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Friday, October 8, 2010

Showing her goodies in front of a crowd

I teased this a little while ago, and today you get the first taste: one new girl, one returning girl, loser has to go to a crowded hotel bar and buy a drink wearing very, very little. Enjoy!

Next weekend will feature two updates, one featuring Ashley and Alexis, the other featuring Amani, Tiana, Alicia, and new girl Serena. IMO, both are among my hottest videos to date.


Anonymous said...


This one sounds like it will be great.

I've been reading your blog, and I am very impressed with your site and with your commitment to variety and attitude towards your fans and your contestants.

Everything is hype, hype, hype these days. It's refreshing to have someone say "the loser wasn't as embarrassed as I'd hoped in this clip" or "the sound could have been better here".

I would like to see Lisa and other amateurs compete. People have been talking about masks. As sort of a compromise, I think they should be given masks, but the masks should be one of the articles of clothing that they risk in the game. The winner can keep her face secret, but the loser's face is revealed to the world as she is posed, paddled, pizzaboy'd, or whatever the bet was. You would, however, guarantee that any promo clips or screenshots would show them masked so her face would only be seen by people who actually bought the clip, cutting down somewhat on the risk of being recognised.

I have only one request. Please make some "Best of Lost Bets" DVD's available. Either through clips4sale's sister site videos4sale, through regular distributers, or directly from yourself. Please, for us luddites, please.


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

I know you are a busy man. But could you answer please to my suggestion per mail which I made on 8th. Sept. 2010.

I post it now here again:

I have an idea for a great game.
You need 3 girls. They play only one round of High Card. The two with the lowest card are the ultimate loosers.
Each girl has to perform a solo strip show in front of a jury of three guys. The jury gives marks on the performance of each girl. The girl with the lowest jury rating is the ultimate looser and has to do another forfeit.
For example you could use the pussy pump on her and after her pussy is swollen she must pose by the jurys will. Because I think she didn't strain enough to satisfy the jury. So the ultimate looser has to show what she didn't show to the jury in her first performance.

Regarding the pussy pump:
By the way I didn't know that the girl had to pee because of the pump. I think this is not every time like this.

The waxing of Amber Heavens was great. Do you think you could talk any other girl and perhaps Lily (she already once agreed risking waxing) into risking a pussy waxing again.

PS like CA Fans blindfolds/bondage idea, would love to see more bondage forfeits...

Thank you.



Anonymous said...

hi red,
i just order #151, and it is definately one of the hottest vids you offer.

just to let you know.


Anonymous said...

Hi Red
Will we be seeing more of Claire in the future ?


Anonymous said...

This one sounded awesome when you first mentioned it. I decided when it came out as long as the girls were pretty enough I'd be buying it and I'd say they are. Glad you didn't wait too long to release it, I'll be watching it soon.

Great idea,

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised about the lack of comment on the latest video so far since, like Austin, I thought it sounded awesome when it was announced. Has anyone seen it yet? What did you think?

LostBets fans may be interested in tomorrows episode (titles Ragged Old Flag) of Hellcats on the CW network. According to the promo the cheerleading squad will have to perform their routine in their underwear if they lose a flag-football game to the volleyball squad. Unfortunately it's network TV so underwear has to stand in for nudity, but still it could be fun.

Flag-fooball, huh. Clearly someone at Hellcats is a fan of H.O.T.S. which is Hollywoods all-time best strip-bet movie. In fact, I can't even think of what would be the second place film. Can any of you?


Red said...

@Dex: Thanks, man. I fear I've lately fallen short of the level of customer involvement I had in the early days (as measured in response times to email and blog comments) but I'm working on that.

I too would love to see Lisa (or any other female fan) play a game or two at lostbets.com. But there's a certain class of woman, the kind who would suffer really serious professional or social consequences if it became known that they were naked in a video on the Internet. My only hope of luring women like these into my trap, er, I mean, helping women like these learn to overcome their inhibitions, is a guarantee of absolute anonymity. So I don't think that "masks as an article of clothing" would work.

Of course, even with such a guarantee, Lisa herself still hasn't had the guts. No doubt the thought of hundreds of men on the Internet watching her have to masturbate for them all if she should lose is too much for her.

I've thought about doing a DVD or two or seven. For one thing, I hear it's much easier to qualify for an AVN award if you have physical media, and an AVN award would look great on my mantel.

@Armin: I'm sorry I didn't respond to your email. But that's a great idea. Hmm... actually, how about this? Instead of a live jury, a live Internet strip with live voting by all who watch? I gotta think about this.

By the way, the pussy pump has been used several times since the first time, to sometimes spectacular success. It's proven to be a great investment. Thanks for that; got any other ideas for toys I should pick up?

As far as Lily risking a waxing: she did indeed. Then she saw one at close range. There's no way she'd risk it again. She was horrified by the thought of what happened to Amber H. happening to her.

@CA Fan: Yeah, I'm a big fan of 151 also. Wait, what?

There was more of Erin this week (and more to come). Look for more of Betty Jo in the not-too-distant future.

@Jack: I've tried to invite her back but haven't heard a response :-( I'll try again, though. I'd really love to see more of her. Hey, maybe she'd be a candidate for another waxing forfeit.

@Austin and Dex: Well, don't keep me in suspense. Did you like it?

Red said...

@Dex: That's a good question. Splitz, maybe?

Anonymous said...


Just wanted to echo everyone else's sentiments that you have pretty much the best customer involvement and customer service in the wide web of porn.

I've just recently started purchasing your clips, and I have a request:

Can you publish a list of episodes in which the loser is truly, genuinely embarassed (hopefully literally blushing?) It's hard to tell from the descriptions how embarrassed the losers actually are, and I'd like to buy some clips with a real humiliation factor.



Anonymous said...

Red, you wanted to know more good toys to use?

I'm not sure how much money you're making off of these games, but if you are making a decent amount, how about a fucking machine?

You can see a bunch of them in action at www.fuckingmachines.com

Would be perfect for the winner to control the device and use it on the loser, etc. and they've got smaller models that aren't gigantic/thousands of dollars.

For smaller toys, what about a remote vibrating egg that the loser has to wear while the winner walks around in public with her, turning the vibrator on and off and such while they're in public, and then make the loser order food/drinks or something while the winner turns it on/off to make her visibly react in front of people.

Finally, as far as bondage goes i'd love to see these things called "Door Jam Handcuffs" used, they're at most sex toy places, they're handcuffs with a strap with a small wooden block at the end: you put the block on the other side of the door, then close the door, and the handcuffs are effectively locked in place in the air, locking the wearer's arms in the air.

I'm not too big on tickling but that would be great for makeshift tickling, as well as other things.

Finally, what about this for a game:

3 women vs 3 men, both teams have a "leader". The game in reality is only between the leaders, whatever game that might be, but whoever the loser is, all three members of the other team gang up on the leader of the losing team and bring them to orgasm/punish them, while the two auxiliary members of the losing team can only stand by and watch/film it.

Anonymous said...

Turned out to be an Awesome video. Nutz the way the game happened, usually that game would be a good way to get two girls about the same amount of naked but this one was almost crazy funny, imagine a shutout in a game of chance. Girls were hot but a little boring, at least they weren't acting or annoying.

You definitely gotta do this one again. I know you're always getting pasted with ideas but I'd have suggestions for next time. Like the winner of the game gets fully dressed when they go to the bar so the loser stands out more (this one was good though but you could mix it up the other way as well), also part of the forfiet could be that the loser has to mingle with the crowd until someone buys her the drink and she stays until it's finished. Too mean? maybe but that makes it easier to justify the cash to buy it. Might have to be a higher stakes game to make it go faster and leave more time for the forfeit.

The game that last post mentions sounds cool but I think the toys are better pulled off in real life, don't see how to use the vibe egg on video to it's full potential.

Keep up the good work,

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see a girl stretched out in those "Door Jam Handcuffs" slowly stripped of her top before an audience.

Also, you might consider having girls play in bathrobes only. Maybe a quiz where they have to open up the robe after each wrong answer.

This may sound strange, but a girl simply being embarrased/blushing by having to show her tits also is a good enough forfeit for me too.

So please lure some shy ones in your trap ;)


Anonymous said...

The door jam cuffs could be good for a forfeit, maybe like an all or nothing game and then the loser gets cuffed to the door, stripped and then .........(something) Girls would have to wear tube tops or the shirts would have to be snipped off.

Actually that would be a cool way to greet a pizza guy, if the front door was private enough or if he had to go around back. Walking up to the door and then hey there's a naked girl there.


Anonymous said...

p.s. red, I have a boatload of other ideas (i'm the guy who posted originally about the door jam cuffs) so if you want to contact me and collaborate at all, reply to this and give me some way i can anonymously send you my email.

Red said...

@JP: Welcome! I don't really have a list of which videos feature the best embarrassment, but maybe some folks can list their own favorites.

@Anon 10/12 (please sign your posts), I've never shied away from spending money to make better videos, and those fucking machines look like a good investment. There are so many, though... is price a good gauge of quality? Could you recommend specific models? If you wish to collaborate via email you can contact me at red@lostbets.com.

I've been meaning to try vibrating eggs in public for awhile. Would also welcome purchasing advice there... I've bought a few bullet vibes and been disappointed in them.

Opportunities to shoot 3 girls and 3 guys are rare but I'll keep the idea in mind. In the meantime, how about a game of couples vs. couples, losing girl gets fucked by winning guy while winning girl rides her face? Sound like it might be a pretty good one? Coming October 23.

@Austin: Thank you for your feedback. Many of those thoughts occured to me while watching the video. One of the cool thing about playing fair games is that you occassionally get crazy outcomes like this one. I also thought the girls were a bit boring, Erin is a quiet type and I think Navarre picked it up from her. I'll make the almost-naked girl try to wheedle a drink out of a bar patron the next opportunity I can without the fear of arrest for either myself or the unfortunate young lady. Thanks for the feedback and keep the ideas coming.

@AV: I've always tried to lure shy ones into my trap and lure less shy ones into being even less shy then they'd intended. I'll keep trying to do so.

Anonymous said...

I watched Splitz. It takes second-place like Grandma in a boxing match with Mike Tyson.

Thanks, Austin, for the review.

Sorry to keep us both in suspense, Red, but I'm not in a position to download a movie. That's why I was begging for DVDs earlier.


Red said...

Dex: Oh, I know that Splitz is a very, very poor second to H.O.T.S. But as you point out, what else is there? Jocks?

Oh well. If there'd been tons of great stripping game scenes in the popular media, I might never have started lostbets.com.

DVDs. Check. Workin' on it.

Anonymous said...

Great. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to chime in about this clip# 183 and your newest clip# 198, which both have similar forfeits, going to the bar in a thong and duct tape.

I know that it would be very risky and not at all possible to have the loser go to the bar to buy her drink totally naked but at least they should have been barefeet during the trek to the bar. This would make it much more enjoyable for us foot fetishists!

Honestly, both times I was very disappointed when I saw that the loser put her shoes back on during the trip to the bar.

My thought is why would she be allowed to put her shoes back on, since that is considered an article of clothing and so she should not be allowed to wear any articles of clothing that she lost during the forfeit.

Maybe it's just me but I would have enjoyed the clips and the forfeits a whole lot more if the losers wore nothing but the thong and the duct tape and made the trek to the bar barefeet!

Hopefully this would be something that you would consider for your next similar forfeit.

Red said...

Anon, thanks for the feedback (although please sign your posts.) I'm sorry that you were disappointed in the forfeit, but there's a reason: the hotel had a no-bare-feet-in-the-lobby policy. We would have been asked to leave. Again, I'm sorry you were disappointed, but there wasn't much I could do.