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Friday, April 16, 2010

Today's update, plus: calling all Kat/Naomi fans!

Today's update is live. As promised, Erin and Betty Jo return. If you liked their first game, you'll like this one.

Also, I have a question for fans of The Player Formerly Known As Kat, now as Naomi, although I think she's thinking of changing her name again. As y'all know, I make an effort to get these girls to risk doing things they really don't want to do, adding to the tension and the excitement. Well, Naomi's a pretty free spirit, but one thing she's always refused to do is eat out another girl. Never done it, always said she never would.

She recently contacted me and offered to put her cunnilingus-virginity on the line. Her terms are: one game, one fair game, and if she wins, she doesn't have to do it and that's that. She reminds me that she has never lost a game, except for that one thing at the end of YBYA which didn't really count since the game was extended after she won. And win or lose, she wants... well, let's just say she's got demands. So my question for her fans is: if I go through with this and make it happen, will you want to see the game even if she wins?


Anonymous said...

that type of risk is what this site is all about, win or lose.

A Fan From CA

Charlie said...

Well, yes, the whole point is risk v. reward -- she needs to have a genuine chance to win as well as a genuine risk of losing. Perhaps a game that's purely random is in order, something with absolutely no skill involved so she knows that however talented she is in whatever games she did in the past, it won't matter: the risk is real.

I assume when you say she's got demands that they were financial in nature. So if she loses, she has to eat out another girl. But does that mean that even if she wins, she'll still have to strip naked and get eaten out?

Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

I would download it for sure if the forfeit for opponent was equally risky. If that's the case I don't even want a spoiler and just fork over the cash and download the update.
Otherwise if the forfiet is she wins is a lame one (like walking naked thru a cooridor) I would skip it if I knew she won.


Ozgreg said...


Your games are always about chance, so roll the dice ;)

Unknown said...

I would love to see a game between two girls where the forfeit consists of the loser's kissing and licking the winner's ass with her lips and tongue. Would be especially great if the winner grinds it on the loser's face. Maybe this would take the humiliation out of the playful category and would be too extreme for this site. I suppose it depends on the girls and whether they could pull it off without getting upset about it.

Crosis said...

I 'do love to see Naomi make such a risk, however, there needs to be something on the line for her opponent. If you get another girl who is also a cunnilingus virgin, it would be easy, if not, the forfeit for the other girl should be something that she herself is very hesitant to do (whatever that may be).

I'd also like to say something about this weeks update. It may be a bit of personal bias, but I think that this game features some of the best camera work found on any lostbets video. During the forfeit, there are some great closeups of all parts of the action. It's hard to believe that I was 3 feet away from what was going on...

Anonymous said...

I am a sucker for girls crossing a personal boundary as a forfeit. If the other girl loses, and is just going through the motions with a forfeit that she's probably done on camera plenty before, then there is no way I would bother.

My favorite video is still the Ashton and Mia "show pink" and it was the first one I ever bought. No matter how many videos end with a dildo or a tongue in a vagina, a girl being pushed to truly put something on the line will always be my top draw. I agree with Crosis, if you can find another girl willing to put something equally weighted on the line, something she really doesn't want to do on camera, then you will most likely get my money. Whether it is this particular girl, or any other pairing, please make sure Red, that if you know the girl has never done the forfeit on camera before, or is very reluctant, make sure you broadcast that all over this blog. It makes my credit card burn a hole in my pocket every time.

Yes, yes, I know you aren't in this for the money, but don't deny yourself any either. I want you to keep doing this for many years to come.


Mindworm said...

Another extremely hot and sexy game!

Crosis: I agree! You are getting very good with the camera, and the closeups were great!

Thanks for making this one! :)

Anonymous said...

Red...If she contacted you then I think deep down inside she really wants to do this forfeit, or at the very least risk doing this forfeit. I would suggest you wait her out a little bit and see what happens. No rush here for you, how long have you been doing this. gb

Anonymous said...

As far as this update is concerned, you may want to watch how you treat the ladies, they should be consistent. If you are going to let one off after only 5 minutes because she is whining, then let her continue for 20 minutes on her opponent, it is not sending a good message to these ladies. To me it means, whine and you do not have to do the forfeit you are being paid to do after agreeing to risk doing it.

Red said...

Thanks all for the comments. This is gonna happen, even though all the details aren't ironed out yet. A few responses:

@Charlie: Well, her demands are sort of financial. What she wants is a trip to Lollapalooza. As for what happens if she wins, maybe she gets eaten out, or maybe something else. Ideally I'll find something that the other girl is as reluctant to do as Naomi is to eat another girl out.

@gb: No, she doesn't deep down really want to do this, trust me on this one. It's not like she called me up out of the blue with this offer... she's a friend, and we hang out fairly often. It came up one night.

@Anon 8:17 (please sign your posts, although I think you might be gb): Generally when there's any sort of dispute about the rules of a game or what a forfeit entails, I leave it to the players to sort out for themselves. It usually works out pretty well. Maybe this time it didn't.

BTW, there's a promo for episode 152 up on our YouTube channel.

Anonymous said...

I saw a paddle. Is the forfeit a spank??


Old Man said...

I don't download the sexually explicit games. The most I like to see is the show all forfeits.

Red said...

Pete: Well, spanking is the second forfeit. The game of RPS is played to two losers, who play a second (different) game, and the loser of that game gets paddled. The paddling is really sort of icing on the cake, the second game itself is really the climax... pun intended.

OldMan: Sorry you don't care for the more explicit forfeits. Admittedly the site's been trending more explicitly lately, but it seems like that's what's most popular. I'll still always strive to have a good variety of forfeits, from the fairly tame to the fairly raunchy.

Unknown said...

Red or others: No interest in my suggestion of an ass-licking forfeit? I am not being faceitous about this. From the erotic fiction I've encountered, it's a pretty common fantasy. A little edgy to be sure, but no worse than anal beads or some of the other forfeits on the site. Maybe better in fantasy than reality...

Red said...

Bruises: Sorry, didn't mean to ignore you there. It's an interesting idea and would make a good forfeit, but all I can say is I'll try to have it done. Whenever I'm asking a new girl what her limits are, very often the first thing they say is "no anal!" Of course, what you suggest isn't exactly "anal" but I imagine I'll still encounter resistance. I'll try my best.

Crosis said...

@anon *:17 In this case, I don't think it was so much a matter of being fair as it was a matter of what makes for good video. We could have had Betty Jo keep playing with the glass dildo for 20 minutes, but I don't think it would have gotten any better. Conversely, with this game, the reactions of the loser we quite hot, so we let the action continue. About the only thing we might have done better would have been to end the forfeit a little quicker in order to get one more quick game in before our time was up.

Unknown said...

Thanks Red. All I can say is that, if you do it, I would definitely buy it. And I'd imagine you'd have lots of other customers, given the seemingly widespread interest in "facesitting" as a means of domination and humiliation.

I understand that lots of people have boundaries, sometimes rigid boundaries, with regard to anal stuff. I'm really not into stuff where girls are violating their boundaries for the sake of making a quick buck. But I've also found, in my personal experience, that this is a boundary that lots of people are willing to push, especially when they are assured that the anal area is going to be clean and no one is going to force them to do anything by which they would feel violated. Pushing boundaries in a controlled and consensual way is a good thing; violating boundaries is bad. And it can be a fine line between the two.

Let me link you to a few great fantasy stories of f/f games with a facesitting penalty for the loser: Alpha Rivals


Val's Introduction

These stories capture the themes of "struggle" and subsequent "domination" really well. I think these themes would be applicable to your games with or without the ass licking.

Unknown said...

The "secretly wanting to do it" thing has been bugging me lately.

I finally saw the "Lily Plays Rock Paper Scissors... with YOU" video, and Lily's reluctance in that video must certainly be fake, because she must've known she would be the loser in a one-person video.

But it's not as simple as "Fake = BAD," because if you just try to torture these ladies as authentically as possible, I don't think that's sexy at all. I don't want them to feel abused, exploited, or otherwise miserable.

Still, the forfeit does have to be genuinely unpleasant or it defeats the purpose of the site. So the question is how to find the balance between "playfully embarrassing" without being abusive.

I don't claim to know the answer, but hey, it's not my site!

Also, did you see my previous comment about the Strip Spelling Bee?

Anonymous said...

Red...yes that was me in the second post, sorry I forgot to sign it like I did my first. Concerning my first, did not know the context of your friendship and that you were just hanging out together. I made the assumption she called you to make the offer. This is a tough one, you need to balance the risk she is taking to the reward she will be receiving and when I say risk I mean what the odds are that she will win/lose the game. She may not really be into the forfeit, but if it is very unlikely that she is going to lose then the reward shouldn't be that high either, but if there is a good chance than the reward should be high as well.


GreenMonster89 said...

As long as the girl playing against Kat/Naomi is willing to take as big of a risk as Kat/Naomi, I would be willing to buy it regardless of who won. It's all about risk vs reward.