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Friday, October 1, 2010

I said What What

Today's update may be a little late. It will, however, feature one returning girl with two new ones. And buttsecks. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

I loved this video but while watching it I actually started to wonder if these girls ever did anal before. That thought lead to some other of how did their currect BF feel about them not taking their black cherry if they havent?

Long story short: I had the idea of since you already brought some boyfriends into the videos in the past why not ask them what is one thing they want to try with their girlfriend they never got to do? Loser has to give their boyfriend what he wanted.

Red said...

Anon (please sign your posts): I honestly don't know whether or which of the ladies had previously engaged in anal sex. I didn't ask. They were willing to risk doing it if they lost a fair game, and that was enough for me.

But next time you see these girls (along with their friend Serena), you'll see the two losers doing something I know for a fact they'd never done before. We get to see them learning how to do it, gradually getting better and better at it. But you'll have to wait a couple of weeks for that one.

Your idea is a great one, if I could find couples in that situation... dude wants something sexual, chick refuses to do it, but would be willing to do it if she lost a game. Might be a tall order. I'll keep my eyes open, though.

More broadly though, I keep meaning to get in more interview-type clips with the girls, and doing the same with their boyfriends might not be a bad idea.

Anonymous said...

"But you'll have to wait a couple of weeks for that one."

You are a big tease.. Just make it a rush job, because we hate waiting.

I will post comments later, so I wont give details away.


Red said...

Can you at least say if you liked it? (I guess you probably did, or you wouldn't be eager for more.)

As for rushing the next clip with these ladies, believe me, I would if I could. But I write these words inside a plane, and I won't be back for a week and a half. I actually had to rush episode 184 so it'd be all ready to go since I wouldn't be there. But I'll make it part of a double-update weekend on the 16th. Trust me, it's worth the wait. (At least, I think so. But what do I know? I didn't have to wait ;-)

Interesting things are afoot with the Elise thing. Word got out that I was planning some games, and girls started contacting me asking if they could play. So far, the roster includes Amberly, Zayda, Jane, Elise, and at least one new girl. I've got plenty of ideas of what to do with all these ladies, but I'd love to hear more.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

Here's a random idea for you. I have a lot of group sex fantasies, and sometimes I use dice to make the story write itself.. my brain watches instead of writes a story it already knows.

Anyways, to make a long point short, I've always liked games where there's two strata of losers. There's winners, small losers, and the big losers.

The fun part is when I'll have it so that a winner can risk it all for a very low odds, high penalty opportunity.

Say there's a girl that's won, and there's a small loser girl and a big loser girl. The small loser gets oral sex from the big loser. The winner though, can do a 1 in 6 roll, where if she doesn't roll a 6, she gets to spank both of the losers, something not really that far beyond. But if she rolls a 6, it's got that last adrenaline surge; she trades places and has to do something that wasn't even on the list, like give everyone else who played a rim job, or take a facial, or whatever is in my head.

From the perspective of a 20 dollar lostbets game, I'd like to see a half hour video with some girls that haven't lost too much - Zayda having her name kicked around lately seems a ripe example for someone with something to lose. Have her and two or three other girls play a strip game, like the memory game. Each time they lose they buy their way out of action with an article of clothing. Naked, their last losing hand commits them to something your customers want to watch.

If you had your cadre of capable guys, have it so that you end up with 2 losers again.. the first girl to lose is the big loser, the second is the small loser.. the winning girl is forced to take one random roll with high stakes. If she doesn't lose that roll, that's fine, I don't want to know it's rigged.. I pay you a lot of cash to feel like it's really random.

Then just have the bigger loser go down on the smaller one, plus a blowjob from each loser to each guy. If the winner rolls bad, she strips, rims the two girls while they are sucking, and takes over right at the end for a double facial.

I'd just love to see some multi-dimensionality to the lost bets, some extra risk and extra reward. Your niche is in the bets: their construction, their suspense, their outcome. I usually climax at the end of the game, and sometimes I don't even get to the penalties. Capitalize on your niche. My name is Mike.

Anonymous said...

would really like to see the blindfolds and bondage brought into play, where the loser doesnt know who she's with.

CA Fan

Anonymous said...

sorry,found this one sort of boring.

Big 'Ed said...

Loving the videos and given the amount of things that have been just in the past couple months I may just be suggesting something that is already waiting to be released but in any case...

How about a more psychological take on the “loser gets fucked,” forfeit? Perhaps make it so the winner/s don strap-ons and are allowed to give the losing girl/s a No Holes Barred seeing to for a period of time. With this not only are they playing to avoid the forfeit but also to avoid getting screwed by their opponent. When it comes to mid game trash talk the winner/s won’t just make sure the loser eats their words but also eat th... well you get the picture. Depending on how much you want to raise the stakes further you could allow the winner/s the option of using a selection of extras (handcuffs, spanking paddles etc..) to use on the loser/s during the forfeit.

Could be played with in a number of ways: one-on-one for a more personal competition, two winners double teaming a loser, two winners on two losers – in which with both losers get the same treatment or perhaps the two losers go head to head (or head to pussy) in a 69-off with the first girl to come getting double teamed by the two winning girls with the strap-ons and well if the loser is too sensitive down there well she’s still got a mouth and ass to be played with. There’s a load of different ways this could be played.

It also may be worth suggesting ideas of things that a winner/s could do to a loser/s before the game starts, that way the girls can use that to come up with more ideas to do to their loser/s so as to give them a nudge towards more devious and naughty ideas.

Big 'Ed

UKfan said...

Glad Zayda's coming back - please say you'll do at least one game where she's got a handicap (like she starts in her underwear but everyone else is still fully clothed) - she has to lose this time, at least once!

PS like CA Fans blindfolds/bondage idea, would love to see more bondage forfeits...

Anonymous said...

Hi Red
I just discovered your site, and lots of great videos with some great looking girls. I see everyone else making comments here so I will throw in my two cents worth. But i would like to see more of Cory and Candle, these are some awesome looking girls. Also this bet with this girl Jamie was really sexy, only sorry she covered her face, she has a awesome body. Also, I know you say all your videos are non-scripted but obviously "Wednesday's Challenge" and "Ashley's Revenge"
were scripted and those are some of the best videos you ever made, so why not script some on occassion. Anyway I think your site is great and it got my wife so hot she it got her thinking ways she never did before. Thanks for that.

Anonymous said...

Say Red, if your planning for a shoot with at least 5 ladies - the Elise, Zayda, etc. shoot that you mention - how about this for an idea. Take your strip memory cards and lay out one card to correspond to each item of clothing the ladies are wearing - I hope you have enough colors made for as many ladies you have. Then they play a game like strip basketball. If they make a basket they go to the table where the cards are all laid out and they pick one (the cards are face down). The item of clothing is removed from the corresponding player, if they pick one of their own cards then they have to show the card to the other players, put it back and then take another card. Another player can then remember where that card is and choose it when they make a basket - if they want to go after that player and get them naked.

I like the idea of using the memory cards b/c the more items of clothing you have on the more likely you are to get one of your cards picked. Most players are almost naked before one finally does lose all their clothes. AND players can't do that thing where they take off bra, panties, socks and they are down to one item but that last item is covering up most of themselves.


Anonymous said...

I want more tickling! The Raven tickling clip was GREAT!


Charlie said...

I like Gordon's idea of using the memory cards. How about ant game with three or more players where the cards are mixed together. Each time a player loses, they draw a card. The first time a particular item of clothing is drawn (say, pants), they have to remove it. The second time that same item is drawn (the other match to the pair), they have to DESTROY that item. The ultimate loser will not only be naked but all of her clothes will be destroyed. And even the winner may find most of her clothes are also destroyed.

Perhaps you then film another game (sold separately), something more athletic like basketball or (Wii?) tennis. Only they only start of wearing items not already destroyed, so at least one will begin the game naked.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

I know you are a busy man. But could you answer please to my suggestion per mail which I made on 8th. Sept. 2010.

I post it now here again:

I have an idea for a great game.
You need 3 girls. They play only one round of High Card. The two with the lowest card are the ultimate loosers.
Each girl has to perform a solo strip show in front of a jury of three guys. The jury gives marks on the performance of each girl. The girl with the lowest jury rating is the ultimate looser and has to do another forfeit.
For example you could use the pussy pump on her and after her pussy is swollen she must pose by the jurys will. Because I think she didn't strain enough to satisfy the jury. So the ultimate looser has to show what she didn't show to the jury in her first performance.

Regarding the pussy pump:
By the way I didn't know that the girl had to pee because of the pump. I think this is not every time like this.

The waxing of Amber Heavens was great. Do you think you could talk any other girl and perhaps Lily (she already once agreed risking waxing) into risking a pussy waxing again.

PS like CA Fans blindfolds/bondage idea, would love to see more bondage forfeits...

Thank you.



Red said...

@Mike: (Are you MikeCA, by any chance?) Thanks for the ideas. The only trouble I have with the big loser/small loser thing is that it seems a bit anticlimactic to have two girls playing to find the small loser after the big loser is already determined. I've gotten around this in the past by playing to two losers, then having the two losers play another game to determine the big loser. (My favorite is an orgasm race, the losers straddling the massager, first to come loses.)

As for giving the winner the option to "risk it all"... I can try it. But I think it's likely that unless the reward were a really good one, most winners would decline the option. I'll have to think about it a bit.

@CA Fan: Blindfolds and bondage, you got it. I'll give it a try the next chance I get, which will be very soon.

@Anon 10/3 (please sign your posts): Sorry this one wasn't to your liking. Can you give me some more specific feedback about what you didn't like so I can try to do better next time?

@Big Ed: Excellent idea! It can be tough to find girls who are willing to risk... well... what these three girls risked, but it can be done. And there are definitely strap-ons in the future. I really like the idea of the loser not just getting fucked, but getting fucked by the winner(s). Opportunities for trash talk not just during the game but during the forfeit abound.

@UKfan: I'm reluctant to handicap a player because I like to keep the games fair, but even so, there are ways of tilting the odds. Picking a game that I know she's bad at, for example. And the law of averages will have to catch up with Zayda at some point...

Anon 10/4: Welcome! I'm glad you like my work. And I'm with you re. Cory and Candle... Candle especially has an almost ethereal, angelic beauty to her face, as well as a smokin' hot body. Sorry that Jamie kept her face covered, but that was seriously the only way she'd agree to be on video. As for scripted games, I have to correct you here: I've never said that all of my games are nonscripted, although the very vast majority are. In fact, Wednesday's Challenge is the only one so far that's had an actual script... even in the handful of games which haven't been played to a fair outcome, I've left the dialogue in the hands of the players. But I agree that Wednesday's Challenge turned out great (all the more surprising since I did it very early in my career, when I was still using mediocre equipment and lacked experience) and I have been working on a few more scripts, which I'll shoot someday.

Thanks for writing, and I hope we hear more from you in the future. One thing, though: I don't mind if people post anonymously, but please pick a handle for yourself and sign your posts with it, so I know who I'm talking to.

@Gordon: I only have four colors of the clothing cards, but I'll figure something out. And that's a great variant on the random stripping thing. I'll give it a try.

I'm thinking of games that can be played with 5+ players. Screw Your Neighbor works well, obviously. But so does Musical Chairs, plus I've got yet another perversion on a classic childhood game in mind that I've been wanting to use. I'll keep that one a surprise for now.

@JP: You got it! More ticking coming up. That'll make a good forfeit for the five-player shoot, I think... some of the winners could hold the loser down while the rest tickle the crap out of her. Can't wait to see it.

@Charlie: Fantastic! I haven't done a clothes destruction game in a long time. We're due. (By the way, copyright restrictions prevent me from using Wii Tennis or Rock Band or DDR or any of the other commercial video games that would make fantastic stripping games. Bummer.)