostbets.com, and unless the girls were deceiving me, that's absolute reality. I've never lied about something like that and never will.

@LBF/CF: Thanks for the compliment and I'm glad you liked this one as much as I did. If you think the video was hot, imagine being in the room. I'll definitely try to get these back, but as for ensuring that Cory loses... well, I dunno, I don't like doing that. But win or lose, I doubt she'll disappoint :-)

Anonymous said...

Red, concerning the update settings go to Control Panel, then System & Security, then Windows Update, then Change Settings. Just a warning, when Windows does update it LOVES to change that setting back to automatic.

Loved Cory, loved the flinching the ultimate loser did when she was paddled, LOVED the tribbing/hitachi to orgasm showdown! You might have to go on a roadtrip to get some more Cory - and a gal like that is sure to have lots of pretty female friends!

If I have time, I'll send you an email this weekend on something that's been bouncing around in my head.


ps: Sometime ago you brought up a future player by the name of Lily Anna.....

Red said...

@Gord: That would be Liliana. And you'll be meeting her soon. Very soon. Very, very soon. Stay tuned. Thanks for the Windows tip.