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Friday, October 29, 2010

Another childhood memory perverted

Episode 187 is out. Discuss.


Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Best forfeit ever.

Tip for next time: Use real chairs and no stools. This bordered on musicla chair wrestle.



Anonymous said...

didnt like the forfeit. really couldnt see anything, looked more like a group of bodies laying on the floor.

and is it really a 'forfeit' when almost everybody has to do it? more like a porn shoot masquerading as a game.

i like it better when the loser is taking a real chance, and has an equal or better chance of not losing.

but the camera close ups were much improved. thanks for that.

CA Fan

Anonymous said...

The idea from realnot could axcully get used, also with guys,
Take 2 guys, tied them up, so they cant move, and blindfold them! They have too say stop, before they cum! take three girls, let them give handjob too the guys, i minut each time, the one who gets a stop win, and the loosers have too take something off.
When you have two loosers, you make them give the guys a blowjob, until one off them cum. The loosing boy(him who cums) and the loosing girl then gets a chastity belt on, and tied them and forced them too satisfeid the other 3. And let them have the belltson, for a week, and force them too another game!
From Playfull

Anonymous said...

Red, this is the guy who was emailing you back and forth and my email went into your spam, sent you two emails full of suggestions, did they go into your spam again?

-Youtube guy

Anonymous said...

I don't want this to be seen as a spoiler, I'm not saying whether Zayda won or lost, but she has consistently been a very competitive player. She seems to analyze a game and look for ways to get a (usually fair) advantage. For example, in this game the other ladies are going around the stools and having fun playing, but Zayda's making sure that there's lots of room behind her, and when the music stops she has lots of room to "aim her behind" at an available stool. If the player behind her had kept close, sandwiching her into a tight squeeze with the player in front of her, it would have been more or less impossible for Zayda to ever sit down.
What I'm saying, I think, is that it would be GREAT to find another female player or two that is super competive like Zayda and have them play a bunch of skill oriented games, with high stakes forfeits, of course, to make it even more competitive.


Myself said...

I did like the game very much, especially with a very competitive player who did her best to be a winner. Want to have more competition in the movies.
Forfeit : same conclusion as CA Fan wrote.
But as I read Pete thinks it's the best forfeit ever. You can't please everyone all the time, I guess ;-) Different people, different likings. You do your best to have lots of different movies on your site, and that's a good thing.
Keep up the good work.

E said...

A longtime fan, I love your work. I can't wait for more Nicole/Taylor/Camilla games, but Ashton remains my alltime favorite.

Wondering if you've ever given thought to having a charity auction where you give away the chance to act as your assistant for a day's shooting? The winner gets to meet the girls and go behind the scenes for a day, maybe even have his idea made into a video. (The problem would be the winner getting himself to your shooting location.)

Yes, it might be more lucrative to auction off a spot "in the action," but I think more people would go for being behind the scenes. Anyway, keep up the awesome work!

Anonymous said...

Oh ve, behind the scenes sounds like a great fantasty for one real lucky winner, and a super turn off to the girls that trust Red as a professional. I would hate to think that the girls would have to consider a random wank-monkey in the sidelines. It's a neat idea but I dont' like it. (I'm attacking the idea, not you, E.)

But I completely agree with you about more Camilla/Taylor/Nicole. The thing about that trio, Camilla had the best enthusiasm, Taylor the cutest little face and body, and Nicole has those legs and that ass. I bought the first video for seeing Taylor, but bought the others cause Camilla's attitude about losing was fantastic. She was like "damn that cock is huge, I might as well enjoy it", and then gets herself off like a maniac. Best video on this site so far IMHO. -RamblingDummy

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

on this link
you can find lots of funny toys for future forfeits.



Anonymous said...

I think this toy would be interessting for the asshole tickling forfeit.


Red said...

@anon 10/29 8:55pm (please sign your posts): Thanks, man... but seriously, my ego's big enough. Compliments are great, and I appreciate them, but they're getting a bit embarrassing.

@Pete: Chairs rather than stools probably would have resulted in a fairer game. I picked stools because I thought they would make the players more visible. But as it turned out they really gave the advantage to the biggest, strongest girl. Lesson learned.

@CA Fan: First of all, I agree about the visibility. At one shoot, a cameraman remarked that professional porn producers must hire actors with large removable panels in their bodies because it turns out it's damn hard to get a camera in to film some of these acts. As for the 3 out of 4 doing the forfeit, all I can say is each of the girls wanted to be the winner who got to hold the camera on the losers.

@Playful: That's, um, an interesting idea, but I think it might need some work before it's ready to be used. Let me give it some thought.

@Youtube guy: Yes I did receive your email. Don't worry, it won't be going into my spam box anymore. However it sometimes takes me longer to respond to email. Please be patient. The best thing to do is to poke me if you don't hear from me for more than a week or so.

@Gordon: The saga of Zayda is far from over. I think you will find the next chapter very interesting, but you will have to wait a few weeks for that one.

@Myself: Thanks for the vote of confidence. Variety continues to be one of my main goals.

@E: I'd never thought of the idea of having a charity auction (or for that matter a for-profit auction) for the chance to be on the set during a shoot. However I am currently planning a shoot (dates TBD) that will be a big multi-day affair. It might be ideal for fans to drop by and catch some of the action. If I can help out a charity and/or fatten my own purse in doing so, so much the better. I'll have to think about it.

@RamblingDummy: Oh, I don't know... the girls have had to put up with spectators before. I wouldn't tolerate any seriously unprofessional conduct on the part of any spectators (this means no whipping it out, gents) and having some strangers sitting on the sidelines cheering them on (or taunting their defeats) might be a nice addition.

As for Camilla, Taylor, and Nicole, they've proved to be among my most popular players. I'm going to try to get in touch with them and bring them back.

@Betfan: Yeah, I've seen that page before. The hard part is picking out the right one... there are so many options to choose from, and I have no idea which would be best. Advice (from anyone) appreciated.

@LBR: Yup[, that looks like a pretty good spreader. I'll order one. Thanks.

Charlie said...

For those in a previous thread suggesting a contest to allow a winner to be on set, I have a two word suggestion:

Studio Audience!

I love the game show format ones and hope you'll do more in the future.

Anonymous said...

As for Camilla, Taylor, and Nicole, they've proved to be among my most popular players. I'm going to try to get in touch with them and bring them back.

you have no idea how much that warms my heart.

bring 'em.
pay them double, or something...

CA Fan

Anonymous said...

Oh, no problem with being patient :) i just wanted to make sure it hadn't went into spam, that was all.

-Youtube Guy

Anonymous said...

hi red, sorry about the complement. i was just really in a euphoric state from how excited the clip left me. i'll refrain in the future, i didn't know it was upsetting you :( a thousand apologies. -RegretfulSpaz

Anonymous said...

As one who complained about the subscription site before, I just want to acknowledge that the duplicates have been replaced with new content and there have been regular updates recently.

Anonymous said...


I think this toys would be good for the orgasm quiz suggested. You ask questions to two tied up loosers (a vibrator is placed on each girls pussy) each time the girl gives a wrong answer the vibration is set one step higher.
The first girl who wants to stop the vibratio is the ultimate looser and has to do antoher forfeit.


Anonymous said...

I think you could also find great pussy pumps there:
And with this connector you could pump two girls at once the girl who first wants it to stop has to do an extra forfeit.


Anonymous said...


Raven would be a great victim for the asshole tickling forfeit suggested. It would be great seeing her getting horny by the tickling. She is very cute.
Is there any chance getting her back.
If not where is she gone (I mean where can I see more stuff of her)?


Red said...

@Charlie: I would love to do another shoot involving a studio audience, I'm trying to arrange it. Please be patient.

@RegretfulSpaz: No, no no, keep complimenting me all you want. That was just false modesty talking :-) Seriously, if you're excited enough about my work to want to post about it, I'm so glad. And I don't really mind hearing about it.

@anon 11/2 8:02 am (please sign your posts): Glad to hear it. Please let me know if there are any future problems.

@Betfan & Panther: Thank you for the toy suggestions. I will take a look at them and if I like them I will add them to my collection.

@Ravenfan: I prefer not to discuss other work a player may have done in public on the blog, for the sake of those who'd rather not know. But I'd happy to answer such questions over email. My address is red@lostbets.com.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Red. I have a couple of ideas.

Truth, Dare, Strip: You have a bowl of truths and a a bowl of dares (or only the dare bowl) and mixed in are strip cards. You pick a card, and do what it says. Either strip, or a dare.

Strip Say Uncle: Say uncle, but every time you say it, you strip.

Buying with Clothes/Forfeits: Simple, If the winner has clothes on, he/she can take them of for stuff. Say, a sex toy to make the forfeit better. Or, for the ones who love to do forfeits, she can do a forfeit, then get said sex toy.

I loved the Strip Draw-It. Another please.

Strip Yoga: Odd, but it could be good. One person does a pose, if the other can't, they strip, and it's their turn. Ifd they can, it still becomes their turn.

Thanks for reading.


Charlie said...

Yay, so glad you're working on putting together another studio audience game. Don't worry, I can be patient.