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Friday, October 22, 2010

Two on two, followed by two on one

New update posted. This thread for comments. Shit, am I tired. I'm gonna take a nap.


Iain said...

Any idea when the std version of 169 is going to be realesed. I really want to see it but with my computer can only do the std version

Anonymous said...

Good video Red....new to the site and was bouncing around....so far the best one I've found was Mary and Amber's Mogadishu vidoo. Any new vidoes of them coming out, or any older ones in the pipeline? The chemistry with those two is pretty hot.


Viredae said...

Aw, I really wanted to see the other player get the shaft, oh well, still a great video.

Keep up the good work,red!

Red said...

@Iain: Send me an email, please. red@lostbets.com. Sorry for the delay.

@BSPO: Welcome! That Mary and Amber Mogadishu video you mention has long been one of my favorites as well. I might have some older material from that shoot, but more importantly: I was just two days ago talking to Mary about having her back, and she mentioned that Amber would be interested too. Anything in particular you'd like to see from them if I do have them back?

@Virendae: Thanks... and I know what you mean, man, it would've been nice to see. But she did a pretty awesome job in the winner's role, too.

Anonymous said...

Red, I emailed you from an email referencing a famous halle berry movie, starting with the letter m.

Anonymous said...


I think Alexis really wants revenge from Ashley, after she lost every game against her.
I think it would be great, if you could talk these two to rematch, where the loser will be tied up doggy style with her feets spread wide and gets tickled her asshole. You must use very sensitive brush, because other brushes could be painful and we really don't want the loser to suffer pain. If the losing girl screws up her buns too much, the winning girl can use her free hand to spread the loosers buns and the way is free for tickling at one of the most sensitive points of a girl. The ass shaking will be great.
Alexis would have very much fun doing that to Ashley. To give Alexis more chanes of winning (after 3 losses we don't want to see her lose again.) you could give a handicap to Ashley (for example she starts with 2 items of clothing less.). Or you search a game Ashley isn't that good in.


Anonymous said...

Hey Red, I"m i'm pressed on how fast you respond to comments. I was checking out some of the older posts and found a mention of a session with Mary Amber and a third girl (don't remember the name) involving 2 winners using strap-on's on the loser. Unless there is a major tech issue on that shoot that would be a very nice shoot to release. Good news on them thinking of coming back, so far of what I've seen they are some of the more fun ones to watch.


Anonymous said...

Hello Red,

Do you think you could get another girl to risk a pussy waxing again?
The waxing vid with Amber H. was really great. Waxing Armpits is not necessary only pussy is hard enough. Pleas answer. Thank you.

I totally agree with 'Lostbetsrules' it would be more fun seeing Ashley lose (Alexis lost often enough). The forfeit suggestion of him is great.



Anonymous said...

Iv got an idea for a game if you do get mary and amber back,Thinking back to the time when they ganged up on lily. i think that lily should be invited back to take out revenge on the loser (mary or amber) with the winner maby helping out. they used vibraters on lily so im thinking you should redo that forfit.

Anonymous said...

yes, re-do that forfiet, but with bondage.

i'm a big amber fan, btw.

i would still like to see a shafting forfeit where the loser doesnt know who is giving it her.

maybe you blend some cuffs into that...

oh yeah: this last video was a hot one,too Red.
its looking like a trend here. keep it up.


Ruben said...

With strip fuck-it, did you know you have hidden which is the SD and the HD version?

I think we can tell you are tired!

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

I have a suggestion as forfeit.
You could use sherbet powder with sparkling wine on the pussy of a tied up girl. The prickling would be great.


Anonymous said...

I just quickly browsed through the website and sa that Ashley lost very few games. I get the impression that at most games, the loser is already discussed determined upfront.

The more a player wins, the more i would like to see her lose. And especially in the case of Ashley. It looks like she has a deal that she will star in the video's but not be the loser. Almost frustrating how she keeps winning.

I would love to see her getting scrubbed under the shower as she did to Amber and would be greatful if the same forfeit in the last game happened to Ashley.

To see her getting done by a boy and having to lick another girl at the same time would be great. Better even if the boy and girl switched places and the girl would strap-on do Ashley while she had to give the boy a blowjob. To top it off they both could DP her while she had to give a blowjob to the other boy. Of course, since he also lost the he would not be allowed to orgasm.

But, most of all, i would pay any price to see Ashley lose, getting tied up naked, having a sexy body played with a little and then brought to an orgasm.

Till then i keep hoping.

Lastly, compliments to Red.
Complaining and suggesting is easy but he actually keeps listening and keeps making better and better videos. Respect for that.

Thanks Red, you've got a wonderful site.

Hope you have had a bit of time to get a good rest.

Darth Hood

Anonymous said...

haha no orgasm? that messy facial is a bigger punishment. let the winning girl do the boy with the strap on if he wants to give that facial to the losing girl, lol

Red said...

@anon 10/23 9:30pm: I can't seem to find your email. Please send me another from the same address.

@LBR: I like your ass tickling forfeit and will use it the next chance I have, if not with Ashley and Alexis, than with some other girls. I really don't like fixing games (see below) but deliberately chosing a game one girl is bad at is kosher.

Thanks for writing, but please try and avoid spoilers in the first week of a clips release, thanks.

@BSPO: Thanks for the comlpiment on my speedy responses. Um... don't get too used to it. If history is any guide the amount of time and attention I can focus on this blog is highly variable.

Mary, Amber and LILY! That shoot had almost fallen off my radar. See, the thing is, I film stuff faster than I publish it and I had a hard drive crash that relegated most of the old footage to tape only. Some old clips have gotten lost in the shuffle. There weren't major technical issues, although there wasn't much technical proficiency either, I was still using just one camera at the time. If memory serves me correctly, there are some good games there. I'll see if I can dig it up. Be warned that none of the three ladies had any experience with a strap-on so that particular forfeit was more comedic than erotic, with much giggling all around.

@Armin: Yes I might be able to find somebody else to wax. I am trying.

@RK: Sounds like a plan. Reuniting those three would be good. Maybe we'll throw in a new girl or two as well.

@CAFan: Glad you liked the last video. I'm just trying to keep it fresh, and keep it real. Opportunities to subject blindfolded girls to fuckings from unknown strangers are limited, but I will give it the old college try. If/when I do, I'll be sure to remember the cuffs.

@Ruben: Fixed. Thanks for telling me.

@Alligator: That sounds really interesting. I'll definitely add that to the list.

@Darth Hood: First of all, thanks very much for the compliment. And I really mean that. That goes for everybody who's had nice things to say about me and my work. Your kind words mean a lot to me. Speaking of kind words, a huge chunk of the credit for the quality of my videos goes to Johnny Niceguy who's been my exlcusive editor for over a year now.

I can't tell if you're serious or if you're just expressing frustration at Ashley's winning streak, but I assure you that the vast majority of
Lostbets.com episodes do not have pre-arranged outcomes and are not fixed, rigged or biased in any way. Believe me, Johnny was trying his level best to get to fuck her. Ashley has lost before and God willing she'll lose again. Your ideas for what to do to her when she finally does sound awesome, and I can't wait to put them into practice.

Last time I dropped something like this, I got accused of being a tease, but something very similar recently happened to another girl who has had an inordinantly long winning streak. Stay tuned.

@Anon 10/26 2:55 pm (please sig your posts): Wow, that sounds like high stakes indeed. Might be tough to find a guy willing to do it, but then again, for a chance to fuck a girl like that, who knows?

Thanks to everybody for sending this clip to #1 on clips4sale. I hope you all enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

Oh man if that girl with the long streak breaking is Zayda I am ALL OVER IT (mike)

James said...

Would like to request that you have some g/g action with face-sitting and strap-ons - especially with 3 or more girls - 1 loser having to service several winners and several losers having to please one winner.

Several girls losing and getting paddled would be great as well as more public exposure for the losers

Great site.

Anonymous said...

Say Red, last October you wrote:

"Nobody's ever said something like, "You know what would make a great forfeit? If the loser had to go over to the camera and let Red grope and fondle her." Nope, haven't received one single request for that one. If somebody were to request that or a similar forfeit, why, I'd have to do my best to make it happen as part of my philosophy of customer-responsiveness. But nobody has. Yet.

*cough, cough*"

As a card carrying member of the Boob Squeezing Appreciation Society, I'd like to request some boob squeezing by Red to be part of a future forfeit.


Anonymous said...

just resent you the email, it might be in your spam mail folder

Anonymous said...

Adding a few new girls would be good, but personaly i want to see mary and amber in a head to head game, with lily getting her revenge on the loser.

Anonymous said...

Ah...I figured there had to be a reason for not putting out any more of the Amber\Mary\Lilly (went back and found out the name of the third girl, she's cute too). Yes, if you can find the tape on that and its not too much of an issue, you'll have at least one sale.....and from looking at the other responses, I've seemed to have triggered some other fans of that threesome. Yea for me. :-)


SirSimon said...


I'm new to this, but I love what I've seen so far (that Alexis - wow!). A couple of suggestions.

When a spanking is a forfeit, I'd prefer it to be a good old-fashioned over-the-knee hand (long and hard!) spanking. And I'd like a few different camera angles. Focusing on the girl's bottom getting whacked, obviously. But also let's see her front - I love to see a naked girl's top dancing in time to the music being played on her bottom!

Fucking is, of course, a great forfeit! More please!

I love not knowing how the games are going to pan out! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...


thanks for the quick response and my compliments to Johnny Niceguy too then.

But that's a job (which he does very well).

You started a website for all Stripgame-lovers and actually get request performed. That must be tricky since the fantasies differ per person (one's turn-ons are another turn offs) and the girls have they're do's and dont't aswell. I merely admire and appreciate your ability to get all that done. This may sound as a bit of an overreaction but your work makes this world a bit of a better place in it way.

So the vast majority is luckily not pre-arranged.(which means Ashley did take the risk of getting hogtied and vibed to orgasm herself)

That would imply though that a very small part still is fixed. But i couldn't imagine they'd all be based on chance. I suppose sometimes you don't have a choice and if you can make another sexy videoclip with it why not?

I just see the winning streak as a build-up to the day she'll lose.

As mentioned before my favorite forfeit is bondage.
I'd like to see (or better, do it myself) a girl tied-up, preferably blindfolded (and/or ball-gagged) & have her body teased with things like hands, mouth, tongue, whipped cream, honey, featherduster, small whip, vibrator, suction cups or vibrating nippleclamps and after the teasing have her taking to an orgasm.

Don't fancy pain tough. Not my thing, I'd like to see the girl teased and pleasured.

If that could be Ashley's forfeit, then she can win all other games for all i care.

You're already a hero to me but if you could pull that one off, that would make you immortal in my opinion.

My ultimate lostbet-video is Ashley tied and brought to orgasm by 2 girls or Ashley tied and fucked by a boy and girl.

Just had to get that mentioned.

Keep up the quality work Red and Johnny,

Darth Hood

p.s. Sorry for the long elaboration folks.

Anonymous said...

if other people are talking red going immortal, it'd be camilla/taylor/nicole coming back and getting a good closeup of their faces the first time they have to eat some pussy. that little tiny peck of a kiss they had queued me right up boy oh boy for the face talyor or camilla would make tasting nicoles tang.

realnot said...

I'm a huge fan of teasing/orgasm denial action, and would love to see that either incorporated into a game, or used as a forfeit. I love the idea of a girl so horny and frustrated that she can't think straight.

Here's a ridiculous idea. Have two girls wear chastity belts for a week before the game (this part is optional, but would be awesome). Then, fix a butterfly vibrator on each girl, and give the controls to the other girl while they play concentration. Add a rule where if one girl has an orgasm, she wins automatically, but they're not allowed to masturbate.

This means each girl should be toying with the vibrator during the opponent's turn, but not just leaving it on high so the girl can come.

Winner gets an orgasm, loser gets teased some more and puts on the chastity belt for three more days.

Anonymous said...

aww here's hoping the oct 29 game comes out before the spouse gets home *this is becoming my friday ritual.* (BigFan1)

Anonymous said...

Hi Red
Mary and Amber back, that would be great. Let them play a game with Amber. Two looser, where the loosers sit infront off hiother, and finger hiother, the one who come first, get bound, so she cant move, and the other hogtied, and then the winner place herself on the loosers face, and make her lick her pussy, while the hogtied, kiss her breast, and get fingered from the winner!

from Kim

Viredae said...

I have to say, I'm with the "Red gropes the loser" party, especially if it's a veteran girl who's used to having Red "just film it".

Do it red, you have my support (god knows he needs it).

Red said...

For some reason, this blog is suddenly a much greater target for comment spam. I guess we should feel flattered that we're worth marketing to, although why the hell do these guys think I need Cialis?

@mike: Well, I don't want to let the cat out of the bag. You'll just have to wait.

@James: By a curious coincidence, Zayda, Elise, Jane, and Bijou played a game where the two winners used strap-ons on the losers. They also played a game with one loser being ganged up on by three winners. Neither one quite matches your request, but maybe together they come close. I'll put your idea into practice when I can. One question: in a three-on-one with facesitting and a strap-on, what does the third winner do? Wait, don't answer, I suddenly got an idea.

@Gordon: Thank you, sir! I shall trace a "G" over her nipple right before I apply the squeeze.

@RK: Check check. I'll invite more girl(s)/guy(s) to the shoot but the first game will be Amber vs. Mary with Lily taking vengeance on the winner. (Note: this shoot is still hypothetical. I've got a lot on my plate at the moment and am not sure when I'll be able to schedule it.)

@BSPO: I'll look for 'em. I think there may be more material from the Wednesday / Kimberly / London shoot so long ago; I'll look for that too.

@SirSimon: Welcome! Glad to meet you. And I've definitely been remiss in not having enough good old-fashioned hand spankings. I often see mediocre spankings with the paddles because the girls don't want to really injure each other... when using her bare hands, a girl might feel free to put some shoulder behind her swing.

@Darth Hood: C'mon dude, my job is to make the girls blush, your job isn't to make me blush. "Making the world a better place" might not have been one of my original reasons for starting this, but if I'm doing it, I'm glad.

Regarding one man's turn-on being another mans turn off, that's why I liked the idea of an ala carte clip store and resisted opening a monthly membership site for so long. That way no one has to pay for something he doesn't want to see.

As for the games, I wouldn't say that the outcome is "nearly always chance." Many (if not most) of the games have an element of skill. I wouldn't say that all of the games are played fairly, but the vast mzjority are. And the fact is that somethimes, leaving things to fate results in truly awesome outcomes. See episode 188 for an example.

@Amon 10/29 4:37 (please sign your posts!): Yours is not the only request I've gotten for more of that trio. I haven't talked to them in awhile, but I can try to get in touch.

@realnot: That's a really neat idea. I gotta make a shopping list for the sex toy store: ball gag, leg spreader, chastity belts. I'll give the girls cameras and instruct them to shoot a few seconds each day of themselves to prove they're wearing their belts. I know at least one girl who's highly sexed who would probably be full to bursting after a week.

@BigFan1: Published it early, just for you. Thanks for making lostbets.com part of your Friday ritual :)

@Kim: That's a very specific request. I'll see about doing it, or at least something like it.

@Viredae: Excellent. You know, lately I've been (regretfully) turning girls away because I just don't need any new footage with the current stockpile I've got. But requests like that are just the thing to get me to do another shoot pronto.

Chris said...

I really like the co-ed games. Any chance of getting Troy back as a competitor, not just a witness?

Anonymous said...

The idea from realnot could axcully get used, also with guys,
Take 2 guys, tied them up, so they cant move, and blindfold them! They have too say stop, before they cum! take three girls, let them give handjob too the guys, i minut each time, the one who gets a stop win, and the loosers have too take something off.
When you have two loosers, you make them give the guys a blowjob, until one off them cum. The loosing boy(him who cums) and the loosing girl then gets a chastity belt on, and tied them and forced them too satisfeid the other 3. And let them have the belltson, for a week, and force them too another game!
From Playfull

Anonymous said...


Speaking of Nicole, you still haven't responded to my e-mail about possible prior work.


Anonymous said...

found your site on del.icio.us today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later